Spike’s incentives to keep TNA?


Allow me to play Devil's Advocate for a moment.

What are Spike's incentives for continuing to air TNA Impact as opposed to just replacing it with Cops or whatever?

If you're TNA, what do you say to the Spike executives to try and convince them that TNA is worth keeping on the air?
​There's not really any argument on TNA's part.  As the WWE deal showed, wrestling is viewed as low-rent and cheaply produced programming that draws a decent rating, and nothing more.  If Spike offers them another deal, they'll happily sign it and continue existing, and if not, they'll go away.  ​

The Hits Just Keep On Coming For TNA

– At tonight’s TNA
house show in Cape Girardeau, MO, road agent Pat Kenney came out at the
start of the show and announced that around half the wrestlers who were
scheduled would not be allowed to work due to commission licensing
issues. The company offered refunds, and for those who don’t take
refunds, a free fan interaction with all the wrestlers. 


From what I could find, the license costs $40 per wrestler.  Let’s say 30 wrestlers were scheduled for the show and 15 couldn’t wrestle.  If it’s a financial problem, that means TNA doesn’t have $600 to spare?  It’s either that or they’re so inept they can’t get this kind of thing straightened out weeks in advance like they should have.  Either one is not good, and if it’s financial the refunds/free fan interactions are making it even worse.

How to break the streak yet keep 21-0

Maybe this is dumb, I've never fantasy booked before but today I had a thought because for me there's no real buzz to Punk/Taker which is a shame…

Why not have Punk beat Taker within an inch of his life (zombie life?) and in a moment akin to Triple H delivering the tombstone we get the buy-in from the crowd that CM Punk could end this here…

One… two… two and a half…. lights go out.  Nobody know if it was a 3-count or a kick-out.  The stadium is in darkness.  We get some archive audio from Paul Bearer play into the arena, summoning Taker to rise. Lights come up. A bitching CM Punk is apoplectic with the ref…. zombie sit-up…. takes advantage… 21-0

The streak continues, CM Punk can forever claim to have broken it and a nice and respectful nod to Paul Bearer all in one.
Me crazy?

Crazy is such a strong word.  
I think the "respectful nod to Paul Bearer" train sailed as soon as Punk dumped his supposed ashes on Undertaker last week.  I do think they'll play a Bearer soundclip to distract Punk so that Taker can tombstone him for the win, though.  I'm not a fan of wishy-washy finishes where you don't know who wins, though.  Either break the streak or don't.  Preferably don't.  

How Long Aces & Eights Storyline Will Keep Going

Six months?  Oy vey…

Look at how long they kept the Joey Ryan angle going and no one gave a s--- about that one, either.  Nothing against Ryan, he's great in this role, but it wasn't a storyline that required FOUR MONTHS.  With Aces, we should have gotten the payoff at BFG, and all we got was the first real angle.  Maybe Brian Michael Bendis is doing wrestling writing now?