History of the Jobber

Hi Scott,

I just read on Wiki that essentially Johnny Rodz was basically the first jobber in History. How accurate is that? What is the history of Jobbers?

Happy Memorial Day or Whatever it is you freaky peace-nik Cannucks celebrate.

​We throw rocks at veterans because we're Bizarroland.  
I guess it depends how you define a jobber, but there certainly were guys who were basically tomato cans even in the Goldust Trio era.  It's a tough designation because there was no TV and so there was little need for squash matches.  I'll tweet the question to Karl Stern, because that's the kind of thing he'd probably love to cover on his show.  ​

Hogan vs. Jobber

Hey Scott,

Did Hogan ever wrestler an enhancement match? I was wondering because Hogan matches were basically enhancement matches no matter who he was facing (Shine, Heat, Comeback, Go Home) so the idea of him selling like crazy for, say, Barry Horowitz's offense and then making a huge comeback like he was overcoming insane odds would be hilarious to me.

He wrestled the Mountie that one time.  And there's no bigger jobber than him!
​During the actual Hulkamania era, no, he never appeared on regular TV except for one match against I think Bob Orton on Superstars.  Using him to squash geeks would have been a ridiculous waste of him.  

IC Title jobber

In the Smackdown main event, Harper the current IC Champ took the pin on a 6-man team with Show and Kane.  Are we all being played?   Is there some inside joke with the bookers about jobbing out the IC Champ?  Kane is worthless and Show has zero big money left to draw, so either could've easily taken a meaningless 6-man pin, or even a schmozz ending to set up a ppv.  Instead we get Ryback (feuding with Kane) pin Harper (feuding with Ziggler) thus helping no one.   On a side note, how embarrassed do you think main roster guys were after R-Evolution???

​Well every time they do one of these shows before a WWE PPV, the main roster comes out with an awesome show to try and one-up the developmental guys, so hopefully they're REALLY fucking embarrassed.  
And as for the IC title, I'm pretty sure he's dropping it back to Mr. Ziggles on Sunday anyway if that makes you feel any better.  If you're waiting for them to suddenly stop with the secondary champion humiliation fetish, I don't know what to tell you.  ​