Jake/Macho Man feud

I just got finished watching This Tuesday in Texas for the first time since it happened and there's something I'm curious about coming out of it. With everything leading up to, and following, the Jake Roberts/Randy Savage match (the snake bite, Roberts slapping Liz and and insanely intense post match interview from Savage), how is it that all we got out of this program was two less than 10 minute jobs by the Snake on TTIT AND SNME? Savages promo after the match was psychotic. He wanted to fucking kill Roberts for smacking Elizabeth.

I don't get why there was no real blow off. I understand this feud led up to the Undertaker's face turn but with all that came out of it, the payoff seemed kind of weak.

​Yeah, in this case there is actually a story behind it.  Basically Jake was supposed to have the blowoff with Savage at Wrestlemania, but they switched Macho's match to the title match (I'm talking months before, not the TV kayfabe switch) and made promises to Jake about taking over as booker when Pat Patterson retired shortly after Wrestlemania if he'd do the job to Undertaker instead.  And then Wrestlemania came and Vince was like "Psych!  We're just not gonna hire someone after all" and Jake freaked out and threatened to jump ship to WCW because his contract was up, so then he ended up getting completely squashed by Undertaker.  And then WCW changed command structure and he lost his supposed million dollar contract with them.  Whoops.  ​So he got triple fucked and ended up signing with WCW for WAY less in August when his non-compete ended.  

​So basically, yes, the Macho-Jake feud was supposed to go longer and pay off bigger, but they felt it was more important to get the belt onto Savage and Jake was disposable.  Which, as it turns out, he was.  ​