WWE: The Tribute Show To Itself

What’s up Scott,
The other day I was watching a kind of boring WWF Wrestlefest 1988 show, and got me thinking of a gimmick Raw/SD show the WWE could do in this PG era that we are in now. Shows WWE have done in the past like the Raw Anniversary Show (i think), the Old School Show or the recent Blast from the Past Show was sort of cool. But how about a show where the current roster of WWE wrestlers, each pick a wrestler from the past, and just totally rip them off (down to the look, attire, ring music, mannerisms, moves, etc.). An obvious example could be Dolph Ziggler coming out as Mr. Perfect Curt Henning. Just imagine how awesome it would be, coming out with the classic entrance theme with the classic neon yellow singlet, towel and with BOBBY HEENAN managing him! Classic. Or you even can get wacky with the Great Khalil coming out as Giant Gonzales in the one piece suit (LOL) and beating a few jobbers (Zack Ryder, LOL) and some ring attendants, road agents and having the classic Undertaker coming out to make the save.
So my question(s) is: What roles would you have guys like Cena, Punk (Jake Roberts maybe), Santino, etc.. be? What classic wrestlers would you like to see wresters try to bring back that were awesome characters back in the day? (Demolition, Midnight Express, Brutus, Rude, Warrior, Hogan, Flair etc.) Or any angles in mind. I just thought it would be a fun topic for us all to try and figure some cool ideas (especially if it ever happened on TV, imagine Cena coming out as Dino Bravo or Hercules with the chain, LOL, maybe not)

Holy SHIT what a brilliant idea that would be.  They’re so far up their own ass these days that this sort of thing would totally appeal to them, as well.  That is an awesomely creative and original idea (ironic given that the whole gist is ripping off the past, but never mind that). Ziggler as Mr. Perfect is a no-brainer, of course.  I could see Big Show as Big Bossman, maybe.  Somebody would have to take on Ultimate Warrior, of course…maybe HHH?   I can see him poking fun at himself and doing the mannerisms.  Punk as Jake Roberts is pretty inspired, although maybe a little too on-the-nose.  Ted Dibiase as his dad, naturally.  So many possibilities, and it would be a way to actually pay TRIBUTE to the legends without dragging them out there and humiliating them.  Plus you just know there’s tons of wrestling nerds backstage who would be dying to do Rude’s pre-match promo or drop an authentic Macho Man elbow for one night.