WWE Tough Enough – Season 6, Episode 4: “One Man Show”

(w/ Danielle Stolman)

Because ZZ’s about as unkillable as the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, Daria was sent home last week. Last week also saw all the characters trying their best to promote personalities despite the fact that not a single contestant on this show even has one, let alone a soul. Will ZZ succeed in banging at least one of the women on the show? Will we talk about his giant “package” again? Will Hulk Hogan ask the women to comment on ZZ’s package? Let’s find out…

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Wrestlemania 31 review podcast (yep, it’s a plug request)


Long time reader of your various blogs and books, second time writer.  Yours is the only wrestling blog I read (yes, I am asking you for a favor, but that is true about BoD being my only online wrestling info source).  Anyway, we reviewed Wrestlemania 31 on the podcast "Don and his Amazing Friend" this week, and I personally invite you and your readers to listen.  We had a great time discussing the show.

D&AF is not normally a wrestling show – we dissect older genre movies – but wrestling always finds its way into the conversation.  The link to the show is pasted below, as is the Twitter handle.

By the way, I also watched the Macho Man doc last night, and I couldn't agree with you more about the awesome beginning, and then surprisingly lackluster coverage of his wrestling career.  That said, it is still worth the 90 minutes.




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It’s Official, Tonight’s RAW Has Been Cancelled (And Tomorrow’s Smackdown Too)

This press release was sent to PWInsider.com:


STAMFORD, Conn., January 26, 2015 – Due to the impending
blizzard in the Northeast and statewide travel bans, WWE has postponed tonight’s
live event in Hartford and cancelled tomorrow night’s live event in Boston;
however, WWE will emanate live tonight at 8 p.m. ET from its studios in the
Stamford world headquarters.

Ticket Information

Hartford, Conn.,
XL Center: Tickets for tonight’s show in Hartford will be honored for a
SmackDown event this Thursday, January 29 that will air live on

Boston, MA, TD Garden: Fans with tickets to tomorrow’s event in
Boston will have the option of either exchanging tickets for an upcoming WWE
event on Saturday, June 27 or obtaining a refund at point of purchase.

Seeing as it’s been over 20 years……

Had an idea this morning

I watched the 1994 Royal Rumble last night on the Network, where Bret Hart
and Lex Luger both went over the top at the same time and were co-winners.
They both got a shot at Wrestlemania X. One guy got a match with the
Champion first, while the other guy had to wrestle suitable competition
(Crush for Luger or Owen for Bret) before he got his title shot

Bret ended up facing Owen, while Luger got the shot at Yokozuna first

They could do that with Bryan and Reigns this year and have them both get a
shot at Wrestlemania, but bring back the "suitable competition" rule. It's
been over 20 years now, so I guess it's been long enough to re-hash it. It
might placate the Philly crowd somewhat and avoid their expected (Though
I'm thinking the worries of this may be overblown) freak out at Reigns

Have Reigns get the first shot at the champ and Bryan can face Brock Lesnar
as "suitable competition", with the idea that The Authority are
deliberately stacking the deck against him by giving him the toughest
opponent imaginable

Meanwhile, have Rollins win the title at Rumble and then have him retain at
Elimination Chamber over Cena, thanks to interference from Rusev to set
that program up

That leaves us with a Wrestlemania card of

Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Title
(C) Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan Vs Rollins/Reigns

Triple H Vs Sting for control of WWE

Rusev Vs John Cena


Then you can either screw Reigns in the Rollins match somehow and have
Bryan win the Title, thus leading to a bitter Reigns turning heel and
siding with Paul Heymen down the line. Or, you could have Reigns get two
big wins over two of the companies best workers, thus giving him the
strongest possible start to his title run. You could then run rematches
with both Bryan and Rollins before building to the big showdown with Cena

Thoughts? Feel free to share with the Doomers

Ach, no.  They already ripped off Rumble 94 in  2005 because they couldn't make up their minds and it sucked then too.   If Daniel Bryan isn't winning it he shouldn't be in it.  

WWE Looking to Sell It’s Tape Library?

In this article on TheWrap.com, it says that the Warner Bros. is in talks to buy the WWE tape library. Although both the WWE and Warner Bros. have declined to comment, the story claims that the WWE is transitioning away from using their video library due to disappointing Network subscription sales

Here is the link


DDT Wrestling at It’s Finest

This is a follow-up to a discussion from the Wednesday Evening Thread concerning the DDT promotion, Dramatic Dream Team Wrestling. Some saying DDT’s brand of comedy is akin to WWE’s brand of comedy. Others choosing to differ based on DDT being up front, while WWE makes you think you’re getting Rollins/Ambrose, instead filling the gap with Divas matches and lemon party references. Short story long, this was one of the highlights of the year right here, courtesy of DDT. The IronMan title is the modern day 24/7 Hardcore title, the old guy at the end is long-time ref Kyohei Wada, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. The best part is the crowd cluing themselves into what’s going on, halfway through the vid. Link below..

The IronMan Title wins ITSELF~!

It’s gotta be coming…

Hey Scott – I'm probably not the first to email you with speculation of this but doesn't it seem a lot like they're building towards WARGAMES in the very near future.  They kept hammering on the word WAR on Raw this week and they've got the teams basically set – Evolution Redux and Kane vs Bryan and the Shield.  Do you think they'll pull the trigger? Maybe even for their next Special Event:  Extreme Rules…


Unless Vince McMahon either dies or gets access to a time machine where he can go back and invent the idea himself, don't hold your breath.  

QOTD 98: It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work.

For whatever reason before opening the door in the winter I touch the wallpaper – it’s not OCD, I just don’t want to shock myself, and somehow assume that touching the wallpaper will ground me, though I don’t think it does. Regardless, I feel like I am shocked far less than I normally would be, had I not touched the wallpaper.

What are your superstitions? Things you do because you think they work, you do because you don’t want to tempt fate from the guy high atop the thing, or stuff that has just worked out for you, so you keep doing it? 

For a completely false example, I haven’t changed my underwear since the last Patriots Superbowl.

I have a lucky undershirt shirt I wear on dates.

When I buy a scratch ticket I always look for a heads-up penny in my car, or when I pull change out of my pocket, take a heads up coin in which to scratch them with.

In Poker I always play 7/10 of Diamonds after winning 600 dollars with it once.

During football games I refuse to stop watching the game even if the team is down with little time left – cause you never know.

When I check work e-mail I always filter my stuff sent to me first as a way to guage how my day is going to be. Lots of e-mail sent directly to me = lots of extra stuff to do (in my head anyway). No so much e-mail sent to me = QOTD writin’ during the work day.

I say “I hope everyone is alright” whenever a cop car or Ambulance or Firetruck passes me, a little good karma never hurt anyone. 

I take several shots of whiskey before writing QOTD’s to ensure a completely lack of relationship with reality.

What say you, Otters?

It’s 4 life brother…

Scott, you got us talking about Hogan in your 2013 Scott Sez post and we got questions.  A few people suggested Hogan paid Nick Patrick to screw up the finish/count at Starcade 97?  I know that it was booked to be a quick count with Bret Hart restarting the match and yada yada, but kinda assumed Patrick just fucked up.

Got any insights?  Do you think Hogan paid Patrick to give a normal count?  I get why this would be beneficial for him but it seems that it would be low, even for the Hulkster brother.
The Hogan payoff is certainly the prevailing theory.  I don't know that Patrick has ever admitted anything after the fact, though.  Of course, it was all for nothing because Linda got custody of Nick Patrick in the divorce anyway.

It’s true, it’s DAMN true!

From: "Danny K" > Kurt Angle didn't break his freaking neck for this.  Totally ridiculous decision on the part of the IOC UNLESS they plan on adding Professional Wrestling as an Olympic Sport to make the games more relevant?
> http://aol.sportingnews.com/sport/story/2013-02-12/olympic-wrestling-dropped-cut-eliminated-olympics-ioc-tokyo-madrid-istanbul This is indeed some BULLSHIT.   This would be a time where one of WWE's childish tirades on the subject would be totally justified.

I Know It’s Not Their Fault…

Just thinking that although WWE couldn't have done anything about the calendar timing this year, what sane human being is watching a 3-hour RAW on both Christmas Eve AND New Year's Eve?  Hell, I make ad revenue off reviewing the show and even I'm not watching either show until well after the fact.  Perhaps those 100 million WWE fans named in the survey will lift the taped shows past a 2.1 rating, but I wouldn't bet on it.  I think we're gonna see what the hardest of hardcore rock bottom viewership is when the numbers come in for those two shows.  

Or maybe CM Punk will hit Santa Claus with his crutches and fake another heart attack to draw even more heel heat, whatever.  

It’s back! Again!

Twice before I’ve tried to make a board for the BoD’ers. Well, neither time it stuck, simply because I couldn’t promote it very well. Well, I write here, so I can keep it in the light.


Any of the well known peeps around here who are interested in being mods, lemme know.

If it’s not PG, then what is it?

Hey Scott,

On wrestling sites that I frequent, whenever the subject of low ratings, low PPV buy, Linda’s political campaign, etc, the vast majority of comments complain that if they would only go back to PG-14 or Attitude-level of “adult” programming, that it would fix everything. That or a John Cena heel turn.
Personally, growing up with wrestling far longer than the Attitude Era like yourself, I’ve seen a successful wrestling product that was kid-friendly. Hogan’s WWF era comes to mind. Possibly WCW around the same time. I also know that for all the success WWE had in those days (and wrestling in general), it wasn’t without a lot of really stupid, insulting ideas just because they could. Katie Vick and Pat Patterson’s underwear shit stain when he would strip and do the stinkface. Also, I’m REALLY sorry to everyone for that reminder.
Anyway, my point (and most intelligent people’s point) is that WWE’s lack of success or especially its stale product has nothing to do with its audience rating. Argument’s I’ve read for a higher rating never include anything that could be done in a PG product.
What would you say, then, are the most damning things WWE is doing these days that has nothing to do with its PG product? You’ve mentioned 50/50 booking. I’d add in the generic names, a lack of distinctly different matches (though, with the tag division returning, that’s changing a little), ADHD-level of writing, Vince’s inability to know pop culture, etc What say you?


All of that, yeah.  No emotional investment from the fans is a big one for me.  I have no reason to care if Randy Orton is beating Michael McDougall or David McKickflip a week after they debut out of NXT because none of these doofuses get any characters worth caring about.  Ooo, it's Fandango, who offers a subtle comment on the lameness of Dancing With The Stars, what a winner.  I've said it many times before and I'll say it again — the last guy fans were given any kind of emotional investment opportunity in was Zack Ryder, and that was purely accidental and was shot down immediately afterwards for being the "wrong" reaction.  We are supposed to be cheering Sheamus, the smiling goof who loves to fight and doesn't care about the World title he held for six months because he'll just get another shot for no reason anyway, fella, not the guys who actually put in the time and improve themselves in or out of the ring.  
But yeah, all that other stuff too.  And as noted, PG or 14 has nothing to do with it.  HHH drugging Stephanie and marrying her in Vegas works as a PG storyline or a 14 one because he's a sleazeball jackass who ruined someone's life for his own personal gain, not because he can say "ass" or bleed on TV or whatever.