Customers not being issued refunds for wrestlemania feed not working. Please Help!

Scott, you're the only site I could think of that could possible help get the word out. Sunday, 4 minutes into the broadcast, lost the PPV. Leaving all of us who paid for the event in the dark. Apparently, two hours later, the show resumed but from the start. Most of us found alternatives or were screwed. NONE OF US WERE CONTACTED.

I've read that few people have been issued refunds. But apparently, most people are being told that they're being provided an extra day of viewing for their trouble, but no refund. My question is this, can we class action lawsuit them? We're talking possible millions of dollars stolen from customers. It might sound extreme, but the customer service has been insulting to deal with, and I am ready to fight back.

I email you, because I have no idea how to reach others that were screwed.  You have the best perspective and message board for wrestling fans. Thanks for any help!

I think the moral in any of these situations is to only order online PPV if it's New Japan.  No one else has any idea how to run it properly, apparently.  
I doubt there'd be any point in a class action lawsuit over $70.