Sting in 1988 and isn’t it all the same match

Is Sting's gimmick that year basically the guy who can't win gold? EVERY match of his on a clash or PPV was a title match, either singles or tag, and each time he comes up empty.

And what's up with a show having a hardcore match, street fight, and no holds barred match all on the same card when it's all the same thing?

​And what about airline food?  What's up with that?  Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?  ​

I’m the guy holding the phone in the wrestling isn’t wrestling video

Super huge fan of the blog and glad you enjoyed the shout out. You plugged my album a few years ago which I greatly appreciate. Max asked me what wrestling site I used the most and I went with the blog of doom. We shot before Reigns won the rumble or else I would've looked even sadder. 

​My wife was hugely excited when I showed her the video.  So thanks!  ​

QOTD 143: The Next Big Thing (that isn’t my penis)

Hobbies: Taking the ball and going home

Lets talk about the next big thing. I was checking out the AWESOME 2-part interview with Paul Heyman on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podcast
I started to wonder what the next, next big thing could be. But I figured it’d be far more interesting to ask you guys what you think the next big thing in music, film, gaming, and wrestling will be.


What do you think is the next BIG thing? It could be something to have a worldwide impact immediately like the iPad, or a smaller impact that changes the world subtly, like touch screens finally coming into their own with smart phones. 

My BIG idea is creating a syndication for digital media. Podcasts / netflix / gaming / hulu / and so on. The thing I miss most about our On Demand world is the inability to really stumble upon something in progress that grabs your attention.

The WWE Network actually solved this problem with the live stream, and after catching The Ultimate Warrior Documentary went back and caught some of his matches and watched the doc in full because it was so surprisingly compelling.

Unfortunately a lot of content isn’t like this. If you turned on the Shawshank Redemption sight unseen from a Netflix queue and never heard of it, it may not impact you the same way it did for many of us who came across it on TNT or TBS halfway through and found it intensely compelling. The same for Podcasts, the same for videogames, where outside of the increasingly rare demo and some brilliant app store stuff, (and the awesome PSN+) getting free games to discover and try out for free is tricky. There is no basic cable or Saturday night movie for these platforms, and it makes discovery something that requires effort, versus something that happens idly when flipping the channels.

So take note, Netflix, Hulu, and Podcasts, do what the WWE does and allow me to stumble across stuff as easily as possible, versus making me seek it out. Pandora / Spotify has this figured out pretty well, too.

For pro wrestling, I think there’s one, great, wrestling-related kickstarter that will happen sometime soon, where fans put money where their mouth is and support a company that is capable of putting on awesome shows WITHOUT the constant fear of losing their shirts. I don’t want ‘edgy’ or ‘experimental’ like with that REALLY weird Wrestling Revolution Project, but a promotion that raises enough money to buy equipment, run shows, and can support themselves long enough to start turning a profit on their own.

Additionally the Kickstarter rewards could be awesome. Life-long passes / listening in on creative meetings / free merch, and depending on dollar value donated, maybe an on-screen role of some kind. Who knows.

What say you, Blobbers?

Isn’t That Special?

Hey Scott I had a quick question, With PPVs now being "specials" do you think WWE is likely to experiment more with when they air these specials?  Back in the day Survivor Series was on Thanksgiving and then was moved to Thanksgiving eve.  Since they aren't chasing the buy rate as much in the coming years might they try this again or possibly move some fall PPVs off Sunday night when going against football, baseball playoffs and so on?

​I don't think so, just because they're still locked in with PPV obligations everywhere but the US at the moment and messing with that would be throwing away money that they don't need to.  Plus they have to lock in dates for the buildings months in advance.
What I COULD see them doing is filming house shows as a network exclusive as something to put on there.  Hell, make it a part of the sales pitch for the network, ala NFL Sunday Ticket where wrestling nerds can watch all the WWE they can handle.  ​

Customer Isn’t Always Right

A couple of months ago, when The Shield (despite having the Tag/US titles) seemed stagnant and aimless, a lot of the Internet crowd was calling for WWE to break them up, or at least turn them babyface. If that had happened, however, we likely wouldn't have The Shield being as awesome and integral as they are in the current Bryan-Orton-HHH story line.
Can you recall other notable cases in which the wrestling fan base was heavily in favor of something that, in the long run, wouldn't have been the best idea? Or something that the crowd wanted that actually did happen but turned out to be a bad idea? I think at least one of the D-X reunions would fit here.

Who in their right mind was calling for the Shield to break up or turn?  

Pushing Guys First/Title Second Trend isn’t helping wrestling

Hello Mr. Keith Again.  Always love the feedback you give on certain topics, so I'd like to ask another among the topics that is hot on your site, Titles.
I think the majority of fans, at least on the internet, agree with you that the Titles are basically props these days are are beyond devalued.  I hope they can be salvaged but I don't see that happening anytime soon, and honestly don't know how they would be able to anyway.  I do however, see one point that really pushed them as being meaningless, and that is the trend of "Give him the title, see if it works and/or push him regardless", as opposed to "Push him, see how he & the crowd responds, then give him the title".   I want to say this really kicked off with Orton's first Title win over Benoit, as I did not even consider him anything above IC Champ at the time.  Whether that was the the start or it may have even happened many times before, but since that particular win, WWE really has me wondering why give Wrestler X the title already? I think fair examples are Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Great Khali.  I may have seen some appeal to them at the time of their first title wins, and some crowd reaction, but never once did I think they should be considered a Main Event Champion, let alone headlining any PPV where they are defending the belt around the time they first got it.

Any thoughts?  I know you have mentioned Orton's first win aswell, and I almost want the throw The Miz in there, but I kinda got it, too bad it didn't last the way it could have though.

Given they have no long term planning these days, that particular genie probably isn't going back into the bottle any time soon.  I think that in a lot of ways now the issue is that they don't pull the trigger on guys QUICKLY enough, because people seemingly over stay over for a short window now and you need to get the belt on them while you can.  Del Rio was the perfect example of that, because he was very over in 2010 and was naturally leading up to a win over Edge at Wrestlemania, and they delayed his ascension to the main event to Summerslam and killed his potential to be a money drawing heel in the process.  Plus the titles are worthless anyway, so building these guys up for a chase isn't going to lead to a payoff that's worthwhile anyway.