Tomohiro Ishii Does It Again

Did somebody say Japanese Pro Wrestling?

From earlier today, this just wrapped up. Show was main evented by a great AJ Styles/Kazuchika Okada rematch for the title. But in a continuing trend, the match that most people will be talking about is the Tomohiro Ishii match, defending the NEVER Openweight Championship against Kota Ibsuhi. Really brutal stuff further solidifying Ishii as the go-to guy for great matches, and perhaps lengthening his lead for 2014 Wrestler of the Year.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito
Amazing, mind blowing match that has a legit shot at MOTY.

Jesus, and this was just this morning, too!  People are FAST with this stuff.
So people who are thinking that Sheamus and Cesaro forearm-ing each other for 15 minutes sounds like a fun time should probably check this one out because it's awesome.  Ishii is one surly fucker and Naito is always pretty great and they were just unloading on each other here.  I loved all the little touches too, like the guys deliberately missing spots because they're so tired and beat up, and Ishii putting the quality badmouth on him in the corner with "WHO'S THE CHAMPION NOW?"  Plus they had me with the Last Ride – Double Lariat sequence and I was totally buying it as the finish.  I'd go ****1/2 all day.

Ishii v. Shibata (G1 Day 4)

Holy hell, I wish I was independently wealthy so I could just sit at home all week and watch NJPW.  I’m obviously way behind on the G1 Climax and it’s this non-stop hedonistic celebration of ****+ matches.  Anyway, Shibata has been rocking this whole new style of pro wrestling, kind of like they took Joe v. Kobashi and built an entire genre around it, and this is his second ***** match this year by my count.  There’s two sequences here that are just mind-blowing:  The first one is where they’re DARING each other to throw the hardest shots they can and just beating the hell out of each other, and the second is where they trade german suplexes and then Ishii just FUCKS HIM UP with a lariat that’s like something out of 90s All Japan.  I have no idea how they can continue to put themselves through this kind of abuse, but it’s just awesome stuff.