the finish to the Rock/HHH Iron Man

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So as we all know, HHH won the match (and the belt) six falls to five.  But here’s the thing: HHH shouldn’t have won the title, because the deciding fall was a *DQ.*  Because as Gorilla would always remind us “titles in the World Wrestling Federation can only change hands on a pinfall or submission.”  And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever since this mentioned in any recap.  I can’t be the only one who’s thought this, can I?

That particular bugaboo was overturned for 2/3 falls matches with the Brainbusters tag title win.  Plus iron man matches have always been “most falls in x time” regardless of how the fall is won.  So sorry, but nitpick DENIED.

MeekinOnMovies on….Iron Man 3

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Dir: Shane Black
Iron Man. So far the guy’s been saddled with launching the Marvel
Cinematic universe in his first outing, introducing that universe’s
characters like Black Widow in his sequel, and carrying a good portion
of The Avengers,
too – it’s the kind of stuff that’ll lead a man to drink. So, It’s safe
to say Iron Man deserves some credit and a little breathing room. But
instead, he’s been tasked with being the first post-Avengers
Marvel universe flick, and must contend with heightened expectations, a
new director, and a good section of the audience that are very
possibility only in it for the 30 or so seconds after the credits.

Following his near-self-sacrifice in The Avengers, Iron Man 3
finds Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) a man obsessed. Obsessed with his
armor, obsessed with protecting his girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth
Paltrow), and despite the technology at his fingertips, ultimately
feeling more vulnerable than ever thanks to the presence of Ben
Kingsley’s “The Mandarin”; a vicious terrorist responsible for worldwide
bombings and a multitude of threats leveled at America, and scientist
Aldrich Killian (Guy Perace) wooing Pepper, just a bit, while expositing
on his Extremis virus providing untold possibility.
spoiling too much, the plot is quality comic-book pulp, and a bit more
fantastic than the first two Iron Man movies, involving multiple humans
with special abilities that aren’t technologically enhanced (in the
standard way), as well as Tony dealing with the fallout from his
near-death experience in New York at the end of The Avengers.
The plot isn’t too complex, and it suits Iron Man’s action-comedy
stylings, allowing Robert Downey Jr. to mug for the camera and interact
with his co-stars in naturalistic ways that makes everything feel a bit
more real, despite the ludicrous nature of what’s going on in the flick.  
biggest change is obviously the directorial switch from Jon Favreau to
“Lethal Weapon” writer Shane Black. The differences are mostly cosmetic.
Favreau had a keen eye for the “coolness” of the Tony Star character.
Hot cars, cool technology, hot women, all were handled with a sense of
“look how great it is to be Tony Stark”, his Iron Man
efforts had just a hint of “Entourage” in them, along with an
improvised, mumbling quality to the dialog that, again, made the
ludicrous things happening on screen feel a bit more real. Shane Black
seems to care more about Tony Stark the person. Sure, Tony drives his
awesome car, and has his awesome mansion, but these things are treated
in a matter-of-fact way – we’re more inside Tony’s head for this one,
where fancy cars and pretty girls and flying robot death machines are a
part of day-to-day life.
The last two “Iron Man” movies had an incredible burden of setting up Avengers,
the Marvel universe, and shoe-horning in Nick Fury, Agent Coulson,
Black Widow, and so on. “Iron Man 3” get to be it’s own little self
contained picture, ultimately devoid of that “Avengers” hype, so, it
will probably feel lackluster to audiences who wanted some tidbits on
what Joss Whedon and Marvel think “Phase Two” would entail. But, the thing
about this movie is that it’s actually the most comic-booky of all the
Marvel movies so far. Crazy stuff happens to characters, there’s
interesting plot twists and turns, and like a comic book it follows up
on the last big crossover event, too. Iron Man 3
features a lot of asides on how different the world is since the
arrival of Thor, Hulk, and Captain America, and how everyone is, well, a
bit scared. These touches are welcome, but don’t over-power the movie.
I had..a couple of problems with the flick, a Deus Ex Machina chimes in
at just the right time in the third act, canceling out a big twist and
saving Tony in the same eye-rolling moment, which is irksome. There’s
also a weird “Terminator 2” vibe throughout the entire movie, between
the location of the climax and the way enemy super-powers are handled –
Robert Patrick would be right at home here. I also didn’t like how a
certain supporting character got certain abilities, but again, that’s
something that’d you’d find perfectly acceptable in a standard
comic-book event that’s a a bit…weird on screen at first – growing
pains and all.
Anyway, objectively, no Iron Man 3 is
not *as good* as the first two movies (and I liked the second one quite
a lot, actually), but it’s very good in it’s own way, summer
blockbuster way,  too.The “cool” factor is gone, but it’s replaced by a
lot of stuff I did like. I liked that they ret-conned the little
ear-buds that they wore in Avengers (Tony loses his, puts it in his ear,
and you can see it’s impossible to see from a straight-on camera angle,
cute), I liked the kid Tony meets about halfway through the flick, I
liked that they kept bringing up “New York” then never quite resolved it
(probably saving it for later), and I loved the way they handled the
Mandarin simply because Ben Kingsley is the only person on the planet
that could pull it off and not have the audience fart all over it.

you have here is a quality three-star adventure that has good action
and good humor, and sort of felt like coming home to find your typically
tired wife wearing something a little silky, and though one or two
varicose veins may be exposed, but you’re still pleasantly surprised,
and  thoroughly appreciate the effort.

The Only Review of Iron Man 3 That You’ll Ever Need

Worry not, it’s spoiler free.

For the most part, unless I’m insanely passionate about a film, or really have a lot to say, I make my film reviews rather brief. Whenever I read other reviews of films, I just want the gist. So that’s what I’m going to bring to you. It’s just a warning, for all of those that will shake their fists in rage because I didn’t go over the cinematography, or the subtext of America’s effects on other countries.

If the Iron Man films had subtitles, than this one would be Iron Man 3: I Am Tony Stark. The whole movie is more about the man, than any of the other 2, including Avengers. This film focuses a lot more on the person inside the suit, and questions whether it makes him, or he makes it. I’m fine with that, because I dig Tony Stark, and I like seeing him in action. I think few people will walk away disappointed because there isn’t a lot of Iron Maning going on. However, it’s interesting to see Tony deal with problems & situations without the help of being practically invincible with grandiose weapons.

The plot, well, I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say I felt they sort of rehashed a previous one. I’ll also say this, there’s something I expected, something I wanted, something I was really looking forward to and did not get at all. Not in the slightest. I think that’s going to piss a lot of people off. I know I felt slighted. I found the main villain to be boring, without any depth or character, and not nearly as interesting, or charismatic as the previous films choice of bad-guy. Especially 2, which happens to be my favorite.

If you like 3D, then this will be the film for you. The effects are fantastic, and the action scenes are easily the most grand since Avengers, and go far and above any of the previous Iron Man films. The last 3rd of the film is worth the price of admission alone.

So, in the end, Iron Man 3 is a good film, but not as great as those that came before it. I will say it’s definitely head & shoulders above all of Marvel’s other trilogy end-caps. Even though I did dig Spider-Man 3.

**** out of 5

– Caliber Winfield
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Iron Sheik Roast NYC

Seems like this will be pretty awesome and I am sure there will be a
bunch of no good jabroni's there…

Presale code: CAMELCLUTCH

I dunno, Sheiky-baby is kind of off the deep end lately, even by his own faltering standards of sanity. I have the DVD of his roast from a few years ago and even then it was a total trainwreck and almost unwatchable.  Basically a couple of hours of Sheik ragging on Bill Apter for being Jewish.  

Rock, Triple H, Iron Man Match

Fwd: If the Iron Sheik was just starting out…

Hi Scott. Here's a question for you and the blog:

If The Iron Sheik was a rookie today, what kind of character would he play?

Would WWE push him as an over-the-top, foreign heel, like they did in the 1980s? He certainly had the charisma for it, and tensions between Iran and America are almost as bad today.

Or would the focus be on the Sheik's background as a legit wrestler? It could be both, I guess, but I feel like he'd work a different style, depending.


Sheik would literally never make it out of developmental.  They'd say he can't talk, and he's too short to be on TV.  
If by some miracle he got to the main roster instead of going to MMA like anyone with legit cred is doing now, he'd be a comedy figure like Khali.  But I think it's more likely he'd simply have trained for MMA and never bothered with pro wrestling at all.