QOTD #57 – Shoot Interviews

Today’s Question: Like many of you, I’m a HUGE fan of the RF Video Shoot Interviews (Highspots, KayfabeCommentaries, and all the rest as well) and all the Breaking Kayfabe/Face Off series as well. My question for today is – of all of the Shoot Interviews that you’ve seen,

a) Which – in your opinion – would you recommend as being the best
b) What is the funniest and or craziest rib/road story that you’ve heard told on any of these shoots?

Yesterday’s Question: I’ll piggyback from a comment from yesterday and ask….how would you book Brock Lesnar (and the WWF World title) from now until Wrestlemania?

I really dug the idea that was put forth where Jericho would taunt Brock (alright Brick Laser), and the “destroy Paul Heyman” idea as well. I also found it to be pretty interesting that sooooo many people are wanting to see Cesaro get pushed closer to the top – and yet they give us guys like The Miz.

 “I’d have him job constantly to roll-ups after different pay-per-view opponents’ have ringside distractions. Then, I’d job him out 4 months from now to Kofi Kingston.

Oh…I’m sorry. I thought he won the Intercontinental Title.”

 Right….would fall in line perfectly with WWE booking as of late

A point that was mentioned several times….
“The simplest and best booking would be for Bryan to win the Rumble and beat Lesnar at WrestleMania”

 Perhaps thats one of the most logical from a booking standpoint, but there’s one problem, as pointed out: After dominating John Cena, who is going to buy Daniel Bryan (who is maybe 3/4 of Cena’s size – literally) forcing Brock Lesnar to tap out?????

Personally, I think if you’re going to have someone beat Brock, go back to the last time: who was believable enough to get the job done? The Big Show. Problem? In 2014, who really wants to see Big Show as WWE Champion.

Batista? Another WWE part-timer.

There’s a couple of options here:

Along the way, have Rollins get his ass handed to him by Ambrose to
set up the upcoming storyline and  a ready-made challenger when he
cashes in

Sting & Undertaker vs. Wyatt Family for Wrestlemania…..Money!

(one guy’s opinion) I think the WWE would be better served bringing the
MITB back to Wrestlemania instead of its own PPV……and I would
probably put the I-C strap on Roman Reigns and give that title some
credibility (when nobody is able to beat him). Not sure what I would do
with Cena or Orton….

a) Do a “Heyman has run amock” storyling, and have Brock demolish everyone in sight….Cena, Show, Bryan, etc. and have Triple H try to come out of retirement and face the beast at Royal Rumble. There he gets put out of his misery, and Batista comes back to avenge his friend – and then you have your Wrestlemania Main event with plenty of buildup.

 b) This is asking for a 3 way…..if you want Reigns or Bryan to be champion, a 3 way match with The Big Show, where it takes 2 guys, and a beating from a 450 pound monster to get the title off Brock, that way whomever you want to win can go ahead and defeat the Big Show

……but then again, either way, it becomes a moot point when Brock gets his payback the next night on RAW, and Seth Rollins pops up briefcase in hand……….

Wrestlecrap interviews Vince Russo (audio)

Howdy, BoD’ers.

Just listening to this and thought i’d share it:


First 20 minutes is about his new website, and from then on (i’m only 45 minutes in to it) it’s about the WWF magazine, and how he got in to writing for WWF.

There’s a great story where he would occasionally pop in to the costume design room so he could get a heads up on which characters were being bought in. They talk about the ridiculously stupid Who? character (which, was apparently a rip on Hogan), and then a planned tag team partner for him…


Russo said he got so pissed off by it that he called Bischoff and asked for a job.

Pretty funny.

Newsday interviews George South about training Reid Fliehr; interviews Mick Foley about Hall of Fame; WrestleMania week photos

* Newsday caught up by phone with George South, who trained Reid Fleihr for the last couple of years. South says there were no signs of trouble.

* Newsday walked through the gym of Ward Melville High School on Long Island with Mick Foley as he shared memories of his high school days and how that served as a foundation to his WWE Hall of Fame career.
* Newsday has a pair of new photo galleries leading up to WrestleMania week
* Mick Foley through the years, featuring career highlights and photos from his upbringing that Foley provided to Newsday.
* Long Island's pro wrestling connections
Thanks much!

Fwd: TNA BFG interviews plug

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From: "Benjamin Leatherman" Hello Scott, I'm a journalist in Phoenix, Arizona who got a chance to interview a few TNA wrestlers (Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Sting) who were promoting Bound for Glory, which is taking place here this weekend. They provided some interesting — and amusing — answers, including Sting, who poked fun at the Aces and 8's kidnapping angle, and Bully, who pulled an Arn Anderson and stayed in character the whole time. I put a lot of work into preparation and transcription for the interviews and I'm hoping you could plug them on your, which I'm a huge fan of. http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/2012/10/jeff_hardy_tna_bound_for_glory_phoenix.php http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/2012/10/bully_ray_tna.php http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/2012/10/tna_sting_bound_for_glory_phoenix.php
Thanks, Benjamin Leatherman
Clubs Editor
Phoenix New Times