Indys on the Network?

Hey Scott,
This is regarding the sudden change occurring in the company with showing independent promotion footage with Balor, letting Joe use his name, interest with working with Evolve, etc. Do you think there's any chance they are setting up a similar deal to what UFC is doing? For anyone that doesn't follow MMA, the UFC also has their own network and has been signing other MMA promotions to exclusive broadcast deals to their network. They also have a working agreement that they could send fighters to these promotions or take fighters from them. In addition, the UFC has the entire tape library of these promotions in their fight library section. For how crazy this year has been, would you be shocked if this is in the future? Do you think it would be neat to see the business go full circle and have territories on the network? I would not be shocked at all.  There is literally no downside for anyone.  Indy guys get huge exposure, WWE gets reams of content they can run and probably buys up the library tapes anyway.  If one of these goofs suddenly becomes a huge star, WWE owns their footage and produces a DVD and everyone makes money.  Plus they lock up the competition into soul-crushing exclusivity deals and prevent anyone from going to Spike TV and launching a new hour of wrestling.  I bet it'll happen within our lifetimes, if not sooner.