Most eye roll inducing comments

Hey Scott,

In light of Bret's recent comments about Triple H not being a great wrestler, how about a blog topic on the dumbest/most ludicrous things to leave a wrestlers mouth outside of the show.

Hogan probably wins this one easily, since you know he slammed That 950 pound stinky smelly wart infested Andre at Wrestlemania 3, killing him dead before Andre had a chance to shoot on him and take the Title brother!

What's your favorite line/ who is your favorite fibber?

My "favorites" tend to be the ones these days where guys try to sell WWE as wholesome entertainment, untainted by drugs or partying because the guys are most interested in playing video games in their hotel rooms instead of scoring blow like in the bad old days.  You know, the bad old days of the early 2000s.  I have no doubt that the atmosphere is much less toxic now, and for the better, but as long as guys are paying the "pot tax" and working with two strikes, they're basically full of shit when they talk about that aspect.