Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 13, 2018

Impact Wrestling is on tonight at 8 as always.  Advertised matches are the Lucha Bros against Lee and Conley as well as Brian Cage against Kongo Kong.

The NFL Game of the Week of the Night is Ravens/Bengals, while the NCAA Early Special is… on right now, actually (Boston College/Wake Forest).

After the jump, your indie wrestling roundup:

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Wednesday Night Tidbits

All the news that fits, we print!

  • TMZ reports that Mr. Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne, is getting the itch to enter the grappling game. If Ronda goes heel he could be the world’s best version of K-Fed!
  • NXT’s Instagram published a photo of Dallas Page teaching DDP Yoga to the Performance Centre trainees and presumably continuing to be an all-around great guy.
  • Impact Wrestling announced on Twitter that their Slammiversary PPV has sold out, with tickets only available for TV tapings the next two nights. Since retooling as a glorified Canadian indie with a potentially lucrative tape library, the former “TNA Wrestling” has been steadily building a new audience.
  • In another blow to Progress Wrestling, Zach Sabre Jr. has had to drop out of the upcoming Progress Wembley show on Sept. 30Th, citing New Japan commitments. At this rate, he may end up doing spot shows for Rev Pro and others in the UK between his primary commitments.

And as always, discuss!

Impact Wrestling – July 1, 2015

July 1, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is a big special show called Bell to Bell, headlined by Ethan Carter
III challenging Kurt Angle for the World Title. We’re also coming
off a pretty lackluster Slammiversary with the main story being Jeff
Jarrett winning King of the Mountain and taking the newly created
title to Global Force Wrestling. We also have a thirty minute Iron
Man match for the Tag Team Titles so this is a packed show. Let’s
get to it.

opening video looks at Angle’s TNA career but tonight he’s up against
someone who has never lost. It’s a simple video but it hits every
point it needed to touch.
Rising vs. Beat Down Clan
losing team must disband, thank goodness. It’s also a 4-3
elimination match with Hernandez/MVP/Kenny King/Low Ki vs. Drew
Galloway/Mica/Eli Drake. MVP and Drew get things going with Galloway
kicking him in the face and hammering away in the corner. Low Ki
comes in and loses some skin off Galloway’s chops. It’s off to King
vs. Mica with the former taking Mica down with ease for a bunch of
right hands to the head. That’s more aggression than you usually see
from him.
BDC starts taking over but Hernandez isn’t pleased that he didn’t get
a tag. Ki gets a nice running start into the corner and kicks Mica
in the head for the elimination. Back with Ki suplexing Galloway for
two as this is very one sided so far. Drew quickly rolls over to the
corner for the hot tag to Drake for some house cleaning, including a
dive to take MVP down on the floor. Drake comes up favoring his knee
though and it’s time for the trainers. That’s officially an
elimination so it’s Galloway vs. the entire BDC.
gets things going for his team as the Pope talks about pork chops.
They chop it out in the corner (dang maybe Pope is on to something)
but it’s quickly off to Ki, who accidentally kicks King in the head,
allowing Drew to roll up Low Ki for the elimination, followed by a
quick cover on King to get it down to 2-1. See, now that’s logical
thinking and doesn’t make the whole match seem fake.
gives Ki a shoulder breaker onto the steps, likely to write Ki off
the show, only to walk into a Border Toss. MVP’s Playmaker (or
whatever he’s calling that stupid move these days) drops Galloway
again but he tells MVP to bring it, earning him a Drive By to the
head for the pin at 16:45.
C. Well, at least it’s finally
done. The Rising was one of the most worthless stables I’ve ever
seen as they just had no reason to exist. The BDC is nothing special
either but at least they seem to have a purpose. Galloway was
clearly several steps ahead of his partners so getting rid of Drake
and Mica is a good thing for him.
break, MVP is told that Low Ki is heading to the hospital for his
shoulder. Oh yeah that’s his way off TV.
Magnus with something to say. He
doesn’t think much of James Storm and doesn’t care that Storm’s
parents didn’t give him enough hugs and kisses. That’s an image I
didn’t expect to think of today. Storm played some mind games but
what he forgot was the power of a man when his family is threatened.
Magnus brings out Mickie James, who is totally fine after that near
death thing. Mickie thanks
Magnus for always being there for him because he’s the man for her.
Storm and Khoya, with the Cowboy saying he’s here to talk to Mickie.
He thinks Mickie should be
be thanking him for not pushing her a little bit harder. Storm
didn’t want her in the Revolution, but rather to prove how easy it is
to manipulate a woman. He could have any woman he wanted but Mickie
doesn’t seem to take too kindly to this line of thinking.
would love to take the bet that Storm can’t find one woman to be on
his side, because she and Magnus will fight the two of them anytime.
This was a pretty awkward exchange but at least it gets Mickie back
in the ring and maybe some fresh blood in the Knockouts division.
One other thing: it’s always amusing to hear the commentary reference
a match happening but not being able to say who actually won.
Team Titles: Wolves vs. Dirty Heels
belts are vacant coming in and this is a thirty minute Iron Man match
for the fifth match in a best of five series. I’m so glad this is it
for these teams as I’m long past over caring about watching them
fight. Oddly enough they say that Aries won but couldn’t say who won
between Storm and Magnus.
and Aries fight into the corner to start before it’s off to the
partners with the Wolves taking over on Roode’s arm. Back to Aries
who takes Eddie down as they’re clearly taking their time to start.
An elbow to the back gets two on Eddie but he easily drives Aries
into the corner for the tag. Things speed up a bit with some Wolves
double teaming before Eddie suplexes Austin for no cover. Instead
it’s off to Davey vs. Roode with Richards putting on a kind of
reverse Figure Four.
the smart heel, Aries pushes the bottom rope towards his partner for
the save. The Heels (stupid meta name) take over in the corner and
start working on Eddie’s leg to really slow things down. We hit the
ten minute mark as the leg work continues. The Heels make a wish on
Eddie’s legs but he finally snaps off a hurricanrana to make the tag
off to Richards. Davey takes over and everything breaks down with
Bobby getting tied up in the Tree of Woe, setting up a swan dive into
the corner (cool spot) for two.
take a break and come back with just under twelve minutes to go and
no score. Richards is in trouble and Aries’ top rope ax handle to
the floor makes it even worse. Edwards breaks up a cover with ten
minutes to go. Davey breaks up a catapult into a forearm and stomps
Roode down, finally allowing the tag off to Eddie. Edwards kicks
Roode off the top and hits a backpack Stunner for a very close two.
A jackknife cover gets another near fall on Roode and Eddie is
the catapult works with Aries adding a slingshot elbow drop for two
of his own. The Last Chancery nearly gets a submission but Davey
makes the save. It’s not like that move EVER WORKS ANYWAY so I
didn’t get the drama. The double top rope double stomp gets a VERY
close two on Aries and we hit five minutes to go. Roode plants
Edwards with a spinebuster and Aries nails the 450 for the first fall
with four minutes left.
Heels get smart by throwing the Wolves to the floor to kill some time
and Aries keeps up the intelligence with a suicide dive to take them
both out. Eddie starts fighting back at the two minute mark and the
powerbomb/Backstabber combo ties things up with about seventy five
seconds left. Roode sneaks in with a belt shot to the head for two
but Eddie counters the Roode Bomb into a rollup for the pin. The
last ten seconds quickly run out and the Wolves get the titles back
at 30:00.
B+. I’m really not wild on the
feud as a whole but the last two matches were far more entertaining
than the first three. This match was a really good example of a
match taking its time and the wrestlers thinking instead of just
throwing everything in at the same time. Really well done match here
and I never once questioned the Wolves’ ability to get two straight
falls near the end. That’s a very good sign and the match worked
really well.
Title: Awesome Kong vs. Brooke vs. Taryn Terrell
is defending and this is one
fall to a finish. Brooke
and Taryn get in a brawl to start as Kong stomps around the ring.
The champ gets double teamed
with Kong hitting a corner splash, sending Taryn running to the floor
for a breather. Simple heel
strategy at least. It’s
fine with Kong who chinlocks Brooke down and then swings her around
by the throat. Taryn comes back in with
a dropkick to Kong but she turns around and
eats a dropkick from Brooke.
a chokeslam from Kong on the champ but the Dollhouse pulls her to the
floor for a quick beating. Brooke hits a pretty lame spear on Taryn
as Josh wants the Dollhouse gone forever. Yes because the last thing
we need are three good looking women on the show. Jade
hits a quick Stunner over the top rope to daze Kong, setting up the
Taryn Cutter for the pin at 4:44.
D. This felt like something out
of the Divas division, as the match was more about the heel champion
escaping than anything about the match itself. It’s not the worst
I’ve ever seen, but the Knockouts work better when there’s a bit more
time for them to work with. Taryn retaining is good though because
whoever takes it from her is going to look like a giant killer.
match the PLAYTIME IS OVER video comes on again…..and it’s Gail
Kim. Well of course it is, as it’s been at least six weeks since
she’s been out there reminding us how SERIOUS this is and how she’s a
real wrestler. I know Kim is one of the best Knockouts ever (and
probably the best ever) but she’s basically the female Dean Malenko:
incredibly talented, but the charisma of a frozen turkey dinner.
time for the big sitdown interview with the Jarretts. Here’s the
whole thing: the last eight days were shocking, there’s a future
between TNA and Global Force, and Jeff is excited about it. This
wasn’t even two minutes long.
World Title: Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle
is defending and Carter is undefeated. After
some Big Match Intros we’re ready to go with the fans sounding pretty
much behind the champ. Thankfully
the bell rings after a break so we don’t have to miss a bunch of time
after a few opening seconds. I wish WWE would figure out that
mentality. The fans start
the dueling chants as we have a very basic standoff to get things
takes him down into a wristlock but is all like SCREW
YOU NECK TUMOR and starts
busting out the suplexes. Carter
is sent to the floor and gets suplexed out there as well with Kurt in
all fired up mode. Back in
and Carter scores with a clothesline for one and it’s off to a
chinlock. There’s the
Stinger Splash, followed by a TKO of all things (always loved that
move) for two. Angle misses
a charge into the post and gets DDT’d (DDP’d according to Josh) on
the apron.
from a break with Carter
holding a full nelson but Kurt easily powers out because neck
surgeries mean nothing to him. Both
guys are down off a clothesline but it’s Kurt quickly up and busting
out the suplexes. The Angle Slam is countered so it’s time to roll
some more Germans. Now the
Slam gets two but Carter breaks up the ankle lock and sends Kurt to
the floor. Tyrus finally gets involved with a clothesline but the
1%er is countered into another ankle lock.
goes nowhere so it’s back to the Germans because Kurt is really,
really repetitive at times. Another
Slam gets another two (remember that repetitive thing?) and
it’s back to the ankle lock, only to have the referee get bumped on
the counter. Tyrus takes Angle out and the 1%er gets two more. Well
at least they didn’t go with the obvious ending. The
monster tries to bring in a chair (because monsters need chairs) and
gets ejected as Josh becomes a face announcer again by saying it’s
the right call.
1%er is countered into the ankle lock with the grapevine but Carter
actually makes the rope. I can’t imagine there are more than five
people that have gotten out of the grapevine version so well done
there. Another Angle Slam is countered into a rollup to give Carter
the title at 20:16.
B-. Well
it was good, but I’m not really sure how I like Carter winning with a
rollup. On one hand, I like the idea of having Carter win on a
fluke, but this is going to set up another period of Angle chasing
the title, which really isn’t something TNA needs to do at this
point. Angle is still good, but I really do not want to see him near
the World Title ever again in all of history. Still though, good
match and Carter winning was the only right answer, but this really
didn’t make Carter feel like anything bigger than he was before.
B. Good show for the
most part here but there were some major issues. The Knockouts Title
match and the elimination tag were bad and boring respectfully and
the Jarrett interview was more insulting than anything else. The
rest was good though and it felt like a major night, but it certainly
didn’t light anything new on fire.
Down Clan b. The Rising – Drive By to Galloway
b. Dirty Heels – Rollup to Roode
Terrell b. Awesome Kong and Brooke – Taryn Cutter to Kong
Carter III b. Kurt Angle – Rollup
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Impact Wrestling – June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero
is the go home show for Slammiversary, but it’s also a special
live(ish) episode which has been built up as a big deal. However,
there’s also the major show next week with the World Title showdown
between champion Kurt Angle and the undefeated Ethan Carter III.
It’s not really clear which of these are the biggest or which is
going to take a backseat to the others. Let’s get to it.

Carter III and Tyrus arrive and have a great idea in mind for Kurt
Angle’s surprise opponent.
recap last week with Full Metal Mayhem being announced for tonight.
World Champion Kurt Angle with something to say. Carter’s road to
the title stops next week, so why doesn’t he just bring out the
mystery opponent right now. This brings out Carter and Tyrus with
the former saying Angle looks like it’s going to take an army of
10,000 men to drag him off his mountain. However, it’s going to take
one and guess who that one is going to be. Angle cuts him off and
says two things are going to happen: Carter is going to tap next week
and the mystery opponent is going to tap tonight.
“Tap-a-roo Kurt!” Ethan lists off all the people he’s defeated
and knows he can beat anyone. “Bring forth your heroes and I will
sacrifice them on my altar of perfection.” Angle says no one can
help Carter next week because he’s tapping out next week. Carter
teases coming to the ring but instead introduces the mystery
opponent: MATT HARDY! Yeah that Matt Hardy. It really doesn’t make
it any bigger of a deal when you think about it extra.
Title: Tigre Uno vs. Low Ki vs. Grado
final so the title is vacant coming in. Low Ki slaps Grado in the
face to start but Grado comes back with some snap jabs, only to get
chopped back down. Tigre gets back in and is knocked down just as
fast but Grado takes too much time going up top, allowing Low Ki to
shove him down and hit Warrior’s Way for….an elimination at 2:24.
That’s the first mention of this not being one fall to a finish.
Tigre gets a quick two off a rollup but Ki kicks him down. Ki gets
crotched on top though and a Phoenix Splash gives Tigre the title at
5:11 total.
C-. I feel sorry for the
X-Division guys because they’re stuck with these five minute matches
and no time to ever develop anything but it’s supposed to be this big
deal. Tigre Uno is just another guy holding the title for a
meaningless reign before the main eventers take over around
Destination X time next year.
takes over an interview and again
calls out any former members
of the roster. He leaves
and someone with a big glove grabs JB’s shoulder. JB: “It’s time!”
Terrell yells at Marti and Jade for not taking care of Kong and
Brooke last week. This Sunday, it’s a 3-2 handicap match, because
why have a title match when you can have a match that belongs on any
given episode of TV?
run down the Slammiversary card: James Storm vs. Magnus, Jesse
Godderz vs. Robbie E., Lashley/Mr. Anderson vs. Tyrus/Ethan Carter
III. That’s all we have so far, plus the aforementioned handicap
Sky vs. Angelina Love
Velvet wins, she’s back on the roster full time. Sky takes her down
to start and throws Love to the floor for a whip into the post. Back
in and Angelina pulls her off the middle rope and hits Lights Out for
two, setting off a lot of screaming at the referee. A Stunner plants
Love for the pin out of nowhere at 5:24.
D. Yay. I mean that with full
sincerity. I’m so glad that a Knockout who was nothing above average
on her best day in the ring is back to take a spot and some of the
spotlight away from the awesome Dollhouse act. Sky and Love stopped
being interesting a few years ago when it was clear that nearly every
story they were ever involved with was about the Beautiful People.
Boring match here and the ending does nothing to me.
Dirty Heels don’t remember learning about tables, ladders and chairs
in wrestling camp, but think the dirtier things get, the better their
playtime is over vignette.
is back and rips on internet journalists. The war with the Rising is
still on. It should be noted that these backstage segments are being
shot with a really bad camera, which makes everything look like it’s
about half a second slower than it should be.
Heels vs. Wolves
Metal Mayhem, meaning TLC but with pins. If the Wolves win they’re
champions, but if the Heels win then there’s one more match. The
Heels (Austin Aries/Bobby Roode) throw the weapons out before the
Wolves (Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards) come to the ring. It’s a brawl
to start and all four get chairs, with the Wolves knocking the Heels’
chairs out of their hands to send them back to the floor. Aries and
Roode take a breather on the floor but are smart enough to raise a
ladder to stop a double suicide dive.
take a break and come back with the Heels in control and taking in
seat in some chairs for stereo chinlocks. The Wolves fight up and
bring in some weapons to clean house. They knock the Heels to the
floor for three straight suicide dives before a trashcan lid
shot/falcon’s arrow gets two on Roode. Davey wraps a chain around
his boot but gets caught in the Last Chancery, only to have Edwards
make a save.
up and a missile dropkick/powerbomb combination puts Edwards through
a table for two. The Wolves toss into a kick (with the chain over
the boot) gets a very close two but Aries gets caught inside a
trashcan for chair shots and a double dropkick from the top. The
Wolves load up Aries, still in the trashcan, for a powerbomb but
Roode low blows Eddie to put Aries on top for the pin at 18:13.
B. I don’t care. That’s the
problem with this series: it feels like they’re trying to copy the
awesome three way tag team series last year but the matches really
aren’t all that great. They’re just going through the motions and
having decent matches, but there’s nothing that makes me want to
watch them fight five times.
Hardy doesn’t think much of Ethan Carter III and doesn’t explain why
he agreed to fight for him tonight. Carter comes up and says if
Hardy wants a title shot, he needs to kiss the ring. Hardy asks what
happens if Carter loses next week.
now, here are Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett of Global Force
Wrestling. Jeff says he’s shocked that he’s here too. A week ago,
he got a message from TNA management, who asked him to come back for
a match. He almost hung up there because he doesn’t even wrestle for
his own promotion. However, they said it was his own match: the King
of the Mountain match at
brought back a lot of memories for him, such as Kurt Angle jumping to
TNA and Samoa Joe headbutting Angle and busting him open and a punk
kid from north Georgia named AJ Styles becoming the greatest wrestler
this company ever had. Or a team called Beer Money becoming the best
team this company ever produced and Eric Young having more TV shows
than Ryan Seacrest.
the last fourteen months, Jarrett has spent all his time building up
Global Force Wrestling, but he started thinking about what his wife
would think about all this. Karen talks about all the time and
effort they’ve put into Global Force Wrestling, which is now their
life. But then Jeff started talking about all his memories and she
understood what this meant to him.
still not sure why they’re here, but she knows this is what they need
to be doing. This morning
she was on the phone with Sonjay Dutt, and it became clear to her
that her husband didn’t leave on his terms. This Sunday, Jarrett is
finishing this on his terms one last time. So
yeah, after all the hype for the hours before this show, it seems
that it’s Jarrett coming in for one match on
a nothing show and that’s it
for now. Some game changer.
vs. Vader
that Vader, who wrestled one match for TNA back in 2003. Vader
is in workout gear and runs
Bram over to start before hitting his big clothesline. More
power offense sets up the Vader Bomb for two and Bram hits him in the
ribs with a pipe for the DQ at 3:40.
F. Considering Vader is about
58 years old, this wasn’t bad. What is bad is the fact that they
actually had Bram hit him with a metal pipe instead of pinning him
like he should have done to a veteran like Vader. This dumb, dumb
booking is so old at this point, but at least Vader looked fine.
match Matt Morgan comes out for the save and knocks Bram to the
Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young
was set up a few weeks back when Young choked Melendez with his
prosthetic leg. Young takes
over to start as the announcers act like this is the biggest show in
the history of ever. Young plants him with a DDT for two and gets
the same off a neckbreaker. We
hit a chinlock for a bit before Young tries to rip the leg off again.
Melendez fights back, ducks
his head and gets piledriven for the pin at 3:47. This was a squash.
D. The match sucked for the
most part and I don’t like Young, but this was the only way this
booking should have gone. Young is a former World Champion and spent
the last month fighting Kurt Angle. Melendez is a rookie with a
handicap and no important wins to his name. There was no reason for
this to be a competitive match and it wasn’t in the slightest.
from a break with the Rising fighting the Beat Down Clan because
returns and helps the BDC clean house.
#5 in the Tag Team Title series is next week. Also next week: Taryn
defends the Knockouts Title against Brooke and Awesome Kong.
Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
Hardy takes over to start
as Josh (incorrectly) calls this a first time ever match. Angle
slams Matt down and grabs a chinlock. A
quick slugout sets up rolling Germans from Angle followed by an Angle
Slam for two. With both guys down, Josh announces Aries vs. Richards
for Slammiversary with the winner getting to pick the stipulations
for the fifth match next week. Matt misses the moonsault and gets
Germaned some more, only to come back with a Side Effect. The
Twist of Fate gets two but Angle countered a second attempt into the
ankle lock for the tap at 6:58.
C. This was fine. Matt was a
weird choice for an opponent when Carter has his own personal
bodyguard walking around but almost never having a match of his own.
Still though, good enough here, even though it was just trading
finishers for a few minutes until they got to the ending.
Carter III and Tyrus come out but Angle fights them off and makes
Carter tap to end the show.
D. This was like TNA’s
Greatest Hits in one night. Let’s see: gimmick match that didn’t
need to be a gimmick match, a bunch of returns that don’t mean much,
a table war that no one wants to see, a legend beating a young up and
comer for no logical reason and a meaningless title change.
the big news broke about the Jarretts being back, I had hope. I
wanted to believe that something was actually going to change around
here because I want it to change. I want TNA to be fun again, but
instead it’s the same stuff we’ve seen forever: short term thinking
with stuff like Slammiversary being treated like the least important
show since…..well since their last pay per view actually.
so frustrating watching a company that has so many good pieces
consistently screw things up. There
was so much potential over the years in TNA but they’ve spent so much
time messing up everything over the years that I can’t bring myself
to buy into them again. Now it seems like their time is measured in
months and then….they’re probably going to hang around because
Dixie can talk people into letting her get on TV and then screw up
another deal, all the while wasting all the talent and potential they
have. The show tried, but as usual they were going in the wrong
direction most of the night.
Uno b. Grado and Low Ki – Phoenix splash to Low Ki
Sky b. Angelina Love – Stunner
Heels b. Wolves – Low blow to Edwards
b. Bram via DQ when Bram used a pipe
Young b. Chris Melendez – Piledriver
Angle b. Matt Hardy – Ankle lock
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Impact Wrestling – June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
got two weeks to go before Slammiversary and it’s time to start
building towards the main event of the TV show two weeks from
tonight. Yeah the Carter vs. Angle World Title match is going to be
held on Impact instead of at the pay per view due to some scheduling
issues. That is of course TOTALLY different than TNA being a poorly
run company who couldn’t figure out that having a pay per view the
day after a TV taping was really, really stupid. Let’s get to it.

open with a tribute to Dusty Rhodes, who used to be the authority
figure here back in the early days.
time for Angle and Carter to sign the contract. In an interesting
case, this is coming just after a contract signing closed Ring of
Honor. Carter gets to talk first by talking about Angle beating
Heartbreak Kids, Texas Rattlesnakes, Dead Men, Immortals,
Electrifying Men, Rated R Superstars and some people you can’t even
see. He’s also beaten submission machines, phenomenal ones, icons
and charismatic enigmas (the first person mentioned actually still
with this company. And shouldn’t those all be singular since Angle
only beat one each?) but the World Title reigns ends with Carter.
praises Carter, but thinks he’s a disrespectful punk. This time
around, Kurt is healthy and ready because he’s been here before.
Once Carter loses, it’s going to haunt him for the rest of his life.
Both guys sign, but they also get to pick an opponent for each other.
Angle gets to go first, and he picks Lashley to face Carter. Not a
bad choice. Carter gets to pick next week on a live show.
X-Division Title will be decided next week. Man just scrap
Slammiversary and put on a Barney Miller marathon.
recap the Tag Team Title series to this point, with the Wolves
currently up 2-1.
are the Wolves with Davey talking about how they’ve fought around the
world to be the best tag team in the world, and that’s what those
belts mean. They’ve beaten the BroMans, the Hardys and Team 3D
already and now it’s time for the Dirty Heels. Last time the Heels
cheated to win, but the Wolves won’t get fooled again. Good line but
points off for a WOLVES NATION shirt. Stop just putting a word in
front of nation and thinking it sounds good.
wants to do match four right now, so here’s Roode sans Aries. Austin
isn’t here tonight because he’s healing up after last week, so
there’s no match. Eddie thinks a singles match is in order and Roode
doesn’t think so, but he’ll do it if the winner gets to pick the
stipulation for next week. The Wolves are fine and it’s time to go.
Roode vs. Eddie Edwards
hammers away to start but Eddie kicks him outside for a big suicide
dive. Back in and a clothesline gets two for Eddie but he runs into
an elbow to the jaw. A Hennig necksnap puts Eddie down again as
Roode is a heel this week. It’s good to know as it varies so often.
Roode’s chinlock doesn’t go anywhere as Edwards comes back with a leg
announcers call last week’s Aries vs. Angle match five stars. At
least this time they’re waiting until after the match happened to
praise it. There’s a backpack Stunner for two on Roode but he comes
back with a spinebuster for the same. Roode tries to bring in a
chair but Richards gets on the apron for some reason, earning him a
swing from Bobby. The distraction lets Eddie get a rollup pin at
C. This brings up the problem
with the entire series: the matches are just ok. They’re not bad or
anything, but I barely remember them a few minutes after they
happened because they’re just coming and going as we wait for the big
match to come for the titles to exist again. The ending made no
sense either as the Wolves wound up cheating instead of the Dirty
Heel. This story hasn’t been great since it started and it’s losing
steam every week.
makes match #4 Full Metal Mayhem. So what’s #5 going to be? Another
regular match?
Park is back, minus his law firm, money or teeth. He’ll face Bram
tonight and get to be the guy on top for the first time. So we’re
just forgetting that he knows he’s Abyss I guess? Does that mean
we’re done with the Revolution too?
get a ten second video of Drew Galloway talking about how much he
loves wrestling.
vs. Joseph Park
tries to lecture Bram before the match and gets punched in the face.
Bram slugs away but misses a chair shot, allowing Park to get in some
shots of his own. Now it’s table and kendo stick time as I guess
this is a hardcore match. It was never announced as one but sure why
not. Park comes back with some kendo stick shots and a chokeslam for
two. Back up and Park misses a spear through the table, allowing
Bram to get the pin at 3:53.
F. A guy as talented as Bram is
stuck in the hardcore story because there’s nothing else for him to
do right now because they’ve killed off the singles titles other than
the World Title and now we’re sitting here watching him against
Joseph Park. Bad match here and Bram doesn’t even get to hit his
finisher to win? Horrible stuff.
has a deal for Brooke
and Awesome Kong: if they beat the Dolls tonight, they both get a
title shot. If they lose, neither can ever have a shot again.
world is ready to burn and playtime is over. No idea what that is
Bell/Jade vs. Brooke/Awesome Kong
gets jumped in the aisle but here’s Kong for the save. The bell
rings and Kong runs Jade over before it’s off to Brooke, who doesn’t
have the same luck. Brooke
fights off some double teaming but gets thrown right back into the
corner as the announcers debate their taste in women. Brooke
avoids a charge and spears Jade down, allowing for the tag to Kong.
A chokeslam plants Marti and Brooke climbs onto her shoulders for a
big elbow and the pin at 6:24.
D. This wasn’t the worst in the
world but good grief Josh is getting on my nerves. Between talking
about the number of days the champions have held their titles and
calling Dinero the heel commentator, he becomes more of a combination
of Cole and Striker every week. Nothing match here as the finish was
obvious, though the story wasn’t bad.
recap the hardcore war which ended with Eric Young choking out Chris
Melendez with Chris’ prosthetic leg.
Melendez wants to fight Eric Young right now. This brings Young out
to praise Melendez for being an American hero, but Young just doesn’t
care. He cares about no one but himself because there’s no reason
for Melendez to be in the same ring as Eric Young. Does Chris really
want to be here all alone next week? Chris says he’s ready. Young
was just a jerk here and not crazy, making him FAR more effective as
a heel. Melendez is nothing though.
vs. Jesse Godderz
laid DJZ out last week so DJZ charges right at him to start and nails
a jawbreaker and middle rope back elbow (love that move). Back up
and Jesse slams him down by the arm, setting up a Boston crab for the
submission at 1:43.
match Godderz cuts a really, REALLY good promo about how he was the
BroMans because he was the only one training while Robbie was on a
reality TV show and DJZ was in some bar making funny noises. He
rants about how Robbie was nothing until he joined the team and now
DJZ is nothing either. Jesse gorilla presses him up but Robbie makes
his big return and shows more fire than ever before. I’m actually
digging this.
look back at James Storm possibly murdering Mickie James a few weeks
a livid Magnus, two weeks after Mickie was attacked. He isn’t
letting this show continue until he gets James Storm out here one on
one. Here’s Storm to call Magnus the crazy jealous one for having
Mickie followed by cameras. “What do you think was happening when
those cameras weren’t there?” Magnus is held back by security but
Storm brings out a baby stroller, presumably carrying Mickie and
Magnus’ son.
calls it his insurance policy but walks down the aisle without it.
He says Mickie is a sorry excuse for a woman and Magnus is a sorry
excuse for a man, which is finally enough to get Magnus past
security. Storm kicks the baby stroller off the stage and of course
it’s just a doll.
on Ethan Carter III.
Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley
throws him down to start and nails a hard clothesline before just
running Carter over. Tyrus finally grabs Lashley’s boot to stop his
boss’ pain but Lashley easily suplexes Carter over. Another Tyrus
distraction lets Carter get in a dropkick off the apron to take over.
The match isn’t bad so far but I can’t take much more of Josh
talking about the number of days Carter has been undefeated. Carter
slows him down with a chinlock for a bit before having to escape a
torture rack.
scores with a powerslam for two but Tyrus puts a chair in the corner.
The spear hits the chair (Earl Hebner has zero issue with this) and
Carter gets two off a DDT. The 1%er is countered and the referee
goes down (like it matters), right before the spear connects. Cue
another referee but Tyrus takes him out and gives Lashley a Big
Ending, setting up the third referee to count two, earning him a shot
from Tyrus. Lashley spears Tyrus but gets speared down, only to get
nailed in the back with a chair, setting up the 1%er to give Carter
the pin at 9:26.
D+. This was straight out of
the Russo playbook with two chairs, three ref bumps and interference
in less than ten minutes. Angle was nowhere in sight to help even
the odds because the script didn’t say he was supposed to and the
whole thing was just way too much. It didn’t help that Josh was
driving me up the wall with his counting the days of Carter being
undefeated. We get it: you’re Michael Cole and Carter is Miz. Pick
a better role model.
D+. This show is on the
verge of flying off the rails and you can see a lot of it coming from
here. The problem right now is they’re building to three different
shows instead of any one in particular. You have next week’s live
show with Full Metal Mayhem and the X-Division Title match,
Slammiversary (which I don’t think has anything official yet) and
then the bell to bell show in two weeks with the World Title match.
It doesn’t help that a lot of the midcard just feels like a big waste
of time when they could be doing anything else. The show wasn’t
horrible but they need to focus on something quick.
Edwards b. Bobby Roode – Rollup
b. Joseph Park – Pin after a missed spear through a table
Kong b. Jade/Marti Bell – Elbow drop to Bell
Godderz b. DJZ – Boston crab
Carter III b. Bobby Lashley – 1%er
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Impact Wrestling – June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
closing in on Slammiversary and the big story is the announcement of
the World Title match between champion Kurt Angle and new #1
contender Ethan Carter III. However, tonight is Destination X,
meaning Rockstar Spud is getting the World Title shot against Angle.
Other than that, we have the continuation of the best of five series
for the Tag Team Titles between the Dirty Heels (who are finally
acting like heels) and the Wolves. Let’s get to it.

open with a video on the X-Division as a whole before focusing on
Spud cashing in. However, Austin Aries is cashing in his Feast or
Fired briefcase on the winner. There will also be three triple
threats with the winners fighting in another triple threat for the
title at a future date.
time for the World Title match but Ethan Carter III and Tyrus cut
Christy off. Ethan is livid that he isn’t getting the shot tonight
so he’s staging an old fashioned sit-in. He dares anyone to come get
him out of here so Kurt Angle comes to the ring. Angle gets all
serious and threatens ankle pain to get Carter out of the ring.
World Title: Rockstar Spud vs. Kurt Angle
is defending and takes Spud down to the mat with ease for a headlock.
Back up and Spud is able to send Angle outside, only to eat a belly
to belly on the floor for a huge crash. Angle takes it back inside
and nails another suplex to set up a chinlock. An Angle Slam attempt
is countered and Spud scores with an enziguri.
slugs away and tosses Kurt to the floor, setting up a huge flip dive
off the top. A superplex plants Spud back inside but he’s still able
to escape the Angle Slam. There’s a running forearm to Kurt but he
grabs an ankle lock, only to have Spud roll away into an Underdog
attempt. Kurt charges into the post and eats the Underdog for a VERY
close two, which shocks Spud. There’s the ankle lock with the
grapevine and Spud taps at 8:35.
C+. Fun match but not enough to
be anything really great. They did about as much as they could do in
under nine minutes, but at the end of the day this was just a few
steps above a workout for Angle. The Underdog was a nice near fall
but this really was too short to work as well as they were hoping.
the Dollhouse to call out Awesome Kong. Taryn is willing to bare all
to see who the toughest Knockout is, meaning Kong has to compete for
the title in a lingerie pillow fight. They have the lingerie ready
for her and it’s the only way she gets a shot.
vs. Low Ki vs. Crazzy Steve
advances to the X-Division Title match at a later date. Manik goes
after Steve to start but Ki breaks up Manik’s suicide dive. Back in
and Manik uppercuts both guys until Steve jumps into his arms, only
to have Ki hit a springboard spinning kick to the face. Something
like a Codebreaker gets two on Ki with Steve making the save. Steve
misses a high cross body and gets kicked into Manik in the corner,
setting up the Warrior’s Way to Manik to give Ki the pin at 3:28.
C-. It’s going to be a long
night. Much like the other multi-man X-Division matches of late,
this was just a few guys doing moves to each other and one of them
getting a pin. What is there to say here? Ki makes sense as the
winner but Manik would have been fine as well. The time hurt this,
and I have a feeling that’s going to be the case with all three of
is warming up for his triple threat later but he needs to lose weight
to become X-Division. He teases some Parkour but doesn’t quite make
it work. This is the guy that was supposed to be the most awesome
thing ever? Not bad but really?
of James Storm possibly murdering Mickie James last week. Apparently
she wasn’t physically hurt.
Uno vs. DJZ vs. Mandrews
start with the triple headlock with Tigre speeding things up to take
over. DJZ dropkicks him down though, only to have Mandrews slingshot
in for a hurricanrana. A standing moonsault gets two on DJZ but
Tigre comes in with a missile dropkick. Tigre slams DJZ down for two
but Mandrews comes back in with a tornado DDT to put everyone down.
DJZ is up first for a running flip dive to the floor to take out both
guys again. Back in and Tigre shoves DJZ off the top and hits a
Phoenix Splash (read as a spinning knee to the face) to pin Mandrews
at 5:27.
C. Total spot fest here with no
story or flow to the thing. That’s probably the best idea for these
guys but there’s nothing that makes any of these triple threats stand
out because there’s no reason to care about any of these guys.
They’re just thrown out there to do these matches and that’s the last
we see of them until it’s time for another big X-Division mess.
match Jesse Godderz comes down to destroy DJZ.
continues to try to lose weight. He
asks Tigre for some tips but there’s a language barrier. Grado
leaves and Tigre calls him a jackass.
Title: Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong
is defending and this is a lingerie pillow fight. There’s
a bed in the ring for the Dollhouse and Taryn laughs at the idea of
Kong having to wear the lingerie. Kong
comes out in her regular gear, much to Taryn’s annoyance. Marti
and Jade are pulled to the floor for a beating so Taryn says the fans
don’t get to see her in lingerie. “What a tease I am!”
Brooke to say Taryn promised a title defense tonight and she’s ready
anytime. Brooke shoves her
down and the catfight is on as Kong is off making Jade and Marti into
toothpicks. Taryn is disrobed and runs off. No match of course.
Dirty Heels are ready for their tag match later, but Roode wants the
first World Title shot.
weighs in but strips off his singlet first. JB tells him there’s no
weight limit so he’s good to go. I’ve seen worse.
vs. Kenny King vs. Cruz
a big brawl to start with Cruz being thrown to the floor and Grado
getting kicked in the face. Cruz eats two running boots in the
corner but Grado pounds on King’s back. We hit a chinlock on Grado
for a bit before Cruz fails at lifting him up for a suplex. King
kicks Grado in the face, leaving Cruz to cross body Kenny for two.
There’s a Royal Flush to Cruz but Grado slugs away on Kenny, only to
eat a chop to the chest. The Royal Flush doesn’t work on Grado, who
sends Kenny outside and nails a Cannonball on Cruz for the pin at
5:18. Josh: “What a win and what a company!”
C. Another fun enough match
with Grado having a ton of charisma, which I can finally see instead
of constantly being told about how awesome he is. King not being in
the title match is a nice change of pace, even though it’s pretty
clear Low Ki is the major favorite to get the belt. Again.
takes over a camera and says he’s going to the ring to make history.
a break, here’s Bram to run down the X-Division and issue an open
challenge to anyone who wants to fight in a six sided ring.
vs. Crimson
Crimson not being around for the better part of a few years is
treated like getting a free coffee from a Shell station. Bram slugs
him to the floor but Crimson takes over back inside. That sends Bram
outside for a stroll, where he sends Crimson into the barricade.
Back in and Bram scores with a kind of t-bone suplex, followed by a
Rings of Saturn with a neck crank. Bram makes the ropes and hits the
Brighter Side of Suffering for the pin at 4:38.
D. Well that happened. I’m
glad Bram won but there isn’t much else to say here. Crimson coming
back got zero reaction so it was nice to see him lose this quickly.
I have no idea what this has to do with the X-Division, but then
again TNA stopped caring about that thing like six years ago so I
shouldn’t be surprised.
Angle says he’ll win.
Carter III says when he throws the first punch, Angle isn’t getting
World Title: Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle
is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase to get the title shot.
Feeling out process to start
until Aries clotheslines him down for two and nails a right hand in
the corner. Aries flips out
of a German and nails a low dropkick as we take a break. Back
with Angle rolling Germans but
the Angle Slam is countered into a DDT for two. There’s the Last
Chancery but Angle escapes
and grabs an ankle lock, only to have Aries make the ropes.
discus elbow is countered into an Angle Slam for two. Angle
misses the moonsault and gets caught in another Last Chancery, which
really doesn’t look as good as they’re hoping for. The 450 is broken
up by Angle running the ropes but Aries shoves him off for the 450
and a very near fall. Another
Angle Slam is countered with two discus forearms but the brainbuster
only gets two with Kurt putting a foot on the ropes.
an ankle lock on the champion but he counters into one of his own.
Aries rolls Kurt to the floor for a suicide dive, which goes right
into the barricade. Austin is out cold and it’s another Angle Slam,
only to have Aries counter into a rollup for two. Now the ankle lock
with the grapevine makes Austin tap at 18:00.
B. Good main event match here
but Angle is long past the point where you can call his spots in the
big matches. How many times has someone put Kurt in the ankle lock,
only to get countered into the same hold? Aries is his usual awesome
self, but he needs something more than just being in a tag team that
he’s already been in.
Carter III comes in and lays Angle out to end the show.
C-. It gets really
tiring seeing TNA pay lip service to the X-Division and then abandon
it for the next ten and a half months every single year. Notice that
the Feast or Fired cash-in, which could happen at any show of the
year, got WAY more attention than the X-Division cash-in, which was
treated as an afterthought. This show is a waste of time on a
division that stopped meaning anything years ago.
show itself was really nothing to see other than a few spot fests and
the usual good main event. Other than that though, this could have
been any regular episode of Impact and no one would have noticed the
X-Division as really standing out. I’d be fine if they just dropped
the thing already because it’s clear that it doesn’t mean anything.
Decent enough show but it never once felt special.
Angle b. Rockstar Spud – Ankle lock
Ki b. Manik and Crazzy Steve – Warrior’s Way to Manik
Uno b. DJZ and Mandrews – Phoenix Splash to Mandrews
b. Kenny King and Cruz – Cannonball to Cruz
b. Crimson – Brighter Side of Suffering
Angle b. Austin Aries – Ankle lock
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Impact Wrestling – June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
finally getting to the build to Slammiversary, which is less than a
month away. Impact is now on Wednesdays as the company’s issues with
Destination America continues. There is no reason that this show
shouldn’t start getting us towards Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle
for the World Title. Let’s get to it.

opening video is about Carter’s rise to the top of TNA.
barbershop quintet sings Carter’s theme song because he is FINALLY #1
in the Impact rankings. Quintet: “For he’s the #1 contender, for
he’s the #1 contender, for he’s the #1 contender, which nobody can
deny!” We even get balloons falling to make this feel special.
After denying us a Tyrus dance, Carter says there is only one thing
left for him and that is to become World Champion.
brings out Angle, who says Lou Thesz and Verne Gagne would be rolling
over in their graves if they saw this. However, there’s someone else
in line before Carter can get his shot and that’s X-Division Champion
Rockstar Spud, who can cash in his title for a shot at the World
Title next week. Carter isn’t cool with that and says he’s got an
offer for Spud. Tyrus and Carter leave and Angle Slams one of the
singers. Carter was awesome here and I can’t wait to see him finally
get the title, assuming TNA doesn’t screw that up too.
vs. Eric Young
runs him over to start and hits a nice delayed vertical suplex to
knock some of the sanity back into Young. Eric is able to send him
to the apron though for a middle rope kick to the back of the head to
get a breather. Back in and Eric starts working on the neck and we
hit the chinlock. Pope’s great insight on commentary here: if Young
wins he’ll move up in the rankings but if Lashley wins, he’ll move up
in the rankings. Eric goes up top but dives into a backdrop followed
by some elbows to the jaw. A spinebuster gets two for Lashley and
after easily fighting off the piledriver, the spear pins Young at
C. It’s amazing how much more
tolerable that CRAZY man is when he isn’t in the World Title picture
anymore. I’m fine with Young if he’s in the right spot on the card
and this is a much better fit for him. I still don’t like the
character because it’s not what they say he is, but at least they’re
getting the booking a bit better.
Melendez comes after Young post match but Eric escapes. This
is even more like it for Young, though Melendez isn’t anything
Dollhouse giggles about keeping Taryn’s title last week and Taryn
offers Kong a shot next week.
wants to fight Young. I was thinking he wanted him over for
afternoon tea so thanks for the clarification.
Aries suggests that Spud doesn’t cash in the title for Option C.
vs. Brooke
goes right after her before the bell but gets rolled up for two. A
Marti Bell distraction lets Jade take over and Brooke gets kicked in
the face for two. Jade powerslams her down but misses a moonsault,
allowing Brooke to hit a facebuster for two. Marti tries to come in
and eats Jade’s boot by mistake, setting up the Tesshocker for the
pin at 3:38.
C-. Not bad here as it’s nice
to see the Knockouts having a bench to go with the title scene. I’m
not sure why you have Brooke win here but it’s hardly a horrible
idea. You don’t want the Dollhouse looking inept though as they
looked more like weak heels instead of the sinister group they’ve
been so far.
is about to talk about Spud but gets a phone call.
and Brooke celebrate the win. Brooke
leaves and the Dollhouse beats Rebel down.
vs. BDC
and MVP get things going with a slugout as Josh recaps the feud. It
helps a bit but I still don’t get why this feud needs to exist. MVP
wins a slugout and takes Drake down so King can come in with a quick
chinlock. Off to Low Ki for a dropkick to the back of the head and
the fast tags continue with all three members getting their shots in.
Drew finally comes in off
the hot tag and nails a running boot to Ki’s face as everything
breaks down. Galloway gets
caught in the Tree of Woe but is able to sit up and counter the
Warrior’s Way with a belly to belly superplex. A Doomsday Device of
all things is enough to pin Ki at 5:42.
C. The match was fine but this
feud just keeps going. I get the idea they’re shooting for here but
it’s so uninteresting that it’s hard to care. The Rising doesn’t
need to exist because the BDC is a midcard stable who isn’t taking
anything over. Hopefully both teams split soon enough.
James is in Nashville for her meetings but only James Storm is there.
This story continues to be one of the best things going on in TNA.
Spud can’t make his decision yet but there’s no more time. With no
decision coming, here’s Kurt Angle to coax him a bit. This is his
thirteenth World Title and he trained harder for this one than the
other twelve combined so there is no way he’s losing it. Cue Carter
and Tyrus to say Spud should stay right where he is.
just got off the pone with Dixie Carter, who is willing to offer Spud
a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff if he doesn’t cash in Option C.
Spud talks about the Carters taking him in when he had nowhere to
go. They were like brothers, but then Ethan slapped him in the face
and shaved his head. This is always about Ethan, because he’s had
everything handed to him. Spud has given everything to get here and
he wants no part of the offer. He cashes in for next week
(SHOCKING!) and gets decked in the face. Angle wants a tag match
gives Bobby Roode a shirt for their match.
to Nashville where Mickie wants to know what’s going on. Storm says
the big stars are just fashionably late and says he can give her so
much more. The music will always be there, but he wants to talk
about something even bigger: joining him on his journey. He wants
Mickie and her son Donovan to join the Revolution. Mickie
appreciates the offer but turns him down. Storm laughs it off and
Mickie hugs him before they leave. Storm: “There’s a lot of
crazies out there.”
Heels vs. Wolves
#3 in a best of five series for the Tag Team Titles with the Wolves
up 2-0. Aries takes Davey down with a Last Chancery early on but
it’s quickly off to Roode to crank on the arm. The Wolves get in
some double teaming to take over on Roode and then backdrop the legal
Aries into their corner. Roode breaks up a double dive and Aries
takes out the Wolves’ knees as we go to a break.
with Davey breaking up a catapult into Aries and diving over for the
tag, only to have Aries pull Eddie to the floor. The hot tag works a
few seconds later and it’s Edwards coming in to clean house. Some
rapid fire chops have Roode in trouble and the heels (who aren’t
heels) are backdropped to the floor for a double suicide dive into
the barricade. An enziguri into the German suplex into the jackknife
cover gets two on Roode.
pulls Davey to the floor, leaving Edwards to take the catapult into
the forearm, followed by the slingshot elbow from Roode for a very
close two. Something like Chasing the Dragon (Michinoku Driver
instead of a brainbuster) gets two on Roode but Aries comes back in
with a 450 to Edwards for two more. Aries dives onto Edwards and
it’s time for a chair. Roode doesn’t want to use it but he’ll hit
Eddie low behind the referee’s back. A chair shot on top of that is
enough to pin Edwards at 13:13.
B-. Well at least they’re heels
now. I’m not a fan of the matches where it’s all a huge mess after
about five minutes in and the tagging is completely forgotten. It’s
fine for a bit but having the majority of the match be a wild brawl
gets annoying after a bit. At least the match was fun though and the
ending gave us some heels in the feud.
and Mickie walk along the side of a train until James knocks her down
what looked to be a flight of stairs.
Madison Rayne to complain about not getting any attention around here
because she isn’t putting candy in someone’s mouth or isn’t Gail Kim.
She calls Velvet Sky to the ring because people who don’t work here
can come through the crowd and get in the ring. Madison slaps her in
the face and eats a Stunner, so here’s Angelina with security to take
Velvet out. Angelina slaps Velvet before the security takes her
away…..and here are more security guards to arrest Love for
slapping a fan. Well played actually.
lays on her bed and promises to take care of Kong next week.
Carter III/Tyrus vs. Kurt Angle/Rockstar Spud
stomps Carter down at the bell and chops away in the corner. A kick
to the head drops Ethan but Spud would rather hit some running
forearms instead of tagging, which allows Tyrus to grab Spud by the
face. Some backbreakers have Spud in trouble and Carter makes it
worse with a belly to belly. He opts to pose instead of cover though
and the hot tag brings in Angle. Tyrus breaks up the ankle lock and
eats the Angle Slam, allowing Spud to dive in for the pin at 6:48.
C-. Just a quick match to set
up the showdown next week. Angle vs. Carter is clearly the big prize
here but we need to get Option C out of the way because where would
we be without that? There wasn’t much here but they didn’t have the
time to get anything done. The fact that it’s for a short term title
shot didn’t help things either.
comes out and says he’s cashing in next week to
face the winner of Angle vs. Spud.
C+. This was one of
their better shows in a decent while but there are still some issues.
For one thing, there are way too many cash ins going on at the same
time when it’s clear they’re just killing time until we get to
Carter. Well either that or they’re going to do the dumbest thing
they could and go with anything other than Carter getting the belt at
Destination America. Good show, but too much being packed into too
little time.
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Impact Wrestling – May 29, 2015

Date: May 29, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh
Matthews, Al Snow
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
After all the insanity
that’s been going on behind the scenes in this company, they’re
really in need for a good show to calk things down a bit. This show
is being billed as May Mayhem, which is their version of a pay per
view this month. The main event is Eric Young challenging Kurt Angle
in an I Quit match. Let’s get to it.

Eric Young pulls up to
the arena where Kurt Angle is waiting on him. They slug it out in
the parking lot until security breaks it up.
Knockouts Title:
Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
a cage with Taryn defending. Gail goes right after her in the aisle
and takes over before the bell. They finally get inside with Kim
still dominating until Marti Belle reaches through the cage to pull
Gail down, allowing Taryn to ram the ring finger into the cage to
take over. Gail fights back again with ease until she tries to climb
out, allowing the Dollhouse to interfere again, allowing Taryn to hit
a quick Cutter for the pin at 5:20.
Well aside from how great Taryn looked, this was borderline
worthless. At the end of the day, you need more than five minutes
for a cage match. This is supposed to be some big blowoff to the
feud and instead the whole thing can’t even make it to six minutes?
The Dollhouse is awesome, but they played it pretty straight here,
which defeats the purpose.
Post match the
Dollhouse goes after Gail until Awesome Kong comes out. They manage
to lock the door though, setting up the big beatdown. Taryn takes
Gail’s ring off and stomps on Gail’s ring finger, apparently breaking
it so the ring can’t go back on. Josh: “I know Taryn has issues
we’re not supposed to talk about on air but this is going too far.”
So, unless they’re
actually going to say what happened in Taryn’s marriage, this is
going to be another big tease that never goes anywhere. Also, this
would be more effective if they didn’t keep name dropping Gail’s
celebrity chef husband, who is so famous that I’ve already forgotten
his name.
Quick recap of James
Storm being creepy and getting Mickie James to come back for one more
match. Her husband Magnus isn’t pleased with this but that’s exactly
what Storm wanted. Josh: “This isn’t PG.”
Here’s Mickie (in a
very, very revealing dress) to talk about things. She can’t wait for
the one more match but tonight she needs to talk about family and the
heart. Magnus is her fiance, but James Storm has been a friend for
years now. This brings out Storm, prompting Mickie to apologize for
Magnus bashing him in the head with a guitar. James doesn’t need to
hear that but Mickie insists on apologizing, even though Magnus is
just trying to protect his family.
insists he’s not a bad guy (has any good guy ever had to say that?)
because if holding a door open for a woman or keeping her from
getting attacked by Bram makes you a bad man, then yeah he’s a bad
man. We hear about all the gifts James bought the family but Mickie
didn’t think some of them were that funny.
James redeems himself
by surprising Mickie by saying he’s set up some meetings with big
names (like Billy Corgan) who want to meet Mickie and advance her
career. Whatever Mickie picks, he’ll have her back. Storm leaves
and Mickie tells the Cowboy (her word) she’ll see them in Nashville.
There was a very subtle addition here as Storm kept inching closer to
Mickie, making her back up a half step every little bit.
Kenny King isn’t worred
about defending the X-Division Title in a gauntlet match.
Eric Young shows us a
Tweet that we can’t see and headbutts through a window.
X-Division Title:
Gauntlet Match
do we always need a gauntlet match or an elimination match or
something other than a scheduled one on one match? There are seven
people in this and another enters every 90 seconds. The first five
will be eliminated over the top but when there are only two left,
it’s a regular match for the win. Manik is in first and Rockstar
Spud is in second and Champion Kenny King will be in seventh. Both
guys go for eliminations until Manik sends him into the corner and
DJZ, now with a blue/purple mohawk, is in third.
Manik gets double
teamed until Mandrews is in fourth after a low less than ninety
seconds. Spud and Mandrews team up on Manik but Spud can’t quite get
him out, even as he bites Manik’s fingers. No one is eliminated yet
and Argos is in fifth to speed things up for all of five seconds.
Mandrews misses a shooting star and gets sent to the apron, setting
up a kick to the face and a ram into the post for the first
elimination. Crazzy Steve is in sixth as we take a break.
with Tigre Uno, who entered sixth during the break, being eliminated.
Kenny King comes in seventh and the final group is everyone other
than Tigre Uno. A big kick to the head drops Manik and another kick
does the same to Young. Steve gets in a few shots and chokes over
the ropes, only to get superkicked out to put us at five. Argos gets
kicked to the floor for an elimination, followed by Spud jumping on
King’s back. He manages to avoid elimination but eats the Royal
DJZ gets back up with a
belly to back suplex into a facebuster on King, only to get
backdropped out by Manik a few seconds later. Down to Manik, Spud
and King with Manik offering an alliance with the champ. Spud is
tossed to the apron but Manik jumps King from behind, only to be
thrown out with an assist from Spud to get us down to the singles
match. King chops Spud down and rips at his face but the Royal Flush
is countered into a small package to give Spud the title at 16:48.
So here’s one of TNA’s major troubles explained in one match. This
was a major title match and had no build, no hype, and nothing
interesting. There was no drama to anything here as the people came
in and were eliminated before we got down to the final two for a very
quick match with Spud winning. There was no reason to care about
this and it a lot of that is due to how the match was booked instead
of the action. The wrestlers didn’t have time to do anything and it
caught up with them quickly.
Dirty Heels vs.
is match #2 in a best of five series with the Wolves up 1-0. Roode
throws Aries through the ropes for a suicide dive to start but Davey
runs inside for a dive of his own on Aries. The Wolves double team
Roode inside until Austin gets back in and things settle down a bit.
Edwards chops away at Aries but Austin punches him in the face,
setting up a tag to Roode for chops of his own.
Heels (who aren’t heels) load up what looked like a Sharpshooter but
Aries gets kicked into his partner, allowing the Wolves to double
team even more. Davey puts Rode into a reverse figure four (with
Roode facing the mat and Davey facing up) for a unique looking
submission. The German suplex into the jackknife rollup gets two as
the announcers are overhyping the heck out of this. Eddie puts Roode
in a chinlock for a bit until Bobby fights up and makes the hot tag
to Aries.
speeds things up and snaps both Wolves’ throats across the top,
setting up a missile dropkick to Edwards. There’s the Last Chancery
on Davey and a Crossface to Eddie but both Wolves make the ropes.
Something like Chasing the Dragon but with a Michinoku Driver instead
of a brainbuster gets two on Aries but he pops right back up for the
running dropkick in the corner, followed by the 450 to Eddie with
Davey making the save. Another Last Chancery has Edwards in trouble
but Richards comes in off the top with a double stomp for the save,
setting up the powerbomb into a Backstabber to pin Austin at 11:09.
This was straight out of the indy playbook with the entire match
being action from bell to bell. That sounds cool on paper, but
between everything going all over the place and Josh telling us about
two minutes in that this was a classic and something we were going to
remember forever, the match kind of dulled on me very quickly. It’s
definitely fun, but I prefer building up to the insane finish instead
of just having it run the entire match.
Kenny King can’t get
hold of MVP and wants him to call back.
Angelina Love to deal with Velvet Sky, who is sitting in the
audience. Love brings out her own personal security to deal with
Velvet if she tries anything. She screams at Velvet (with a voice
that Vickie Guerrero would find annoying) and tells her to try
something, of course drawing Velvet over the barricade for a quick
beating until security pulls her off. Sky beats up security and goes
after Love again until she’s handcuffed and taken away.
Mr. Anderson is very
happy to not have Tyrus around for his match with Ethan Carter III
Ethan Carter III vs.
Mr. Anderson
has a one man cage to lock Tyrus inside, guaranteeing that it’s one
on one. Amazingly enough, Tyrus doesn’t want to go in so Anderson
goes after him, allowing Carter to ram him face first into the cage.
Back in and a quick suplex gets two for Carter as Snow challenges
Dixie Carter to a street fight. A running clothesline gets two more
on Anderson but he throws Carter through the ropes and into Tyrus,
who still isn’t in the cage. Anderson nails Tyrus with a chair a few
times to FINALLY get him in the stupid cage.
They slug it out back
inside with Anderson taking over with the usual. A powerslam and
backdrop get two each but Mr. gets crotched on top, setting up a TKO
for two. Carter hits a Stinger Splash (complete with shout) but the
1%er is countered into a Regal Roll and Swanton for the same. The
Mic Check connects for two and Anderson is stunned. He loads up
another but Carter counters into a 1%er for the clean pin at 8:00.
That’s a pretty clear ending to the feud, but my goodness TNA needs
to slow down. This match started with a flurry with the Tyrus stuff
then was just trading big moves for a few minutes until Carter won.
They have to speed through everything on every show because they need
to get so much stuff in. Calm down a bit and spread some stuff out
so that stuff like this can have time to breathe.
Anderson offers a
handshake but Carter shoves the hand away. Tyrus is left in the
Spud is very, very happy to be a two time champion. He hasn’t even
had time to think about Destination X and Option C yet but maybe he
needs a new goal.
TNA World Title:
Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle
is defending and this is an I Quit match. Both guys come out with
security after being separated all night in another idea that didn’t
go anywhere. Angle goes right at him to start and they’re slugging
it out a minute in. Eric tries to jump over him in the corner but
gets caught in rolling Germans to knock him even sillier. He won’t
quit though so Kurt rolls even more Germans, only to be sent to the
floor as we take a break. Back with Young slapping on a Figure Four
for a bit until Angle turns it over, sending Young to the ropes.
Eric can’t get an Angle
Slam so he puts Kurt in an ankle lock with a grapevine, only to have
Kurt reverse into something resembling a Figure Four. More ropes are
grabbed so Young goes up, only to dive into the real ankle lock.
Young taps so Angle lets go, but Young never said I Quit. The
distraction lets Young hit a low blow and piledriver. Still no
quitting so Young loads up another piledriver, only to be countered
into the ankle lock with the grapevine to retain Angle’s title at
Raise your hand if you expected ANYTHING but that as the ending.
That’s where this match and feud died with me: no one in their right
mind thought Young was winning the title at any point in this feud
and that makes for some very dull matches. The match was watchable,
but my goodness don’t let this feud keep going any longer and get
Young down the card where he belongs.
This one didn’t do it for me. They were flying through every
possible thing they could get through tonight and it made the show a
lot weaker than it should have been. The matches were good while
they lasted, but none of them had time to set up any kind of story or
psychology, which really kills the show.
We’ve got a few weeks
before Slammiversary and then just a few weeks before Destination X
and then a few months before the show is probably getting kicked off
the air because not enough people watch it. Could it be because they
rush through hastily announced gimmick matches like these and don’t
let anything have a proper build because they have to get through
everything they can when they have two pay per views a year and
seemingly could do things at whatever pace they want? This was an
action heavy show but the lack of a foundation takes away anything
good they had set up.
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Impact Wrestling – May 15, 2015

Date: May 15, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh
Matthews, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re coming off the
big live show last week and rolling towards Slammiversary at the end
of June. The big story at the end of last week’s show was Angle
making Eric Young tap to retain the title, presumably to end their
feud. Other than that we have the continuing story of the Rising vs.
the BDC as Drew Galloway was beaten down by a pipe last week. Let’s
get to it.

We open with a recap of
Angle vs. Young, who tonight will lead two teams in a hardcore war.
Good grief just get to Carter vs. Angle already.
Here are Angle and
Chris Melendez to start things off. Angle talks about going to war
with Young last week, but Eric sided with the BDC. Well now Kurt has
backup of his own, including Chris Melendez. He needs a bit more
though, so Angle would like the Rising to come out here right now.
Kurt calls them a breath of fresh air in this company as they try to
eliminate a cancer calling itself the BDC.
Galloway praises Angle
a bit but likes the look of that World Title. Angle likes the idea
but here’s Eric Young to say he got ripped off last week. Kind of
like we’re getting ripped off from having a good World Title
challenger. Young was ripped off by the guest referee so he’s owed
another title shot. He goes on and on until Angle tells him to shut
up because the stupidity caught him last week.
Angle tells him to shut
up again and offers Young a title shot in an I Quit match. That’s
for the future though because tonight is about hardcore. Cue the BDC
to go after everyone in the ring. Young comes in to help with the
beat down but Lashley comes out to complete Angle’s team and make the
save. So it’s going to be a twelve man hardcore war later tonight?
That’s a bit excessive no?
vs. Dollhouse
Marti/Jade here. Rebel
is described as a former member of the Menagerie. The Dollhouse
cleans house to start with Marti hammering on Rebel in the ring.
It’s quickly off to Jade for some knees to the head. The double
teaming continues as Matthews confirms that the Menagerie is no more.
Dang it I always like that act. Brooke comes in off the hot tag and
fires off some forearms as everything breaks down. Rebel misses
Christy’s old Flying Firecrotch Guillotine (yep) and a double slam
(think a chokeslam but lifting under the arms instead of by the
throat) is enough to give the Dollhouse the pin at 3:57.
C-. The wrestling wasn’t much
but I’m digging the Dollhouse more and more every single week. Taryn
is perfect as the borderline psycho leader, but the supporting cast
is cool too as they can both go in the ring. Rebel and Brooke are
fine as the good looking jobbers for them and the match was fine for
what it was.
match Taryn says she has play time scheduled with Gail Kim’s family.
The BDC and Eric Young
are texting Homicide but he won’t be here tonight. MVP has a
replacement but Young has someone better. King doesn’t trust him but
MVP wants the crazy man on his side instead of against him.
Here are Ethan Carter
III and Tyrus with the former wondering how he isn’t #1 contender
after the former #1 contender lost to the champion last week. He
wants answers but gets Mr. Anderson with a chair instead. Anderson
is disappointed when they leave because he wants to fight someone
tonight. They start to walk but Anderson suggests a match with
Tyrus. If he wins, he gets Carter in the future. After some
swearing insults at Tyrus, the big man says get a referee out there.
Anderson vs. Tyrus
Anderson hammers away
to start but gets run over for two. A Big Ending gets two and Tyrus
slams him down again for the same. Carter tries to bring in the
chair but gets ejected, allowing Anderson to play possum and counter
the spike into the Mic Check for the pin at 4:36.
D. Really, really dull match
here and yet another instance of stretching out a feud before we get
to the beyond obvious Angle vs. Carter feud for the title. This one
is far more interesting than the Young version but it’s clearly just
filling time because having more than a month build to what is likely
the Slammiversary main event doesn’t work.
We take a quick look
back at Magnus blasting Storm with the guitar last week.
Magnus wants Storm out
here right now but gets Abyss instead. The monster says there are
consequences for what you do and this week, Magnus’ consequences are
Abyss. It’s a brawl at ringside instead of a match with Abyss taking
over only to stop to throw in some barbecue equipment (cross
promotion with a Destination America show about barbecuing). Abyss
loads up the chokeslam but takes some tongs to the crotch, only to
have Manik try to come in. That earns him something like a
brainbuster but Khoya comes in with a walking stick to lay Magnus
out. Magnus eats a chokeslam for good measure.
Quick recap of the Tag
Team Title situation with the Wolves and Hardys having to vacate the
belts, setting up a best of five series between the Wolves and Dirty
Heels (I’m really not sure how to feel about that name) for the
vs. Dirty Heels
That’s their official
name now and this is match #1 in the best of five series. It’s also
Edwards’ first match back from injury. Roode and Richards get things
going and for some reason the camera is zoomed in on Roode as they
get started. That goes nowhere so it’s off to Richards vs. Aries
with the Wolves taking over on Austin’s arm. Aries is driven into
Davey’s knee but sends him into the corner, allowing for the tag off
to Bobby.
A catapult sends Eddie
into a forearm from Aries, followed by the slingshot elbow for two.
The running dropkick in the corner is countered and Edwards hits a
dropkick of his own to put Roode down. There’s the hot tag to
Richards for the “make your opponent DDT his partner” spot (one
of the dumbest spots I’ve ever seen) before the powerbomb/Backstabber
is countered with a hurricanrana. Aries takes out the Wolves with a
suicide dive, followed by the corner dropkick to Richards. Davey is
still in it though and counters Roode’s spinebuster into a sunset
flip for the pin and the first match at 8:26.
B. Good match here but they’re
still waiting to crank it up in the later matches. These are two of
the better teams in wrestling a the moment and seeing them fight five
times (perhaps with some gimmicks later on) is going to be really
entertaining and likely blown off at Slammiversary.
Galloway picks Micah
over Eli for the hardcore war tonight.
Taryn talks about going
to see Gail Kim’s stepdaughters earlier today. She’s also going to
show us what she’s wearing for Kim’s husband Robert.
Storm yells at the
Revolution for going after Magnus without permission. This is
between him and Mickie James and no one else.
Here’s the Dollhouse
again with Taryn in a robe. Taryn makes fun of Gail for being so
serious of a wrestler because the Dollhouse is making something
special. She has pictures of her with Gail’s stepdaughters who look
borderline terrified. But now, here’s what she’s wearing for Gail’s
husband. It’s some very revealing lingerie so here’s Gail, but Marti
asks why she’s so serious. Gail wants a match with Taryn but Taryn
brings up the husband again, meaning the fight is on with the
Dollhouse running.
Godderz vs. Robbie E.
Robbie has straightened
his hair a bit. This is fallout from their brawl a few weeks ago and
they bump fists to start. That’s the highest impact of the match
though as Robbie grabs a rollup for the pin at 24 seconds.
Godderz wants to
restart the match so here we go again.
Godderz vs. Robbie E.
Jesse throws him down
with authority but a majistral cradle is good enough to make Robbie
2-0 at 31 seconds.
Godderz wasn’t ready so
let’s do it one more time.
Godderz vs. Robbie E.
The fans count the
seconds this time and Jesse celebrates a headlock. A dropkick gets
two with Jesse driving his forearm into Robbie’s face. Robbie comes
right back with a crucifix for the pin at 1:10.
Godderz is livid so he
hits Robbie in the head with the mic. He throws Robbie to the floor
and puts a chair around Robbie’s neck before driving it into the
Angle fires up his team
for tonight. Eli Drake still doesn’t look happy.
Eric Young has a fifth
Mr. Anderson is having
something built to help deal with Tyrus.
Angle vs. Team Young
Hardcore war, which
apparently means a gauntlet match, which seems to be Lethal Lockdown
minus the cage but with weapons. Low Ki with his pipe and Drew
Galloway with a pipe of his own start things up. First fall wins
with 90 second intervals and Team Young won the coin toss (duh) to
have the advantage. Low Ki loses his pipe early and Drew takes him
to the floor for some hard chops instead of laying pipe into him.
Kenny King is in next
with a weapon that is knocked out of his hands too quickly to notice.
Galloway eats some chops against the barricade as King pulls out a
cane to nail him in the back. Micah and a nightstick even things up
and the Rising takes over with the usual brawling. Eric Young is in
next with a trashcan lid (that is one CRAZY trashcan lid. Like, you
know your crazy Uncle Stu who thinks he’s Catherine Zeta-Jones? It’s
crazier than him) and he quickly sets up a Tower of Doom, but
Galloway sits up out of the Tree of Woe into a German suplex to take
everyone down.
Kurt Angle comes in
with what looks like another pipe but throws it down for a bunch of
Germans. We take a break and come back with MVP (kendo stick) and
Chris Melendez (another pipe) involved. Eric’s mystery partner, with
another kendo stick, is Bram. Team Young cleans house for a bit
until Lashley completes the field, meaning it’s now first fall wins.
Lashley avoids all of King’s kicks and plants him with a powerslam.
MVP’s Playmaker is
countered but Bram cracks Lashley in the head with a kendo stick,
setting up the Brighter Side of Suffering. Micah hits a Big Ending
(just like Tyrus earlier) but King springboards in to take him down.
That’s fine with Galloway who takes most of Team Young down with a
big flip dive over the ropes. Angle dives on everyone not named
Young or Melendez, leaving Eric to hit a quick piledriver for the pin
on Chris at 17:21.
Basically this existed so it could exist. There was no real need for
this to be a gauntlet match or a hardcore match as a ten man tag
would have accomplished exactly the same thing. That’s the bad sign
for a gimmick: you can do the exact same thing without the gimmick
being in place. The match was nothing special though and really
could have done with being cut down to eight people.
match Young rips off Melendez’s leg and chokes Angle out with it to
end the show.
C. This show felt
really rushed and packed full of stuff. It felt like they were
cramming in as much stuff as they could and it brought down the good
stuff they were doing. You can see most of Slammiversary from here,
but some of it really isn’t that interesting. I mean, the Rising vs.
the BDC just keeps going with no real reason to exist. The
tag team series is good, but it’s not something that’s going to blow
the doors off the place until it gets closer to the end. The show
should be good, but the build isn’t great so far.
for tonight…..meh. The hardcore war didn’t do anything for me as
you have ten guys with weapons in a gauntlet format. Clearly that
just needs 100 minutes of build. The
battle of the BroMans could be good and they got through the whole
thing in like eight minutes so points for that. The
Anderson vs. Carter and Angle vs. Young feuds feel like they’re just
going for the sake of going, but Angle vs. Young seems to be moving
towards wrapping up. It’s a
decent enough show, but they’ve cooled way off in recent weeks.
Dollhouse b.
Brooke/Rebel – Double lifting slam to Rebel
Mr. Anderson b. Tyrus –
Mic Check
Wolves b. Dirty Heels –
Sunset flip to Roode
Robbie E. b. Jesse
Godderz – Rollup
Robbie E. b. Jesse
Godderz – Majistral cradle
Robbie E. b. Jesse
Godderz – Crucifix
Team Young b. Team
Angle – Piledriver to Melendez
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Impact Wrestling – May 8, 2015

Date: May 8, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentator: Josh
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
For the first time in
weeks, we actually have a special episode. This is airing live from
Orlando with the promise of a former World Champion returning in the
first five minutes. Other than that we have Kurt Angle defending the
World Title against Eric Young to probably blow off their feud.
Let’s get to it.

Eric Young is in the
ring to start and promises to win the title back tonight. This
brings out the returning World Champion and it’s Bully Ray, who will
referee Angle vs. Young. Eh cool but it’s nothing earth shattering.
It doesn’t help that it’s for Angle vs. Young which is just a
placeholder until Cater challenges Kurt.
We get the opening
recap video. They’re treating this like a huge show.
Here’s Ethan Carter to
talk about the democratic process which has lead us to a gentlemen’s
contest: arm wrestling. This brings out Mr. Anderson to show us the
results: falls count anywhere wins with 85% of the vote. Shocking
Mr. Anderson vs.
Ethan Carter III
This is billed as falls
count anywhere but the rules make it sound hardcore. Anderson
quickly sends Carter and Tyrus to the floor but the big man gets in
some cheap shots. That’s fine with Anderson who sends Tyrus into the
post and chases after Carter as he tries to get away. We get the
first weapons brought in as Anderson pulls out a bunch of chairs to
pile up on the floor.
A Mic Check onto the
chairs doesn’t work so Carter backdrops Anderson onto the ramp for
two. Carter makes the mistake of spitting in Anderson’s face,
earning him a Regal Roll onto the chairs for two. Back in and
Anderson hammers away before planting Carter with a swinging
neckbreaker. Tyrus comes back in to earn his check with a t-bone
suplex and a corner splash. The spike to the throat puts Anderson
down for the pin at 5:39.
Rating: C-.
Well that was quick but they were smart to keep this quick given how
obvious the booking seems to be. Young is a guy who could bounce
right back after all these losses so why not feed him to Carter to
get us on the fast track to Angle vs. Carter? Everyone knows that’s
where it’s going so why not just keep this quick?
Ray likes the look of Angle’s World Title.
Kim goes up to Awesome Kong and asks if they’re on the same side
tonight. Kong walks away.
recap of BDC vs. the Rising.
the BDC, wearing masks during their entrance, with something to say.
MVP holds up his mask and
says it belongs to Homicide, but he can’t be here tonight because
someone blindsided him on his way back here, sending him to the
hospital for surgery shoulder. Now he’s not saying the Rising did
it, but they must know something about it. MVP
goes on a rant about the American government taking foreign oil
fields and being cheered, but when the BDC tries to take something,
they’re called thugs. That’s a new word for something censored,
which was
probably a racial term given how MVP was going.
the Rising, who says they
fight in a ring instead of the streets. Think
about it though: a man called Homicide isn’t the most endearing
person in the world. The
Rising had nothing to do with the injury, but maybe it was someone
closer to home. Where was Kenny King last night for example? MVP
says he doesn’t care about wrestling. It’s all about the money and
power that comes with the job. Drew cares about workrate but MVP
cares about interest rate. Wasn’t
MVP the one who came to TNA to make things better for wrestling? MVP
wants a match right now so let’s do it live. The brawl is on and we
take a break.
MVP vs. Drew
Joined in progress
after a break with MVP choking on the ropes and bending the arm
around the ropes. A slam off the middle rope gets two and they trade
big boots with Drew’s knocking MVP outside. Drew follows him and
gets slammed head first into the barricade for a loud thud. Back in
and the Playmaker is countered into the Futureshock to give Drew the
pin at 4:45.
Rating: D+.
The match was watchable but this is one of the least interesting
feuds I can remember in a long time. They’re doing the right things,
but there’s just nothing to make me care. The (maybe) racist part
could be interesting and feels like Corgan’s first story addition.
It’s not likely to make me care about the feud, but the wrestling and
promos have been fine. I just don’t care.
Post match Eric Young
(in CRAZY pink) comes in and helps the BDC beat down the Rising with
a chair. Despite Young being an associate of the team when it
formed, this is treated as a surprising turn of events.
James Storm is here
with a present for a special friend. They should just call him
Christmas because he’s always giving.
The preview for next
week is all about Kurt Angle and asks who’s next. I know that’s a
Destination America ad but it’s almost guaranteeing that Angle
retains tonight.
Here’s James Storm with
his present. He can talk about being tough and drinking beer, but
it’s time to give someone else the spotlight. This brings out Mickie
James to a very nice ovation, but Storm wants to talk about her being
a mother. Everyone should love their mother, but Storm quickly
switches over to Mickie’s music career. She’s an amazing mother,
wrestler and singer, but she’s also a great friend. He holds up the
box and it’s a new guitar. Storm tries to sing a bit but Mickie
politely shakes her head no.
They take a picture
together (not a selfie Storm) and here’s Magnus with a forced smile.
Storm has a gift for him too: the spiked helmet from the Brutus
Magnus days. Magnus and Mickie leave but Storm pulls out a blanket
for their son Donovan. That’s too much for Magnus, who comes back in
and breaks the guitar over Storm’s head. Like a truly creepy man,
Storm starts smiling. They are NAILING this story and Storm is
making it awesome. How can he be the same guy that led the worthless
Eric Young wants the
BDC to have his back to deal with Bully Ray tonight.
We go backstage at
Robert Irvine Live (Gail Kim’s real life husband and a celebrity
chef) where Taryn Terrell shows up. Gail gets in her face and that’s
about it.
Gail Kim/Awesome
Kong vs. Dollhouse
Jade jumps Gail to
start but gets thrown down by a hurricanrana, so it’s off to Marti
vs. Kong. Everyone but Taryn comes in and the Doll House is thrown
into the same corner and splashed by the monster. We settle down to
Marti hitting a running faceplant on Gail, setting up a cannonball
from Jade for two.
Marti slams her down
for two but it’s off to Jade, who is very slowly slammed down onto
Gail’s knees. Kim’s Black Widow is broken up by Taryn but Gail dives
over for the hot tag. The Dollhouse has to save their boss from an
Implant Buster and everything breaks down. Jade takes an Implant
Buster but Taryn counters the Eat Defeat on Marti with a rollup for
the pin at 5:32.
Rating: C.
This was fine and the right ending as I’m still loving Taryn and the
Dollhouse as a whole. They’re setting up the big blowoff with Gail
vs. Taryn, but I’m hoping we don’t get another Gail title reign.
We’ve been there time after time and I don’t see what else she can do
with the title.
look at Jeff Hardy breaking his leg and see Matt holding both Tag
Team Titles.
Magnus asks Mickie to
have nothing to do with James Storm anymore. Mickie isn’t thrilled
and leaves.
Here’s Matt Hardy to
address the Tag Team Title situation. Jeff is going to be healing
for a long time, so as of right now, the titles are vacant. That
means it’s time for Matt to go home and figure out what’s next for
As he leaves, here are
Bobby Roode and Austin Aries with something to say. Aries hasn’t
forgotten Young putting him on a stretcher to send him out of the
Impact Zone on a stretcher. That brings Aries to another piece of
gold: the World Tag Team Titles, which seem to have a curse on them.
Yeah they’re constantly being vacated, but that sounds like an
opportunity. He and Roode have held the Tag Team Titles and didn’t
get hurt, so Roode thinks the titles should be defended by two of the
best wrestlers in the world today.
This brings out Davey
Richards, who says no one has fought more battles for those belts
than the Wolves. Aries likes the idea, but there’s no team in front
of him. Not quite says Davey, because Eddie Edwards is back. Eddie
has been cleared to wrestle and who better to start against than
Roode and Aries? That’s fine with them, but Eddie wants to one up
it: a best of five series. Hands are shaken and the series is on.
After a break, Matt
Hardy goes to leave but Drew Galloway stops him to offer him some
food for thought: things are changing a lot and he could use a good
Angelina Love is in the
ring to talk about being asked everything going on lately. However,
she just wants to talk about herself because she’s the only Beautiful
Person around and the best Knockout ever. Cue Velvet Sky because
these two are cursed to be around each other for all eternity.
Velvet looks…..sleepy. Anyway, Angelina sucks up to her but
Velvet, now with pink/purple highlights and a left arm tattoo sleeve
doesn’t say anything. Instead it’s a spear to start a catfight as
the fans are going mild. Security breaks it up.
Recap of Young beating
Angle in a stretcher match last week.
Young asks Ray if he’s
going to be the next one to stab him in the back. Ray says he’s just
here to referee.
TNA World Title:
Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young
Bully Ray is refereeing
and Angle is defending. Josh on Angle: “If anything ever happened
to Captain America, Kurt Angle could easily be an Avenger.” A
quick belly to belly puts Young down but he fires off some elbows in
the corner to take over. Eric is sent to the apron so he runs to the
top, only to have Kurt run the ropes and superplex him down. The BDC
is watching from the stage as we take a break.
Back with Young getting
two off a neckbreaker and choking in the corner. The chinlock slows
Angle down for a bit before Angle fights up and wins a slugout. Now
we hit the rolling Germans before the ankle lock sends Eric to the
ropes. Kurt won’t let go so Eric rolls Angle out to the floor. A
CRAZY low blow puts Ray down and the BDC starts triple teaming Angle.
This brings out Chris
Melendez and the Rising to help Angle before fighting to the back.
Young loads up a piledriver on Ray but gets backdropped down, setting
up the Angle Slam for two on Eric. Why there hasn’t been a DQ called
yet isn’t clear. Eric hits a quick piledriver for two but goes up
for a cross body, only to have Angle roll through into the ankle lock
to retain at 14:33.
Rating: C.
The match was ok but the most obvious ending ever and an unnecessary
brawl in the middle didn’t do it any favors. Now hopefully we can
get away from the Young vs. Angle story and get on to Carter taking
the title at Slammiversary because I never want to see Eric get
another title shot.
poses on the stage for a long time and no one attacks him to end the
Overall Rating: C.
Good enough show this week but it’s really nothing memorable. Ray
coming back is cool, but they would have been better off by not
announcing it as a former World Champion as Dixie’s clues made it a
pretty obvious reveal. The Sky return was the same obvious swerve,
which doesn’t leave a lot going on here. This was basically a
preview for what they have coming, which is fine as it’s the start of
a new cycle, but there wasn’t much to see here.
Ethan Carter III b. Mr.
Anderson – Pin after a spike to the throat from Tyrus
Drew Galloway b. MVP –
Dollhouse b. Gail
Kim/Awesome Kong – Rollup to Kim
Kurt Angle b. Eric
Young – Ankle lock
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Impact Wrestling – May 1, 2015

Date: May 1, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh
Matthews, Al Snow
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is another special
episode with Hardcore Justice, which was a One Night Only special in
early April. Hopefully this is a bit of a better card as that show
was just a step above a nightmare. Kurt Angle is scheduled to defend
the World Title against Eric Young, but that was the case last week
as well. Let’s get to it.

The opening video talks
about making things hardcore tonight.
Richards/Hardys vs. Revolution
Street fight with
Khoya/Manik/Abyss here and the fight starts in the aisle before we
have time for entrances. Davey hits a nice delayed vertical suplex
on Manik but Khoya is laying waste to Jeff on the floor with a
trashcan lid. Poetry in Motion hits Manik and Abyss takes one as
well but with a chair as a bonus. A Twist of Fate looks to set up
the Swanton on Abyss but Manik makes a save. Khoya muscles Jeff off
the top for a slam and pounds away as this is still all over the
place. Matt cleans house with a chair and some trashcan shots until
Manik takes him down with another trashcan.
Back in and a big Tower
of Doom leaves only Abyss standing but Davey flips out of a chokeslam
attempt and nails Creeping Death to send Abyss outside. Khoya joins
his partner and gets taken down by Davey’s suicide dive. Jeff dives
as well, leaving Matt to hit the Side Effect on Manik. Davey hits a
top rope double stomp for two but Abyss makes the save with a
chokeslam. We get Abyss’ old crotching himself on a chair spot,
setting up the Twist and Swanton for the pin for Jeff at 9:43.
C+. Well that was fun. There’s
no sarcasm there as these guys kept it moving for nearly ten minutes
and just beat each other up. The built in story of the Revolution
destroying Eddie Edwards and Jeff gave the match a purpose and the
brawling held up. Good opener here.
Storm comes out and tells Abyss that he’s failed once too often.
Anderson liked interrupting EC3 last week and has a campaign sign of
his own for tonight.
on Billy Corgan coming to TNA. This could be good, but it could also
be a disaster.
Here’s Mr. Anderson
wearing a tie and behind a podium. He doesn’t care about campaign
promises, but he does want to see Ethan Carter III getting a
whipping. This brings out Carter with Tyrus holding a campaign sign.
Fans: “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE!” Anderson: “They think you can’t
Anderson says that if
Carter wants the title, then he needs to come take it. Carter
mentions being undefeated and that gets Anderson to his point. He
unveils his own sign, which says Mr. Anderson to beat the streak.
That sounds like a step beneath conquering but close enough.
Anderson wants a match on the live show May 8 (first mention of the
match being live) but thinks we should let the fans vote. The match
is on without any voting but Carter warns Anderson to tread lightly.
This election gimmick is money.
Title: Kenny King vs. Mandrews vs. Tigre Uno vs. Rockstar Spud
Spud, who has injured
ribs coming in, is defending in this ladder match. Everyone busts
out the dives to start with Mandrews topping them all with a huge
shooting star press to take out King and Uno. King makes a quick
save as Spud is still down on the floor. Tigre catapults the ladder
into Mandrews and King, only to have Spud shove the ladder over for
the save. King nails Spud in the bad ribs but walks into a tornado
DDT off the ladder. Tigre plants Mandrews with a kind of reverse
Samoan drop, only to have Spud shoves him off the top.
King goes back to the
bad ribs with a hard ladder shot to the bandages until Mandrews
knocks Kenny to the floor. It’s Uno with the save this time as he
takes Mandrews down with a C4 off the ladder. Spud wins a slugout
with King but Kenny kicks him in the bad ribs. Tigre springs onto
the ladder but get slammed down. The distraction lets Spud get back
up, remove the bowtie, and bite King’s face. A big right hand knocks
King down but Homicide breaks it up, sending the bad ribs down onto
another ladder. King gets up and wins the title at 7:54.
C. What happened to this
division? It used to be one of the highlights of the company but I
can’t remember the last time there was a story that didn’t involve
Option C and Destination X. It’s a title match, a few random
matches, then a big multi-man mess with four to seven guys fighting
for the belt and maybe one personality between them. Yeah the spots
are cool, but I’d love to see someone actually make the division mean
something again, even for a little bit.
recap of Angle vs. Young.
get to the voting for Carter vs. Anderson
next week: you can vote for arm wrestling or a falls count anywhere
match. The voting idea is cool, but does TNA have an app? You’re
not a real wrestling company if you don’t have an app. And if TNA
Here’s Eric Young with
a stretcher. Angle has wanted to see the real Eric Young, but the
real version of him has been the one that has put everyone on a
stretcher just like this. Tonight he has Kurt Angle in a non-title
match, but that’s what Young wants. That means he can hurt Angle all
he wants and put him out forever. See, Young is crazy because he has
big eyes. You know who else has big eyes and is basically the exact
same character as Young, but with a lot more energy and presence.
The Beat Down Clan is
ready to take Drew Galloway down in the pipe on a pole match.
Rockstar Spud feels
like he’s been robbed because his name was on a list with Jerry Lynn
and AJ Styles. He’ll get his title back. Spud showed good emotion
here and he’s growing on me more every time I see him.
Dollhouse promo with
Taryn acting all psycho. She’s not worried about Brooke because it’s
playtime. This is their house. The Dollhouse.
Title: Brooke vs. Taryn Terrell
Taryn is defending but
Brooke knocks her into the corner and out to the floor to start.
Back in and some neckbreakers get two for Brooke but Jade trips her
up, allowing Taryn to take over. She rubs Brooke’s face into the
mat, starting a discussion of what the mat feels like. It’s not
really funny, but at least it’s not Tazz and Tenay chattering.
A standing Curb Stomp
looks to set up a high cross body from the champ but Brooke half
dodges half falls out of the way. She nails a middle rope X-Factor
but the Dollhouse pulls Taryn outside. That’s fine with Brooke who
dives on all of them with a nice plancha. Back in and Marti offers a
distraction, allowing Jade to shove Brooke off the top. Taryn’s
cutter retains the title at 7:18.
C. Not bad here but there was
no doubt about who was going to win here. They’re setting up a cool
idea here with the Dollhouse being unbeatable and saying no one can
beat her. That sounds like the calling card for one more match from
Mickie James, who might just win the title and have one more run to
further the wedge between her and Magnus?
Dollhouse celebrates but Gail Kim comes out. Taryn points out that
it’s three on one but Kong comes out to help even things up. The
Dollhouse isn’t so sure now.
will be on pay per view on June 28.
on the Rising.
Ki vs. Drew Galloway
on a pole match, the second one I’ve seen Drew in in three days.
Galloway has bad ribs coming
in. They quickly head
outside with the fans holding Low Ki for chops from Drew. Chair
shots are exchanged with
Drew getting the better of it but not being able to get the pipe.
Drew can’t hit a powerbomb onto the chair so
Ki fires off kicks to the ribs. It’s not enough to get the pipe
down, but Ki kicks Drew onto
the chair and hits a Warrior’s Way to drive the ribs into the steel.
only good for two of course, but suddenly Ki remembers the pipe.
Drew pops up to his feet and
slugs it out on the top with
the pipe falling to the floor. Ki knocks him into the Tree of Woe
but misses another Warrior’s Way, allowing Drew to get the pipe. A
shot to the ribs gets two on Galloway but he hits a quick Future
Shock onto the chair (which doesn’t hurt his ribs whatsoever) for the
pin at 7:25.
D+. Other than the story, there
was zero need for this to be a pipe match and the pipe didn’t even
play into the finish. It’s basically the same problem that killed
the other pipe on a pole match, but at least they used the pipe here.
I’m still not seeing the point of this feud, but this match didn’t
help things.
The BDC and the Rising
come out for a big brawl.
We recap Storm talking
Mickie James out of her retirement last week.
Mickie James was filmed
earlier today when James Storm came up to her at the market.
Thankfully they were both mic’d up when Storm asked to hold Mickie
and Magnus’ son.
Magnus is in the ring
but Storm cuts him off before he can say anything. Storm says he
wasn’t the one that said Mickie should have one more match but Magnus
is getting annoyed. Mickie isn’t one of the Revolution lost souls
and Storm can’t manipulate her. Storm smiles and says it was Magnus
who hired a camera crew. He implies that he and Mickie used to be a
thing and wonders why Mickie didn’t tell him about running into Storm
in the parking lot. Good night how much better is Storm as the
devil’s advocate instead of leading the horrible Revolution?
Angle says tonight is
about violence and Young is leaving on a stretcher.
Young vs. Kurt Angle
Non-title stretcher
match but you win by strapping your opponent to a stretcher, meaning
no line to cross. Angle has a bruised knee and chest coming in.
They trade stomps to start with Young throwing Kurt to the floor.
Both guys are rammed into the steps with Angle getting the better of
it, only to get sent hard into the post as we take a break. Back
with Angle reversing a whip but getting punched in the jaw. A
release belly to belly puts Young down but Eric sends him outside.
Young stomps him onto the steps to put Angle down, allowing him to
finally get the stretcher.
Angle can’t hit the
German off the apron but he can roll the Germans back inside. The
third one causes a turnbuckle pad to be ripped off but they fall to
the floor with Kurt still holding the grip. A low blow with Young’s
shin guard slows Kurt down but the piledriver is countered into a
catapult into the post. Angle hits the Slam on the floor but can’t
strap Young onto the stretcher. The piledriver is countered into the
ankle lock but Eric rolls him into the buckle. Now a pair of
piledrivers connect and Young straps him to the stretcher for the win
at 15:21.
C. And my eyes roll again.
There’s no crazy, there’s no reason to believe Young is winning the
title in the likely title match next week, there’s no reason for
Young to have this spot over his English counterpart and there’s no
reason to believe we’re not getting Carter vs. Angle in the actually
interesting feud. I can’t
stand this story as it’s just killing time until we get to the feud
people actually want to see. Again, if Young actually acted crazy, I
might care a little bit, but his matches are just standard heel
matches with a piledriver as a finisher. It
gets old hearing HE’S CRAZY when there’s no actual evidence of him
being crazy.
C-. This didn’t do it
for me as the hardcore stuff didn’t change much. I like a lot of the
places they’re going and next week has potential to be interesting,
but they MUST get past this Young main event run as he’s just not in
Angle’s league. Storm vs.
Magnus, Gail/Kong vs. the Dollhouse and Galloway vs. the BDC are all
good though and I could go for Spud fighting to get his title back as
well. It’s a passable show, but the hardcore stuff didn’t add much.
Hardys/Davey Richards
b. Revolution – Swanton Bomb to Abyss
Kenny King b. Rockstar
Spud, Tigre Uno and Mandrews – King pulled down the title
Taryn Terrell b. Brooke
– Cutter
Drew Galloway b. Low Ki
– Future Shock on a chair
Eric Young b. Kurt
Angle – Young strapped Angle to a chair
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Impact Wrestling – April 24, 2015

Date: April 24, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentator: Josh
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is a special
episode, focusing on the Knockouts. We’ll be seeing new Knockouts
debut, a Knockouts Title match with Taryn Terrell defending against
Awesome Kong, a four way for the #1 contendership and an announcement
on Mickie James’ in ring future. In non-Knockouts news, we have
another announcement from Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle defending
the World Title against Eric Young. Let’s get to it.

The opening video hypes
this up as TKO: A Night of Knockouts.
Here’s Angle to call
out Eric Young for a talk. Eric comes out in his crazy attire
instead of the old version that Kurt wanted to see. Before they
fight tonight, Angle wants to know which version he’s getting. Young
talks about being called crazy all his life but one day last year,
that turned into a World Title. The crazy kept going but last week
it stopped when Angle turned his back on him to offer Eric a free
shot. Eric says he’ll fight Angle tonight, but it’s going to be the
best version of him.
They shake hands but
here’s Austin Aries, who says he’s cashing in tonight so Eric can
find something else to do. He tells Angle to go get ready because
it’s going to be one of the biggest fights of his life. Young
doesn’t look pleased and will likely be back around for later in the
night. Sidebar: what exactly is crazy about Eric Young? He’s
certainly angry and aggressive, but not crazy.
Taryn Terrell says
she’s keeping the title.
Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne
Madison jumps Brooke in
the aisle and it’s a big brawl before the bell. We take a very early
break and come back with Brooke and Madison fighting over a suplex
until Brooke gets sent to the apron, only to snap both Madison and
Angelina across the top rope. Gail gets back in it with a double
dropkick and a splash to Madison, only to eat Angelina’s spinwheel
kick to put her down again. Brooke gets knocked to the floor,
leaving Madison to get two off a northern lights suplex.
Gail sidesteps a
missile dropkick but Brooke intercepts her charge and hammers on
Madison in the corner. A middle rope X Factor gets two on Madison
and Love gets dropped by a flapjack. We get the big multi-submission
spot which has never gotten a fall ever, followed by Brooke dropping
a top rope elbow on Rayne. Gail dropkicks Love down before both good
girls cross body each other down. It’s time for the parade of
finishers and Brooke hits the Tesshocker on Madison for the pin at
C. If the Divas got time like
this, I might be able to care about them a lot more. I also like
that there aren’t many perky, happy Knockouts. It helps to have some
shades of gray in there and girls with slightly more developed
characters. Queen Bee, perky model and serious wrestler aren’t in
depth characters, but they’re miles more defined than Alicia Fox,
Layla and Natalya.
Rising wants a fight with the BDC tonight, one on one. I’m
still waiting on an explanation for why the Rising needs to exist.
Eric Young isn’t happy.
vs. Kenny King
Rising vs. BDC. MVP
says it’s going to be one on one but King jumps Micah in a surprise
to get things going. The Rising is quickly ejected as Micah fights
back and stomps King in the corner. King sends him to the floor for
a beating from the BDC and puts on a chinlock, only to miss a
spinning kick to the head. A Big Ending puts King down but MVP
distracts the referee, allowing Low Ki to grab Micah’s foot. King
kicks Micah in the head for two but springboards into a Samoan drop
to give Micah the pin at 5:00.
C-. The match was fine but I
have no idea why this feud needs to exist. Both teams are pretty
generic and they would have been better off just doing MVP vs.
Galloway. Not a bad match here but it’s a story I don’t care about
because I haven’t been given a reason to care.
Rising runs in but gets beaten down, including some shots with a
Post break, Galloway
wants Low Ki next week in a steel pipe on a pole.
vs. Laura Dennis
Dennis is better known
as indy wrestler Cherry Bomb while Jade is Mia Yim as one half of the
Dollhouse. She and Marti Belle skip to the ring to piano music and
dance with each other in the ring. Laura kicks her in the side of
the head to start as a Cherry Bomb chant starts up. Jade gets more
fired up and pounds Laura in the head for two. Marti hands Jade
something that looked like a jawbreaker, which seems to fire Jade up
even more as she hits Laura in the head. Marti trips Laura up and
gets ejected so she nails the referee and helps with a double team on
Laura for the DQ at 4:03.
D+. Well
that was creepy. Dollhouse is definitely something interesting and
WAY different than the rest of the Knockouts. It’s the kind of
different we haven’t seen since Winter, but hopefully this doesn’t
turn into something really stupid. Really effective debut though and
I want to see more from this team.
Dollhouse isn’t cool
with how Christy announces the decision so they beat her up and stick
the jawbreaker in her mouth and dropkick her into the steps.
Angle tells Young that
he didn’t know Aries was going to do that. Young says history keeps
repeating itself but Angle offers him the next shot. That’s not cool
with Young, who threatens to leave. Amazingly enough, Angle doesn’t
try to stop him. Smart man that Kurt.
Magnus introduces
Mickie James for her big announcement. Mickie talks about her
history in the ring and how amazing it feels to be in action, but now
she has something more important: their son Donovan. She’s very
grateful for the fans, but as of tonight, she’s going home to be a
mom. This brings out James Storm, who says people know he loves hot
women, fast cars and cold beer. He sees a female version of himself
in Mickie and knows she loves to hear those chants.
No one wants to see her
go, but Magnus says this was too hard of a decision. James keeps
going but Mickie asks him to stop because her decision is made.
Storm understands the love she has for her son but these people love
Mickie James. He’s asking for one more match and actually talks
Mickie into it. This was more Cowboy James Storm than Revolution
James Storm, which is rather interesting indeed. Magnus looks
annoyed at the decision but forces a smile.
During the break,
Magnus says he supports the decision but still doesn’t look thrilled.
Davey Richards comes up and warns Magnus to stay away from Storm
because he’s evil. Magnus appreciates the advice.
Richards vs. Manik
In a case of bad
editing, Davey is in the ring three seconds after he was shown
walking to the ring and Manik gets an entrance. Feeling out process
to start with Davey nailing a dropkick but charging into a
hurricanrana with Manik going into a cross armbreaker. A snap suplex
into a belly to back puts Richards down for two and we hit the
chinlock. Manik puts on another armbreaker over the ropes but dives
into a kick to the chest. The double stomp misses so Davey throws
him into the air for a kick to the chest, setting up Creeping Death
for the pin at 5:40.
C. Well, that was in fact a
wrestling match and I’m kind of struggling to come up with anything
else to say about it. The X-Division is just filler at the moment
and I actually had to think for a second to figure out who has the
title right now. Nothing to
see here but the match was fine.
match the Revolution comes out to beat on Davey but the Hardys make
the save, likely setting up
a six man.
Carter says he debuts a new campaign tonight.
are Ethan and Tyrus (in a suit and hat, holding balloons) for the
announcement. Josh says we’ve been wondering about this for weeks.
I’ve been wondering about it for maybe an hour and a half as I hadn’t
heard about it until the beginning of this show. Carter
declares himself the next World Champion and brags about beating
every member of the Hall of Fame. This
brings out Mr. Anderson for some easy political jokes but Tyrus gets
in his face. Anderson gives
a good speech about the work it takes to win championships but Ethan
wants to fight. They start
brawling but Carter bails before it gets too bad.
on Taryn Terrell wanting to fight Awesome Kong.
Title: Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell
Terrell is defending.
Before the match, Taryn asks to make this No DQ and Kong has no
issue. Kong easily knocks her to the floor and giant swings the
champ into the barricade. It’s kendo stick time, because those were
just laying under the ring in case a No DQ match broke out. Taryn
escapes a powerbomb into the steps and avoids a splash back inside.
An ax handle puts Kong
down and it’s table time, as per the fans’ request. As she’s setting
it up though, here’s the Dollhouse. They stand at ringside as Kong
puts Taryn on the table for a splash before getting on the apron for
some very weak kendo stick shots. Taryn gets up and a triple
powerbomb puts Kong through the table for the pin at 5:12.
D+. Angle instead of a match
here but I’m digging the idea of Taryn leading the Dollhouse. It’s
certainly an interesting idea that they haven’t tried before, and the
Knockouts division has needed some fresh blood for way too long now.
Good idea here and an interesting turn.
Taryn grabs a mic and
says everyone told her she couldn’t do it. Well now no one can beat
her because her friends don’t play nice. This is their house: the
Dollhouse. Jade and Marti dance around her before giving Kong the
Aries is coming to the
ring and runs into Young as he leaves. Austin apologizes and offers
Eric the first shot.
Magnus comes up to the
production staff and asks them to follow Mickie while he’s working.
World Title: Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle
Angle is defending but
it’s 10:56 and Angle’s music hasn’t even started playing yet. As you
probably expect, Eric Young sneaks in and attacks Aries with the
briefcase before Kurt appears and piledrives him on the floor. A
second piledriver on the steps FINALLY brings Angle out for some
shouting. Young sends Angle into the steps to bust him open and goes
after the knee, setting up the Figure Four.
The show ends with a
preview for next week’s Hardcore Justice, which was April’s One Night
Only and includes at least one match from the show. That’s a new
idea and based on the old One Night Only shows, one of the worst
possible things they could do.
B. Other than the Eric
Young stuff (more on that later), I really liked this show. The
Dollhouse is an interesting idea and a fresh direction for the
division and the focus on the Knockouts held up WAY better than I was
expecting. As I said earlier, just adding some character to their
matches helps it so much and gives you something to cheer for. I
also dug the idea of Storm going after the family unit for whatever
reason. Him not having the Revolution around him makes him so much
more enjoyable too.
As for Young, this was
another example of why I don’t like him in this spot. In addition to
not liking the CRAZY thing (because he isn’t acting crazy), there are
so many other people who could be in this spot. Storm, Carter, Bram,
Aries, even MVP or Galloway would be more interesting opponents for
Angle. Young comes off as a guy who is in over his head and is just
there to get beaten in the end. Why have average when you could have
really good? Anyway, really solid show tonight and a very big
Brooke b. Gail Kim,
Angelina Love and Madison Rayne – Tesshocker to Rayne
Micah b. Kenny King –
Samoan drop
Laura Dennis b. Jade
via DQ when Marti Belle interfered
Davey Richards b. Manik
– Creeping Death
Taryn Terrell b.
Awesome Kong – Powerbomb through a table
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Impact Wrestling – April 17, 2015

Date: April 17, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentator: Josh
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight is a one idea
show as there will be a full Tag Team Title tournament with four
first round matches and the winners advancing to an Ultimate X match
for the championships. There may also be some more about Kurt
Angle’s World Title, with Eric Young as the next potential challenger
due to Angle not pinning him last week. Let’s get to it.

We open with a preview
of the tournament.
Here are the first
round matches:
James Storm/Khoya
Low Ki/Kenny King
Mr. Anderson/Rockstar
Ethan Carter III/Bram
Tigre Uno/Jay Rios
Austin Aries/Bobby
Team Title Tournament First Round: Khoya/James Storm vs. Hardys
The Hardys attack at
the bell and it’s a brawl to start. The Revolution gets the better
of it with Khoya throwing Jeff around to take over and the fans
cheering for Matt. James and Khoya take turns beating on Matt until
Storm puts on a chinlock. Khoya gets two off a clothesline but Matt
sweeps Storm’s leg and makes the tag off to Jeff. Things speed way
up with the legdrop between the legs and basement dropkick to Storm’s
face but Jeff has to deal with an interfering Khoya. That goes badly
for the Revolution as Storm Last Calls Khoya by mistake, setting up
the Swanton for the pin at 5:40.
C-. This was fine but I’m not
wild on either team. The Revolution stopped being interesting months
ago and the fact that the Tag Team Titles is the best they can do at
this point tells you everything you need to do know about them. They
just don’t have anything to do and they haven’t since day one. With
no direction, there’s no point to the team being around.
beats up Khoya, hopefully signaling the ending of the group.
Hardys say it’s time to fulfill their destiny. To be associated with
better teams and be considered great by proxy instead of doing
anything by yourselves?
Young says he should be #1 contender. We get a CRAZY closeup of his
CRAZY face to make sure that his CRAZY voice is clearly heard. He’s
CRAZY you see.
Here’s Eric Young in a
Kurt Angle shirt. He’s not happy because Angle is ducking him for a
World Title shot. Young doesn’t care how many people he has to hurt
because he wants his shot as #1 contender. This brings out Kurt, who
says if Young wants to say something to him, say it to his face.
Young sees him as
someone that can be hurt because the title belongs to him. Kurt says
the title match is next week but he wants to know why Eric is doing
all these things. Young talks about a hole in his spirit after he
lost the title. That’s fine with Angle, but he wants the old Eric
Young next week. Kurt turns his back and dares Eric to hit him, but
Young says he’ll see him next week. This has been another chapter in
“Eric Young sucks and has no business in this spot” theater.
The BDC threatens Spud
in the back but Anderson comes in for the save.
Team Title Tournament First Round: Rockstar Spud/Mr. Anderson vs.
Kenny King/Low Ki
Spud charges in a bit
too fast and gets double teamed to start with Low Ki chopping him
down. After both BDC members get in some right hands, King stomps
Spud in the back to keep him from lunging for a tag. King ducks an
enziguri and kicks Spud in the ribs to keep him in trouble but the
fans are entirely behind Spud. Ki puts on an abdominal stretch to
stay on the bad ribs for some psychology.
The BDC breaks up
another hot tag attempt so Anderson comes in with a double
clothesline and drags Spud to the corner before getting back on the
apron. That makes the hot tag a lot easier and Anderson comes in to
clean house. Anderson throws Spud into a hurricanrana to send Ki to
the floor and the Underdog plants King, only to have Ki come off the
top with the Warrior’s Way to Spud, giving King the pin at 6:50.
C. Standard tag match here
which means it was fine for the most part. They even threw in some
basic psychology with the rib work, which is more than you get most
of the time. The BDC going in makes more sense as they have the
experience together, which is more than enough to take down a
makeshift team comprised of an overrated guy in Anderson and a plucky
says he and Bram will win the titles tonight as a preview for his
World Title run. Bram: “I’m going to rip Tigre Uno’s mask off and
shove it down his throat!” Carter: “Good! Just make sure we win
and Homicide congratulate Ki and King on the win. Homicide is given
the special assignment (RUN! That’s what they told Taz!) of beating
up Kurt Angle.
Team Title Tournament First Round: Jay Rios/Tigre Uno vs. Bram/Ethan
Carter III
is a masked man who appeared as a jobber in TNA back in the Jeff
Jarrett MMA days. He’s
certainly no Essa. Carter
and Rios trade wristlocks to start before Tigre comes in for a double
dropkick. Carter bails to
the floor and Tigre makes the mistake of diving at Tyrus like a
schmuck, earning him a World’s Strongest Slam on the floor.
gets in some stomps before Carter throws on a chinlock. A
leg dive keeps Tigre from making the hot tag but Bram misses an
elbow, allowing for the lukewarm tag to Rios. Jay
flips out of a backdrop and hits a springboard into a cutter but
Carter uses the arm brace to knock Rios silly, setting up the
Brighter Side of Suffering, but Carter tags himself in for the pin at
D. I’m really not a fan of
matches like these as they make the show feel even longer than it
already does. It helps that they kept it so short but this show
really hasn’t done much to make me care about the main event so far.
The fact that Bram and Carter are already having issues doesn’t help
Angle says Young has gone from genius to crazy but he wants the old
Young back. As for Homicide, he better have good insurance.
Hemme brings out the Knockouts (or at least five of them)
to announcer that next week is a night of all Knockouts. Love thinks
the night should be all about her because she has the most Knockout
Titles of all time. The fans chant for Brooke as Gail goes on her
usual rant about how awesome the Knockouts are. Madison cuts her off
before the entire building falls asleep and says none of them are the
Queen Bee.
tries to calm them down with the offer of a fourway between Brooke,
Gail, Madison and Angelina for the #1 contendership. Brooke
is WAY too excited about this announcement.
There will also be new Knockouts and Taryn defending against Kong.
Taryn talks about her passion and how she’ll prove herself next
week. Kong comes out and
cleans house but Taryn dives onto everyone.
The BroMans seem to
have issues with each other but Aries and Roode come in to say
they’ll focus on Robbie, who is clearly the better BroMan. Methinks
shenanigans are afoot. Robbie leaves and Roode thinks he bought it.
Bobby Roode and Austin Aries had to cause friction to beat the
BroMans? Really?
Team Title Tournament First Round: BroMans vs. Austin Aries/Bobby
For the fourth match of
the night, the good guys attack to start with Robbie getting beaten
down by both former World Champions early on. Aries sidesteps an
invading Jesse to send him into his partner, setting up the Hennig
neck snap for two on Robbie. The BroMans finally get in some offense
but get in an argument over who gets to work on Roode. Robbie hooks
a chinlock before a clothesline gets two.
Jesse demands a tag and
Robbie isn’t too keen on doing as he asks. Roode comes back with a
neckbreaker to drop both guys and the hot tag brings in Austin. He’s
quickly stopped by Godderz, but Jesse gets a bit too bossy, allowing
Roode to break up the BroDown. Aries knocks Jesse outside for a
suicide dive, setting up the spinebuster into the 450 from Aries for
the pin on Jesse at 5:20.
C. This was fine for the most
part as Roode and Aries work really well together, but again, they
needed to put a wedge between the BroMans? Aries continues to be the
most polished guy in the company and pretty easily the best guy
around, which hopefully leads him back to the World Title scene soon.
BroMans fight post match with DJZ coming out to try and break it up.
Homicide is beating up
Angle in the back. The fight heads into the arena after a break with
Angle getting back into it but eating a cutter in the ring. Angle
ducks a boot shot and grabs the ankle lock, drawing in the BDC for
the group attack. They bring in a chair but the Rising comes out to
get rid of everyone but MVP. Eric Young comes out to stop MVP from
bashing Angle with the chair but picks it up himself, only to drop it
and leave (in a CRAAAAZY manner of course. Because he’s crazy you
Video on Ultimate X.
Dollhouse is coming.
Preview for next week’s
Knockouts show.
Team Titles: Hardys vs. Kenny King/Low Ki vs. Ethan Carter III/Bram
vs. Austin Aries/Bobby Roode
Ultimate X. Huge brawl
to start with the Hardys and Roode/Aries throwing the other four
outside. Roode and Aries start taking over with Matthews continuing
to call them by their old name of the Dirty Heels. The Hardys are
tossed outside as well and we take a break. Back with the BDC and
Bram/Carter clearing the ring for a change with Bram and Carter
throwing the BDC to the floor. They decide to bring in a ladder but
that’s the Hardys game, allowing them to come back in and take over.
The BDC and the Hardys
go for the ropes but Tyrus shakes the structure to break it up.
Tyrus puts Carter on his shoulders but Aries dropkicks them down
before Roode hits the Blockbuster on Bram. Roode gets on Aries’
shoulders but Homicide comes in for the save. Now it’s King and Matt
on the ladder and Hardy hooking a Twist of Fate to put everyone down.
Matt climbs up again but Ki springboards onto the ladder for the
save. As they fight, Jeff climbs up above the X, kicks Ki away and
pulls down the belts, while standing on a ladder of course, to win at
B-. So we sat through an hour
and a half of qualifying matches to see eight and a half minutes of a
ladder match that TNA calls Ultimate X? Eh at least it’s not more
Eric Young so I can live with it. This was good enough but the
Hardys winning doesn’t do much for me. I know it’s setting up a big
match with the Wolves when they get back but this doesn’t do much to
change the opinion that the Hardys don’t do much outside of gimmick
C. This felt like an
Impact sized version of One Night Only and if you’ve ever seen one of
those, you know how bad that is. The problem here is the title match
wasn’t good enough to validate the not very good buildup. Other than
that we had Eric Young and the BDC tormenting Angle all night, which
is about as dull of a one two punch as I’ve seen in years. It
doesn’t help that this show felt like it hit the brakes at 9:45 and
crawled all the way to the ending, making this far more dull than
bad.  One final note: Matthews was actually really good on commentary in a nice surprise.
Hardys b. James
Storm/Khoya – Swanton Bomb to Khoya
Kenny King/Low Ki b.
Mr. Anderson/Rockstar Spud – King pinned Spud after a Warrior’s Way
from Ki
Ethan Carter III/Bram
b. Tigre Uno/Jay Rios – Brighter Side of Suffering to Rios
Austin Aries/Bobby
Roode b. BroMans – 450 to Godderz
Hardys b. Austin
Aries/Bobby Roode, Low Ki/Kenny King and Bram/Ethan Carter III –
Hardys pulled down the belts
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Impact Wrestling – April 10, 2015

Date: April 10, 2015
Location: Impact Zone,
Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Taz, Josh
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is an interesting
time for TNA as they have a bunch of potential challengers for Kurt
Angle’s World Title but it seems that Lashley has the most valid
claim to a shot. Last week Angle pinned Lashley but the replay
showed that Lashley’s shoulder was up. Other than that we have Drew
Galloway’s Rising ready to deal with MVP’s Beat Down Clan. Let’s get
to it.

We open with a recap of
Galloway debuting a few weeks back to try and take back wrestling
from the Beat Down Clan. He now has his friends in the Rising to
help in his battle.
Tonight, fan Tweets
will be airing on screen. This is apparently interesting for reasons
that I don’t really understand but WWE does it so it’s a good idea
Here’s Kurt Angle to
address the end of last week’s show. There’s been a lot of buzz over
the match with Lashley so he’d like Lashley out here right now. We
look at the tape of Lashley’s shoulder being up and the fans want a
rematch. Angle says he won’t back down from a title defense because
he knows he can beat Lashley again. They’re ready to fight tonight
but Eric Young comes out to crank up the suck.
Eric says he’s #1
contender and the rankings say so. He’s a main event champion and
Angle is holding his belt. The fans don’t seem to agree but Young
grabs Lashley’s face. Angle goes for Young but Lashley spears the
champ down by mistake. Oh the drama. Maybe we can see Eric Young
get in a match way over his head again but get to see him survive
because he’s Eric Young and has been around forever and for some
reason that makes him interesting. I mean, he’s not tall like Big
Show but he has been around a long time.
Post break, Angle is
still in the ring and says he’ll fight Lashley and Young tonight at
the same time.
Video on the history of
Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim.
Kim vs. Awesome Kong
#1 contenders match.
They go nose to nose until Gail gets launched across the ring by the
hair. Back up and Kin gets in a few unsold shots before being tossed
right back down. As the match goes on, I get THRILLING Tweets of
fans saying they like the match and that they’re watching the show.
You can’t buy journalism like this people. Gail fights up from a
camel clutch but runs into a hard clothesline. King rips the
turnbuckle pad off and sends Gail outside, only to get dropkicked
into the barricade.
Back in and Gail fires
off forearms to the chest before getting two off a spinning cross
body. Kong misses a charge into the exposed buckle to give Gail two
as we get a Tweet from Jim Ross about how good Gail is. See, that’s
the kind of thing we need live commentary to point out. Eat Defeat
gets another near fall but Kong just grabs her by the throat and sets
Kim on the top rope. Gail dives again and goes right into the
Awesome Bomb for the pin at 7:18.
C. This is one of those old,
storied feuds in TNA that was indeed cool ten years ago or however
long it was, but now it’s more like “hey, I remember when they had
matches back then.” Thankfully they didn’t play that up too strong
here and it was really just a step above a Kong squash. Taryn vs.
Kong could be good if they book it right.
immediately cut to James Storm and Mickie James. Mickie thanks him
for the save last week but that’s just how southerners are raised.
This is more like the old Storm. She goes to leave but he asks for a
hug. Manik comes up and asks what was up with that but Storm goes
back into Revolution mode and tells Manik to never question his
motives. He orders Manik to round up the team for a fight. That
transition from Kong to Storm was way too fast and something TNA
needs to work on. It’s ok to stay on the winner more than two
seconds before you get to your next thing.
from a break with the Revolution in the ring and Storm sitting in a
chair. He’s brought them out here to make things very clear: this is
about a revolution, not for him to take care of them. Each and every
one of the men in this ring failed him, which is why Sanada is gone.
Storm yells at Khoya, saying
he brought him out of that horrible country but now Khoya has failed
always room for one more, but now there can always be room for one
less. He’s going to win this Tag Team Title tournament and one of
them is going to be his partner. The fans chant for Manik, but Storm
makes a three way to determine who gets the spot. A referee comes
out and Storm insists that there must be a winner.
vs. Khoya vs. Manik
cleans house but Manik hits him with a chair, which seems to be
legal. Khoya picks up a
stick that Storm left in the ring but Abyss knocks him into the
corner. Apparently the
title match is next week in Ultimate X. That’s rather sudden but
that’s life in TNA. Manik counters a chokeslam into a standing cross
armbreaker (Six Second Magic for you No Mercy fans out there) but
Khoya comes in for the save. A Sky High to Manik is enough to get
Khoya the spot in the tournament at 2:50.
go back to James Storm’s barn with the ghost hunters from last week.
The results are
Here’s the Rising for a
chat. Drew really does fit in this role. He’s so awesome that he
can cut a promo and have his LIVE Tweet show up on screen at the same
time. Drew says he’d give us the shirt off his back and that’s
exactly what he does. He started the Stand Up campaign to bring
wrestling back where it belongs and the fans are part of the Rising
with them. Drew hands the microphone off for the official
First up we have Micah,
formerly known as Camacho. The BDC is a bunch of bullies and it’s
time to punch them right in the mouth. The other member is Eli Drake
(you might know him as Shaun Ricker) and he talks about how they’re
definitely not Superstars, but professional wrestlers. Drew throws
down the gauntlet and here’s the BDC to answer. King thinks they’re
rising like a yeast infection and MVP accepts the challenge. Drew
counts down from three to one and the brawl is on in the aisle as we
go to a break. Drake and Micah are just warm bodies but they were
fine here.
vs. Beat Down Clan
This would be the
second match made by the wrestlers in the first hour. King grabs a
headlock on Drake to start but gets caught in a powerslam. It’s
quickly off to Micah vs. MVP with the BDC taking over and stomping
away in the corner. MVP comes back in and puts on a chinlock before
kicking Micah in the face for two. Micah scores with a Samoan drop
and Drew gets the hot tag to clean house. Everything breaks down
with the Rising clearing the ring, leaving Micah to dive onto all
three of them. Drew and Drake pose but a masked man in BDC gear
sneaks in with what looked like a pipe for the DQ at 6:52.
This match was watchable but I’m
really not seeing why I should care. Rising is a bunch of newcomers
and Drew stands out, but I’m not really sure why these teams need to
fight. The BDC hasn’t actually won anything other than the X Title
once or twice. Do we really need a stable to fight against them?
masked man is Homicide. Oh…..great.
says he’s ready to prove himself again when Eric Young jumps him.
After a break, Angle insists
he’s fighting tonight.
vs. Davey Richards
out process to start with both guys flying around a bit until Davey
dropkicks him out to the floor. Davey kicks him in the face from the
apron but DJZ comes back with some shots of his own back inside.
That’s fine with Davey as he wins a slugout and sends DJZ to the
floor for a suicide dive. Back
in again and a running kick gets two for Davey but he misses the top
rope stomp. Instead he
throws DJZ up in the air for the kick to the chest, setting up a
spinning kick to the head (Creeping Death) for the pin at 5:32.
C. Well that happened. I guess
they’re setting up the tag tournament next week but it was announced
as the X-Division match of the night. The match was entertaining
enough but having matches for the sake of having a match isn’t the
best way to get my interest up. Still though, watchable.
says the BDC is familia. MVP
says they’re the Beat Down Clan and they do what they do because they
can. I’ve heard worse catchphrases.
We see some girls
playing with dolls. The Dollhouse is coming soon. The girls
appeared to be Marti Belle and Mia Yim.
Here are the Hardys to
celebrate beating James Storm last week. Next on their list is
winning the Tag Team Champions for the first time in TNA. This
brings out Ethan Carter III and Tyrus to remind us that Ethan is
undefeated for nineteen months, but somehow he hasn’t gotten his
title shot. He’s entering the tournament to get a Tag Team Title,
but he needs a partner. He wants someone who can hurt people and
that man is…..Bram. Now that’s interesting. Bram comes out and
says he hates everyone, but he’ll team up with Carter because he
hates him the least.
This brings out
Anderson, who asks if Carter just said he and Bram are the odds on
favorites. Carter: “Yup.” Anderson: “Huh?” “Yeah.”
“Huh?” “I do.” “Huh?” “Indeed.” This goes on for
about ten more seconds because Carter is rather entertaining on the
mic. Anderson’s partner is Spud and they have a quick argument over
Spud grabbing Anderson’s microphone. The two of them head to the
ring but Austin Aries comes out, talks about loving gold, and
announces Roode as his partner.
A preview for next week
shows that we have four qualifying matches and the winners going to
an Ultimate X match for the Tag Team Titles. It also shows the four
teams in the Ultimate X match because these previews aren’t thought
out in advance.
World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young vs. Lashley
Angle is defending and
this is one fall to a finish. Young hides on the floor to start and
lets the suplex machines fight, but they quickly get together and
beat Young back and forth. Lashley plays Bret on a Hart Attack and
Young gets beaten up on the floor as we take a break. Back with
Angle busting out the suplexes on both guys and clotheslining Lashley
to the floor. Kurt ducks his head and eats a piledriver but Lashley
makes the save and throws Eric outside.
The running powerslam
gets two on the champ and a big spear gets the same with Young making
the save. Lashley tweaks his ankle on a leapfrog but is still able
to low bridge Eric to the floor due to Eric sucking so much. Both
challengers get rolling Germans but Young breaks up the ankle lock
(it lasts about 20 seconds, which Josh timed as three minutes) and
puts Lashley in the Figure Four. Lashley makes the rope so Eric
wedges a chair in the corner, only to get caught in the delayed
vertical. The spear hits the chair though and Angle Slams both guys,
setting up the moonsault onto Lashley’s bad leg for the pin at 13:43.
B-. So now we get Angle vs.
Young because Young will be CRAZY while saying he never got beat
right? You know, because we
absolutely, totally and completely need Eric Young in our lives and
main events. He’s been around for years you know. The match was
decent enough, as long as Young was kept reined in.
match Angle leaves so Young goes after Bobby’s leg with the chair and
puts on another figure four.
C+. Decent enough show
that set up the tournament next week, but the wrestling outside of
the main event was only so good. The stories don’t have the same
heat they did a few weeks back, but at least we’ve still got enough
good stuff to keep things going. I
would however appreciate a top heel instead of a bunch of mid level
ones running around. Angle
seems to be a transitional champion and that’s the right kind of
reign for him at the moment, hopefully with Carter rising up to the
top spot soon enough.
Awesome Kong b. Gail
Kim – Awesome Bomb
Khoya b. Abyss and
Manik – Sky High to Manik
Rising b. Beat Down
Clan via DQ when Homicide interfered
Davey Richards b. DJZ –
Creeping Death
Kurt Angle b. Lashley
and Eric Young – Moonsault to Lashley
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Impact Wrestling – April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Matthews, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

still in Orlando and the big story tonight is who gets to be the #1
contender. A large group of people want the shot at Angle but
Lashley gets the World Title shot at Kurt Angle.
As far as other
in ring action goes, tonight we have Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young in
what is being billed as their final showdown. Let’s get to it.

show is also billed as bell to bell, but it’s not yet clear what that
tap for tonight, Lashley vs. Angle for the title, Gail Kim vs.
Magnus vs. Bram in a falls count anywhere match and Young vs. Roode
in a submission match.
Young vs. Bobby Roode
the match, Young says all good things must come to an end. Tonight,
he says he’s ending Roode’s career and tonight it’s the final chapter
for Roode. Matthews says
this feud has become like Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. No, no it hasn’t.
Roode says he’s already won two matches against Young but now Young
wants to be the #1 contender. Tonight, Roode is making sure that
this story ends forever. Young
promises to make Roode tap, so Roode accepts this as a submission
match, even though that was announced earlier in the show.
fight starts on the floor with Roode getting the better of it but
coming back inside to get
stomped down. Josh
talks about an interview with the referee earlier in the week where
he talked about this kind of a match, making the pre-match promo
sound even more out of place. They
head back outside with Young in control and raking the eyes.
can’t get the Crossface as Young makes it to the ropes, which the
announcers cover by saying the referee wasn’t going to call
submissions in the ropes despite a lack of disqualifications. Not
the best explanation but it’s better than nothing. Back
in again and Roode gets kicked in the leg but still catches Eric in
the spinebuster. We come
back from a break with Roode getting thrown out of the corner and
jarring his knee again.
throws on a leg bar but Bobby is next to the ropes, which gets a
count from the referee. It’s
time for Young to get psycho again and bend the knee around the post
with something like Bret Hart’s Hartbreaker. The
referee breaks it up again and Roode gets back up for a quick
Crossface. Young has a bad
arm coming in but is able to get to the ropes for the break.
Roode puts on a Boston crab but
gets kicked to the floor on the escape.
Young sends the knee into
the steps again and we hit
the figure four inside. Bobby
turns it over and the referee is bumped, just as Roode puts on the
Crossface to make Young tap. No referee though so Young hits a leg
lariat and turns his leg brace around to make the Figure Four hurt
even worse, forcing Roode to
tap at 16:58. So we’re back
to Garvin vs. Valentine from 1990 now?
B-. Gah of course Young wins
because WE MUST PRAISE HIS NAME for being all intense and looking
like he’s trying to scare small children. See, he’s really crazy and
we have to watch him hurt people, likely because he’s one of the only
people they know won’t leave. I’m sick of seeing Young pushed and
having him trade wins with Bobby Roode isn’t going to make me care
about him.
Davey Richards with both tag belts. Eddie Edwards follows him out on
crutches and it looks like the titles are going to be vacated. Eddie
says he’s broken his heel in half and the titles are going to have to
be held up as the Wolves can’t defend them. JB
asks Davey about a replacement partner but Davey says the Wolves
aren’t the Wolves without Eddie so no deal. They’ll
be coming for the titles when his foot heals.
promises to get his title back.
Love vs. Gail Kim
says she flaunts what she has but she’s also a great wrestler. She
promises to prove it tonight and blasts Gail in the face at the
opening bell. A side slam
gets two on Gail as the announcers argue over whether being a
champion means you’re the best. Josh says holding the belt means
you’re the best, which is what the belt used to mean a long time ago
before someone decided they were just props you pass around for fun.
They head outside with Gail
being sent into the apron but coming back with a Russian legsweep to
send Love into them as well.
girls beat the count back in and slug it out with Gail taking over
and scoring with a missile dropkick for two. Eat
Defeat is countered so Gail goes up for a hurricanrana, only to have
Love just stand there as Gail crashes. It was supposed to be a
powerbomb counter I think but Love didn’t actually use her arms. The
Botox Injection gets two as Gail gets her foot on the ropes. Another
attempt hits the ropes though and Eat Defeat gives Kim the pin at
D+. I’m not a fan of either of
these girls and this didn’t make me care much more. Gail in the
title scene has been done so many times that it’s really hard to
care, but I have a feeling they’re setting up another Kong vs. Kim
match because this company LOVES to recap stuff that was cool ten
years ago.
cast of a ghost hunting show goes to the Revolution’s ranch. Storm
asks them to see if an old friend of his is still haunting a barn so
the cast investigates. They
think there might have been a murder. More on this later.
recap Bram vs. Magnus, with Magnus wanting to be a family man and
Bram wanting him to be back like his old self again. Bram has gone
insane over it and attacked Magnus over and over, eventually bringing
Magnus’ girlfriend Mickie James into it.
vs. Bram
count anywhere. Magnus
takes it right to the floor to start and sends Bram into the
barricade. They head up to
the stage where Bram tries a powerbomb like Magnus did last week but
Magnus quickly counters out. He can’t piledrive Bram on the stage
either and gets dropped by a low blow. Back
to ringside with Bram sending him into the apron but getting caught
by a missile dropkick back inside. Magnus
can’t keep control though and they head outside with Bram sending him
into the steps. With an
evil smile on his face, Bram comes back in with some right hands but
walks into a clothesline as we take a break.
with Magnus punching from the middle rope as the announcers hype a
live Twitter on next week’s show. Both
guys are down so here’s Mickie James to cheer for Magnus but
he wants her to leave. The distraction lets Bram get a chair to
blast Magnus in the back. He
sends Magnus into the post as well before laying him on the steps.
Now Mickie gets in to
distract Bram but James Storm of all people comes out to say you
don’t hit a woman.
gets back up and stomps a charging Bram with a boot, setting up
something like a Rock Bottom for two. Magnus
can’t follow up though and gets chaired in the head for another near
fall. The Brighter Side of
Suffering onto the chair gets two more and Bram is stunned. Back
up and Magnus hits a powerbomb, followed by a second powerbomb and
the belly to back into a Rock Bottom (the
Spineshaker according to Wikipedia)
for the pin at 18:55.
I liked this more than I thought I would and I was very relieved that
Storm just stopped a single thing and then left. This continues to
be one of the best stories TNA has done in a very long time and I
didn’t want the Revolution to screw that up. Good brawl here, but
the ending kind of came out of nowhere.
says Lashley has never fought anyone like him.
goes up to ask Storm what that was about. Storm says he was looking
out for an old friend. Magnus isn’t sure what to think of that and
we can’t see Mickie’s reaction.
look at Angle vs. Lashley with Kurt winning the title.
World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Lashley
is challenging and wearing orange tonight. Angle’s
entrance takes place during the break. Feeling
out process to start with Lashley knocking him to the mat off a
shoulder. Lashley slows
things down with a headlock and Kurt heads outside for a breather.
Back in and Lashley wrestles
him to the mat but the champ fights up and nails a clothesline to
send Lashley outside. Back
in again and
Lashley drives a shoulder into the ribs and puts on a bearhug. He
switches over to a waistlock but
the fans get Kurt to fight up.
come back from a break with Lashley
still stomping away but getting backdropped to the floor. Lashley
gets back in but Angle can’t roll the Germans on him. A spinebuster
gets two on the champion and Lashley is getting annoyed. He
misses a big swing though and now some Germans connect but Lashley
grabs the ropes to counter the third. Kurt gets caught in a running
powerslam for two but the third attempt at rolling Germans works
better. The Angle Slam gets two and
it’s off to the ankle lock but
Lashley rolls him to the floor. A
limping Lashley follows him outside and sends Kurt into the steps.
get back in with Lashley smiling, then
no selling the ankle lock with a one armed delayed vertical suplex.
A good looking spear gets
two and Angle is bleeding from the back of his head. With
nothing left to do, Lashley goes up top but gets caught in a super
Angle Slam for a close two. Angle
completely misses the moonsault and now it’s Lashley putting Kurt in
the ankle lock. The champ
almost taps but rolls Lashley into the buckle for a rollup to retain
at 21:19. Lashley’s shoulder was clearly off the mat.
B+. I
liked the match but it didn’t quite hit the mark the previous one
did. This felt like they were going for the huge match feel and it
worked to a degree, but it felt more like they were just trying
instead of achieving. Still though, really good stuff here and more
than worthy of a TV main event.
shakes hands but the replay shows that his shoulder was indeed up.
Really solid show for the pay per view caliber show of the month.
The Knockouts weren’t great but Angelina hasn’t been a top shelf
worker for a good while now. The main event was good and Bram vs.
Magnus continues to be awesome. If they can find some way to maim
Eric Young and launch him to Mars, everything will be great in TNA
all over again. I’m still not sure what Bell to Bell meant but at
least it was still entertaining.
Young b. Bobby Roode – Figure Four
Kim b. Angelina Love – Eat Defeat
b. Bram – Spineshaker
Angle b. Lashley – Rollup

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Impact Wrestling – March 27, 2015

March 27, 2015
Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Josh Matthews, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
finally back in America after a pretty awesome UK tour and the main
story is Kurt Angle defeating Lashley to win the World Title. As for
tonight, the big story is the return of Jeff Hardy from his annual “I
can’t go to Europe” leave for a showdown inside a cage against
James Storm. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Storm shoving Hardy off the cage a few weeks ago
to put him out of action.
are Storm and Khoya for a chat to get things going. Storm says
tonight is supposed to be about Hardy’s revenge but Hardy isn’t here.
A few weeks back, Storm did exactly what he said he was going to do
when he put out Jeff and then last week he did the same to Matt.
Jeff Hardy is known for diving off cages so Storm just tried to help
him. The fans chant for Hardy so Storm pulls out a watermelon and
says this is Hardy before throwing it over the cage and out to the
brings out Jeff who says Storm did what no one else could do and put
him out for a bit, but Jeff is still standing. He wants to start
now, but here’s Manik to get in a cheap shot and lay Hardy out.
Storm orders Manik to break his arm but Jeff hits a twisting Stunner
to put Manik down. This brings out Abyss to send Jeff into the cage
but Hardy takes the chair away from Abyss and lays him out. Jeff
asks someone to lower the roof of the cage, which happens to be full
of weapons. The match is later tonight.
look at Austin Aries getting his Feast or Fired briefcase back,
allowing Spud to win the X-Division Title.
BDC says they can’t replace someone (meaning Joe) but MVP says it’s
time for Low Ki to get the X-Division Title back tonight.
for the Sting DVD set. How long has it been since they had a DVD
sends Khoya to get rid of Jeff Hardy.
Title: Low Ki vs. Rockstar Spud
from last week’s “match”. I’m not the biggest Low Ki fan so
hopefully this doesn’t end Spud’s hot streak. It’s a slow start
until Ki takes him down to the mat for a hard kick to the ribs.
Spud’s chops have no effect but some right hands do. That’s the
extent of his offense though as Spud gets dropped again and keeps
shaking his head. A double stomp knocks Spud silly and he has to
beat a ten count back up.
up and Spud snaps off some left hands followed by a dropkick as he
tries to speed things up. He plants Ki with a running DDT and takes
off the bowtie. Cue MVP and King for distractions to break up the
Underdog, but Drew Galloway distracts them, allowing Spud to small
Low Ki for the pin at 5:11.
D. Spud got beaten up for most
of the match here before a fluke ending. I’ve never been a fan of
booking that makes the champion look weak and that’s exactly how Spud
came off. He doesn’t have the highest stature in the first place and
this isn’t the best way for him to look stronger. Drew vs. the BDC
isn’t the most interesting feud in the world either.
break the BDC is still in the ring (oh joy) to rant about Galloway
and threaten to send him to the hospital. MVP wants Drew out here
right now and that’s exactly what he gets. Drew admits that he’s
both dumb and crazy because he’s still here after King hit him with a
pipe. He wants to know who will stand up with him tonight and asks
the fans if they’re tired of the BDC.
says they have a rising going on right now but King turns it into a
Braveheart analogy. Ki wants Low Ki right now and it’s on, with two
guys (the recently released Camacho and indy wrestler Shaun Ricker)
jumping in from the crowd for a three on three brawl. The newly
named Rising clear the ring. Great. ANOTHER faction.
on Kong wanting to take Taryn Terrell’s Knockout Title.
BDC is ready to call someone to replace Joe.
vs. Awesome Kong
the squashing begin. Brooke fires off kicks to the leg but gets run
over by a standing clothesline. A front slam drops Brooke again
before King stands on her hair. Brooke even tries to fight back from
the mat but her forearms have no effect. Kong shrugs off some
clotheslines but the Awesome Bomb is countered (Kidman!) into a
faceplant. A top rope elbow gets two on Kong but she comes back with
a chokeslam and the Implant Buster for the pin at 4:15.
I’m glad that they’re back to having Brooke just be eye candy instead
of having her do WACKY COMEDY with Robbie E. At least this match
made Kong look dominant instead of having her lose in a triple
threat, even though that’s the calling card of the Knockouts
hits another Implant Buster and gets a table from under the ring.
Taryn comes in to hammer on
Kong, eventually putting her down with a missile dropkick and low
bridging her to the floor. Kong
shrugs all that off though and powerbombs Terrell through the table.
on Lashley vs. Angle from last week.
implies he’s cashing in tonight.
Hardy is talking about the match tonight when Khoya comes in. Hardy
fights him off and finds a conveniently placed ladder to get in even
more damage. Khoya tries to get up so Jeff breaks bottles over his
face. That’s a bit excessive.
Kurt Angle for his championship celebration. He says this is title
#14 (it’s still a huge stretch Kurt) but this one is different. Kurt
talks about having to work this much harder to get here and it’s his
proudest moment thus far. Cue Ethan Carter III (FINALLY) to talk
about how Angle has inspired everyone in the back, even him.
did the impossible last week when he beat Lashley, but it seems
impossible to go 18 months undefeated and beat every TNA Hall of
Famer (minus D-Von but who cares about him anyway). Angle doesn’t
buy it but here’s Roode to interrupt as well. He wants his rematch
for the title and Angle doesn’t seem opposed to the idea. Angle
deserves this moment but it’s just a moment.
brings out Eric Young (of freaking course) to say he took the title
from Bobby Roode because he’s always been better than Bobby. Young
says the title goes through him but Austin Aries comes out carrying
the briefcase. After pointing out that Carter hasn’t won the title,
he opens the briefcase and reveals a bottle of champagne. The
question is who the toast is for. Angle says he’ll fight anyone
anywhere anytime. As he goes to leave, Lashley comes out to say it’s
his rematch time. That’s fine with Angle but a huge brawl breaks out
with all the people in the ring. We’re still not done because Mr.
Anderson comes out to join in.
Aries/Mr. Anderson/Bobby Roode vs. Ethan Carter III/Eric Young/Tyrus
in progress after a break with Carter in trouble. Roode catapults
Carter into a forearm from Aries for two before it’s off to Anderson
to stay on the arm. Off to Tyrus vs. Roode with the big man
suplexing Bobby down. Off to Carter to choke on the ropes before
putting on a chinlock. Young can’t get the piledriver as Roode
counters with a backdrop and makes the hot tag to Aries.
breaks down with Tyrus nailing Aries with a clothesline but Anderson
takes out the big man. Aries forearms Carter to the floor and hits
the suicide dive but Young posts Anderson. Back in and Roode
spinebusters Young down, setting up the 450 but Aries only hits mat.
He also bangs up his knee, allowing Young to slap on a Figure Four
for the submission at 7:26.
C-. This match was a good
example of a lot of TNA’s problems in a single match: too many people
involved in a story and stuff happening WAY too fast. Set this up
for next week’s main event instead of just throwing everything
together at once. I like the idea of everyone wanting the belt as
it’s what wrestling is built on, but let things breathe a bit and
build the anticipation.
Bram to call Magnus a coward over and over. Magnus has been sending
his old lady out here to fight his battles, but it makes sense as
she’s more of a man than he’ll ever be. A mention of Magnus’ son is
enough to bring Magnus himself out to say this is about to become
more than anyone can handle. Bram promises to make Mickie cry, but
she says they’ll be tears of joy when Bram is beaten all around the
Impact Zone.
what Bram wanted to hear, because he thinks Mickie will have to go
back to an empty house. Don’t worry though because his door is
always open. It’s on now but a low blow puts Magnus down. Bram
grabs Mickie and tries to make her kiss his boot before just trying
to kiss her instead.
gets back up and suplexes him down before beating Bram with that
wrench Bram carries. They go to leave but Mickie has to get in some
shots of her own. This is still an awesome story and the promos are
on fire. It also helps that it’s something relatable. Instead of a
cult leader messing with a psychedelic daredevil, it’s a man
defending his family.
says he beat Lashley once but beating him again will be tough. He
won’t be intimidated though.
Storm vs. Jeff Hardy
the cage with weapons and Storm blasts him with a trashcan before the
bell. Hardy quickly fights back and sends him into some buckles.
Poetry in Motion with a chair connects once but misses the second
time to give Storm control again. Back with Matthews telling us
which guy is which and recapping the events that set this up in about
ten seconds. I miss basic announcing like that and it’s so
refreshing to hear it again. Storm tells the fans to shut up and
gets taken down by a running clothesline. The Swanton hits knees
though and the Eye of the Storm gets two.
Time into a Backstabber sets up the Last Call but Storm wants the
cowbell. Hardy takes it away and hits Storm with it, setting up the
Swanton for two. Back up and Storm goes up top so Jeff grabs the top
of the cage for some dropkicks into a hurricanrana for another near
fall. They’re just going spot to spot at this point. Some trashcan
lid shots to the head and a cowbell shot look to set up the Swanton
but Jeff monkey bars across the top into a swinging Vader Bomb (minus
the pumping) for the pin at 14:55.
C+. Fun match but there are
some issues here, starting with the weapons. A single moment a few
weeks ago really doesn’t warrant a gimmick cage match in the first
match back for Jeff. Where is this feud supposed to go? That’s one
of TNA’s long running issues: knowing how to end a feud. This is
probably going to continue for weeks after the big match happened
early on. Still though, it was a fun match, assuming you can ignore
the parts that didn’t need to be there.
a preview for next week, we get a nice In Memory Of graphic for Perro
Aguayo Jr. WWE didn’t do that.
C. This show was a
great example of one of TNA’s major problems flaring up again: they
don’t know how to calm down and let things breathe. Look at earlier:
we have three stables, a gimmick cage match, a falls count anywhere
match next week, and a World Title match next week. That kind of
stuff should fill up six weeks, not two shows. Let the show take its
time instead of firing off everything at once and see how much better
the builds are. It’s a good show this week with Magnus and Bram as
the highlights, but these shows wear me out more often than not and
that’s more like Raw than anything else.
Spud b. Low Ki – Small package
Kong b. Brooke – Implant Buster
Young/Ethan Carter III/Tyrus vs. Bobby Roode/Austin Aries/Mr.
Anderson – Figure four to Aries
Hardy b. James Storm – Swinging splash from the roof of the cage
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Impact Wrestling – March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015
Wembley Arena, London, England
Taz, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is the last show of the European tour and they have a big main event
to cap things off: Lashley defending the World Title against Kurt
Angle. This is a match they’ve built up very well in the last few
weeks and it feels like a match worthy of closing things out.
There’s also a triple threat Ultimate X match for the Tag Team
Titles, but that’s not important enough to advertise on TV. Let’s
get to it.

Team Titles: Wolves vs. BroMans vs. Manik/Great Sanada
X, meaning the titles are hung above the ring where they’re suspended
from two ropes in the shape of an X. You have to climb up the
structures at the corners of the ring and crawl along the ropes to
retrieve the titles. The Wolves are defending and it’s DJZ and Jesse
Godderz this time due to Robbie being shaken up by losing to Brooke
last week. The champs get quadruple teamed to start but they easily
fight off the schmucks and lackeys to clean house.
gets beaten down by the champs but Angelina offers a distraction to
break up a double dive. That’s fine with the Wolves as they throw
DJZ over the top onto the Revolution. Nice way to get the best of
both worlds, if you consider Angelina the best that is. The
challengers finally get things together and beat Edwards and Richards
down until Jesse holds Richards long enough to nearly allow Manik to
get the belts. Instead he dropkicks Manik down, followed by a double
backbreaker for good measure.
BroMans try to get the belts without climbing and actually get their
fingers on them, but the Revolution comes in to turn it into a game
of chicken. That brings the Wolves back in for stereo dropkicks and
all six guys are down. Richards powerbombs Manik into a Backstabber
for a save and DJZ gets shoved into the truss. Jesse gets some mist
to the face but Edwards crotches Sanada. A hurricanrana into the
double stomp from Edwards has Sanada out of it, leaving the Wolves to
take down the belts to retain at 9:23.
B-. This felt like a really
good house show match: they didn’t do much besides the big stuff and
the titles were never in any real danger, but it’s entertaining stuff
and the crowd got into it. They weren’t going for some masterpiece
here and it would have been a stretch for the Wolves to have a major
problem dispatching either team. Good stuff here and exactly what it
was supposed to be.
announcers preview the main event.
Austin Aries with something to say. He hasn’t been around the last
few weeks and it’s because of the Beat Down Clan. They beat him up
and stole his briefcase, so get out here right now and give it back.
Cue Samoa Joe and Low Ki with the briefcase with Low Ki saying
possession is 9/10 of the law, so Aries can’t play his games right
has two points: Low Ki isn’t Austin Aries because he doesn’t cash in
that briefcase. Second, Low Ki isn’t Austin Aries because that
briefcase doesn’t have his name on it. Aries wants his X-Division
Title back too and is willing to put his briefcase up for a shot at
it. Ki agrees, but only if Aries can get through Joe. Joe nails
Aries and we go to a break.
Joe vs. Austin Aries
in progress after a break with Aries in big trouble. His comeback is
easily broken up as Joe gets in a shot to the shoulder and throws
Aries to the floor. The arm gets sent into the steps before an
overhead belly to belly gets two back inside. We hit the chinlock
followed by a nerve hold as things slow way down. The backsplash
misses though and Aries fires off some left hands in the corner. Joe
is too big for the brainbuster though and he takes Aries down for a
Fujiwara armbar on the bad arm. Aries makes the rope and sends Joe
outside, setting up a big suicide dive, only to have Low Ki nail
Aries for the DQ at 6:55.
C. This was just a match to set
up the angle but it still worked well enough. Aries is able to have
a good match with almost anyone in the company and I like that Low Ki
seemed scared to go after the briefcase but trusted in his numbers
advantage to take Aries down. Nice stuff here.
BDC goes after Aries but Low Ki nails Joe in the head with the
briefcase (great shot too) to knock him cold. Aries forearms the
briefcase into Ki’s head and leaves with the belt. Cue Rockstar Spud
with his X-Division Feast or Fired case and it’s time for a cash in!
Title: Rockstar Spud vs. Low Ki
gives Spud the title in seven seconds. Spud deserves something for
all the work he’s done lately.
is beating Bram up in the back and throws him onto a cart. They come
into the arena with Bram being knocked down the aisle. Magnus erupts
on him with a chair but referees pulls him off.
Mickie James comes out and kicks Bram in the ribs. That’s
enough of an opening for Magnus to take Bram up to the stage for a
powerbomb to leave Bram laying.
roster is looking forward to the main event. MVP
says they’re fighting for his title.
Title: Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim
is defending. The early
double teaming of Kong gets her down but she sends Gail into Taryn to
take over. Kong lifts Taryn
up for a slam but Gail dropkicks Terrell in the back. That doesn’t
phase Kong and she drops Taryn on Gail in a cool spot. Taryn
gets clotheslined out of the air but Gail counters the Implant
double teaming fails and Gail is knocked to the floor. A
middle rope dropkick staggers Kong but she shoves off the Taryn
Cutter. There go the gloves but
she misses the splash, allowing Taryn to hit the second attempt at
the cutter for two. Instead
a dropkick sends Kong to the floor where Gail nails her with a huge
dive. Back in and Gail
sunset bombs Taryn for two but
gets rolled up for the pin to retain Taryn’s title at 6:16.
B-. I’d love to see the Divas
get a chance to do something like this. Seeing the Knockouts and NXT
Girls having matches like this one make me wonder why the Divas
aren’t given the chance to pull off something similar. The time
helped here but the whole thing wasn’t even seven minutes long,
meaning it doesn’t even take a long time to put together a classic.
Storm flips a coin to determine what happens to Matt Hardy. The
decision is to cause him severe pain.
on Angle vs. Lashley with a theme of surviving changes in life.
says he’s ready.
Storm vs. Matt Hardy
DQ. The brawl starts in the aisle again with Matt getting the better
of it and throwing a bunch of chairs into the ring. Storm comes back
by wedging a chair in the corner before they trade trashcan shots to
the head. Matt gets crotched on the top and kicked in the head,
setting up a superplex onto two open chairs for two. Abyss throws in
some tacks but Matt knocks James’ back first onto them, followed by a
top rope elbow for two.
Twist of Fate connects but Abyss pulls the referee out at two. The
rest of the Revolution gets involved but are easily dispatched, only
to have Storm send him into the chair in the corner for a close two.
Another Twist of Fate drops Storm but Matt can’t cover. Instead
Abyss hands Storm the bell as Sanada mists Matt. A cowbell to the
back of the head and two Last Calls are good for the pin at 6:48.
D+. I wasn’t feeling this one
as it felt like they were cramming way too much stuff into this. I’m
not even sure why the Revolution is going after the Hardys but it’s
better than them having nothing to do and just wasting time while
adding more people to their ranks. This one missed though and it was
due to just not letting the match build and going too hard with it.
says he put Jeff out of wrestling and has the Revolution hold Matt.
World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley
is defending. We get the old school long walks through the back to
the ring to really make this feel like a big deal. After the big
match intros we’re ready to go with nearly twenty five minutes for
this match. The fans are behind Angle but Lashley throws him into
the corner with ease. A big clothesline puts Angle down again as
it’s all champ so far. Kurt goes back to basics with rolling Germans
and sends Lashley to the floor, but the champ takes over again with
pure power.
in and Lashley pounds him down in the corner before starting in on
the arm and shoulder. Kurt fights up and escapes, setting up a
middle rope shoulder to drop Lashley. It’s time to roll some Germans
and Lashley is in trouble. Kurt lets go but snaps off five more
Germans before taking down the straps. The ankle lock is countered
and Lashley nails the powerslam for two as we take a break.
with Lashley going shoulder first into the post and getting caught in
the ankle lock again. Lashley rolls through but charges into a boot,
setting up the Angle Slam for two. Now the spear connects for two
but Lashley takes way too much time going up, allowing Angle to avoid
a splash. This time it’s Kurt going up for a high cross body but
Lashley rolls through into an ankle lock of his own. Kurt grabs the
rope and hits another Angle Slam only to get caught in a cross
armbreaker. That gets turned over into another ankle lock with the
grapevine and Lashley taps at 20:18.
B+. It’s really good but it’s
clear that Angle just doesn’t have the same reserves he used to. I’m
ok with the title win as it feels more like one last reign for Angle
instead of making him the long term top guy again. Angle more than
deserves a reign like that and if he puts over a young star (which he
likely will), this is fine. Lashley
looks good in a loss, but the match didn’t hit the levels of epic
they were hoping for. Still though, really good stuff.
A-. Really solid show
this week in TNA’s form of a pay per view. It’s a great way to blow
off the UK tour and it felt like a major show. The big deal next
week is the return of Jeff Hardy, and it’s going to be interesting to
see if they can keep this momentum back in Orlando. History suggests
otherwise, but this has been their best run in years. Really good
show though and it’s nice to see TNA deliver when they were supposed
b. BroMans and Manik/Great Sanada – Edwards pulled down the belts
Aries b. Samoa Joe via DQ when Low Ki interfered
Spud b. Low Ki – Underdog
Storm b. Matt Hardy – Twist of Fate
Angle b. Bobby Lashley – Ankle lock

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Impact Wrestling – March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015
Wembley Arena, London, England
Taz, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

show is about violence between rivals. There are three showdowns
tonight and blood is a real possibility in all three. We have Bobby
Roode vs. Eric Young in a last man standing match, Magnus vs. Bram
and Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud in an old fashioned hair vs.
hair match. Let’s get to it.

Young vs. Bobby Roode
man standing. It’s a big brawl to start with Roode getting the
better of it and knocking Young out to the floor for three. The fans
want tables but stop to tell Young that he sold out. He also sucks
but they don’t tell him that for some reason. Young punches Bobby in
the mouth a few times, only to be backdropped on the aisle. Roode
charges up the ramp for a clothesline and the announcers keep
mentioning Roode turning his back on Young. It’s table time
(hopefully it shuts them up for a bit) but we take a break before
anyone goes through it.
with Young putting Roode down with a running neckbreaker and dropping
knees to the chest. Another neckbreaker on the floor gets seven so
Young whips Bobby into the steps to put him down again. Roode
backdrops out of a piledriver on the steps and uses a cameraman to
get to his feet. Both guys get chairs and it’s time for a duel,
followed by a double clothesline to put them both on the floor.
make it up and back in at nine with Roode getting all fired up first.
Right hands don’t get Roode very far though as Young catches him
with a piledriver for another nine. Some chairs to the ribs have
Roode reeling but Young picks him up, only to get piledriven onto the
chair. That’s still not enough so Roode loads up the Roode Bomb,
only to have Young escape and both guys head to the apron. A Roode
Bomb through the table is enough to put Young away at 19:38.
B. It was violent, it was
intense, and I have no idea why they’re fighting. I thought about it
for a bit and remembered it, only to realize I don’t care at this
point. TNA knows how to set up a first brawl, but it takes them
forever to get to the blowoff and by that point, the interest isn’t
there anymore. Good brawl, but this really needs to end things
between them.
tries to talk Spud out of the match tonight but Spud is going through
with it because someone has to stand up to Carter. In Spud’s world,
the good guys win.
Drew Galloway for a chat. He gets in the ring but decides that he
feels better out in the fans where he belongs. Drew came here to
give wrestling back to the fans, which means getting it away from
people like MVP. MVP thinks he can come here and take over the
company but that’s going to happen.
is going to happen tonight is a match between MVP and Galloway, so
here’s the BDC. MVP says he is god as far as Drew is concerned
because he holds Drew’s life in his hands. Drew doesn’t get what
he’s done but tonight he’s been chosen again. The fans don’t care
for MVP but he asks the BDC to head to the back to make this one on
Galloway vs. MVP
a brawl to start with MVP getting the better of it and hammering away
with right hands to the head. Drew gets choked on the ropes as we
continue to see MVP’s offensive shortcomings. Both guys miss boots
but Drew comes back with Future Shock, only to have the BDC run in
for the DQ at 3:09.
C-. Better match for Drew this
week but he still didn’t get to look very good. He certainly has a
presence though and the standing up for wrestling idea is a good
move. I’m not wild on the BDC though and MVP as the leader is only
going to get them so far. Not bad here but it was barely rateable.
beating is on post match and Joe hands Low Ki a pipe. Ki
blasts him right in the forehead with it and the announcers barely
react. Galloway is busted open.
tells Mickie James that he’s ready. He wants her to stay away from
Bram though.
recap Spud vs. Carter. They used to be friends but Carter blamed
Spud for all of his problems and beat Spud up. This led to Spud
growing a backbone and fighting against Carter. Both guys have tried
to shave the other’s head tonight.
of Bram vs. Magnus, which is a personal feud with Bram not liking the
family man Magnus has become. This is the best thing Magnus has done
yet, including his World Title win.
vs. Magnus
another brawl in the aisle to start with Bram taking over by sending
Bram into the barricade. They get inside for the opening bell but
Magnus clotheslines him right back to the floor. Bram is whipped
hard into the steps but Magnus misses a charge, allowing Bram to send
him into the post. A neckbreaker stays on the banged up neck and an
Edge-O-Matic gets two. Magnus scores with a dropkick to put both
guys down but here’s Mickie to ringside. Back up and Magnus hammers
away with dropkicks and clotheslines, followed by the top rope elbow.
Not that it matters as Bram kicks him low for the DQ at 5:23.
C. This felt like a preview for
a bigger match down the road. Bram and Magnus have both gotten a lot
better throughout this feud and they both have more places to go
after this. Mickie didn’t really mean anything here but I don’t see
her as being around long term anyway. Bram going after the neck made
sense and it’s good to see that he can wrestle a regular match
instead of just brawling.
match Bram finds the cue ball he used to hurt Magnus in the first
place. He ties Magnus to the ropes but Mickie covers Magnus up.
Thankfully Mickie remembers that she’s one of the best female
wrestlers of all time and nails Bram but he grabs her by the neck.
Bram tells Magnus to kiss his boot if Magnus wants him to let her go.
She tells him don’t do it but Magnus kisses the boot anyway.
is walking through the back for her match with Robbie E. Nothing to
this other than her walking, but this is an old Russo bit that I
can’t stand. Big
emotional moment in a well done segment…..and
oh well it’s been ten
seconds. Here’s a hot chick with a big grin on her face walking
through the back for her comedy match. At least let the commercial
break go through so we can let it sink in a bit more.
BDC says that’s just the beginning for Drew.
E. vs. Brooke
gives Robbie a full boxing style entrance and Robbie comes out with
Jesse and Angelina like he’s ready for a big fight. Robbie has a
stool in the corner and shadowboxes to start. Brooke chases him into
the corner so Robbie sits on the stool. Back up and Robbie shoves
her down and cartwheels onto the stool again.
almost wins a test of strength and they run the ropes until she
hammers away with forearms. Now she sits on the stool but gets
distracted by Angelina, allowing Robbie to sit on the stool again.
Robbie scores with a suplex but misses a middle rope splash. Brooke
goes after Angelina though, only to duck Jesse’s dropkick and roll
Robbie up for the pin at 4:27.
D+. If the worst thing I have
to do is look at Brooke in her outfits, I have little issue with this
show. This was a decent comedy match and there’s nothing wrong with
Brooke pinning a schnook like Robbie. Good stuff, but it felt way
out of place on a show built around violence like this.
on Angle returning to the ring for one last run at the title.
on Lashley’s training.
Spud vs. Ethan Carter III
vs. hair. Spud hammers in the corner to start and they head outside
with Spud nailing a running dropkick up against the barricade. Back
in and Carter just levels him with a clothesline to take over and we
take a break. We come back with Carter crotching himself on the
middle rope and getting dropkicked to the floor again. Spud nails
him with a big flip dive off the top and both guys are down.
Tyrus to powerbomb Spud on the floor but he somehow kicks out at two.
Anderson comes out to hammer on Tyrus and Mic Checks him in the
aisle. Carter makes the save and nails Spud in the head with the
metal brace to bust him open. Back in and Ethan goes right after the
cut to really bust Spud open, causing the blood to pour over Carter’s
chest. Carter throws him out to JB’s feet so JB hits Carter low,
allowing Spud to hit a Stunner for two.
get the WWE black and white editing to prevent us from seeing blood,
because if you turn blood black and white, no one knows what it is.
Carter rams him face first into the mat but Spud Hulks Up and pounds
Ethan down, setting up a running enziguri. A regular enziguri has
Carter down again but the Underdog is countered, setting up another
brace shot to the face for two. There is blood EVERYWHERE and Spud
is a mess. The 1%er finally ends Spud at 16:48.
B. Great blade job by Spud here
and the fans got into the comeback which is all that mattered. I
don’t think people thought Spud was going to win here, but they did a
great job of making you forget that Spud had next to no chance, and
that’s all it needed to be. Good stuff here and they nailed the
whole thing as well as they could.
praises Spud post match and says maybe Spud could be a World Champion
some day. He isn’t going to shave Spud’s head after that performance
because Spud proved he was a
man. Carter offers a
handshake and holds the ropes open for Spud, but of course it’s a
ruse and the beating is on. Carter: “NOT!!!!!” Spud
gets tied in the Tree of Woe and we get the upside down haircut.
Carter says this world is
his to end the show.
A-. That was the best
show TNA has put on in years. All of the brawls felt violent and
intense and I can live with a five minute comedy match to fill in the
time. That being said, TNA needs to find somewhere else to go after
next week because MVP as the top heel is only going to carry them so
far. The midcard is awesome right now, but they need to transition
at least some of those guys up to the top of the company instead of
getting into their old habits of letting the same guys do their same
stuff over and over again. Still though, great show this week and
worth checking out.
Roode b. Eric Young – Roode Bomb through a table
Galloway b. MVP via DQ when the BDC interfered
b. Bram via DQ when Bram kicked him low
b. Robbie E. – Rollup
Carter III b. Rockstar Spud – 1%er

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