Could TNA and WWE be running identical Summer storylines?


TNA, if they are building towards Hogan vs. Bully at Bound For Glory might be running the same storyline as WWE is now. Take a gaander:

TNA – Roster + Brooke Hogan + Dixie Carter begging Hulk to not wrestle against Bully Ray. He says he has to

WWE – McMahon family + Roster beggiing Triple H to not wrestle because of his "concussion" incident. 

Quite strange. Both men booking themselves in the same sympathy storyline. Which do you prefer? I definitely prefer Hogan's. 

I find the HHH one pretty distasteful because it's not a story that anyone is interested in seeing or believes, and it plays on a problem that exists far too often in the real world.  Not to mention that the World champion has been out for weeks with a concussion because he's been killing himself for the company for years.  Whereas HHH does two matches a year and makes sure to put himself over the best talent in the company whenever he works.  

With the Hogan story, my problem is that Hogan CAN'T work the match and we know it.  The story itself is fine, but we're just sick of seeing the guy and we already know he's not going to move the numbers.