Idea for ‘Theme’ card.

  Given the thoughts on ‘new gimmick matches’, another thought from wintry Australia :   Next time there is some kind of ‘faction vs faction’ feud going on, it could be settled as follows :   1.       Each ‘team’ gets a fixed number of members (let’s say seven) with a ‘captain’ such as Heyman, HHH, Bryan (given his injury) etc.. 2.       At the PPV, there are seven (or however many) matches.  Certain matches in advance can be designated with particular stips eg.  one ladder match, one tag match, a final cage match etc.  Team with the most wins gets whatever prize or wins the kayfabe dispute in issue. 3.       Taking in turns to go first, each team ‘captain’ selects their team’s individual wrestler (sorry, ‘WWE Superstar’) for the next match, which is then stated by the ring announcer.  So, with a similar gimmick to Royal Rumble, you could have the countdown clock and the speculation before each participant is announced. 4.       One or both ‘captains’ could then be guest commentators, talking through the reasons for their selection during the match. 5.       It gives massive scope for creative booking, with many possibilities for new feuds and angles starting, the drama of an injury angle, and a ‘twist’ (for example) of someone unexpectedly wrestling a couple of times to cover for a (kayfabe) injured team-mate.

​Sort of like a SERIES of CHALLENGES between TEAMS, you're saying?  
i see no downside whatsoever.​

Dusty tribute idea for Raw

Cody returns (as Cody or Stardust, whichever) and answers Cena's open challenge. Considering the situation, Cody will be the biggest face in the building.

Now obviously, they're not going to have Cody win the title, Dusty dying or not. But why not have a ref bump or some other shenanigans (perhaps Owens is involved) and Cody pins Cena. Seemingly wins the US title….

….only to have the ultimate Dusty finish, another ref comes out and it's reversed and Cena retains.

Seems like it'd be a fitting way to honor Dusty.


I think Cody should definitely be in the John Cena challenge on Monday, although I don't know about doing another Dusty Finish.  That'd probably be way too inside for most people to understand.  It's too bad Goldust is injured because having the Dust Brothers win the tag titles would have been ideal.  

A Controversial Idea for the WWE Network.

What do you think would happen in the WWE moved RAW and Smackdown to the Network and just got rid of tv altogether?  Or maybe just producing tv recap shows like they used to showcasing Raw and Smackdown among other stuff on the Network (Think Prime Wrestling, WWE Mania, All-American Wrestling, etc.?)  Would they go out of business? Increase viewership to the site and therefore could increase their subscription fees? Nothing at all?

Given the ridiculous TV rights fees are what has been keeping the Network afloat while they find their way with it, I'd say "Go out of business" would be the optimal choice here.  

A full troll idea for the IC title

OK since the IC title is already a joke, here's an idea to A. roll with the idea, and B. maybe come up with a way to make it relevant (but more so to make me laugh)

– Have the elimination chamber be for the IC title
– HHH offers Barrett a spot since he's a 5 time IC champ or whatever, and he looks at him and says "um…well, you know im doing this whole king thing right now…I'm all set man, but thanks"
– Have the next 8-10 people turn down a spot for various reasons ("I have a hair appointment", "Im allergic to steel", etc.)
– The chamber can end up being 6 guys from NXT (or like 2 other guys who need a jump start) that don't know any better
The end result is you'll end up with an awesome match, and it will be funny because the whole plot before/during/after the match can be how the title is bad luck.
I think the best option for a winner would be Bo Dallas, and then he can be the modern day Honky Tonk Man who just lucks out wins.  He can eventually be destroyed by the son of the Ultimate Warrior and the title can return to being prestigious.Thoughts? Improvements? I'm writing this in the dark so I'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense. – Rob
​I don't know about the idea of having guys turn it down, but there's something to be said for doing a bunch of qualifiers on RAW and having all the geeks win in huge upsets for fun. Given that this is a by definitions a free show and you're not hurting anything by screwing around with it, why not have some fun with it? The show is already found money as far as the gate, so do a main event of Neville v. Dallas v. Slater v. three other geeks and give people something different for once. Or have 5 guys win stunning upsets and then, say, Sheamus squashes Zack Ryder to qualify and everyone is like "Oh man, Sheamus is gonna kill all these guys!" and then have him locked in there as the last guy in to really build up the drama. ​
​There's just a lot of different directions you can go and do wacky stuff with it. What we'll get is Barrett v. Sheamus v. Ziggler v. Neville v. Harper v. R-Truth with all the same guys at the same level forever​.

Halloween Havoc Boxset idea.

Hi Scott,

I have no idea how WWE decides its match listings for its DVD but there sure is one DVD I would love to see, a best of Halloween Havoc boxset. Something like the below, what do you think?
The Best of WCW Halloween Havoc
  1. Lex Luger vs. Brian Pillman (Halloween Havoc, October 28, 1989 – NWA U.S. Title Match)
  1. Doom vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (Halloween Havoc, October 27, 1990 – NWA Tag Team Title Match)
  1. Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Taylor (Halloween Havoc, October 27, 1991)
  1. Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Steve Williams & Steve Austin (Halloween Havoc, October 25, 1992 – WCW Tag Team Title Match)
  1. Big Van Vader vs. Cactus Jack (Halloween Havoc, October 24, 1993 – Texas Death Match)
  1. Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Halloween Havoc, October 23, 1994 – WCW World Title/Cage Match)
  1. Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman vs. Ric Flair & Sting (Halloween Havoc, October 29, 1995)
  1. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko (Halloween Havoc, October 27, 1996 – WCW Cruiserweight Title Match)
  1. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero (Halloween Havoc, October 26, 1997 – WCW Cruiserweight Title/Mask vs. Title Match)
  1. Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Halloween Havoc, October 26, 1997)
  1. Chris Jericho vs. Raven (Halloween Havoc, October 25, 1998 – WCW TV Title Match)
  1. Bill Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Halloween Havoc, October 25, 1998 – WCW World Title Match)
1999 & 2000 offered nothing of value or maybe Sting vs. Goldberg from 1999 for the insanely hyped crowd?
​Well, we've already had the Best of Bash set, so I'd be shocked if we DIDN'T get a Best of Havoc set to milk the last out of the WCW udders.  And yeah, that looks like a good start.  
What I really wish they'd do for fun is throw the WCW All Nighter shows onto the Network sometime, because it's basically six hours of built-in content they can air with a minimum of effort.  It's already got Tony and Bobby hosting and everything!  You can air them in a late night slot, just like the originals.  Repeat each show once and boom, a whole day programmed.  ​


Idea To Turn The WWE Around

Hello Scott, I have been thinking about this, discussing it with people, and I
have a crazy idea how WWE can turn around their declining business. I know it
sounds unusual, and probably not the kind of thing the Creative Team would do,
but just hear me out.

Instead of pushing HHH's and Stephanie's friends, or guys that are related to
The Rock, WWE should watch and see who the WWE Universe(what we old-timers
used to call "the fans") are reacting to. Push the people the WWE Universe
want to see, rather than the guys who HHH is frotting.

Another bizarre idea is this: if some young Action Soap Opera Pure
Entertainment Superstar starts getting a good reaction from the WWE Universe,
DON'T cut the legs out from under him, and have him go on a lengthy losing
streak. No, if the guy is getting a strong reaction, take that as something
positive, and try and build something, and potentially money-making, out of
that genuine reaction.

Do you think this could work?

Only if the writers are allowed to do a wrestling wedding or two in there somewhere to keep them occupied.  

Original WWE Network idea discussed 3 years ago.

Hey Scott,

 I stumbled across this while looking through your older content and 3 years ago Vince made mention of creating what we know today as WWE Network you even made a post about the subject on this very blog, which I have linked: Do you still stand by your original comments of how it is the worst move possible the WWE could have made? Cheers.Well it's not like it's doing very well at the moment, and they've basically cannibalized their PPV business.  I'm glad they did it, but I have to think that they're regretting jumping in with all appendages at once like they did.  Yeah, they can make it work by cutting the shit out of all their expenditures, but the launch was kind of a debacle.  But what's done is done.  

Network Idea

Hey Scott,

Been catching up on alot of old clashes and NWA ppv's. I have to say with the lack of old weekly NWA programming available on the network it makes it sort of difficult to recall how all of these feuds came about due to alot of the ppvs back then not having a video package for every match on why two guys have a beef to begin with. My question is since WWE own the footage to these ppv wouldn't they also own the 30 minute countdown that aired before the ppv as a way to entice the viewer to buy if so do you ever see a scenario where that content is added to the network possibly as an option to watch before the ppv. Probably wishful thinking and I might be in the minority but I always thought those old school half hour countdowns were an awesome way to catch up on little things you may have missed.

​The problem seems to be that the people running the Network side of things are not wrestling fans and don't particularly seem to understand how wrestling fans think.  I've seen dozens of awesome suggestions like this one (like scheduling WCW Saturday night on, you know, Saturday nights) or running old episodes of Nitro against RAW on Monday nights to recreate the Wars.  
Maybe I'll do a column about how I would run the Network!  ​

Idea for the title that may have already been thought about

I'll admit to not being much of a dirt sheet reader so I'm not sure if this idea has been considered.

Anyhow you have a guy of Bryan's choosing be able to defend the title for him. As months go on this guy gets even more attached to the belt. Thinks of himself as the actual champion. One Raw Bryan returns to take his title back. As he goes to take it back, he's blind sided with a shot right to the head. Boom, insta feud.

Either way as long as I get Bryan vs Lesnar next mania, and Cena challenging for Taker's streak I'll be happy (What, they actually threw away the streak before doing one of the last true main event matches they still had? Well Vince deserves losing all that money now.)

​You know you just described Stevie Ray stealing the TV title from Booker T, right?  Although in that instance WCW kind of forgot that he was supposed to be the "fake" champion after a while and just had him defend it for real.  ​

The Idea of Killing Finishers

This topic was inspired by recent discussion about Kurt Angle and his "formula" of matches during the later half of his WWE run.  

A phrase we like to throw around pretty haphazardly is "killing someone's finisher," and I honestly feel like its a bit overused.  I'm curious if you could rattle off some famous/modern examples of people's careers that were never the same after a specific match where one wrestler kicked out of another's finisher (perhaps multiple times, even).  

Also, for fun, what are the most protected finishers in Wrestling history?  Daniel Bryan's "Knee Plus" (have they called it that on TV yet?) is the most protected move I can think of when it comes to the current main roster.

​HHH's pedigree is obviously the most protected, followed closely by Orton's punt.  Typically the main event guys can kick out of each other's finishes with impunity and it's no big deal, but the finisher killing is more of a concern in the midcard.  ​If, say, Dolph Ziggler only has the Zig Zag as a big finish and guys start kicking out of it, that doesn't leave him with much.  Like, for example, Miz beat a couple of guys with the figure-four, and then it stopped working and now it's nothing more than a quick submission attempt and a chance for fans to go "woo".  John Cena has kicked out of a ton of finishes, but on the flipside when he DIDN'T kick out of the flying knee it was suddenly a meaningful finish.  
That being said, it's incredibly easy to rehab a finisher:  Just book the guy to beat some people with it and it'll get over.   The Brogue Kick was a transition move that became a deadly finisher, and ditto for the Bullhammer elbow.  It's not rocket surgery.  

Your idea ten years later

Ten years ago, you came up with an idea so great that WWE not only stole it, but they actually gave you credit for it online!

I'm sure it's gotten much harder now, but maybe some masochists on your blog could pull it off:

The Ultimate Wrestlemania Card!

Select one match from each Wrestlemania to come up with the Ultimate Wrestlemania card, while constrained by the following limitations:

1. Each wrestler can be used no more than once.
2. Each title can be defended no more than once.

(Bonus points for having every title ever defended at Wrestlemania defended exactly once…so your Wrestlemania XIV match is Taka Michinoku defending the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship against Aguila by default)

So if you choose the Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat IC Title match for Wrestlemania III, then you cannot choose the Savage/Warrior match for Wrestlemania VII because Savage will have been used already, and you cannot choose the Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon match for Wrestlemania X because the IC title match will have been used already.

Can anyone pull it off now?

Yeah, Lou DiPietro was one of my moles in for a long time but he changed careers a while ago.  
I think it's nigh-impossible to pull off the deal now, unless you split it into 1-10 / 11-20 / 21-30 or something like that, though.  Math is just working too hard against you otherwise.  

A wild idea…RAW IS BRYAN

So, there was an incident a couple of years ago on ESPN here in the US when, aware of how much criticism they were getting for a ridiculous amount of coverage of Tim Tebow (now-former NFL quarterback), they deliberately devoted an entire hour of Sportscenter to Tebow. Every story for an entire hour (except one breaking story), all on one guy.
Having D-Bry wrestle twice to start Raw tonight got me thinking…could they have him wrestle an entire Raw? Maybe after he wins the title, the Authority makes him wrestle one match after another for an entire show in a desperate attempt to unseat him. Or, if he doesn't win the title, they make him wrestle an entire show to get another shot. Flair used to work Broadways…figure with a big long show-opening promo, commercials between matches, etc., Bryan would be in the ring two hours. Could he do it? And what would the reaction be like?
The blog would be like "I wish there was more Daniel Bryan on this show.  They should stop burying him!"

A Quick Daniel Bryan Idea

Okay, I just thought of a brilliant idea that would make WWE ridiculous amounts of money:
Selling pairs of Daniel Bryan foam fingers for "YES!" chants.

I am legitimately shocked that no one in marketed has attempted that one yet.  An arena full of foam fingers would look crazy on TV, and as noted, make them a shitload of money.  

New idea

Hear me out.

Promo of the Day is meh…

How about a continuous weekly topic where you put up a clip of great moments in wrestling that make us feel good. I know the snark is what gets you the hits, but how about it?

Just throw up some clips like 

Ciclope unmasking as Dean Malenko. 
Raven and Sandman returning to ECW.
CM Punk returning to RAW with the real title.
The Nitro-Raw Simulcast

Throw them up weekly and let the BoD talk about the good things of wrestling rather than how it sucks everyday. I'm sure talks will break down to petty arguing and flaming but you would have the best intentions.


The Nitro-RAW simulcast was a GOOD moment?!?  

Random ass idea

I was thinking about hosting a rap battle on the blog. Basically just start a thread where everyone just lays out freestyles and whoever gets the most upvotes wins. If I did that would you be willing to offer the winner a repost, rant, or Scott Sez of their choice? Lemme know what u think, I know that isn't normally your kinda thing but it could be fun.

Christian:  "Tomko, give me a beat!"
Tomko:  "No."

10 rare titles and great match of the day idea

Here's a pretty interesting historic article from the crew about rare titles from the '70s/'80s:

A good read for those of us who didn't get into wrestling until the '90s.

And, there's a clip of this Jumping Bomb Angels/Glamor Girls tag title match included in the article:

I was fairly surprised at how good (great?) it was considering it's a WWF women's match. Might be a good match of the day candidate for the blog.

As a belt mark, that was some good stuff.  And I kinda love that there's an actual backstory to the mysterious Rio De Janeiro tournament that created the IC title.  
And yeah, that tag match was YEARS ahead of its time.  Blew my mind back in 1988. 

A question and an idea…

Firstly using your archives I've been putting together best of lists, like best of COTC, Starrcade etc, basically watching anything you rated ***1/2 or higher. So thank you for providing so many awesome reviews over the years. I trust you more than Meltzer and a lot of others when it comes to star reviews. But I was thinking of putting together a best of WCW Saturday Night compilation and was looking for some ideas as far as badass matches from that show! Do you have any recommendations or perhaps could you do an article on SN because there's a super rich history in regards to that show.

Also wouldn't it be awesome if WWE put out a best of SN dvd? I mean between WCW and NWA there has to be a couple of decades worth of shows if I'm not mistaken? Anyways man thanks for being, from what I can tell, the only entertaining wrestling reviewer on the web for a LONG ass time!

Sadly I didn't get TBS until 1991 so I didn't get to catch up on the 80s stuff until I got 24/7, so really my exposure was only in the early 90s.  Obviously the show was mostly ignored by WCW once the Nitro era began, so it gives kind of a limited timeframe of great stuff to draw from.  Off the top of my head, you've got things like Steve Austin v. Barry Windham 2/3 falls from the debut of the repackaged WCW Saturday night, Austin v. Steamboat in the TV title change, Vader v. Jack in the infamous powerbomb on the concrete, Brad Armstrong v. Great Muta, and probably others than I'm totally zoning on at the moment.  If you're including the 80s version you can throw in a ton of awesome Midnight Express squashes, Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert v. Barry Windham & Ric Flair, Magnum TA v. Ole Anderson,and tons more.  I think a DVD would totally be do-able.  

Fwd: WrestleMania Idea

Let's say Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and beats Dolph Ziggler for the World Title at WrestleMania.  The Rock beats CM Punk for the WWE title, but loses to John Cena at WrestleMania.  Cena uses the help of Wade Barrett and whoever else to get the title from Rock, because – like Austin with Vince – he doesn't think he can do it on his own.  Could Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and Ryback carry the company as the top faces if Cena turned heel?  There was a time where turning Hogan heel sounded crazy, but it ended up making WCW a gazillion dollars.

Yeah, but Cena is making WWE a gazillion dollars as a babyface and there's no guarantee that would continue as a heel.  With Hogan it was turn heel or get the character off TV for good and wait for a nostalgia run later, because that babyface act was KILLING the company.  Look, I hate pandering babyface Cena as much as anyone, but I absolutely understand why they don't do the turn and I don't blame them one bit.  He's still one of the biggest draws in history, maybe THE biggest in a lot of ways that Hogan didn't have access to, and you just don't fuck that up without a solid backup plan in place.  Obviously they don't think it's Bryan, and Sheamus isn't going anywhere with his current character, and Ryback is hit or miss at best.  

My million dollar idea

I've decided that I'm going to make my millions by creating the ultimate reality show, so when it comes along there's documentation that I thought of it first.  I think I might have pitched this one on Facebook or somewhere before, but I want to make sure it's well documented when someone steals the idea.  It'll be called Reality Gauntlet (or Jack Of All Trades, I'm not entirely sold on either name yet) and here's how it works.  Current shows are based on the premise that a bunch of reality whores are really good at one skill, when in fact we know it has more to do with TV readiness and personality and such.  So why not create a show that makes you be good (or at least not the worst of, say, 12 people) at EVERYTHING?  You get your usual cast of 10-12 wacky people, and each episode sees them having to master a different reality show genre.  It'll have to be played for broad parody to escape legal trouble, but it's probably do-able.  So each week the contestants get a crash course in that week's skill, and then boom, off they go and the worst person at the task is eliminated, until you're left with the winner, who is the person was at least able to get by enough to pass each week.  You can do:

– A modelling challenge (America's Next Top Model)
– A fashion design challenge (Project Runway)
– A cooking challenge (Hell's Kitchen)
– An obstacle course (Wipeout)
– A singing challenge (American Idol)
– A renovation challenge (like something on HGTV)
– A dancing challenge (So You Think You Can Dance)
– A wrestling/MMA challenge (Ultimate Fighter / Tough Enough)
– A grossout challenge (Fear Factor)
– A straight trivia challenge once there's 3 or 4 people left (Jeopardy) or maybe a Minute To Win It type of deal.  
– A survivalist challenge for the big finale (Survivor).
This would of course be grotesquely expensive and probably have legal headaches out the wazoo, but the trainwreck possibilities would be ENDLESS.  I await my royalty cheque from Simon Cowell when this happens next fall.  

Someone from NBC thought it was a good idea to interview the Iron Sheik about the olympics… This will be fun for everyone. You can play mad libs with all the deleted expletives.

I’m shocked he didn’t mention his fake experiences in the Olympics in 68 or 72 or whatever year he’s remembering this week.  Or maybe he did and we couldn’t tell, who knows.