Wresting Hypothetical Question

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I enjoy the concept of wrestling without actually enjoying it on my TV set these days.

My question is a hypothetical one since Vince would never go for it. 

It seems to me that one of the most exciting aspects of Ultimate Fighting is that anybody can win at any moment.  You can't turn away to grab a slice of pizza because some dude might get knocked out with an out of nowhere knee or something.

So why does every single WWE match have to come down to somebody hitting their finisher, or a run-in/fluke roll up?  Why can't wrestler A slap on an arm bar and win out of nowhere?  Wouldn't this make RAW a more compelling program?  Sure you can't do this for a PPV but on a week to week show you could have surprise victories that would lead to easy feuds.  Loser wrestler would say, "That was a fluke, there's no way you can do it again" and then you'd have instant heat on a rematch.

I mean, do people really pop for early pin attempts, because you KNOW that unless one of the dudes hits his finisher there's no way the match is ending? 

And this second idea is even less likely, but you could have styles clashes where speedy wrestler A can beat big man wrestler B, but technical wrestler C can beat A.  So you'd have some fluky victories by different guys.  This is what makes boxing as minimally interesting as it is.

I guess my question is, has there ever been anything in wrestling like the two scenarios I've described and did they work?

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​Yeah, I mean basically you're describing a whole style that New Japan was doing for a long time when Inoki was all into the fake MMA thing, and there's still some vestiges of it today.  I don't know how effective it was, in that the company damn near died when they were doing stuff like pushing ex-MMA fighters as IWGP champion, but certainly you're much more likely to see matches even today end on something like a random submission move than you would in WWE.  As has been noted several times, WWE is all about their "house style" now, kind of like McDonalds where you know exactly what you're getting on every show and some people prefer the Big Mac and some prefer the McChicken but it's not like you're getting different burgers if you go to the other McDonalds across town.  ​

Hypothetical Montreal question

Watching the Austin/McMahon rivalry episode on network and the mention Montreal so here's a quick one:
If Madusa never shows up on Nitro and drops the Women's Title, does Vince screw Bret?   Vince was obviously paranoid because of the Madusa/Nitro situation.  He and Bret were close for nearly 15 years.  Can we kinda sorta thank Madusa for helping spark the Mr. McMahon character?
​I think it was certainly a contributing factor, but a minor one.  Madusa wasn't actually going to drop the belt on the way out anyway, she was  basically fired (her contract expired and she wasn't offered a new one) and it was more that the company stupidly forgot to ask for the belt back.  It's not like she was supposed to come in for a RAW in December and drop the title to Aja Kong and screwed them over.  There had been a rough plan for that title change at Royal Rumble but that was out the window by December.  
So yes, Vince would definitely have still screwed Bret at Montreal.  ​

Hypothetical Time!


> Frankly, I'm getting tired of the constant bitching about D-Bry. In three and a half years with WWE he's gone from being an undersized indie worker to the most popular performer in the company and a three time world champion, tag team champion, money in the bank winner, and US champion. I'm not saying "give it time", but give it time.


> Now, on to totally random hypothetical questions that I'd love your/the board's thoughts on:


> 1. What if Magnum TA didn't get into a car accident?

> 2. What if Brock Lesnar signed with WCW instead of the WWF (if I recall correctly, WCW was heavily scouting him as well).

> 3. What if the Radicals (I refuse to use the "z") didn't leave WCW when Bischoff gave them their releases?


As a wise man once rapped, your time is up, my time is now.

1. He would have done well.

2. Given he spent 2001 in the WWE developmental system anyway, not much would have changed there.

3. Just would have delayed the inevitable by a year. Eddie and Chris were gonna get over on hard work either way.

Hypothetical Answer

Weeks before Wrestlemania 30 John Cena comes out and puts over The Undertaker as the man he respects the most out of the locker room. “But I’m going to break the streak.” 

Wrestlemania 30.  Back and forth match. Cena gets Taker in the STF. He makes it to the ropes. Cena hits the AA. Taker kicks out. Undertaker’s thinking old school. Cena counters and climbs the  2nd turnbuckle. Attitude Adjustment from the top! Undertaker kicks out. Taker and the ref bump into each other and both are down. Cena looks down at the ref then back at Taker. He repeats this for what seems like forever trying to make up his mind. He goes to check on the referee and wake him up. Nope, he’s out. He turns back to Taker. Suddenly Cena’s facial expression turns into a scowl. He reaches in his jorts and pulls out brass knux still staring down Taker with an angry look. Taker slowly makes his way to his feet and turns around and Cena blasts him. Taker is knocked out in the center of the ring. Cena leans over him. You can’t see me. Five Knuckle Shuffle with the brass knux. Covers him and the ref slowly crawls over. 1.. 2.. 3.  Trash fills the ring in disgust.

The next night on Raw Triple H comes out and says he just can’t allow the ultra-prestigious streak to end that way and brings out the ref who reverses the decision and declares Cena disqualified. Triple H books a rematch for Wrestlemania 31.. in a Hell In A Cell match.

I do accept checks.

This is either the worst or best troll ever.  Can’t decide which one yet.

Hypothetical Question

So I've been thinking, with all the people talking about Cena turning heel all the time(I'm gonna say this now, HE WILL NOT TURN HEEL, AND IT WOULD BE STUPID FOR WWE TO DO SO!), what would have been the best time to turn him heel had they planned it sometime after Wrestlemania 22?

Probably 2011 after the Punk deal, so that someone else could have a legitimate shot at being the #1 guy.  

WWE network hypothetical

Its your blog mvp the fuj and i gotta question for you and the BOD-ites…

If wwe does ever launch… What would they show on during raw/smackdown et al?

I couldnt see them showing raw/nitro from 97-98 (when it was good) and lose more viewers to themselves essentially. But they wouldn't have dead air cuz thats just a waste of money. I just dont see how they could have original raws on usa when on the wwe network you have wcw saturday night from 1982 running opposite amd think that someone like me would honestly watch raw in its current state.



I don't think you can just declare yourself the blog MVP.  I think there's a voting process or something.
As for the network, what to show against RAW is the least of their troubles with it thus far.  Given that the network, should it ever launch, is going to have an audience of maybe 100,000 total viewers at any given time, MAYBE, I'm safely confident it won't matter one bit what they put in that timeslot.  Nobody is paying HBO prices for their third-rate "network" when 24/7 is already a spectacular failure.