Best Hype Video

In the Stone Cold vs Rock favorite moment discussion the wrestle mania 19 "my way" hype video came up, and it seemed like a good topic for blog discussion.  My favorite is the Undertaker vs Michaels package they aired on Raw after elimination chamber.  after that package I was the more stoked for a WrestleMania than i had been in a long time.  I included it below

"My Way" was for Wrestlemania X7.  Nonetheless, the point stands, it's great.  My favorite is "Mr. McMahon's Utopia." from Over the Edge 98:
I'm also pretty excited about that WWE Network that's coming in 2012:

Best and worst series of vignettes to hype up a debut

Hey there, it's NWA88 from the blog —
I thought this might be a fun idea for a blog topic — specifically wrestlers who debuted after a long series of vignettes.
Over the years we've seen many of these kinds of hype videos for soon to be debuting wrestlers.  Some of them (like "garbage man" Dusty Rhodes or Mr. Perfect) were crafted to reveal facets of the characters themselves, where others were shrouded in mystery and designed to create a buzz (Blood Runs Cold, the Millennium Countdown).  I just thought it might be fun to discuss the best and worst of these and to shed some light on some of the lesser known or forgotten ones.

Best:  Razor Ramon.  Gave you everything you needed to know about the character in one shot and instantly turned him into a star before he even stepped into the ring.  Mr. Perfect was a close second, I'd say, but Perfect was someone who could get himself over as he went, whereas Ramon really needed to have the character launched from jump street.
Worst:  The Artist Formerly Known As Prince vignettes did nothing to make me care any more about Iaukea.