I’m only Milhouse when he gets hurt

Hi Scott, 

Is it just me, or does WWE have the whole "stunt double" angle backwards? Shouldn't Miz want to use the stunt double to do the bulk of the wrestling for him, and just come in at the end to claim the glory of a win? It would make sense that he is protecting his Hollywood image by not putting himself in harm's way.

It would also take away the issue you pointed out that these matches suffer because they require Miz to work basically the whole time by himself. You could structure the match in a way so that you still get the funny Mizdow antics (Miz starts out each match while Mizdow mugs outside, Miz tags out fairly quickly after taking any damage and thinking it's better to keep safe and let his stunt double take the brunt of the punishment, Mizdow works the match and then Miz tags in for the selfish pin).

​Kudos on the Radioactive Man reference in the title.  And yes, this is EXACTLY what they should be doing with it, and it's kind of how the angle started.  It actually makes Miz look like kind of a badass to be facing two guys at once while his stunt double acts like a clown on the apron, so why do it?  This version would work more if Miz was a babyface who was determined to fight alone and Mizdow just kept bugging him like Steve Austin and Dude Love.  I mean, they can still redeem this by having Miz finally accept his stunt double as a partner, but I don't feel like that's where it's going.  ​

Will TNA’s “Clash” shows help or hurt their PPV buys?


Hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend. With TNA just having Destination X on free TV and with Hardcore Justice on free TV as well, do you think it will help or hurt TNA's PPV buys? If they are putting "Clash" style shows on free TV for 6-8 months out of the year, why would the casual viewer care to order the PPV's the other 4 months? We got a World title change on free TV at Destination X and probably another one at Hardcore Justice. I just can't see TNA building up a stronger PPV consumer base with them giving away free World title matches on a monthly basis on TV. While I love the free shows, I think it would be better if they used that show as a "medium" to build stronger feuds heading into the PPV's. 


h, the 4 PPV model has been a disaster on several levels.  Buyrates didn't go up, and now Dixie Carter is claiming that the cost of taping all the replacement shows in one shot is the reason for their financial woes.  Plus the show has been pretty aimless without monthly PPVs to build towards.  Even if they had cut it down to 8 they would still have direction.  Now they've got the problem with Bound for Glory of building it with a giant tournament where you don't even know who the main contenders are going to be!  April – October is just WAY too long between shows.  That's a huge commitment to ask newer viewers to make.