How the internet would have ruined wrestling from the beginning.

Hi Scott,

I was watching the WWE Network the other day, and there was a lumber jack match that got out of control. Jake the Snake came out with Damien and broke it up. Back then, I figured that it was Jake’s pet that he traveled with. But maybe it was not the same snake all the time. When I was watching the other day, I wondered if the internet was around at the time, would there would be a youtube video showing screenshots from all the show’s over a period of years proving that Damien had been portrayed by multiple snakes? If so, would we have looked at Jake a little different knowing that the whole Snake persona was just an act?

I wonder how many other things would have been ruined if the internet had been around since the beginning. You may have known or suspected some things already, but the internet would have removed all doubt.

Some other things I thought of.

– The day after the Main Event, we would have learned that there are Hebner twins, and that some guy didn’t really pay a fortune for plastic surgery as Hogan suggested.
– We would have known that Savage and Liz were married long before they did it on TV.
– Back then, a guy would disappear and you wouldn’t notice he was gone until months later. Now we know months in advance when a guys contract is up, or that he’ll be off TV because of an injury.

Not to deflate your bubble, but it was common knowledge for years that the Hebners were twins (Earl was a top level NWA referee), and that Savage and Liz were married in real life. Anyone who read a non-WWF wrestling magazine was well aware of those things. Certain aspects of the business became more exposed by the internet era in the 90s, yes, but it’s not like everyone watching was a bunch drooling idiots. Outside of ECW fans.