NXT Homegrowns Question

Hi Scott,

Another NXT question (lotta that going around these days!). With guys like Owens, Joe, and Zayn moving up to the main roster, more indy talent is going to be signed in pretty short order to fill their spots. I'm not against indy talent getting their shot, but doesn't this defeat the purpose of NXT creating new Homegrown talent? As WWE keeps bring in more indy guys to fill the rosters, it seems like the Homegrowns aren't getting attention. With all the buzz about Owens, Joe, and Balor, where does that leave Rawley, Breeze, and Corbin? Do they really matter anymore? Should they?

Any thoughts?

Having too much talent that's ready for TV is a good problem to have, I guess.  Breeze is absolutely ready for the main roster and should be there already, but he's in the weird friendzone where he's above the NXT learning crew but below the NXT All Star Indy Squadron and that's a tough spot.  As I said before, I really like the idea of splitting the NXT brand into the upper and lower tiers, because it's really becoming a problem where people expect WAY too much out of people that are essentially learning the basics but happen to be on TV with people that already know enough to be stars.  It's becoming a weird dynamic and I almost feel like they should just shoot two hour-long or even just 40 minute shows, one with the beginners and one with the IndyPowers crew.  But hey, even HHH admitted that he was learning as we went along, too, so I'm willing to cut everyone some slack and just enjoy the shows.