Homegrown talent


Who do you think are some of WWE's best truly home-grown talent?  Guys like Hogan, Savage, Dibiase, etc. are name-brand WWF guys, but all started their basic characters in other organizations (AWA, Memphis, etc).  Steve Austin was awesome in USWA and WCW before breaking out with a new character in the WWF (I guess we could say Stone Cold was WWF-grown, as a character?).  The Rock is the only one that comes to mind as a guy who developed everything in the WWF/E.  Then of course the developmental guys like Cena, Orton, et al.  Any thoughts on this?  

Yeah but Rock was a man of the world even before he got to WWE, due to his family connections and life in the business.  John Cena is the guy who lived and breathed the WWE system 100% from day one and ended up as the biggest star in the business.  Although he did some stuff with Bassman's promotion before he got to OVW, so you could argue he wasn't completely WWE property.  
But if you want to go REALLY hardcore with the technicalities, Dolph Ziggler is the guy who went from tryout in the developmental system and made it all the way to the main roster as World champion, so I'd go with him.  
You know what's gonna be weird?  When guys start coming up in the system who have no knowledge or memory of WCW beyond what WWE produces for the nostalgia DVDs.