Why not go ahead and do Hogan/Warrior II?

Watching Summerslam 1990 the other day and Hogan's promo really seems to be hinting at a rematch with Warrior. I get having to move the show from the coliseum because of terrorists which was 100% real of course because Vince would never lie, but why still not keep course and do Hogan/Warrior II? Was he drawing THAT bad that they couldn't wait two more months?

If nothing else, why not keep Hogan going over Slaughter and Warrior be all like "I beat you before, I can beat you again. You and me at summerslam!"

​Yeah, Warrior was drawing pretty bad.  But keep in mind Vince had already decided that Slaughter was going to be the guy around Summerslam anyway​.  It wasn't like some last-minute decision where the legendary Hogan-Warrior rematch got shafted.  By the time that the Gulf War started Vince legit thought that Slaughter v. Hogan would sell 100,000 tickets.  Plus I just don't see the Hogan rematch being a huge drawing card with Warrior, especially with the result being such a foregone conclusion and the original buyrate being disappointing.