Question about Hulk Hogans Divorce.

Hey, been a big fan since you and the Scotsman used to internet beef, man I miss that guys writing. 

Anyway, what the hell happened to Hogan in his divorce ? How the heck did he get taken to the cleaners so badly ? Did she get more than half, and if she did how is that even possible ?

​I don't know if the specifics were ever released publicly, actually.  I'm just a simple country chicken, but I suspect Hogan got caught screwing around or something along those lines.  Either way, he got hung to dry by the court for sure.  Anyone else know details?  ​

Hulk Hogan’s Missing Mustache/Black Tights


Fired up Halloween Havoc 1995 and not only is Hogan missing his mustache but he's wearing the black lightning tights that he would make popular after becoming Hollywood Hogan. What in the heck is going on? I remember reading some ages ago about you saying Hogan tried something new out around this time, but what was it? Maybe he was filming a movie around this time? He just did an interview where he wasn't the vitamin swilling preacher. He kinda had some lame "edge."

Wait, you mean that watching Hogan burning a copy of the Observer and showing his badass edge didn't make you immediately buy him as a killer anti-hero? That was two years before Stone Cold Steve Austin AND Vince Russo!  The man was an INNOVATOR!  Did you know that Randy Savage's so-called "arm injury" at the time was just him working a bunch of internet nerds who were too stupid to know better, despite him having it wrapped up in bandages and selling it for the entire match against Lex Luger before submitting to an armbar?  Stupid marks.  

Hogan’s First Title Reign


After the success of the first three Wrestlemanias with Hulk Hogan on top, do you think it was time to take the belt off Hulk in the run-up to WM4?  I know it gave us a (for the time) shocking moment with Andre's title win and subsequent "sale" of the belt to Dibiase as well as the ascent of Randy Savage to the top of the company.  However, the poster for WM4 still had Hulk/Andre on it and the product never shifted from Hogan even when Savage went to the top.  Nor should it have.  So my question is: was it worth taking the belt off Hogan in 1987 or should they have just let Hogan carry the belt in perpetuity, ala Bruno and Backlund before him?  
It didn't hurt anything to and it gave them an interesting enough angle to do something different at WM4.  But would a 5-6 year Hogan reign have been worth doing instead?  You could still get to Hogan vs. Savage at WM5 easily enough.  The MegaPowers still team up (WWF and IC champs) against Dibiase & Andre.  Savage gets jealous and wants his shot at the title.  Heel turn and you're in the same wheelhouse.  Plus, when Warrior beats him at WM6, it's even bigger because he's dethroning Hulk after a 5-6 year reign.  These were not the days of hot-shotting a title switch for a PPV boost.  Champs reigning for years on end was the norm and Hulkamania was not showing any signs of slowing down back then.  Hogan remained the focal point either way, so do you think, objectively, there was a need for Hogan to lose the belt in '87?  (I do recognize that we all have Randy Savage biases and might answer "yes" just for the sake of Randy being champ in '88).    
What are your thoughts?

Well they kind of HAD to get the title off Hogan so he could film No Holds Barred.  Certainly they could have kept running with him on top for another couple of years.  

Hulk Hogan’s new restaurant

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From: "Paul" >
> It's Pastamania Part II, brother!
> Okay, this will probably last a few months longer than Pastamania did, but it's still going to be overpriced, mediocre food. 
> And who in the hell sees Hulk Hogan's likeness and decides "Yes! That is where I want to eat and grab some drinks!"? 
> I give it between 18 months and 2 years before it goes under. 
> -Paul.