New Breed Theory (Champion & Royal changed history)

The New Breed Theory by Kace
In 1986, not just professional wrestling, but life itself changed forever.
Their names were Chris Champion and Sean Royal and by some stroke of circumstance had been able to leave 1986 and experience the world of 2002.  At first, the world was a marvel of scientific advancement, but the advancement came at the expense of humanity itself.  Lifelike robots and androids were made to function alongside humans, possibly even serving in a superior capacity to those not socially high enough in the caste system.
The world had been taken over by a corrupt President of the United States, hailing from Texas.
Upon being elected in 2000 and taking office in 2001, President Dusty Rhodes instilled an American Dream by his vision, a forced vision turning America and the free world itself into a dystopia.  His right hand man was Jimmy Valiant, who like Rhodes had failed to socially change with the times as the 1990s arrived.  Valiant's corrupting influence on Rhodes would lead to a global takeover of Jim Crockett Promotions, which Rhodes had helped lead to domination over the rest of the wrestling world, leaving the sport as its supreme ruler and leading to a political rise to power.
Champion and Royal knew they had to go back in time to stop this.  And so they returned to 1986, referring to the Future as their home so they could be reminded of their mission.  They were now the New Breed.  The mission was to remove Dusty's corrupting influences, most notably Jimmy Valiant and the Rock N' Roll Express, a tag team that would not take kindly to the change in 1990s rock music.  Honing their skills in Florida, the New Breed would set their sights on 1987 and Jim Crockett Promotions.
Not long after arriving in the present, the Valiant of 2002 had sent an android-like being back to stop them.  He was known as Lazer Tron and would assist the Valiant of 1987, never letting the younger Valiant know the true state of its mission.
The New Breed, as a way to remind themselves of the present day would make references to Back To The Future, the Transformers and Beastie Boys, fearful that too much jargon about 2002 might lead to imprisonment or worse.  The goofiness of the 1980s references provided a coverup and even converted some younger onlookers to their cause.
The New Breed fought Lazer Tron, Valiant, and the Rock N' Roll Express.  Lazer Tron would wind up exhausted of energy and teleport back to 2002 for repairs.  His return would be to a future where he no longer existed, thanks to the New Breed's efforts.
The New Breed's war was brief, with Champion being injured and Royal getting on the wrong side of the Midnight Express.  But the mission would still prove successful.  The damage would be done.  Valiant would wind up away from Rhodes in the AWA, the Rock N' Roll Express were never quite the same, and instead of leading a corrupted JCP to world domination, the company would sell to Ted Turner's Borg Collective and Rhodes, after a series of soul-breaking battles with the Road Warriors would depart for the WWF, reduced to polka dots.
And humanity would be saved.
Just a theory, of course.

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Great matches in WWF/E History that ended with a roll-up

I just watched Punk/Bryan from OTL and this thought came to mind. I'm not counting WCW because honestly, you'd have about 30 Ric Flair matches in there. I know some off the top of my head, obviously Punk vs Bryan. Savage vs Steamboat, Owen vs Bret, and the 10 man from Canadian Stampede. I figured this would be an interesting question and topic for the blog

Um…there was that one match on RAW, where the guy was winning but then his enemy's music played and he got so distracted that his opponent rolled him up and won.  I forget who was in it.  I think it was on the same show as that match where the heel was getting beat up and decided to walk out on the match.  Hopefully that narrows it down a bit  

WWE Lists Top 50 Villains and Good Guys in Wrestling History

Source – Villains

Source – Good Guys

These might be old but it’s the first I’ve heard of them.


  1. Roddy Piper
  2. Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen
  3. Mr. McMahon
  4. Ted DiBiase
  5. Hollywood Hogan
  6. HHH
  7. Superstar Billy Graham
  8. Bobby Heenan
  9. Gorgeous George
  10. Jake Roberts
  11. Rick Rude
  12. JBL
  13. The Fabulous Freebirds
  14. The Original Sheik
  15. Chris Jericho
  16. Sherri Martel
  17. Mr. Perfect
  18. Killer Kowalski
  19. Jim Cornette
  20. Edge
  21. Freddie Blassie
  22. Undertaker
  23. Sgt. Slaughter
  24. Harley Race
  25. Vader
  26. Nick Bockwinkel
  27. Paul Orndorff
  28. Fabulous Moolah
  29. Raven
  30. Jerry Lawler
  31. Kevin Sullivan
  32. Randy Orton
  33. Terry Funk
  34. Abdullah the Butcher
  35. Paul Heyman
  36. Ivan Koloff
  37. Ernie Ladd
  38. CM Punk
  39. Dudley Boyz
  40. Don Muraco
  41. Kane
  42. Brock Lesnar
  43. Eddie Guerrero
  44. Eric Bischoff
  45. Andre the Giant
  46. Iron Sheik
  47. Mark Henry
  48. Vickie Guerrero
  49. Randy Savage
  50. Batista

Good guys:

  1. Bruno Sammartino
  2. Hulk Hogan
  3. Steve Austin
  4. John Cena
  5. Sting
  6. Bret Hart
  7. Dusty Rhodes
  8. The Rock
  9. Ricky Steamboat
  10. Rey Mysterio
  11. The Von Erichs
  12. Undertaker
  13. Junkyard Dog
  14. Rock and Roll Express
  15. Andre the Giant
  16. Jeff Hardy
  17. Ultimate Warrior
  18. Magnum TA
  19. Randy Savage
  20. Mankind
  21. Goldberg
  22. Jimmy Snuka
  23. The Crusher and the Bruiser
  24. Shawn Michaels
  25. Bobo Brazil
  26. Road Warriors
  27. Mil Mascaras
  28. Bob Backlund
  29. Jim Duggan
  30. Jack Brisco
  31. Chief Jay Strongbow
  32. Rob Van Dam
  33. Verne Gagne
  34. Tito Santana
  35. Jerry Lawler
  36. Mr. Wrestling II
  37. Antonino Rocca
  38. Eddie Guerrero
  39. Wahoo McDaniel
  40. Lex Luger
  41. Tommy Rich
  42. Ivan Putski
  43. Kofi Kingston
  44. Pedro Morales
  45. Tommy Dreamer
  46. Danny Hodge
  47. Trish Stratus
  48. Bob Armstrong
  49. Rocky Johnson
  50. Diamond Dallas Page

It’s hard to argue with either top five (although I could see Steamboat being a top five good guy ever.  Same with Mysterio), but some of the lower lists are bizarre.  For one thing, where are Jimmy Hart and Shawn Michaels as villains/ Also, Harley Race at #24 and freaking JBL at #12?  Ridiculous.  The top five villains are about as accurate as you’re going to get though.

History of the WWE Championship book

Over the last few months I’ve written a book on the history of the WWE Championship in light of it being fifty years old this month.  Starting back with the title being introduced with Buddy Rogers and running up through Rock’s title win at the 2013 Royal Rumble, I look at and review over 220 matches including every title change and several other title defenses and important matches in the title’s history.  The book runs about 270 pages and is available for only $5 from Amazon.

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Triple H: A People’s History

Hi Scott,

I lost interest in wrestling from around Wrestlemania 18 to about 2009. Whilst I get a general sense of Triple H in this period from hate on blogs and Wikipedia (as well as some of the flash points – Katie Vick, Scott Steiner, Booker T), can you or any of your readers provide a sense of exactly what Triple H did in this period that made him so maligned? What other backstage politics went into it?

Basically he came back from his quad injury with about 50 pounds of unneeded muscle and a fetish for leather jackets, which meant that he couldn't really back up his own reputation for in-ring work any longer.  Then he made himself World champion of RAW because he felt that the IC title was beneath him (which it was), but when they were building up RVD to that title, HHH squashed him like a bug.  Then he did the same thing to Kane to eliminate the IC title completely for a while. Bubba Dudley was getting over on RAW as a singles guy, so HHH squashed him on TV.  Then he wanted a program with Steiner to show that he could get a great match of him, and he couldn't.  Then there was Evolution, where the greatest wrestler in history got to play his second-banana and lapdog.  
Those are the highlights of the early years…

History of ECW 7/3/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: July 3, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. In this episode Chris Candido and Lance Storm defend the ECW World Tag Team titles against RVD and Sabu. Also, Balls Mahoney will face Masato Tanaka. Joey warns about the dangers of chair shots to the head with regards to this match.


Joey is in the ring while the crowd gives a hearty “ECW” chant. He then introduces his new color commentator…ECW World Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Oh lord, Shane is on commentary. One would think that the censors must be getting overtime, but Paulie was cheap so we’ll see what we get. Actually the entire Triple Threat with Francine and Lance Storm enter the ring. To show just where her priorities are Francine kisses the belt around Shane’s waist and then him.
Shane takes the microphone and the <CENSORED> music is cut. He then admits that he returned too quickly from injury. Next we see the scars from his elbow surgery. Ick. Subsequently he runs down Taz as a “pretender to the throne.” He calls him out and Taz’s music hits. Taz then challenges Douglas with a steel cable tied behind his back. Afterwards he refers to himself as “the world champ” while holding the FTW title above his head.
In a somewhat fascinating situation Taz wants all the cameras off so he can give the paying customers their money’s worth against Bam Bam Bigelow. Unless we get one of Paulie’s infamous clip jobs I don’t see that happening here.
Match 1: Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Chris Candido, Lance Storm, and Francine) versus Taz
As each man circles the ring the crowd encourages Taz to “fuck him up!”
Bait and switch much, Paulie? We get a promo for Heat Wave ’98 and then the opener.
Actually they did turn the cameras off…WOW! Joey informs us that an epic battle occurred over the past 30 minutes. Meanwhile both Douglas and Francine stand alongside Joey. While Douglas and Joey argue over the outcome of that match our Hardcore History moment reveals that Francine’s only match in WWE was against Ariel on 9/26/2006. Mmmmmm…Shelly Martinez.
REAL Match 1: Balls Mahoney versus Masato Tanaka
 According to Joey this is Tanaka’s first appearance in the “infamous” ECW Arena. A nice little mat wrestling sequence begins the match. After a second collar-and-elbow tie-up Tanaka takes Mahoney to the corner, notices how hungry he is, and feeds him some chops. A snapmare out of the corner leads to a legdrop and a 2 count.
After Tanaka grabs a headlock Mahoney maneuvers him to the corner and serves him some tasty chops of his own. He tries to cross-corner whip Tanaka but gets reversed. Tanaka tries to hiptoss him, but Mahoney counters with a shove to the corner by the throat. Mahoney then cross-corner whips him, but Tanaka floats over the top rope. Instead Tanaka tries to come off the top rope but gets caught and slammed to the mat. He must be taking notes from Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Thinking he has the upper hand Mahoney mounts the top turnbuckle, but Tanaka meets him up there and brings him down the hard way with a top rope superplex!
After surviving a pin attempt at the very last moment Mahoney gets to his feet. Tanaka comes off the ropes and makes him eat an elbow and a running clothesline. Right hands are exchanged, but Mahoney easily wins that battle. He then whips Tanaka off the ropes and delivers a powerslam. Again he heads to the top rope but misses the “New Jersey Jam” according to Joey.
Tanaka then mounts the top turnbuckle and gives Mahoney a missile dropkick. Mahoney takes a quick powder on the outside until Tanaka tries a plancha. However, Mahoney catches him and drops him face-first on the steel railing. He then tosses Tanaka into the first row. After hitting him with a foreign object he joins him among the fans. As they brawl Mahoney grabs a fan’s beer and wallops Tanaka in the head with it.
Mahoney tosses Tanaka over the steel railing back to ringside. He then tries to whip Tanaka but gets reversed into the steel railing. Tanaka then charges and nails Mahoney with a chair to the head. Said chair is then thrown in the ring by Tanaka. Back in the ring Tanaka attempts a roaring elbow, but Mahoney ducks and gives him a belly-to-back suplex instead.
Each man grabs a chair and a quick fencing match ensues. Mahoney then kicks Tanaka in the groin and gives him a chair shot to the head. Much to the crowd’s delight Tanaka no-sells it! More fencing with the chairs occurs until Mahoney kicks him in the leg and nails him in the head again with the chair. Again Tanaka gets to his feet. Tanaka wins the fencing match this time and destroys Mahoney three times with the chair but only gets a 2 count!
Sensing victory Tanaka signals for the roaring elbow and mounts the top turnbuckle. Instead Mahoney catches and crotches him! He then sets up the two chairs in the middle of the ring and attempts the Nutcracker Suite. Tanaka fights back and delivers an outstanding tornado DDT to Mahoney onto the chairs! That gets the pin! ***
Upon returning from commercial Tanaka is still soaking up the cheers in the ring. In the meantime Joey plugs the next show in the ECW Arena on July 18 and the PPV on August 2.
We return to the ring where Joel Gertner tries to generate heat from the crowd alongside the Dudley Boyz. Sign Guy Dudley is on crutches with a huge brace on his left leg while wearing an “I Hate Dreamer” t-shirt. While Bubba Ray Dudley has a blow-up doll wearing an evening gown in his hand Gertner “pays homage” to the end of the career of Beulah McGillicutty. He then instructs the timekeeper to ring the bell ten times. The timekeeper refuses, so D-Von Dudley rings the bell himself.
Match 2: The Dudley Boyz (w/ Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley) versus Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and ????
Dreamer and Sandman carry ladders to the ring. Foolishly they enter the ring and get ambushed by all three Dudleys. Sandman even gets suplexed on a ladder by Big Dick and Bubba. Big Dick then picks up Bubba to slam him on Sandman atop the ladder but Sandman avoids getting crushed. Sandman then shoulderblocks and dropkicks the ladder into Big Dick.
Dreamer gives D-Von a piledriver on the ladder! Sandman then sets the ladder up in the corner as he and Dreamer create a Dudley sandwich with D-Von in the middle. As Dreamer and Sandman point to the entrance Atsushi Onita comes out. He proceeds to nail D-Von and Big Dick with a barbed wire 2×4! Accidentally Onita hits the Sandman with the board, and Dreamer questions him about it. Onita then gives Dreamer the DDT! He then jams the board into Sandman’s midsection then DDTs him!
New Jack hits the ring and tosses his garbage can directly into Bubba’s head. He then grabs his guitar and faces off with Onita. Jack Victory then Pearl Harbors New Jack from behind with his own guitar. All we need is Jeff Jarrett and a woman and this match would be legendary! Seeing that he has made his presence felt Onita leaves the ring. At the same time Bubba makes Sandman eat another guitar shot to the head!
Little Spike Dudley hits the ring and goes after both D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley. After nailing Bubba with a weapon he gives the Acid Drop to D-Von. He then crawls between Bubba’s legs and gives him the Acid Drop. He then kicks the proverbial field goal on Big Dick and sets up the Acid Drop; however, Big Dick just drops him straight down through the timekeeper’s table!
Big Dick then gives Dreamer “Total Penetration” on the ladder! Even I had to cringe while typing that. D-Von drapes the barbed wire board over Sandman then legdrops it! As you would expect Sandman is a bloody mess. Bubba then gives Dreamer the senton splash through the ladder. Gertner gets on the apron to distract the referee. He gets in the ring to confront Jim Molineaux and eats a right hand. Out of nowhere referee Jeff Jones nails Molineaux then quick counts the pin for the Dudley Boyz! *
Match 3 for the ECW World Tag Team titles: Chris Candido and Lance Storm (w/ Francine) versus RVD and Sabu ( w/ Fonzie)
We are joined in progress as Sabu avoids a high cross body from Storm. He then dropkicks the knee and applies the camel clutch. For no logical reason whatsoever other than to show off RVD does a back flip off the ropes and then dropkicks Storm in the face. Unfortunately for RVD he touts his accomplishment to the crowd so Candido runs over to his corner and nails him sending RVD off the apron into the steel railing.
With some nice double teaming the champs whip Sabu off the ropes, leapfrog him, and then pancake him face-first to the mat. RVD makes the save and sends Candido to the outside. RVD then applies a bow and arrow on Storm. Sabu ascends to the top turnbuckle and demolishes Storm in the gut with a chair! I have never seen that done in quite that fashion before. Candido pushes Sabu out of the way and makes the save. He then tosses Sabu to the outside.
Another great double team maneuver occurs when Candido hoists RVD up as if to deliver a powerbomb, but Storm gives RVD the missile dropkick instead! This time Sabu saves the pinfall. After he tosses Storm outside the ring he and RVD execute Poetry in Motion into a huracanrana by Sabu. RVD then gives Candido the corkscrew legdrop and earns a 2 count.
After slamming Candido RVD mounts the second turnbuckle; however, Storm interrupts him by hoisting him up on his shoulders. Candido then heads to the top and delivers the Doomsday Device earning a 2 count. As Storm and Sabu fight at ringside RVD escapes one of Candido’s patented delayed vertical suplexes. He then gets a single-leg takedown and heads to the apron. From there he delivers the corkscrew legdrop to Storm across the steel railing!
While Fonzie blows his whistle and RVD showboats Candido gives him a plancha! Sabu objects to that by hammering Candido with a chair shot to the ear! He sets up a chair and performs his triple jump dive onto Candido. The crowd voices their approval with an “ECW” chant. Sabu then grabs a table from under the ring and tries to set it up in the ring. Candido interrupts that as Joey mentions that Sabu is a former tag team champion with Taz. Douglas interjects with his “why did you have to bring him up?”
While Joey and Shane momentarily argue Candido gives Sabu a top rope huracanrana through the table! Storm tries to put another table in the ring but gets stomped by RVD. All four men are in the ring as Candido powerbombs Sabu then Storm piledrives RVD. Candido sets up the table. The champs then place both challengers on the table.
As Storm and Candido mount opposite turnbuckles Fonzie’s whistle enables the challengers to escape the double team maneuver. Instead Candido goes through the table by himself. Storm then delivers a top rope clothesline to Sabu and gets a 2 count. As Douglas notes that Candido is hurt RVD crotches Storm on the top rope then gives him a Van Daminator from the top rope with Fonzie’s assistance.
The challengers position yet another table in mid-ring. Sabu then gives Candido a DDT. The challengers then place the champs on the table and deliver stereo leg drops! Even Fonzie got on the top rope for that one! Joey celebrates with an “OMG” as the crowd eats it up with a spoon with another “ECW” chant. As RVD makes his way over to cover Candido Sabu sneaks in and gets the three count! We have NEW ECW World Tag Team Champions! The new champs pose with the gold! ****
Wow! What a main event! Props go out to all four men who busted their ass to give Philly a PPV-worthy main event. The title switch made sense as the champs looked vulnerable in previous weeks. While the semi-main was your typical ECW brawl it furthered the storyline of Dreamer trying to exact his revenge against the Dudley Boyz for their actions against Beulah.
Tanaka’s debut in the ECW Arena was definitely noticeable. He will be a force to be reckoned with in the weeks to come.
I must retract my earlier assertion that commentary from Shane Douglas would detract from the in-ring product. While his analysis wasn’t spectacular it certainly worked. He only went into business for himself briefly when Taz’s name was mentioned. It’s a crying shame that Paulie felt that his World Champion could hold the belt and sit on the sidelines. Perhaps it was good strategy not to hotshot the belt to Taz in ’98 because Taz was seeking greener pastures in ’99 when he was ECW champion.
Anyways, stay tuned to more History of ECW reviews from your resident Rock Star in the coming weeks!

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History of ECW 6/26/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: June 26, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the Woodhaven Sports Centre in northeast Philly. Joey explains that even though ECW would have to turn away fans at the ECW Arena due to crowd restrictions the Philly fans would not flock to the other side of town for the Woodhaven Sports Centre, a much larger building, and fill it up. In this episode highlights of the bWo-FBI feud will be shown. Additionally RVD will defend the ECW World Television title against Kronus.


While wearing a Nirvana t-shirt Tommy Dreamer is in the ring and addresses the fans. He makes an open challenge to any of the Dudley Boyz RIGHT NOW! In fact he incites the crowd by calling them a string of profanities. Of course the ECW crowd loves it! Our Hardcore History moment reveals that Dreamer won his second and final ECW World title at Extreme Rules in 2009.
As the crowd chants “Tommy” D-Von Dudley is in the entranceway. After more goading from Dreamer, D-Von hits the ring. They brawl for a moment before the rest of the Dudley Boyz hits the ring to ambush Dreamer. They proceed to give him the Dudley Death Drop. They continue to stomp him until New Jack, Spike, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten come to Dreamer’s rescue.
“No Viagra Jokes,” “No cross-dressing basketball players,” and “No Hulk Hogan” begin the opening credits.
Joey opens the programs acknowledging the lack of remorse shown by the Dudley Boyz for their actions towards Beulah McGillicutty.
Match 1: The FBI (w/ Tommy Rich) versus the bWo
We return to the ring to see the Blue Meanie jiggle in the ring. Wait, hold on, does anyone have any Pepto Bismol? This is making my stomach turn. Meanie even involves referee John Finnegan in his “dance.” Smothers assists my stomach’s chemical imbalance with a dropkick to Meanie. Rich sticks his face in Finnegan’s, shoves him, and receives a big shove in return. Little Guido comes in the ring and both members of the FBI shove Finnegan. He returns fire with a double clothesline! Sign him up, Paulie!
 “With reckless abandon,” according to Joey, Nova delivers a plancha to both Smothers and Little Guido outside the ring! Both Nova and Rich climb to the apron; however, Rich gives Nova a bulldog to the steel railing. Little Guido drops a couple of elbows while Nova is down. We do not get the finish of this match.
Match 2: Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten versus Jamie Dundee and Danny Doring
Instead we fast-forward to the point where Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten are in the ring with their trusty chairs. Jamie Dundee gets to his feet only to receive a chair shot to the back by Rotten then a chair shot to the head by Mahoney. Balls makes the cover and the pin is academic. DUD
Match 3: Don E. Allen versus The Equalizer
Next we move ahead and Taz hits the ring to interrupt a match between these two jabronies and delivers Taz-plexes to each of them. Even the referee gets a Taz-plex! I wonder if Taz was offering a bowl of soup with every one of those. Taz gets the microphone and shits all over the preliminary match. He then asks the crowd if they want to see him tangle with Bam Bam Bigelow although his language was much harsher. The crowd voices its approval.
Taz calls out BBB who answers the challenge. A double-leg takedown by Taz triggers a brawl between the two.
Standing between RVD and Sabu Fonzie cuts a promo. Since he’s quite unintelligible RVD translates it into a tag title match at the ECW Arena for Sabu and himself. Fonzie tries to blow his whistle but flubs. RVD calls him out for it, so he blows it really hard this time. RVD continues the promo by calling Lance Storm “boring.” Mind you, this was FIVE years before Stone Cold Steve Austin referred to him as such. RVD even tells Candido that once he loses the belts that Sunny will be knocking on his door again. Insert your own joke here.
Joey shills the tag title match at the ECW Arena on June 27.
Match 4: Sabu (w/ Fonzie) versus Ulf Hermann (w/ Lance Wright)
Next we get highlights of a match between Sabu and Lance Wright’s German import Ulf Hermann. Sabu goes for the leg, but Hermann stomps him away. Next Hermann whips Sabu off the ropes and makes him eat boot.
We move ahead to where Sabu set up a table between the apron and the steel railing. He then dives from the apron onto Hermann on the floor. Back in the ring Sabu baseball-slides Hermann into the front row. After setting up a chair he nails Hermann with the triple-jump springboard plancha! The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant.
We fast-forward again, and Sabu is ready to give Hermann the triple-jump splash through the table. Instead of screwing it up Hermann trips Sabu when he lands on the top rope. Hermann then mounts the top rope and delivers a crisp clothesline. He follows up with a pump-handle slam and gets a 2 count. Next he mounts the second rope but gets caught. Sabu then delivers a huracanrana and gets a 2 count.
We move ahead and Sabu delivers an Arabian press for another 2 count. He then mounts the top rope and delivers the leg drop. Another fast-forward leads us to where Sabu sets up the chair again and hits the triple jump splash through the table onto Hermann. Joey celebrates with an “Oh My God!” The crowd chants “ECW” one more time. After an Arabian face buster and a slingshot leg drop through a chair Sabu cinches on the camel clutch and Hermann submits. *
Match 5 for the ECW World Television title: RVD (champion w/ Fonzie) versus Kronus
We are joined in progress where Kronus reverses an Irish whip that subsequently leads to an enziguri. He then follows with a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. Next he delivers his patented double handspring back elbow to RVD. As if he were watching RAW in 1993 he channels Marty Jannetty and gives RVD the Rocker dropper for another 2 count. Hopefully he wasn’t emulating Billy Gunn.
After a failed leapfrog stemming from a rope sequence Kronus delivers a urinagi to RVD. Next he gives RVD a powerbomb. He then comes off the ropes and gives RVD a somersault leg drop! Is our heralded TV champion in danger of losing his title? Let’s fast-forward…
Kronus delivers a senton onto RVD then sends him outside the ring with a jumping savate kick. Outside the ring Kronus makes RVD eat the ring post and then the steel railing. Since RVD’s strict diet doesn’t include chocolate I’m sure he doesn’t mind the taste. Upon satisfying his munchies RVD comes back with a moonsault off the steel railing! Who knew eating steel could give you energy? Hmmm…maybe I should patent THAT idea! Naaaah.
RVD returns to the ring to showboat then delivers a leaping sidekick to Kronus off the apron. A standing sidekick sets up RVD to suplex Kronus on the steel railing. OUCH! RVD then mounts the apron and gives Kronus a corkscrew leg drop!
We move ahead to RVD’s spectacular delivery of the ***** frog splash. He calls for the chair, but Kronus intercepts it and smashes RVD in the head! After Kronus’ failed attempt to nail Fonzie, RVD destroys Kronus with the Van Daminator for the pin. **1/2
If you cannot join ECW this Saturday call the Hardcore Hotline after midnight for the results! Or you could just check the Internet. After all it was 1998. Now where did I put that 56k modem?
Match 6 for the ECW World Tag Team titles: Chris Candido and Lance Storm (champions w/ Francine) versus Chris Chetti and Mikey Whipwreck
We are joined in progress again where Chris Chetti locks up with Chris Candido. Chops are exchanged in the corner as the crowd provides a collective “Woo!” Candido reverses a cross-corner whip but Chetti floats over his impending charge. He then gives Candido a hiptoss off another cross-corner whip. Next he follows up with a huracanrana. Nice chain wrestling, kid! Candido gets pinballed with punches from Chetti and Mikey before heading for higher ground.
We move ahead and Storm has entered the ring. After a rope sequence and some counter moves Chetti delivers a standing dropkick to Storm. After another quick edit Mikey is in with Storm and trading punches. Mikey gets an armdrag but receives a clothesline soon thereafter. Candido tags in and gets an armdrag of his own. A rope sequence culminates with Mikey hitting the Whippersnapper on Candido. Do we have new champs? NO! Storm saves the pinfall.
Yet another quick edit shows another rope sequence between Candido and Mikey end with Francine trying to trip Mikey. Candido sees that Mikey is distracted by her but gets backdropped over the top rope to the floor. After Mikey turns around he receives a missile dropkick from Storm.
We move ahead and Candido delivers a delayed vertical suplex to Mikey. We then fast-forward and the champs deliver back elbows to Mikey coming off the ropes. After getting a 2 count Storm tries to cross-corner whip Mikey but gets reversed. However, Mikey eats boot upon charging Storm. Lance tries to follow up but eats a superkick from Mikey instead.
Storm hooks Mikey’s legs to prevent the tag as he tags in Candido. After a body slam Candido mounts the top turnbuckle and misses the diving headbutt. Chetti gets the tag and whips Candido off the ropes for a back body drop. Another whip by Chetti sets up a running dropkick. A third whip enables Chetti to powerslam Candido which gets a very long 2 count. A swinging neckbreaker off the ropes by Chetti gets another close pin attempt.
Chetti tries a cross-corner whip but Candido reverses. In lieu of hitting the corner Chetti walks the ropes and delivers a sweet leg lariat for another 2 count. After a body slam Chetti misses the double springboard moonsault. Out of nowhere Storm destroys Chetti with a springboard clothesline. Storm then baseball-slides Mikey to the outside and mounts the top turnbuckle. As Candido hoists Chetti up for a powerbomb Storm delivers the guillotine leg drop. Candido gets the pin. ***
Back in the dressing room Storm and Candido cut a promo on RVD and Sabu. Storm wants to kick some ass, and if his partner doesn’t back him up he’ll kick his as well.
Highlights of Beulah’s unceremonious exit from ECW are shown.
Backstage Joel Gertner tries to cut a promo but the lights go out. Quickly the lights return and Joel complains about paying the electricity bill. He refers to Beulah as “America’s sweetheart…of a prostitute.” Again the lights go out. A lighter is lit and someone tells the cameraman: “Don’t you say a word…” Scuffling is overheard amidst the darkness. Some lights return and Tommy is being escorted away by security as a Dudley Boy has his leg stuck in a locker. Sandman shows up but gets escorted in the opposite direction.
A music video featuring Beulah is then shown. Compare this to Konnan’s video in WCW and I’ll take this one any day.
Joel Gertner and Bubba Ray Dudley are in the ring. Gertner takes the microphone and informs us that the reason we won’t see Beulah anymore is because she bought a one-way direct ticket to Dudleyville. While wearing a bandage wrapped around his head Bubba Ray runs down Beulah. Suddenly Sandman’s music hits.
Match 7: Sandman versus Bubba Ray Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner)
Before the bell rings Bubba gives Sandman an electric chair. He then tries to take Sandman’s head off with a chair but misses. Instead Sandman whacks Bubba with the cane twice. After a short rope sequence Bubba clotheslines him. Once Sandman returns to his feet Bubba whacks him with a cane between the eyes. That’ll ruin his weekend.
Bubba tosses Sandman outside the ring and goes to work on him. Sandman thwarts a chair shot with a pair of elbows then proceeds to make Bubba eat the steel railing. Miraculously (and sloppily) he slams Bubba then gives him a table suplex. The crowd eats it up and chants “ECW!” Bubba reverses a whip and sends Sandman upside-down into the steel railing. Suddenly a fan jumps the steel railing and puts his hands on Bubba. Security swarms to grab the guy as the crowd notifies him that he’s an “asshole.”
According to Paul Heyman who makes a quick on-screen appearance the fan is Beulah’s brother. Bubba potatoes the hell out of him until Dreamer hits the scene. The locker room empties as Dreamer continues his quest to beat up Bubba. According to Joey Beulah has a brother whose name is Spencer. New Jack and D-Von have a quick skirmish before order is restored.*
Once again I have to bemoan the idea of a show filled with clips of matches. I understand Heyman’s philosophy of showcasing a good chunk of the talent, but this show was practically Russo-rific with all the short clips of matches. The Kronus-RVD match was pretty good however.
If this show achieved anything it showed that the tag champs are more vulnerable than Joey’s commentary to the contrary would lead you to believe. The tag match next week looks extremely promising. The Beulah storyline really establishes how hated the Dudley Boyz are. Involving Beulah’s “brother” may be crossing the line though. Stay tuned to more History of ECW reviews from your resident Rock Star in the coming weeks!

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History of ECW 6/19/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: June 19, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. In this episode Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn square off in an “I Quit” match. Also, will Tommy Dreamer get some revenge for what the Dudley Boyz did to Beulah? Let’s find out!

The Dudley Boyz are in the ring, and Bubba is trying to excite the crowd with his dancing and stuttering. As expected it doesn’t work so he badmouths and makes fun of all the “smart marks” instead. 

“Beavis and Butthead got canned” begins the opening credits.
Joey opens the program shilling the next show at “the notorious bingo hall” on June 27. Next he mentions the forthcoming “rumble-style” 8-man street fight:
Match 1: Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Little Spike Dudley, and New Jack versus the Dudley Boyz and Jack Victory (w/ Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley)
This is a hardcore street fight with Royal Rumble-like 2-minute intervals. Minus the copyrighted music Sandman gets his full entrance. We then take a break.
When we return footage of the Dudley Boyz’ putting Beulah on the shelf with the Dudley Death Drop is shown. Sandman starts off with Bubba Ray. A sword versus shield fight breaks out as Sandman uses his cane while Bubba blocks with the chair. That is until Sandman whacks Bubba in the leg with the cane. Each man misses a weapon shot then Sandman blasts Bubba with a cane shot to the head.
Bubba gets whipped off the ropes, ducks a cane shot, and wallops Sandman with a chair shot to the head. In the middle of the match Bubba grabs the microphone and expresses his disdain for Sandman: “All you have is that cane, a beer, and a pack of cigarettes. I’ve been paying my dues in this company for as long as your wife has been fucking Raven.” Criminy! Not surprisingly Sandman proceeds to tear into Bubba like a tornado through a trailer park.
We move forward and Jack Victory has entered the fracas. Bubba gives Sandman his half of the Dudley Death Drop. While Victory holds Sandman’s arms Bubba nails him with a garbage can. Bubba grabs the microphone again and iterates: “Jim Fullington, you live by the cane, and you’re gonna die by it!” WHACK!
Tommy Dreamer hits the ring carrying barbed wire. Immediately he goes after Jack Victory and bulldogs him on the barbed wire. Dreamer’s cross-corner whip of Bubba gets reversed, but Bubba misses the avalanche. Dreamer follows up with a huracanrana? Whoa! Go Tommy! He follows with a clothesline then attacks Victory with the barbed wire. Following that he bulldogs Bubba on the barbed wire. Next he tosses Victory over the top rope to the floor and goes after him. Upon tossing the garbage can back in the ring Bubba intercepts it and knocks Sandman silly (or is it sillier?)
We move forward, and D-Von comes in to destroy Dreamer and Sandman. Meanwhile Bubba lays in the beating to Sandman with the barbed wire on Sandman’s face. The blow-up doll from last week gets involved until Little Spike Dudley hits the ring with a ladder and takes down D-Von. He then proceeds to add D-Von to the gig club with the barbed wire. Next he gives Bubba the Acid Drop.
In the following segment Spike climbs a huge ladder in the ring. He then delivers a plancha from the top of the ladder to the Dudley Boyz on the floor! Joey celebrates with an “Oh My God” while the crowd chants “ECW!” Victory eats a table at ringside while Bubba eats a chair shot. Provolone or cheese whiz, guys? D-Von gives Dreamer a sidewalk slam on the ladder.
New Jack completes the 8-man street fight ensemble by coming in and using weapons on Bubba’s head. While he rings Victory’s bell with a cowbell somehow Dreamer uses a shopping cart to send Bubba and Big Dick into soprano mode! D-Von is the next victim of Spike’s Acid Drop but Bubba saves the pinfall with a weapon shot to the head. He then picks Spike up by the hair and drops him like a bad habit.
Dreamer then delivers the Dreamer driver to D-Von. As New Jack tries to deliver a chair shot from the top rope onto D-Von, Victory intercepts and wallops New Jack with a guitar. New Jack is out and gets pinned. **
Highlights from the match between Beulah and Fonzie from “As Good As It Gets ‘97” are shown. If you have not seen this match in its entirety please seek it out. You would think it would suck but you’d be wrong.
Back in the WWE Studios Joey informs us that the Beulah-Fonzie match is the bloodiest match in ECW history. It’s a little known fact for all the Cliff Clavins out there! He also lets us know that after the match Fonzie had to be rushed to the hospital for a transfusion because he lost so much blood. Yikes!
Match 2 “I Quit”: Justin Credible (w/ Jason, Nicole Bass, and Chastity) versus Jerry Lynn
OK, I have a question for my ECW fans, I understand why WCW signed away guys like Mikey Whipwreck and Sandman back in ’99 but what business did they have signing away Chastity? A pair of signs in the front row petition for Justin Credible versus RVD at the next PPV. Nicole Bass is too scantily clad than medically necessary for this match. <Shudder>
To start the match they tie up in the corner and trade chops. A cross-corner whip sequence culminates with an inverted atomic drop and face plant by Lynn. A rope sequence follows where the end result is Lynn giving Credible a dragon screw leg whip that hurt just looking at it! In a good way, of course. Credible then stalls on the outside with Jason in order to restore the feeling back in his right leg.
When Credible re-enters Lynn takes control and works him over. He even gets a sweet kick to the head with Credible in the corner. He then applies a single-leg Boston Crab while Joey offers us a tale of Credible doing some training in Calgary. According to Joey Stu Hart referred to training Credible as his biggest mistake. D’oh!
After slamming Credible Lynn applies a figure-four headlock. While I understand the implied lack of intelligence on Credible’s part Lynn should have continued to work on the leg here. He then gives Credible a cross-corner whip but misses the charging elbow. Next he hoists Credible onto the top turnbuckle, joins him, and then delivers a bulldog. I’m surprised that he tried this move a mere three months after Rick Steiner injured Buff Bagwell’s neck with that maneuver. Then again no one has ever accused Rick Steiner of being a MENSA member anyways.
As Credible leans against the ropes Lynn charges and is sent over the top rope. He lands on the apron, but Jason pulls his feet to the floor sending him face-first to the apron.  Bass then delivers a clothesline. Credible joins Lynn at ringside and whips him into the steel railing. Back in the ring Credible works over Lynn with punches and a choke on the middle rope then gets some assistance from Jason and Chastity. After slamming Lynn he gets caught while mounting the top turnbuckle. He maintains the advantage though and gives Lynn a sunset flip from the top rope!
Since pinfalls do not count in this match Credible applies the Liontamer. Lynn makes the ropes but falls victim to the Outsider’s Edge. In case you couldn’t guess the crowd eats him alive for it. Without delay he applies his own single-leg Boston Crab. After Lynn makes the ropes he gets suplexed onto the top turnbuckle. Credible then mounts the rope in order to deliver a superplex. Instead Lynn sunset flips him, but Credible blocks and delivers punches. Lynn counters those into a Tiger bomb.
 Lynn applies a camel clutch to Credible. He then tries to come off the ropes for momentum but Chastity and Bass trip and drag him outside the ring while Jason distracts the referee. Credible joins Lynn outside the ring and makes him eat the steel railing. He then throws Lynn back in, grabs him out of the corner by the legs, attempts to powerbomb him, but gets headscissored out of the ring!
Lynn joins Credible at ringside again and tosses him over the steel railing. Jason tries to interfere, but Lynn backdrops him over the steel railing onto Credible. He then mounts the top turnbuckle and delivers a plancha into the first row! The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant. Lynn tosses Credible back to ringside and then back in the ring. He follows with another single-leg Boston crab. Anyone have any Old Bay?
Jason comes in the ring with a chair but misses two chair shots before getting leg-whipped. Lynn then gives Jason a tiger bomb. Bass enters the ring. Lynn kicks her in the midsection and delivers a chair shot to her back! Chastity tries a high cross body from the top rope only to be caught and piledriven! Unfortunately for Lynn Credible nails him from behind with a low blow.
A cross-corner whip gets reversed then Lynn is backdropped onto the apron. He tries to suplex Credible but gets countered and sent into the timekeeper’s table below! OUCH! Back in the ring Credible flips off the south Philly crowd and attempts “That’s Incredible”; however, Lynn blocks it and hits him with the tombstone piledriver. He then locks Credible into a modified STF, and Credible submits! I will explain my reason for the rating at the end. ***
Paul Heyman narrates the story of Taz’s “one-man crime spree” dating from Living Dangerously ’98 to the present.
Joey then informs us that at Heat Wave ’98 on August 2 Taz will “defend” his FTW belt against Bam Bam Bigelow. He goes on to say that the event was supposed to take place in Indianapolis, IN; however, NASCAR scheduled the Brickyard 400 for the same weekend. Thus, ECW had no options for airfare, car rentals, etc. Instead the event will emanate from Dayton, OH. He then basically calls Paul Heyman certifiably crazy for booking the event at the Hara Arena. Good luck filling that joint, ECW!
Overall this show delivered what ECW was known for—bloodbaths and hard-hitting matches. While the 8-man street fight was entertaining from a hardcore wrestling perspective the “I Quit” match failed to deliver on its name. When I think of “I Quit” matches I think of Magnum T.A. versus Tully Blanchard and Terry Funk versus Ric Flair.
While those matches were ***** classics and can be viewed again and again with great enthusiasm, this match resembled more of a submission match. Nevertheless they could not have called it a submission match because fans probably would have wanted to grade it on the same scale as Austin-Hart from WrestleMania XIII. Again while that match was a ***** classic this one did not live up to expectations.
This match was not a fight inasmuch as it was a wrestling match to elevate both Credible and Lynn on the ECW roster. It did not appear as if any grudge was settled. We will see in the coming episodes how elevated both Credible and Lynn became because of this match. Methinks these guys could benefit from wrestling other opponents to better themselves going forward. Stay tuned to more History of ECW reviews from your resident Rock Star in the coming weeks!

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History of ECW 6/12/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: June 12, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment
of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. In this
episode Kronus will face Jamie Dundee previously of PG-13. A memorial segment
for the Junkyard Dog will also be shown. Joey relates some memorable JYD accomplishments
and feels honored to have worked with him in ECW.

We flash back to Wrestlepalooza ’98 and JYD’s appearance.
His reception has to be seen to be appreciated. The opener follows.

Joey opens the program by stating that Joel Gertner will
leave Dudleyville if the Dudley Boyz do not apologize for retiring Beulah last
week in New Orleans.

Match 1: Kronus versus
Jamie Dundee

Oh dear Lord! Dundee looks ridiculous in a jester hat. After
Kronus enters the ring Dundee touts Kronus’ involvement in the Eliminators. He
then touts PG-13 and the crowd rightfully boos. Next he runs down Kronus for
getting dumped by Saturn. Kronus makes him eat a leg lariat for that one. While
Kronus makes Dundee eat some knuckle sandwiches our Hardcore History nugget
tells us that Kronus was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski.

After slamming Dundee Kronus backs his way up to the top
turnbuckle but misses the splash. Dundee removes his jacket and chokes Kronus
with it. A cross-corner whip by Dundee gets reversed. He leaps to the second
rope to deliver a back elbow but looks ridiculous in the process. The crowd
proudly announces “You fucked up” at Dundee.

Kronus whips Dundee off the ropes and gives him a
clothesline. Another slam by Kronus leads to a missed senton. Dundee comes back
with a forearm to the back of the neck. After a snapmare he mounts the second
turnbuckle and gives Kronus the double stomp to the gut. He cross-corner whips
Kronus and gives him a handspring karate chop? Seriously? Kronus nails him
between the eyes to show how lame that was.

To show Dundee how to properly perform the maneuver Kronus
delivers a sweet double handspring back elbow. Next Kronus slams him and mounts
the top turnbuckle. He finishes Dundee off with the 450 splash. *

Highlights of the six-man tag match from New Orleans are
shown. The Dudley Death Drop (a.k.a. the move that retired Beulah) is featured.
Joey is disgusted by the actions of the Dudley Boyz and refers to them as
“scum.” Methinks Joey and DDP have shared a brew or two previously.

Highlights of House Party ’96 are shown where Stevie tries
to kiss Beulah but is DENIED! She then informs him she’s pregnant. Raven
interrupts and badmouths Beulah. She rebuts by telling him “(the baby’s) not
yours.” Raven then punks out Stevie. Beulah screams at them to stop since it’s
not Stevie’s either. She declares “it’s Tommy’s” and Raven begins to choke her.
Dreamer comes to her rescue, lands a few right hands, and DDTs Raven. Dreamer
and Beulah clear the ring as the crowd chants “Beulah!”

Dreamer continues to punish Raven on the outside with
weapons and a whip to the steel railing. He then grabs a fan’s sign that reads
“Tommy, use my sign!” Subsequently he nails Raven with it, unwraps it to reveal
a STOP sign, and then DDTs Raven onto it. Beulah hands Dreamer a pie. After
taking a big bite Dreamer piledrives Raven on the pie atop the STOP sign.
Dreamer and Beulah embrace afterwards. Classic ECW stuff there, folks.

Lance Wright is in a parking garage backed up by Jack
Victory. He will interview the Dudley Boyz and Joel Gertner who stand behind an
ambulance. Victory frisks Gertner as a precaution. Gertner issues an ultimatum
to the Dudley Boyz: either apologize in person to Beulah or lose the services
of Gertner. Bubba says he doesn’t want to lose Joel’s services and will

Bubba opens the back door of the ambulance to reveal D-Von
caught red-handed atop a blow-up doll on the gurney. Oh. My. God! D-Von claims
that Beulah gave him crabs. Bubba notifies Tommy about his girlfriend’s
distribution of her venereal diseases. Yuck! He then gives a faux apology. Wow!
A completely tasteless yet effective segment making the Dudley Boyz the evil

Joey apologizes to us for giving Joel Gertner too much
credit. He then segues to the conflict between the World Tag Team champions and
Fonzie’s men. Unfortunately Lance Storm could not make the flight to
Philadelphia in time.

The Triple Threat is in the back having a “meeting.” Candido
laughs about Storm’s flight arrangements and needs to find another partner. Bam
Bam Bigelow volunteers, but Shane Douglas interjects himself into the match.

Now the Triple Threat is in the ring. Douglas has the
microphone and “has heard a lot about…Rob Van Dam.” The crowd cheers. While
Douglas reminds us that Candido and BBB hold up their end of the bargain he tells
a heckler where to go and provides directions. The crowd actually jumps all
over the heckler! Wow!

According to Douglas, “I have heard from the Internet, the
smart marks, the sheets that Rob Van Dam is the real singles champion here in
ECW.” He cuts a promo on RVD and states that the ECW Arena is the house that he
built not RVD. He then puts forth the challenge of RVD and Sabu versus Chris Candido
and Shane Douglas.

Highlights of Taz’s interaction with Shane and the Triple
Threat are shown.

After a commercial break, highlights of the match from “A
Matter of Respect ‘98” are shown followed by highlights of last week’s match
between RVD and Storm.

Match 2: ECW World
Heavyweight champion Shane Douglas and Chris Candido (w/ Francine) versus ECW
World Television champion “Mr. Monday Night” RVD and Sabu (w/ Fonzie)

Before the match starts Douglas grabs the microphone and
states “…it’s time we find out who is the greatest singles champion in ECW.” It
should be noted that a collection of signs to the left of Hat Guy anoint RVD as
“The Best There Is, Wuz, and Ever Will Be.” While I enjoy RVD’s style he’s no
Bret Hart.

Anyways, Sabu and Candido start. Sabu gets a single-leg
takedown but misses the elbow. A cross-corner whip culminates with Candido
pancaking Sabu. Candido then gives him a snap suplex. He hoists Sabu onto the
top turnbuckle and tries to give him a huracanrana; however, Sabu counters by holding
onto the top rope. Sabu then delivers a top rope leg drop for a 2 count.

We move ahead to a rope sequence between RVD and Candido.
But when RVD drops down split-legged in preparation for a leapfrog, Candido
dropkicks him in the face instead! He follows with a clothesline and a slam
before heading to the second turnbuckle. He then delivers a leg drop which Joey
dubs “the New Jersey Jam.” Jay-Z would be proud.

Candido hoists RVD up in his delayed vertical suplex, but
RVD escapes and gives Candido a standing sidekick. Next he whips Candido off
the ropes and delivers a great standing dropkick. We move ahead to where RVD
delivers a tumbling splash to Candido. We then fast-forward to where Douglas
enters the ring. It should be noted that Douglas Is not dressed to wrestle as
he wears his Triple Threat t-shirt and black jeans.

Appropriately for Douglas he acknowledges this confrontation
between the two singles champions with a middle finger to RVD. Douglas ducks a
spin kick from RVD and pokes him in the eye. He takes RVD to the corner and
works him over with chops and punches. Douglas whips RVD out of the corner only
to whip him back into the same corner. He then gives RVD a powerslam then
favors his injured elbow.

RVD kicks Douglas in the face then gives him a leg lariat and
a corkscrew legdrop. Douglas counters with a low blow while RVD was
showboating. He works RVD over in the corner then cross-corner whips him. A
blind charge hits boot and RVD grabs Shane’s injured arm. As he holds the arm
he walks the top rope and legdrops the arm! RVD tries an armbar submission but
Candido saves.

We jump ahead to where Fonzie and Francine are in the ring.
They tussle while Taz hits the ring. Douglas tries to suplex him, but Tax
counters and applies an armbar submission move on him. Bigelow hits the ring to
fight with Taz. Meanwhile Sabu sets up a table in the middle of the ring.

Sabu and RVD place Candido on the table as Taz and BBB
continue their brawl at ringside. They then come off opposite top turnbuckles
and deliver the double legdrop through the table to Candido! ECW! ECW! ECW! RVD
covers and gets the pin! **1/2

Out in the parking lot Bigelow and Taz are still going at it.
BBB whips Taz into a parked car and Taz’ elbow shatters the front passenger

Joey closes out the show dictating that there is “no clear
#1 Alpha male in ECW.”

Overall this show presented a nice hodgepodge of the current
ECW storylines. The match between Kronus and Dundee was forgettable at best,
but the Dudley Boyz interview was certainly risqué and ground-breaking. Seeing
the entire “Beulah is pregnant” segment was a definite treat. The main event
was ECW-rific with that tremendous climax of a finish. What will happen next?
Stay tuned to further reports of the History of ECW! Happy Holidays!

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History of ECW 6/5/1998

Taped from New Orleans, LA
Airdate: June 5, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
For those of you who are waiting for my review of Slamboree ’93 I am awaiting delivery of the tape in the mail. I should have it out prior to my review of the next episode of Worldwide. On to the show…

From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the Joe Brown Center in N’awlins, Loooooooosiana! We will see a six-man tag match between the Dudley Boyz and Little Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman. Also RVD defends the ECW World Television title against Lance Storm. But first let’s have yet another dance-off between the FBI and the bWo. Joey “dances” us to…

Tommy Rich gets on the microphone and asks the sound engineer to hit the music. Tracy Smothers tumbles to the center of the ring and “dances.” It’s Blue Meanie’s turn, but as he struts and shakes the music goes in and out. Suddenly Taz’s music hits and Joey groans. While carrying the FTW belt Taz enters the ring. Smothers advances but gets nailed. Guido’s attempt is also unsuccessful as he gets belly-to-belly Taz-plexed! Taz then delivers a high cradle Taz-plex to Smothers. Nova interferes, but receives a German Taz-plex. Naively Blue Meanie encourages Taz to dance with him but receives a T-bone Taz-plex for his troubles. Rich tries his best to attack, but Taz comes off the ropes and kicks him in the knee. He then cinches in the Tazmission to the crowd’s delight. Taz grabs the microphone and hits his catchphrase.
Bigelow enters the ring, but Guido gets between him and Taz. Unceremoniously Guido gets pressed and tossed into the steel railing. Taz and BBB brawl. As the crowd chants “ECW” they fight at ringside then into the stands. Security breaks things up.
The opening credits roll.
As a trumpet plays some classic Bourbon Street jazz Joey welcomes us to another edition of ECW. He hypes the previously mentioned six-man tag match and then the TV title match.
Match 1 for the ECW World Television title: RVD (champion w/ Fonzie) versus Lance Storm
Before the match starts highlights of last week’s “dysfunctional” tag match are shown. We are joined in progress as RVD and Storm are in the midst of a rope sequence culminated by Storm’s counter of a leapfrog with an inverted atomic drop. RVD retaliates with a spinkick. RVD tries a somersault leg drop, but Storm dodges. A leg sweep segues into a dropkick by Storm.
Storm cross-corner whips RVD and tries to monkey-flip him; however, RVD counters by putting Storm on the top rope. Storm then gets a sidekick to the temple. He tries to cross-corner whip RVD again, but it gets reversed. Somersault monkey-flip gets executed by RVD, but Storm lands on his feet. Another rope sequence gets interrupted when Fonzie grabs Storm’s boot. When Storm takes the bait RVD knees him in the back to send him out of the ring. RVD then gives Storm a somersault tope!
Next RVD suplexes Storm onto the steel railing. As Fonzie holds Storm in place RVD gives Storm the corkscrew guillotine legdrop from the apron! Back in the ring Rolling Thunder gets a 2 count. Within a split second RVD gives Storm a spinning dropkick, kips up, and then delivers a corkscrew legdrop. After taunting his challenger with kicks he comes off the ropes and gets hit with an elbow in the mush.
RVD tries a spinkick but misses. Storm comes back with an awesome leg lariat. They trade some punches until Storm cross-corner whips RVD and splashes him. After an elbow he dropkicks RVD in the corner. RVD reverses a cross-corner whip, but Storm leaps to the top rope and delivers the back elbow for a 2 count. Afterwards he gives RVD a tiger bomb for another 2 count.
Storm then gives RVD another cross-corner whip and charges with a handspring clothesline. Impressive! Next he follows with a springboard clothesline for a 2 count. Storm sets up for another springboard maneuver, but Sabu yanks him down from the apron to the concrete floor. RVD then baseball slides him. Sabu sets up a table and gives Storm the triple jump splash through it!
After Sabu tosses Storm back in RVD slams him to set up the split-legged moonsault. He hits it and gets the pin! Afterwards Sabu puts Storm in the camel clutch. Fonzie holds the chair in his face so that RVD can give him the Van Daminator! But before RVD can execute it, Chris Candido crotches him on the top rope. He then delivers a missile dropkick to Sabu.
Subsequently Candido knocks RVD off the top rope to the apron, and Storm baseball-slides him to the floor. As Joey announces a World Tag Team title match next week at the ECW Arena between these two teams Storm and Candido execute double pescadoes onto their upcoming challengers. ***1/2
We return from commercial to see Candido and Storm shake hands at least for now. What happens after the big title match next week? Who knows?
Joey hypes the Hardcore Hotline.
We then see highlights from “A Matter of Respect ‘98” of Kronus delivering the 450 splash to “Dastardly” Danny Doring and then pinning him. Suddenly Ulf Herman nails a springboard clothesline on Kronus. Herman and The Equalizer beat down Kronus until Jack Victory makes the save and attacks both men. Lance Wright snivels in the corner while watching his men get beat up. As if someone said free shit in the ring New Jack brings his trash can of goodies to the ring. He then nails Lance Wright with the trash can lid. Next he grabs his guitar and attempts to waffle Lance with it until Victory nails him! He proceeds to wallop New Jack with the guitar and its remnants until it practically disintegrates.
Joey hypes the return of Jack Victory after a 7-8 year hiatus. He then drops New Jack’s real name (Jerome Young) as a “bona fide criminal.”
Get your copy of “A Matter of Respect ‘98” by calling 1-800-854-5831!
Highlights of the 3-D that severely injured Sandman’s neck are shown. Then we see the end of the match between Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman versus the Dudley Boyz from Wrestlepalooza.
Match 2: The Dudley Boyz (w/ Joel Gertner) versus Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Little Spike Dudley (w/ Beulah)
Joel Gertner refers to New Orleans as the “transvestite capital of the world” and “The Big Sleazy.” Sign Guy holds up his “Big Sleazy” sign. Gertner then introduces Sign Guy Dudley who holds up a “You Are Trash” sign. Next he introduces Big Dick Dudley as “Tom Byron’s favorite professional wrestler.” Whoa! Wait a minute! I just spat cola all over my TV screen. Let me clean it off so I can see what I’m watching again…ok, back to our main event. Joey mentions Byron as Traci Lord’s favorite male companion in her movies and then disses Val Venis. Gertner then concludes his introductions with the former three-time ECW World Tag Team champion Dudley Boyz.
Our Hardcore History moment details Bubba Ray Dudley’s debut as Mongo the bodyguard of Bill Alfonso.
We return from commercial in the midst of Sandman’s entrance. He is perched up above the entrance in the crowd with his Singapore cane and customary cold one. Tommy Dreamer also brings a cold one to the ring while Little Spike Dudley brings a ladder. In a precursor to HHH’s spit take at the end of his entrance Dreamer spews a huge quantity of beer in Bubba’s face. I’ll refrain from the somewhat obligatory Beulah joke since she and Tommy are married in real life. Heaven knows that I do not want Tommy Dreamer beating down my door for insulting Beulah online.
While Sandman hoists his cane, drinks his beer, and smokes his cigarette Dreamer and Spike do a body shot of beer off Beulah’s chest.
We take a quick break back to the WWE Studios where Joey hypes the match and lets us know it’s joined in progress.
Back in the arena Dreamer delivers a hangman’s neckbreaker from the top rope to D-Von Dudley.  Bubba tags in. The crowd chants for Spike, so he enters the match. Immediately he ducks a clothesline and delivers a series of forearms to Bubba. He then gives him the 10-punch count, stops at 9, and tries to give him a huracanrana. Instead Bubba catches and powerbombs him easily.
After Spike gets back in the ring Bubba methodically beats him up. He then whips Spike off the ropes and gives him a back body drop. He continues the punishment then gives him a body slam. He comes off the ropes but misses a splash. Spike retaliates with a dropkick and an armdrag. As Bubba staggers around the ring he gets nailed by both Sandman and Dreamer then bulldogged by Spike.
Big Dick tags in and enters over the top rope. Sandman tags in. They tie-up and Big Dick takes Sandman to the corner. He then poses with his 25” pythons. Loudly he kicks Sandman in the midsection then tries to chokeslam him.  Sandman escapes and clotheslines Big Dick out of the ring. However, Big Dick lands on his feet, grabs Sandman, and pulls him to the outside. As he goes to work on Sandman Bubba nails Spike with a chair.
Back In the ring Sandman gives Big Dick the “FrankenSander” according to Joey. Sandman tries to whip Big Dick off the ropes but gets reversed into a powerslam for a 2 count. After Bubba ensures that Spike is busted open Dreamer grabs Bubba and tosses him into the front row. With both Dudley Boyz in the front row Spike dives from the top rope onto them!
After Dreamer stunguns Bubba he gives him a slingshot splash for a 2 count. Dreamer misses a clothesline , but Bubba doesn’t miss the belly-to-back suplex. Spike and D-Von take their turn in the ring, and Spike gives D-Von the Acid Drop for a 2 count.  Sandman and Big Dick are in the ring. Sandman gives Big Dick a vicious shot with his Singapore cane. When Sandman tries to nail him again Big Dick gives him the chokeslam.
Surprisingly Big Dick heads to the top rope but gets caught and placed in the tree of woe. Bubba and Sandman exchange blows until Dreamer gives Bubba a chair shot. Sandman and Dreamer then set Bubba up for the tree of woe as we take a break.
When we return all four Dudleys including Sign Guy are tied to the tree of woe and get dropkicks in the face from Dreamer, Sandman, Spike, and Beulah. The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant. Referee Jeff Jones who isn’t assigned to this match enters the ring. He then challenges Jim Molineaux to a fight. As Molineaux holds Jones in a front facelock Gertner tries to interfere. Instantly Beulah grabs Gertner in a front facelock and both deliver stereo DDTs.
All three Dudley Boyz receive chair shots.  After Dreamer sets up a ladder in the ring he bulldogs D-Von on it. OUCH! Dreamer then walks the second rope but misses the elbow. Sandman then picks up the ladder and throws it squarely at Bubba. He slams Bubba, places the ladder on top of him, and mounts the top rope. He then gives Bubba a senton on the ladder!
Meanwhile Sign Guy and Big Dick have handcuffed Dreamer to the top rope. Sandman dives onto Big Dick outside the ring. But inside the ring Spike sets up the ladder, climbs, and falls directly into a Bubba Cutter although it only gets a 2 count. Sign Guy and Big Dick then handcuff Sandman to the steel railing. Bubba tries to finish Spike with a powerbomb, but Spike escapes and goes low on Bubba. Spike then delivers the Acid Drop to Bubba on the ladder. D-Von and Sign Guy save the pinfall.
Sign Guy waffles the referee with his sign. Bubba picks up the ladder and drops it on Spike. As D-Von winds up to give Dreamer a chair shot Beulah steps between them. It appears that chivalry isn’t dead when Bubba stops D-Von from punching Beulah until they give her the Dudley Death Drop instead!
In an effort to save the day New Jack with another bucket’o’plundah hits the ring. He proceeds to use said plundah on the Dudley Boyz. As soon as New Jack preps his guitar Jack Victory hammers him with a right hand. As the Dudley Boyz hold New Jack, Victory lambastes him with the guitar! Chaos reigns supreme as Dreamer, Sandman, Spike, New Jack, and Beulah are all laid out. All the heels raise their arms while Sign Guy holds up a Victory sign to close out the show! **
Back in the WWE Studios Joey mentions that Jack Victory was a flag bearer for the Sheepherders back in the ‘80s. He then references Johnny Ace in the same role with supporting video, asks whatever happened to him, and video of John Laurinaitis is shown. He then details Beulah’s retirement after receiving that maneuver as well as her life story. In fact, according to Joey, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah’s twins starred in the Sopranos as Janice and Bobby’s daughter.  Next week the fallout from the maneuver that retired Beulah will take place!
Overall this show had several highlights. The continuation of the monster push that Taz received at this time could not have been hotter. The TV title match between RVD and Storm was fantastic, yet it also built to a tag title match next week. In addition the six-man match was a violent mess, but since that was its intention I cannot discredit it. Do you find it peculiar that ECW would end a show taking place in the South with the heels prevailing similar to the nWo days of WCW? Stay tuned for the next episode of the History of ECW!

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History of ECW 5/30/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: May 30, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. The ECW World Heavyweight champion Shane Douglas will enlighten us. Also in a 2 out 3 falls match Justin Credible faces Jerry Lynn. Additionally the dream partner tag team match will be our main event.


An absolutely raucous crowd assists Joey in welcoming us to another edition of ECW. The Triple Threat including Francine hits the ring. Immediately Shane Douglas references his NWA title victory from 1994. While carrying the yellow tights worn at Wrestlepalooza he touts his victory over Al Snow and the Head. As soon as he mentions said tights Taz’s music hits.
While carrying his FTW championship Taz enters the ring. According to Taz he “wants to shoot with Shane Douglas.” Just as Taz is about to deliver his message to Shane a fan heckles him. His rebuttal: “Well, if I suck, your mother taught me…” He then disses WCW indirectly by stating: “unlike wrestlers in other companies here we work injured.” Humbly he respects Shane’s ability to work injured at the PPV, offers his assistance to help, and then reveals that he’s wearing a Triple Threat t-shirt!
Taz asks who the biggest scumbag and asshole in this business is and refers to himself. Next he references the “goofy kayfabe” sheets by stating “…this wrestler left ECW because Taz is an asshole.” Following that he throws a fastball at Shane by stating that he is “the best thing that can watch your back.” However he offers a “loophole” to his membership inclusion. He wants a shot at the ECW World title after Shane recovers from surgery.
Hesitantly Shane makes his decision and everyone raises the 3 fingers, albeit Bam Bam Bigelow reluctantly. Shane has to talk BBB into shaking Taz’s hand but Bigelow leaves the ring instead. Taz and Shane shake left hands then Taz throws Shane over his shoulder to the mat! He applies the Fujiwara armbar and Shane is screaming in unbelievable pain! BBB returns to break Taz’s hold and hammers him until Taz grabs a double-leg takedown and goes to work on Bigelow. Security comes in to break up the fight. However, with only one security guard holding him Taz gets the standing switch and applies the Tazmission!
Now we get the opening credits with the subtitle “It’s a matter of respect.”
Joey hypes the dream partner tag team match between Chris Candido and Sabu versus Lance Storm and RVD. He also promotes the revenge 2 out of 3 falls match between Lynn and Credible. Get your copy of “A Matter of Respect ‘98” by calling 1-800-851-5831!
Match 1: Justin Credible (w/ Jason and Chastity) versus “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn
They tie up into the corner where Lynn cross-corner whips Credible. It gets reversed and Credible follows with a boot to the midsection. He then tries to cross-corner whip Lynn, but Lynn reverses it. Credible leaps to catch the charging Lynn with his feet, but Lynn reverses the momentum so that Credible crotches himself on the top rope. OUCH! To add insult to injury Lynn shakes the rope. He follows with a pair of forearms, a cross-corner whip, and a clothesline earning a 2 count.
Our next highlight of the match begins with a cross-corner whip by Lynn that sends Credible flying over the top rope to the concrete floor! The crowd mocks Credible by chanting “Just an asshole.” As Credible tries to recover at ringside Lynn gives him a pescado. After picking him up he gives him an Irish Whip, and Credible flies over the steel railing into the crowd! Lynn then mounts the apron and tries a springboard dive from the timekeeper’s table but hits the steel railing instead. YEE-OUCH!
Joey practically gives the first fall to Credible based upon the failed stunt by Lynn. Credible makes Lynn eat the steel railing then tosses him back to ringside. He whips Lynn into the steel railing then chops him to many a “Woo” from the crowd. They trade chops until Credible rakes the eyes. After they re-enter the ring Credible nails him between the eyes. He cross-corner whips Lynn but Lynn counters it into a sunset flip for a 2 count.  Credible tries a clothesline, but Lynn ducks and hits the ropes. In a split second Credible catches and powerslams him.
Our next highlight begins with Lynn bulldogging Credible onto a chair! The pin appears academic, but Credible raises his right shoulder at the very last moment. Lynn picks him up and stupidly tries to bulldog him again on the chair. This time Credible counters with a belly-to-back suplex on the chair. Credible drapes an arm to cover, but Lynn kicks out with barely a moment to spare. Credible signals for the end, and hoists Lynn up for “That’s Incredible,” however, Lynn escapes and pins Credible again with the tombstone piledriver!
Our Hardcore History moment informs us  that Jerry Lynn had a cup of coffee with the WWE and won the Light Heavyweight title in his debut.
The second fall begins with a tug of war between Lynn and Jason with Credible in the middle. Lynn easily wins that battle then applies the STF. Justin won’t tap out, so Lynn releases the hold and stomps on him.
Our next highlight begins with Credible reversing a cross-corner whip by Lynn. An attempted monkey flip by Credible gets countered. As Credible sits atop the top turnbuckle Lynn shoves him, but Credible catches Lynn with his feet so that both men hit the concrete floor!
In the following highlight Lynn is busted wide open, so Credible pounds away at the cut. He chops Lynn then whips him. After a boot to the midsection he sends Lynn face-first into the chair! After placing him in the corner he stomps a mudhole in him. He places a chair in Lynn’s place which is held in place by Jason then charges and knees the chair squarely into Lynn’s face.
Our next highlight begins with Lynn blocking punches from Credible. Justin boots him in the midsection again, and tries to suplex him. Lynn escapes, boots Credible in the midsection, and gives him a DDT. Both men are out. Lynn drapes an arm over Credible and gets a very long 2. Both men are on the middle turnbuckle. Credible rakes the eyes then sunset-flips Lynn all the way down to the mat for another 2 count.
We move ahead to where Credible gives Lynn “That’s Incredible” and pins him. The match stands at one fall apiece.
The third fall starts with a Credible boot to Lynn’s midsection. Justin then comes off the ropes and gives him a variation of a swinging DDT. He gets a 2 count and argues with the referee. Next he puts Lynn in position for either a piledriver or powerbomb. Despite a bit of resistance he gets the piledriver. Lynn’s goose should be cooked by now. Instead Lynn kicks out at 2 again!
We move ahead to where both men are on the top turnbuckle, and Joey cannot comprehend what is going on. In a spectacular moment Lynn gives Credible the huracanrana through the table to the concrete floor! Joey reacts with “Oh My God” while the crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant.
Next Lynn picks Credible up for the tombstone piledriver, but Credible counters. He looks to hit “That’s Incredible”, but Lynn counters again and hits the tombstone piledriver. Maybe I didn’t say that with enough emphasis, because he PLANTED him with it! The daisies are already popping up around Credible as I type.
Jason enters the ring and receives his own tombstone piledriver. Chastity comes in to confront Lynn but gets shoved away. Lynn prepares to finish off Credible; however, Chastity gets behind him and hammers him low. After all the interference Credible somehow returns to life and hooks the inside cradle on Lynn for the pin and the victory! Credible and Chastity celebrate on their walk back to the dressing room. On the other hand when Lynn reaches his feet the crowd rises and chants “Jerry!” I truly wish I had the entire match to recap here as these highlights do not provide the match with proper justice. ***1/2
We return from commercial and get the flashback moment to Hostile City Showdown ’96 when RVD disses Sabu on a handshake. Secondly, at A Matter of Respect ’96 Sabu collapses after being unable to shake RVD’s hand again. Thirdly, brief highlights of their stretcher match from The Doctor Is In ’96 are then shown. Fourth, we get the highlight of RVD winning the ECW World Television title from Bigelow. Lastly, we get the standoff from the 30 minute draw at Wrestlepalooza. All of this buildup sets up the dream partner tag team match next!
Match 2: Chris Candido and Sabu (w/ Fonzie and Francine) versus Lance Storm and RVD
Joey argues the choice of referee in Jeff Jones for this match due to his indecision at Wrestlepalooza and the supposed payoffs from Fonzie. While Candido and Sabu receive separate entrances RVD and Storm enter together. Storm and Candido start the match with a tie-up to the corner. Candido gets the first chop in, but Storm returns fire. A chopfest ensues as I begin to crave delicious eats from Morton’s Steakhouse. Anybody care to help a starving writer out for the holidays?
All jokes aside, Candido cross-corner whips Storm, but Storm vaults over the charging Candido and leapfrogs him upon his return. That segues to a cross-corner whip by Candido which is countered by Storm. Lance charges and nails the clothesline in the corner. Storm follows up with an elbow and a dropkick to cement Candido seated in the corner.
RVD tags in and puts the boots to Candido. After a back flip he dropkicks the seated Candido and showboats. RVD grabs a headlock, but Candido shoots him off the ropes. An excellent rope sequence culminates with an RVD leg lariat. As Fonzie jumps on the apron to celebrate RVD’s feat Storm tags back in. He prevents Candido from tagging out but gets leveraged into Candido’s corner.
Sabu tags in and gives Storm some kicks and punches. He whips Storm off the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Barely a 2 count occurs then Sabu grabs a reverse chinlock. Mistakenly Storm backs Sabu back into his respective corner. Candido tags in and they double-team Storm with punches. Storm tries to fire back, but Candido rakes the eyes. He gives Storm a snap mare and then a leg drop off the ropes. As Candido puts the boots to Storm in the corner Sabu sets up a table between the ring apron and the steel railing.
Sabu tags back in. He and Storm trade punches until Storm whips him off the ropes and delivers a beautiful dropkick to Sabu’s face. He attempts a powerbomb, but Sabu escapes. Next Storm tries a victory roll, but Sabu gives him a tiger bomb instead for a 2 count. Momentarily he applies the camel clutch until RVD taunts him from the corner. As the crowd beckons for tables Sabu reapplies the camel clutch, releases, and then tosses a chair into Storm’s face.
Sabu sets up the chair and gives Storm the Whisper in the Wind. Storm falls face-first onto the chair. That may require some dental work afterwards. Stupidly Sabu sets up the chair and tries the Whisper in the Wind again. This time Storm ducks out of the way and Sabu is hung out to dry in the corner. RVD tags in. Before we get the RVD-Sabu confrontation, Candido tags back in.
Quickly they tie up and Candido grabs the advantage with forearms then tags Sabu in. Sabu gets a single-leg takedown but misses the elbow. Subsequently RVD gets the single-leg takedown but misses the elbow as well. Sabu ducks a punch and grabs a waistlock. RVD gets the standing switch. Sabu lowblows him to break the hold, comes off the ropes, and counters the back body drop by landing on his feet. Sabu then tries to give RVD a huracanrana, but RVD just drops him. He whips Sabu off the ropes. Sabu stops before RVD can split-legged leapfrog him then dropkicks RVD’s knee.
Sabu momentarily stuns RVD by whipping him into the corner face-first. He then cross-corner whips him and tries to springboard sidekick him; however, RVD has the same idea and sidekicks him first! RVD gets up first, dropkicks Sabu, and then kips up. Who does he think he is? Shawn Michaels? Next he gives Sabu a corkscrew legdrop. He tries to come off the ropes, but Candido puts a knee in his back. Sabu kicks RVD down to the mat and tags in Candido.
As soon as Candido goes to work on RVD in the corner Storm comes in and fires away at Candido. Unfortunately for Storm Candido tosses him out of the ring and into the steel railing. Sabu comes in and tosses RVD out of the ring. Candido grabs Storm and makes him eat the steel railing. What? No cranberry sauce with it? Sabu and Candido switch, but Storm grabs Sabu and tosses him into the ring.
Candido tosses RVD back in as Storm tosses Sabu out. RVD whips Candido off the ropes. Both RVD and Storm leapfrog Candido then deliver a double crescent kick similar to the Rockers. Storm then gives Sabu a pescado. Candido boots RVD in the midsection then powerbombs him. Candido then comes off the ropes and delivers the pescado to both men on the floor. RVD then comes off the ropes with a sweet tope con hilo onto Storm and Candido.
Sabu is back in the ring and sets up a chair. The triple-jump dive works this time. Sabu then tosses Storm back in the ring and gives him a slingshot somersault legdrop for a 2 count. He picks Storm up and places him in the corner. He sets up the chair and gives a springboard dropkick to Storm. Soon thereafter he cross-corner whips Storm. Out of desperation Storm jumps to the middle turnbuckle and delivers the flying back elbow to Sabu. Not only did Sabu get hit with an elbow but also both men hit the chair that Sabu was wielding.
Both men are down. Out of habit Storm tags in Candido!!??!! RVD comes in, thinks for a quick second, and then nails Sabu in the corner. Meanwhile Candido tosses Storm out of the ring. After some fists are exchanged Candido whips RVD and leapfrogs him. Candido ducks the leg lariat and then gives RVD a vicious piledriver. That didn’t look crisp. Although Fonzie’s attempt to revive RVD appears to fail Candido can only get a 2 count.
An attempted slam by Candido gets blocked, but RVD cannot stop Candido from delivering an excellent enziguri. Candido mounts the top turnbuckle but misses the diving headbutt. RVD retaliates with a spinning leg lariat. He then mounts the top turnbuckle and gives Candido a leaping sidekick for another 2 count. RVD then tries to suplex Candido through the table, but Candido blocks it by crotching RVD on the top rope.
Storm comes in to attack Candido; however, a Candido back drop puts Storm on the apron. Sabu gives Storm a flying body press through the table to the floor! Without hesitation RVD gives Candido the ***** frog splash for an unbelievable 2 count! RVD then slams Candido and places a chair on top of him. He tries the split-legged moonsault but only hits chair. Intuitively Candido ducks the Van Daminator and nails RVD with a chair to the face!
Candido sets up RVD on the top turnbuckle then gives him a top rope superplex. Sabu then gives RVD the Arabian facebuster from the top rope. Out of nowhere Storm flies from the opposite corner with a high cross body press. Candido saves then tosses Storm out of the ring. He follows and tosses a second chair into the ring. RVD and Sabu each grab a chair and swing at one another. After four dueling chair shots RVD drops his chair and eats two chair shots from Sabu.
 Lackadaisically Sabu bides his time then covers RVD for yet another 2 count. Sabu sets up the chair again and hits the triple-jump moonsault. Sabu mocks RVD but makes the mistake of mocking the Triple Threat, so Candido nails him from behind! He turns around and Storm nails him with a chair! Sabu gets up and eats a chair shot from Storm as well. While not thinking clearly Storm almost hits his partner with the chair but is able to stop himself. Instead RVD gives him the Van Daminator!
Sabu locks Candido in the camel clutch and holds a chair in front of Candido’s face. RVD comes off the ropes and kicks the chair right into Candido’s face. Both RVD and Sabu execute Rolling Thunder onto Storm. Storm appears to be busted open. This match has broken into pieces as RVD and Sabu raise the tag team belts overhead. When RVD holds up his hand for a high-five from Sabu it gets reciprocated. Fonzie’s men have reunited! ***
Back in the WWE Studios Joey states that while the situation between the tag champs appears to be muddy RVD and Sabu are “back on the same page.”  On the next episode a six man tag match involving the Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman will take place.
Overall this episode rocked! The angle between Taz and Douglas sets up a match in the distant future. At the same time the 2 out of 3 falls match between Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn was fantastic. To reiterate the entire match would probably garner a higher rating if it had been shown. In addition the dream partner tag match had lots of drama, angle development, and excellent wrestling to complete the great show. If you get the chance catch this episode before it disappears from WWE Classics On Demand. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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History of ECW 5/19/1998

Taped from Queens, NY
Airdate: May 19, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles


Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the “Madhouse of Extreme.” In “an outstanding technical match-up” Justin Credible will face Jerry Lynn. Also, RVD will defend the TV title against Mikey Whipwreck. Joey promises a “change in the course of ECW history” with the first segment.
While the crowd chants “Seinfeld sucks (dick)” Joey is in the ring welcoming the hostile crowd to another edition of ECW. The crowd chants “ECW” and then Taz’s music hits. Highlights of Taz’s bone-breaking accomplishments are shown including his Taz-plex of Chris Jericho. Taz enters the ring and notifies everyone that he is the heavyweight champion of the world.
Not surprisingly but amazingly he states “everybody knows that there’s no way a <CENSORED> from Pittsburgh can beat up a man from Brooklyn.” The crowd goes wild. He goes to the corner and picks up something covered in felt. He reveals it to be “the Brooklyn World belt” or the “Fuck the World belt” and calls himself the world heavyweight champion. He challenges Shane Douglas to a match belt for belt, or, according to Taz, “Brooklyn versus Pittsburgh.”
Bam Bam Bigelow comes into the ring and informs Taz that he’s “no champion.” He then reminds Taz about being put through the ring at Living Dangerously. As the crowd chants “You tapped out” Taz calls BBB a schmuck and himself a world champ. The crowd then chants “Jersey sucks (dick).” Bigelow states that the only way Taz gets to Douglas is through him. Taz lays down the belt between BBB and himself and refers to him as his first victim. Referees hit the ring to separate them, but Bigelow military presses one of them and launches him into the crowd! Very impressive! BBB and Taz then tangle as additional security tries to break them up.
“Free Mark Madden” and “Silence Vince & Eric (Enough is enough)” start the opening credits.
Joey informs us that Taz and BBB have been separated and removed from the building. Also Shane Douglas will offer comments via satellite. Joey shills the “ECW: It Ain’t Seinfeld” video.
Match 1: Justin Credible (w/ Jason and Chastity) versus “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn
Joey promotes Credible as “arguably the hottest young star in professional wrestling today.” He then refers to Lynn as “underutilized by WCW and the WWF.” Before the match starts the crowd gets all over Credible’s case. A tie-up goes to the corner with a clean break by Lynn. A second tie-up segues to an arm drag by Lynn.
They tie up a couple more times until Credible shoves Lynn across the ring. Lynn explodes with a double-leg takedown and some fists. After a headlock by Lynn a rope sequence ends with a spinning elbow by Lynn for a 2 count. Lynn gives him a cross-corner whip. Credible flips over the turnbuckle to the apron. Lynn bumps him and Credible flies into the steel railing.
As Credible attempts to re-enter the ring Lynn baseball-slides him into the front row! Lynn follows up with a somersault plancha from the apron onto Credible! The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant. They return to ringside and Lynn makes him eat some table and rolls him back in for a 2 count. Lynn then gives him a gourd buster then mounts the top rope. He comes off with the Minneapolis Jam for another 2 count.
Lynn attempts a vertical suplex but Credible escapes and applies the Scorpion death drop. Next he takes him to the corner and chops him to many a “Woo!” from the crowd. After giving Lynn an uppercut he receives a chair from Jason. He sets it up and gives Lynn the Raven-patented drop-toehold into the chair face-first!
After Credible makes Lynn eat some turnbuckle he stomps a mud hole in him. A double-leg pick up precedes a mini-powerbomb for a 2 count on Lynn. A snapmare and a headlock put Lynn down on the mat. The crowd celebrates the rest hold by informing us that Chastity “has herpes.”  There go my Saturday night plans. They get to their feet and Lynn elbows out to break. He comes off the ropes and sunset-flips Credible for another 2 count.
Joey mentions that this show was taped simultaneously as the final episode of Seinfeld was being aired. Credible gets up and clothelines Lynn. After a scoop slam he takes a chair with him to the top rope. Although it appears he will smash the chair into the prone Lynn on the canvas Lynn lifts his leg and the chair goes into the face of Credible!
Lynn starts the comeback with a dropkick to the chair into Credible’s face again! He clotheslines Credible in the corner then bulldogs him onto the chair for another 2 count. Lynn builds momentum off the ropes, but Credible ducks. Lynn falls all the way to the floor. While Credible occupies the referee Jason whips Lynn into the steel railing then gives him a backbreaker. Instead of dropping him he rolls him back in, but Credible can only get a 2 count.
Credible follows up with a spinning DDT off the ropes. He tries to suplex Lynn, but Lynn counters with a DDT. Chastity gets on the apron to save the pin. Lynn drags Credible to the center of the ring and mounts the top turnbuckle. Jason shoves him off the top though. Credible sets up Lynn for “That’s Incredible”, but Lynn counters with a tombstone piledriver for the 3 count! What an upset! ***
Match 2: Sabu (w/ Fonzie) versus “Dastardly” Danny Doring
We return to the ring and Sabu chases everyone away. I wonder what he had for dinner that his breath was so bad. Joey notes that Wrestlepalooza ’98 was the most watched ECW PPV to date. Sabu grabs a single-leg then drops the elbow. Temporarily he holds a front chancery on Doring then follows with a slingshot sidekick.
After a couple of punches from Sabu to Doring Fonzie tosses a chair to Sabu. Violently Sabu tosses the chair into Doring’s face. Chair-assisted dropkick to a seated Doring in the corner follows. After Doring gets to his feet Sabu nails him with a couple of punches then dropkicks the knee. Next he whips Doring off the ropes and gives him a back body drop.
Doring tries to come back with an Irish whip, but Sabu dodges and dropkicks the knee. Sabu leaves the ring and bridges a table between the steel railing and the apron. Valiantly Doring tries a pescado but whiffs on his attempt. I’m almost certain that the blue mat does not taste like chocolate. He makes Doring eat the steel railing for dessert, hammers him with forearms, and then positions him on the table. As Fonzie repositions Doring Sabu gives him the triple jump splash through the table! Stick the fork in Doring. He’s cooked. After Sabu rolls Doring back in Fonzie holds a chair on top of him. Sabu then gives him the Arabian facebuster. He then hooks the camel clutch and Doring submits. ½*
Back in the WWE Studios Joey discusses Taz’s orange and black belt and refers to it as the “FTW Championship.”
Via satellite “The Franchise” Shane Douglas rebuts Taz’s comments. As an added bonus WWE Classics On Demand notifies us that Shane Douglas won the WCW World Tag Team titles with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at Clash of the Champions XXI. On top of that Douglas mocks the nWo’s schtick on Monday Nitro. He then touts the Triple Threat then states that he will return to the ECW Arena and prove to everyone why he’s the leader of the Triple Threat, “The Franchise”, and still the World champion.
Match 3: Chris Candido (w/ Francine) versus Jamie Dundee
We are joined in progress as Candido slaps the taste out of Dundee’s mouth. After he works him over in the corner he tries to cross-corner whip Wolfe. Instead Dundee counters into a half-hearted handspring maneuver which looks ridiculous. A disgusted Candido shoves him out of the corner. Some jaw-jacking leads to another shove by Candido.
Again Dundee looks silly as Joey describes his antics as “Kramer at karate class.” Candido takes his head off with a clothesline to put that awful act to bed. He whips Dundee off the ropes and dropkicks him. Next he gives Dundee a scoop slam then a leg drop from the second turnbuckle. Joey spouts family lineage as Jamie is the son of “Superstar” Bill Dundee and Candido is the grandson of Northeast legend “Popeye” Chuck Richards. He also drops another Seinfeld reference by calling Sunny “the WWF’s answer to Elaine.” Methinks Julia Louis-Dreyfus has never violated a restraining order several times within a short time span. 
Meanwhile Candido gives Dundee his patented delayed vertical suplex. Candido cross-corner whips him but Dundee leaps over him and returns to the original corner. Thinking that Dundee would fly with a high cross body attempt Candido ducks, but Dundee stays home and nails Candido with a second rope bulldog instead.
Candido returns fire with a belly-to-back suplex. He tries to give him another delayed vertical suplex, but Dundee escapes and tosses Candido over the top rope to the floor. He follows up with a plancha onto Candido. Briefly they fight at ringside until Dundee tosses Candido back in. He mounts the top rope, but Candido catches him and gives him a top rope superplex. After a bit of showboating Candido mounts the top rope and delivers the diving headbutt for the 3 count. *
Match 4 for the ECW World Television title: RVD (w/ Fonzie) versus Mikey Whipwreck
Again we’re joined in progress as RVD gives Mikey the double-underhook pancake followed by a spin kick. He whips Mikey off the ropes, drops down, and gives him a standing dropkick to the face. Mikey tries to fire back, but RVD overtakes him and gives him a standing side kick and a corkscrew legdrop. After bowing to the crowd and soaking in the applause he tosses Mikey out of the ring.
He follows him to ringside and tries to whip Mikey into the steel railing; however, Mikey counters into a side-Russian legsweep into the steel railing. He then gets back in the ring and delivers a pescado onto RVD. Next he gets up on the apron, but Fonzie holds his leg so that RVD can grab his other leg and drop him face-first to the blue mats.
After working him over at ringside RVD successfully whips Mikey into the steel railing. He crotches Mikey on the steel railing as Fonzie holds a chair in front of Mikey’s face. RVD then springboards off the opposite railing and kicks the chair into Mikey! He tosses Mikey back in and follows with a steel chair in hand.
RVD then gives Mikey the rolling monkey-flip onto the chair then delivers the ***** frog splash. He whips Mikey off the ropes, but Mikey sunset-flips him. RVD rolls through and gets Mikey up on his shoulders and pancakes him. He hooks the camel clutch, but Mikey makes it to the ropes. He crotches Mikey on the top rope then gives him a leg lariat sending Mikey to the floor! As RVD celebrates we head to commercial.
We return with a table bridged between the steel railing and the apron. RVD drops Mikey across the steel railing, mounts the apron, and gives Mikey the corkscrew legdrop. He throws Mikey back in, follows, but gets kicked in the face when trying another chair-assisted monkey-flip. Subsequently Mikey bulldogs RVD onto the chair!
Mikey sunset-flips RVD for a 2 count, gives him a drop-toehold onto the flattened chair on the mat, and then delivers a legdrop. Mikey goes to the apron to attempt a springboard maneuver, but Fonzie catches him. Instead RVD gives him the Van Daminator. Fonzie sets up Mikey on the table and RVD mimics Sabu. Speak of the sheik and he appears. Before RVD can execute the triple-jump dive Sabu grabs RVD’s leg. In lieu of RVD’s triple jump Sabu executes it instead onto Mikey.
A stunned RVD gives Sabu a chair-assisted springboard sidekick to the floor. He then gives Sabu the best pescado of the night. They must have had a sale at Manny’s Seafood Market with all of these pescadoes tonight. RVD and Sabu continue to fight at ringside until Candido interrupts them. He rolls RVD into the ring so that he and Sabu can double-team him.
Candido drops down so that Sabu can give RVD a Whisper in the Wind. Sabu then whips RVD into Candido who gives him a powerbomb. Lance Storm hits the ring and fires punches onto Candido. All four men fight as this becomes a preview for the dream partner tag match next week at the ECW Arena. The locker room supposedly empties to separate the four combatants, but Sabu and RVD hammer away again at one another to close out the show. *
Overall this episode showcased two things. First they provide us with Taz’s attempt to overtake the #1 spot in the promotion with his “FTW” title. Second they deliver a nice teaser for the upcoming tag match on the next episode. While both were well done the quality of the matches on this episode rank much lower than matches on previous episodes. In spite of that I enjoyed the Lynn-Credible match. The anticipation for next week’s show is strong, but this episode falls a little short in terms of excellent hardcore entertainment.

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History of ECW 5/12/1998

Taped from Buffalo, NY

Airdate: May 12, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of
ECW and notes that this episode emanates from Buffalo, NY. Once again he
mentions that Beth Phoenix is from Buffalo and thinks she’s very hot. He even
makes the “call me” gesture to her. What a cornball. In the first match Sabu
will face Chris Chetti. Also a rematch from Wrestlepalooza takes place as the
bWo faces the FBI. To start off the show he introduces Joel Gertner then mocks

Joel Gertner cuts a promo with the Dudley Boyz. He states
that the Dudley Boyz will “raise the violence quotient.” With a faux Southern
accent Bubba puts in a few words while rattling off the scars and injuries to
his head. He then proceeds to headbutt a locker. D-Von wants us to testify to
the violence they will bring to ECW. Big Dick chuckles maniacally to end the

“Free Ric Flair”, “Imprison Eric Bischoff”, and “F*?! Vince
McMahon” start the opening credits.

Joey opens the show from Buffalo when Taz immediately
interrupts. While wearing “FTW” on his taped right hand he refers to himself as
the heavyweight champion. While being intimidated and mocked by Taz Joey hypes
the opening match between Chris Chetti and Danny Doring?

Match 1: Chris Chetti
versus “Dastardly” Danny Doring

Right off the bat Taz starts with a “boring” chant. He says
he made Douglas tap out twice. They shove each other to start. Chetti dodges a
charge but takes a kick to the gut and a dropkick from Doring. As Taz provides
delusional color commentary Doring puts the boots to Chetti. After he whips
Chetti off the ropes he leapfrogs Chetti. Chris grabs a go-behind in order to
roll Doring up off the ropes but gets shrugged off.

Suddenly Taz is destroying things at the commentator’s area.
Joey looks like he just changed the color of his underwear. Chetti comes off
the second rope with a double-axehandle and gets a 2 count. Taz has left the
broadcast position, and the show returns to normal. As Chetti cross-corner
whips Doring Taz walks in the back and into the upper deck. Joey wonders where
he’s headed. Taz threatens the sound engineer to play his music then makes his
way through the crowd to the ring.

As Taz enters the ring he delivers a Taz-plex to Doring.
Chetti tries to spear him, but Taz side-steps him and menacingly gives him some
crossfaces. Referee “Pee Wee” Moore tries to step in, but Taz throws him off.
“Pee Wee” then gets a Taz-plex. Again Chetti tries to go after his cousin, but
Taz takes him down and gives him a Fujiwara armbar. Security grabs him and
escorts him from ringside. As Taz is handcuffed he tells Shane Douglas “Who’s
the champ? I’m the champ!”

As Taz continues to be escorted out of the building Fonzie’s
voice is overheard talking to Chris Chetti. Sabu and Fonzie are in the ring,
and Fonzie wants Chetti to prove himself against Sabu. Instantly Sabu gets a
single-leg takedown and drops the elbow. Briefly he grabs a headlock, but
Chetti counters into a hammerlock then an armbar. Sabu grabs another
single-leg, but Chetti powers him down with his right leg.

Now Chetti gets the single-leg takedown and holds the
legbar. As Chetti grapevines Sabu’s leg on the mat Taz curses his way out of
the building. We return to ringside where Sabu whips Chetti into the steel
railing. While Chetti is down Fonzie pie-faces him twice. As Fonzie continues
to berate the rookie Sabu bridges a table between the steel railing and the
ring. Sabu finds a chair and launches it into Chetti’s face!

Sabu drags Chetti to the table, but Chetti fires back and
tosses Sabu in the ring. As Chetti begins to mount the top turnbuckle Sabu
catches him with a couple of punches. Chetti returns fire and heads to the top.
Again Sabu catches him then gives Chetti the super-huracanrana. Both men are
down. Sabu then dropkicks Chetti to the floor.

While favoring his left knee Sabu gives Chetti a pescado.
The crowd chants “ECW!” Sabu sets up a chair and fucks up the triple-jump spot
yet again. BOOOOOOOOOO! As the crowd chants “You fucked up” Chetti suplexes
Sabu. However, Chetti is too weary to capitalize for the victory. In lieu of
making the cover he heads to the apron and executes an excellent springboard
clothesline and gets a 2 count. Like a very green rookie he tries a second
springboard but Sabu dropkicks him onto the table. Sabu nails him with the
chair again then successfully gives Chetti the triple-jump legdrop through the
table! The crowd celebrates with another “ECW” chant.

After Sabu re-enters the ring and clutches his left knee
Fonzie rolls Chetti back in the ring. Sabu only gets a 2 count. Now Sabu acts
like a green rookie and tries another triple-jump legdrop but misses. He
positions Sabu in the middle of the ring but misses the double springboard
moonsault. Instead Sabu delivers his triple-jump moonsault press and pins him.

We return from commercial and Joey hypes another meeting
between the FBI and the bWo.

Match 2: The FBI (w/
Tommy Rich) versus the bWo

Joey mentions that Tommy Rich must be the only person in
Atlanta to not only fly the Confederate but also the Italian flag at his home.
As soon as the Blue Meanie and Super Nova enter the ring they are ambushed by
Smothers and Guido. Smothers hammers Meanie with the flag to the back and then
a flag-assisted clothesline.

“Double side-Italian legsweep” puts Nova down on the mat.
Subsequently they deliver one to Meanie as well on the steel chair. All 3
members of the FBI wield chairs and nail both Nova and Meanie with them. As the
crowd chants “Where’s my pizza?” Rich wipes Meanie’s facepaint off with a
towel.  If only he’d give him the “Blow
Away” diet he’d be loving life. Guido wallops Meanie with the flag pole again.

Relentlessly Guido wallops Nova twice with the flag pole. As
an added bonus WWE Classics On Demand informs us that in 1981 Tommy Rich won
the NWA title from Harley Race only to lose it back to him 4 days later. After
another chair shot by Smothers the bWo leaves the ring and the FBI stands tall.
Not really a match so no rating.

Next Al Snow is sitting on a stairwell muttering to Head. He
chases the cameraman away citing the need for privacy.

Meanwhile Joey states that Lance Storm and Jamie Dundee are
scheduled to have a match, but the Triple Threat intervenes. Candido gets on
the microphone and lists all of Shane Douglas’ injuries. Then he “shoots” with
Lance Storm about his character and the storyline. He asks Buffalo if they want
to be a part of history and offers him a spot in the Triple Threat.
Understandably Storm rejects the proposal. Shane Douglas gets on the
microphone, lists the former and current members of the Triple Threat, and asks
him if he really wants to turn that down.

Storm respects Douglas for the effort he put forth at the
PPV and Bam Bam Bigelow as the “greatest big man this sport has ever seen.” But
he refers to Candido as the “biggest pain in the ass…” and doesn’t want to be
part of the same group that includes him. He tells Shane that if they remove
Candido he’d consider joining them. Candido pleads with him to join. Finally he
says yes. Everyone raises their arms and Storm waffles Candido with the tag
belt. Long story, er, long, instead of Lance Storm facing Jamie Dundee he will
face Bam Bam Bigelow.

Match 3: Lance Storm
versus Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Francine, Shane Douglas, and Chris Candido)

After a minute of sizing each other up, BBB hammers Storm
into the corner. He lets him get up by himself only to toss Storm back into the
center of the ring. Buffalo shows their love for BBB’s workrate by chanting
“Show your tits” at Francine. Bigelow tries to toss him again, but Storm blocks
and hooks a Fujiwara armbar. BBB makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

BBB charges, but Storm gives him a drop toehold to stop him
in his tracks. He then jumps on Bigelow’s shoulders and gives him a victory
roll for 2. Storm must have watched King of the Ring 1993 to steal that move
from Bret Hart. He then gives Bigelow his patented dropkick. 

We cut to where Bigelow takes Storm on the outside and makes
him eat the steel railing. Maybe if it was covered in chocolate syrup it would
taste good. BBB then military presses Storm and tosses him into the second row!
Joey mentions that other promotions give out t-shirts to fans at ringside, but
ECW throws wrestlers out to them. Bigelow runs him into the steel railing again
then military presses him again. This time Storm gets launched face-first on
the apron!

BBB throws eight chairs at Storm. We cut to where Storm
executes a high crossbody press onto Bigelow and gets 2. Candido gets on the
apron, but Storm knocks him off. A Sting bulldog puts BBB on the mat. As he
mounts the top turnbuckle Francine distracts the referee so that Candido can
push Storm off. Bigelow catches Storm and delivers the Greetings from Asbury
Park for the pin. **

Match 4 for the ECW
World Television title: RVD (champion w/ Fonzie) versus Doug Furnas

We are joined in progress as Furnas gives RVD a cross-corner
whip. RVD grabs the top rope in order to vault over him, but Furnas knocks him
to the apron by pushing on his left arm. When RVD re-enters the ring Furnas
gives him a standing dropkick to the floor. Furnas meets RVD on the floor with
a double-axehandle from the apron. He chops RVD and whips into the steel
railing. He follows but gets kicked in the face. RVD mounts the steel railing
and gives him a springboard moonsault!

We return from commercial and Furnas has Fonzie in his
clutches. In order to save his manager RVD mounts the steel railing and broad
jumps the entranceway. The crowd celebrates with a “Rob Van Dam” chant. RVD
lifts Furnas up to place him on a table that’s bridged between the apron and
steel railing. Unfortunately for RVD Furnas gives him a swinging DDT on the
floor to counter.

Furnas tosses RVD back in the ring and gets a 2 count. After
jawing with the crowd he allows RVD to get up. RVD tries to give Furnas a leg
lariat, but Furnas ducks, grabs RVD from behind, and delivers a released german
suplex. It gets another 2 count. He works RVD over in the corner then
cross-corner whips him. Furnas charges in to find nobody home. Instead RVD
jumps to the middle turnbuckle and gives Furnas a springboard sidekick.

RVD beckons Fonzie to throw him a chair. RVD whiffs on
catching it and Furnas charges into him. He then grabs Fonzie on the apron and
runs his face into the top turnbuckle. RVD tosses the chair to Furnas to give
him the Van Daminator, but Furnas ducks and gives him a chair shot to the head!
Furnas kicks Fonzie onto the table. RVD charges, but gets backdropped onto
Fonzie through the table! If your diet consists of squished whistle-blowing
former referees Fonzie would be on your buffet table.

Furnas looks to finish RVD off. He whips RVD off the ropes
and tries a huracanrana, but RVD counters that into a powerbomb. RVD leaps to
the top turnbuckle and delivers the ***** frog splash. In lieu of making the
cover for the pin he basks in the cheers of the crowd as the fans chant his
name again. He points to the sky to mock Sabu then applies the camel clutch to

Enraged Sabu enters the ring wielding a chair. He leaps onto
the middle rope and makes RVD eat some chair. As RVD tries to cover Furnas Sabu
mounts the top turnbuckle and gives RVD the Arabian facebuster. Furnas gets up
and nails Sabu with the chair. Luck would not be on his side because since he
was holding the chair RVD gives him the Van Daminator for the pin! Sabu
re-enters the ring and grabs the TV title belt away from the referee. ***

Fonzie cuts a promo stating there is no friction between RVD
and Sabu.

Lance Storm is sick and tired of being screwed. Who is he?
Bret Hart? He challenges Candido to a match to determine who the better man is.

Chris Candido cuts an unintelligible promo on Lance Storm
and refers to himself as the “greatest tag team wrestler of all time.”
Somewhere Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton are crying.

Lance Storm believes Candido won’t accept his challenge, so
he changes it to a “dream partner” tag team match.

Candido contemplates Storm’s offer and wonders aloud who his
partner would be. Bam Bam Bigelow shuffles in. Candido gives Storm no chance to

Once again Storm changes the stipulations and makes sure
that Candido cannot choose a member of the Triple Threat as his “dream
partner.” He disses Candido by stating his “biggest claim to fame is that he’s
Sunny’s boyfriend.” Ooooooooooooh!

Candido accepts the challenge. He says he’s coming for blood
and chooses Sabu as his partner.

Storm rebuts, but the program gets cut off. Joey apologizes
then explains how much of a mess ECW was as a company. He then informs us that
Storm revealed RVD as his “dream partner.” The match will take place in two
weeks. Next week’s show, however,  will
emanate from Queens, NY. Joey wonders if we’ll see if anyone gets run over on
Queens Boulevard. Since they’ve escorted Taz out of the building twice now I’d
bet on his chances.

Another intriguing show displayed by ECW this week. The
match between Doug Furnas and RVD was definitely the best match on the show.
The rebellious Taz storyline was advanced, so what could he possibly do next?
Additionally Taz’s commentary at the beginning of the show was a fresh change
of pace albeit delusional on Taz’s part. The story between Lance Storm and
Chris Candido had a great twist on the Hennig-Horseman angle from the previous
year. Heyman’s storytelling is shaping up nicely here. We’ll see where it goes
on the next edition of the History of ECW!

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History of ECW 5/5/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: May 5, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

For those who have not read my Wrestlepalooza report, please
go here.
Thanks for reading it, now let’s recap a RECAP show!

In a disturbing moment Joey welcomes us to another
installment of the History of ECW holding “Barbie” (a 2×4 covered in barbed
wire). We will take a look back at Wrestlepalooza and all three title matches.
Yikes! He closes the opening segment by kissing “Barbie” and says he “likes it
rough.” TMI, Joey, TMI.

We start with comments from Al Snow before his match against
Shane Douglas. If you want to know what he said please refer to my
Wrestlepalooza report here. In
the meantime, a graphic from WWE gives us this little factoid: Al Snow and the
Unabomber (Kane) won the Smoky Mountain tag titles in 1995.

We get a plug for the Heat Wave ’98 PPV coming up August 2
then the opener.

Joey welcomes us to the show stating that Shane Douglas had
to be driven from Pittsburgh to Marietta for the PPV and was hospitalized for
three nights under the care of a private physician. Hmmm…if Paul used his PPV
revenues to pay for that bill it’s no wonder this company couldn’t sustain

Next we get Shane’s soliloquy from the PPV. Edited, of
course, for HER pleasure. The aftermath included Taz’s destruction of a
backseat window while handcuffed. This definitely has to be seen to be

 One more scoop of
Shane? How about his promo before the title match? Here  ya go.

Paul then narrates the still highlights of the World title

Steven DeTruth (Atlanta correspondent) tries to get a word
about Shane’s condition after the PPV. Francine shoos him away. Never thought
I’d type that sentence. He proceeds to insult her by calling her “girl.” After
giving him what-for, she opens the door to allow him locker room access, but
Bam Bam Bigelow is bouncing the door from the inside. Candido acts like a
superball behind him, and DeTruth gets denied once more.

DeTruth interviews Justin Credible. Chastity, wearing a neck
brace, and Jason stand alongside him. The former Aldo Montoya states that he’s
Justin Credible “4 Life.”

Still highlights of the match between Credible and Mikey
Whipwreck are shown.

Joey previews the still highlights from the tag title match
then said highlights are shown.

DeTruth interviews Lance Storm. DeTruth screws up by asking
him about the team of Candido and Storm. Lance quickly and menacingly corrects
him then leaves. He was definitely SERIOUS for a moment there.

Meanwhile Sunny cuts a promo wearing a tank top and a Superman
cap. According to her, with all of her “connections”, we will never know where
she will show up. She finishes with the “What a rush” clincher from the LOD.

Highlights of the events leading up to the TV title match
are shown.

The promo shot before the PPV where Fonzie is in each man’s
corner is shown.

Before we head to commercial a plug for the next PPV is

Next full-motion highlights of the TV title match are shown.
Our truly laughable moment of the show occurs when Joey says “the true outcome
of the matchup…will be debated in- and outside of Extreme Championship
Wrestling for years to come.” In spite of my enjoyment of the match I don’t
think so, Joey.

Highlights with RVD on offense are shown for his side of the
argument that he won the match.

DeTruth interviews referee Jeff Jones. As soon as he is
about to announce the winner Fonzie and his whistle interrupt him as well as
cause him to declare a draw. Get intimidated much, Jeff? Fonzie offers some
words until RVD interrupts him. RVD says he’s the best wrestler in the world
and won…until Sabu interrupts him with a tug of his ponytail. Oooh, it’s game
on now! Fonzie holds Sabu back, and RVD closes out the segment touting himself.

Joey talks about the intimidation upon Jeff Jones after the
match by both wrestlers. He then reiterates that Shane Douglas won the main
event match to retain the ECW World title.

DeTruth interviews Al Snow and asks him “What’s next?” Snow
pauses for a long time, looks at Head, and leaves.

Joey analyzes Snow’s demeanor then thanks everyone involved
with Wrestlepalooza. Next week’s episode will emanate from Buffalo, NY.

Full-motion highlights of the World title match close out
the show.

Joey hails ECW’s accomplishment of filling an arena “away
from our comfort zone – the Northeast.” And, in an effort to be extremely
creepy, he excuses himself stating he’s “reserved a room at the Stamford Motor
Inn for me and Barbie.”  Ick.

Well, back in 1998 if you had ordered the PPV you certainly
did not need to watch this week’s episode. Albeit this show was taped TWO days
after the PPV there was barely anything outside of it to recap. If you have not
read my Wrestlepalooza recap and want to know what happened please be my guest.
The road to Heat Wave ’98 starts with the next episode. I wonder where Paul
takes us next. Until next time stay away from barbed wired 2×4 please!

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History of ECW 4/28/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: April 28, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles


Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. Highlights of Shane Douglas’ winning the NWA title back in ’94 will be shown. Also the saga between RVD and Sabu continues heading towards the PPV.
We get the opener plus a promo for Wrestlepalooza on “enemy turf.”
Joey welcomes us to the show asking the question: Which corner will Fonzie be in during the RVD versus Sabu match at Wrestlepalooza? As he promotes the matches for the PPV he states that Douglas’ match will be “his last title defense for a while if not ever.”
Highlights of the match between Shane Douglas and 2 Cold Scorpio from August 1994 are shown. Basically Douglas took advantage of a mistake by Scorpio (missed moonsault) by giving him a belly-to-belly suplex and then pinning him. After the match Douglas cuts an historic promo. “In the tradition of Lou Thesz…Jack Brisco…Dory Funk, Jr…Terry Funk, the man who will never die…the real Nature Boy Buddy Rogers…from the Harley Races to the Barry the (pause) Ric Flairs…I accept this heavyweight title…Wait a second…Kerry Von Erich…the fat man himself Dusty Rhodes…this is it tonight, Dad. God, (the belt)’s beautiful. And Rick Steamboat…and they can all kiss my ass!” He throws down the belt. “Because I am not the man who accepts a torch to be handed down to me from an organization that died (RIP) 7 years ago. ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas is a man who ignites the sport of professional wrestling.” He grabs the ECW heavyweight belt. “Tonight before God and my father as witness I declare myself…as the NEW ECW heavyweight champion of the world! When you set out to change the face of professional wrestling, so tonight the new era begins…the era of the sport of professional wrestling…the era of ‘the Franchise’…the era of the ECW.” Crowd chants “ECW!”
A long list of past highlights of Shane Douglas is shown. Perhaps this was Paul Heyman’s way of tipping his hat to Shane Douglas because he wasn’t sure if recovery from his elbow surgery (among other physical issues) would enable him to re-enter the squared circle.
Heyman gives a voice-over for a video package of “Scott Charles ‘Bam Bam’ Bigelow” then New Jack. Yes, Paul actually said Bigelow’s full name in case no one already knew it.
Highlights of a victory for the tag champs over Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney are shown including a double superplex to seal the deal.
Back on January 31 the Triple Threat came to fruition when BBB nailed Taz with the TV title belt. After Taz was demolished Candido hammered Storm with the tag title belt. Heyman’s excerpt regarding the mandate for the tag champs is then shown in full.
The introduction of a match between the tag champs versus Chris Chetti and Jerry Lynn is shown. As you would expect Candido asks for his own entrance music and bitches out the ring announcer for not naming him first. We cut to where Axl trashes Candido using Sunny as his pawn then gives him a chair shot to the head. After Lance attacks both Rotten and Mahoney he gets crowned with a chair shot as well!
Next we get highlights of the match between the tag champs versus Rotten and Mahoney from Fort Lauderdale. Storm gives both Mahoney and Rotten chair shots. After Candido re-enters the ring and gives more chair shots to Mahoney Storm wallops Candido with a chair shot to the head! Ultimately Storm hits a springboard back elbow and Candido steals the pin. When Storm confronts him about it he receives a belt shot to the head.
Our next recap is Justin Credible and his feud with Mikey Whipwreck. Highlights of previous matches are shown including Credible’s decimation of Mikey’s knee in Buffalo. Also Mikey gives the Whippersnapper to Nicole Bass. We return to Queens where Credible grabs Beulah by the hair. Upon trying to give her That’s Incredible she escapes and low blows him. Chastity and Beulah get into a quick CATFIGHT before Jason breaks it up and clotheslines her. Mikey hits the ring and gives the Whippersnapper to Jason, Chastity, and then Justin. Dreamer follows with a DDT on Credible and gets the pin. Following that we get Justin’s “4 Life” promo from last week then Mikey’s Super-Whippersnapper. Jason pulls out the referee and the heels trio gets the best of Mikey finishing with That’s Incredible.
Joey mocks DX’s invasion of WCW with ECW’s invasion of Marietta, GA for their PPV.
Our next recap begins with Joel Gertner’s disgusting promo about Dreamer, Sandman, and Lori Fullington. After that we get the clip of the Dudley Boyz’ stalking Beulah before Sandman, looking like he just fell off the EMT gurney, scares the bejeezus out of all of the Dudleys and informs them of their impending receipt at the PPV. Joey mentions Sandman and Dreamer’s invasion of the WWF at Mind Games in September 1996.
Our next recap (smell a theme here?) begins with the match between BBB and RVD. The Van Daminator gives RVD the victory and the TV title. Then highlight of RVD’s match with Al Snow where Sabu costs him the victory is shown. Next Heyman informs Fonzie that Sabu gets his title shot at the PPV…against RVD! After that we get the ECW Fan Cam footage of Sabu versus Fatu. Winner gets to keep his four letter name. RVD masquerades as Sabu and takes his place in the match. RVD steals the glory and the pin. Our next highlight features Snow versus Sabu. Snow tries the Super Snow Plow, but Fonzie breaks it up. Snow and Sabu fall through the table. Before Sabu can easily pin Snow RVD throws in the towel costing Sabu the match.
Joey promotes the matches at the PPV.
Our next recap (sick of this yet?) features the highlights of Shane Douglas. Not only does Joey mention Douglas’ psychological handicap but also his physical handicap in his match against Al Snow. The promo war between Douglas and Taz is shown. Shortly after his match against Al Snow at the PPV Douglas will have bone spurs removed from his elbow. Also he has a cracked bone in his upper palette. On top of that he boarded a plane against doctor’s orders, and his sinuses “exploded” according to Joey. “This is the last stand of a great champion” bemoans Joey. I heave my dinner. Joey basically counts Douglas’ chances of retaining the gold at the PPV as slim and none.
Styles closes out the show with an interesting fact: “Snow gave us all…HEAD!” Somewhere Mick Foley is snickering.
On the one hand you have a HARD SELL for the PPV here. On the other hand you have a clip show of ALL the angles since Living Dangerously back in March. If you haven’t been paying attention to the show for the previous couple of months this show catches you up and makes you want to buy the PPV. However, if you have been watching all along this show is a mere refresher and a chore to recap again. Nonetheless I did enjoy seeing Douglas’ speech from 1994. Next week’s edition will be the actual Wrestlepalooza PPV itself. Stay tuned!

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History of ECW 4/21/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: April 21, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles


Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. To start off the show he touts the ECW Arena as the best arena in the world and disses Madison Square Garden. One of the matches shown will be Chris Candido versus Axl Rotten. Also the two #1 contenders for the singles titles will face each other one-on-one.
Joel Gertner opens the program by recapping Tommy Dreamer’s cage match against “former WCW United States heavyweight champion” Raven from Heat Wave 95 followed by the highlight of the “chair shot heard ‘round the world.” Smugly he also touts the damage inflicted upon Dreamer and Sandman last week by the Dudley Boyz in Ft. Lauderdale. Just to be an asshole he then makes fun of Lori Fullington while she’s crying and insults her children. Wow! Now even I want to cane Gertner “down there.”  I fear for his life if Sandman gets ahold of him. Finally he wants to turn Cobb County into a dry county and smoke-free zone.
We get the opener and Joey’s introduction. We then get highlights of Taz attacking Douglas’ hurt elbow. While running down the card for Wrestlepalooza Styles announces that a new match has been added: Bam Bam Bigelow versus New Jack.
In the ring Joey pumps up the crowd about the upcoming PPV when Taz’s music hits. Wearing his customary black towel on his head Taz enters the ring. He badmouths Shane Douglas while also wearing the letters FTW on his wrist tape. The ECW crowd stands firmly behind Taz with a “Fuck the Franchise” chant.
As he refers to himself as the uncrowned heavyweight champion Heyman’s voice interrupts. Taz yells at him not to shut his microphone off. While touting his background he viciously intimidates Joey into holding the microphone. I’m quite certain Joey’s shorts aren’t the same color as when he entered the ring. His new motto is “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” Mistakenly Joey says “nice guy” with sarcasm. Off goes the towel as Taz stalks Joey. Defensively Joey tries to clarify himself. Taz wants to put him six feet under.
He asks Joey even after the WCW exodus of ECW talent and Taz stayed if Joey still disrespects him. He gives Styles a stern warning. Joey’s response: “What’s with you, Taz?” Taz’s rebuts with a tremendous shove to the corner. Styles falls like a house of cards.
In a scene much less violent and more serene The FBI are shown flipping off the camera. They make their way to the ring showing off their dancing “skills.” Nova and the Blue Meanie hit the ring. As Joey makes a wise crack about him Meanie raises the roof. With his Southern (Italian) accent Tommy Rich gets on the microphone and challenges the Blue Meanie to a dance-off with Tracy Smothers.
Tracy begins to dance with less rhythm than a piece of paper.  Not surprisingly the Philly fans boo. Tommy asks “Chubby Checkers” to dance now. To the crowd’s delight Meanie jiggles. Each participant gets a second try, but as Meanie starts to dance again Smothers jumps him from behind. Really? This never happens in wrestling! I would have called Deney Terrio back in 1998 to get his input on this contest.
Next we have highlights of New Jack versus Droz. New Jack leaps from the top turnbuckle and nails Droz with a chair to the back and gets the pin.
Following that brief footage Justin Credible is in the ring with Jason and Nicole Bass. He takes us back to 4 1/2 years ago when he debuted under the name PJ Walker. He refers to that time as a “stepping stone.” Afterwards he acknowledges his time in the WWF as Aldo Montoya. According to Credible it was just a “passing phase” in his career. He claims Scott Hall as a best friend and says he’s Justin Credible “for life.” The smart ECW crowd boos that out of the building.
In another highlight Tax legdrops a referee through a table then chokes him out with the Tazmission.
Meanwhile BBB stands in front of Fonzie ready to demolish him when suddenly RVD throws the chair at him and gives him the Van Daminator. BBB no sells it however and chair shots RVD in return. Fonzie tries to escape but BBB snapmares him. To show how hated Fonzie is by the ECW crowd they are cheering BBB of the Triple Threat. Bigelow easily hoists the lightweight former referee over his head, military presses him a few times, and then tosses him into the crowd! The crowd eats it up with a spoon and an “ECW” chant.
Our next highlight shows Bubba Ray and Big Dick Dudley stalking Beulah. Sign Guy Dudley destroys the referee with his sign. As soon as the Dudleys get close the lights go out! When the lights come back on Sandman is in the ring holding his Singapore cane. Big Dick bails immediately. Scared out of their tye dye Bubba and D-von hit the bricks as well. Wearing a neck collar Sandman looks to be in really bad shape. He gets the microphone and tells the Dudley Boyz they will get their “receipt” at the PPV.
Match 1: Chris Candido (w/ Francine) versus Axl Rotten
Storm and Mahoney are barred from ringside. Rotten is in the ring holding his favorite weapon– the steel chair. Francine interrupts the introductions asking for respect and claiming to be a lady. We take a commercial break.
After the break they tie up and Rotten grabs the headlock. Candido shoots him off but gets shoulderblocked. After a leapfrog by Candido he hiptosses and armdrags Rotten. He wrings the arm but gets pummeled with a right hand. After a reversed Irish whip Candido gives Rotten a huracanrana. I’m surprised Joey didn’t call it a Franken-Skip. Upon performing his best Hunter Hearst Helmsley imitation (formal bow) Candido receives another fist to the mush. Axl claps, and the crowd claps with him.
After Rotten takes some bows he drags Candido corner-to-corner and makes him eat turnbuckle. A chop and a cross-corner whip put Candido down temporarily. From a different corner Rotten delivers a couple of clubbing forearms. He then cross-corner whips Candido again. Chris was seeking the springboard off the ropes but crotches himself instead. OUCH!
Rotten grabs a side headlock but gets shot off the ropes. When Francine grabs Rotten’s ankle Candido tries to attack him but gets vaulted over the top rope to the concrete floor. Rotten follows him to the floor and gives him a couple of shots. The crowd chants “Axl.” He then whips Candido over the steel railing. Wielding a chair he nails Candido in the head! As Candido returns to ringside Rotten gives him a chair shot to the back.
Francine rakes the eyes of Rotten. Candido then gives him a chair shot to the back and whips him into the steel railing. As soon as Candido works him over with chops and punches he rolls Rotten back into the ring and asks the crowd: “Who’s hardcore now?” He continues to work over Rotten then gets admonished by the referee. Shortly thereafter Rotten slides out to get a breather, and Francine gives him a knee to the gut!
Candido hits Rotten with a pescado. They exchange blows on the floor until Candido rams Rotten’s head into the ring apron. Back in the ring Candido gives him his patented delayed vertical suplex then six chops in the corner as the crowd “Woo’s.” Rotten fires back with five chops of his own. After an Irish whip he elbows Candido to the canvas. He tries another whip but puts his head down and gets caught.
An ill-advised headlock by Candido gets easily broken. Rotten comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. After another leapfrog by Candido Rotten chops him again. After another cross-corner whip Rotten avalanches him. Another whip gets a clothesline by Axl, and another whip gets a back body drop. A few punches lead to the bionic elbow.
Rotten clotheslines Candido from the second rope. As soon as he signals for the SST Francine enters the ring. Rotten confronts her in the corner. Francine tosses a chain to Candido. Chris tries to nail him but misses. Instead Rotten gives Candido the SST and pins him. He drags Francine back into the ring to give her some retribution but is thwarted by a chair shot to the back.
All of a sudden Balls Mahoney hits the ring and nails Candido with punches and a back body drop. He clotheslines Candido but gets slapped by Francine twice. Mahoney grabs her by the hair and puts her over his shoulder in preparation for the Nutcracker Suite. Seeing BBB hit the ring he puts her down to go after him. Unfortunately Balls gets the Greetings from Asbury Park while Candido gives another chair shot to the back of Rotten. **
We return with a promo from Fonzie. Which corner will he represent in the RVD-Sabu match at Wrestlepalooza?  He flips a coin but does not reveal his choice. Buy the PPV to find out!
Match 2: Al Snow (w/ Head) versus Sabu (w/ Fonzie)
As Snow enters the ring the crowd headbang their Styrofoam heads overhead. After a quick break Sabu sets up a table and goes to work on Snow. Upon coming off the ropes he tries a victory roll but Snow drops him on his face instead. He repositions the table then DDTs Sabu. He places Sabu on the table and climbs to the top. Sabu greets him there and gives him a huracanrana through the table! Awkwardly Snow is bent backwards. Sabu is cut under the right eye and blood is all over the right side of his face.
As both men lay on the canvas RVD comes to ringside to check on Sabu. He wants the match stopped as Sabu gets a 2 count. Fists are exchanged until Sabu dropkicks the legs out from under Snow. He sets up a chair and gives Snow the Whisper in the Wind. Slingshot moonsault by Sabu gets another 2 count. Snow tries to fight out of the corner, but Sabu throws a chair right at his head!
Triple jump moonsault by Sabu onto Snow’s back. After a delayed cover he gets a 2 count. He sets up the chair again and plants Snow with a DDT. Sabu tries another triple jump moonsault but doesn’t land properly on the top rope. Is it me or is anyone else tired of Sabu trying spots and fucking up?  In order to gain momentum (and save face) Snow clotheslines him out of the ring.
They fight on the outside until Snow hits an Asai moonsault into the front row! Back in the ring Snow gives him the sit-out powerbomb. In lieu of covering him he grabs a chair. He hits Sabu three times with the chair. He leaves the chair on top of Sabu and mounts the top turnbuckle. As he descends Sabu throws the chair at him again! As they get to their feet Sabu throws the chair at him a third time!
Sabu follows with the Arabian facebuster, sets up another table, and delivers another chair shot to Snow. Yet another chair shot puts Snow on the table. In a cruel twist Sabu mounts the top rope, and Snow greets him there. RVD gets up on the apron to distract the referee. Snow tries the Snow Plow from the top, but Fonzie trips the leg of Snow. Just as Sabu was pinning Snow for the three count RVD throws in the towel! Angrily the crowd pelts the ring with their Styrofoam heads. Sabu takes exception to RVD’s actions and they fight over the belt again! Would have been *** if not for the Sabu mishap and sports entertainment finish.
Joey promotes the pay-per-view and informs us that Shane Douglas will require surgery again on his right elbow after Wrestlepalooza.
From the WWE Studios Joey wraps up another edition of the History of ECW.
Wrestlepalooza is fast approaching, and this show did a great job of tying up loose ends for it. The flow of this show can be summed up pretty quickly. The first part of the show was for the storyline while the second part was for the wrestling despite the cop-out finish of the main event. With one more show before the PPV it’ll be interesting to find out what happens next!

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History of ECW 4/14/1998

Taped from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Airdate: April 14, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles


Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. To start off the show he mentions that ECW World TV champion RVD will cut a promo. Also Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney will face the “unstable” ECW World tag team champions.
Joel Gertner introduces “from the ‘Down Under’ section of Dudleyville” the Bushwhackers! Sign Guy Dudley escorts them to the ring. They are wearing Dudley Boyz shirts as well as replica Bubba glasses. Joey is astonished and claims that ECW has not signed a team from another decade. Meanwhile Sandman and Tommy Dreamer hit the ring. While Dreamer wields a chair and Sandman his cane the Dudley Boys come out of nowhere and attack them from behind!
After Sandman gets caned by D-von the Dudley Boyz give the Dudley Death Drop to Dreamer. They then practically break Sandman’s neck with a Dudley Death Drop. Big Dick Dudley picks up Dreamer by the throat to choke him then gives him the sit-out powerbomb. The Dudley Boyz prop Dreamer and Sandman next to one another against the ropes. Simultaneously Sandman gets caned while Dreamer eats a chair shot. To add insult to injury Sign Guy pours beer on them.
Meanwhile 2 Cold Scorpio hits the ring to save Dreamer and Sandman. He kicks the Dudley Boys away, but Big Dick Dudley hammers him. He whips Scorpio off the ropes and misses a clothesline. However, the Dudley Boyz grab Scorpio and give him the Dudley Death Drop. The Dudleys stand tall mocking Dreamer, Sandman, and Scorpio’s mannerisms.
The promo for Wrestlepalooza is shown followed by the opener.
We return to the ring to see the Sandman receiving medical treatment on the canvas. In an attempt to appear live Joey states that a video package featuring RVD, Sabu, and Bam Bam Bigelow was supposed to be shown later but will be shown now. Updates on Sandman’s condition will be forthcoming.
Highlights from last week’s match between RVD and BBB are shown including RVD’s aerial assault. It has to be seen to be believed. Afterwards Heyman tells Fonzie that RVD will defend the TV title at Wrestlepalooza against Sabu.
We kick it back to Joey who still promises an update on Sandman. We then get “FAN CAM” footage of Fatu versus Sabu. After Sabu legdrops Fatu through a table on the concrete floor RVD masquerades as Sabu and tosses Fatu back in the ring. He pins him after the ***** frog splash. Once again RVD and Sabu have a tug-of-war with the TV belt after the match.
Joey then runs down the card for Wrestlepalooza:
ECW World TV title: RVD (champion) versus Sabu
ECW World title: Shane Douglas (champion) versus Al Snow
ECW World Tag Team Title: Chris Candido and Lance Storm (champions) versus Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney
Grudge Match: Mikey Whipwreck versus Justin Credible
Tentative scheduled grudge match: The Dudley Boyz versus Tommy Dreamer and Sandman
When we return from commercial break we see the back of an ambulance. Lori Fullington, Sandman’s wife, is shown crying. Sandman is immobilized on a stretcher ready to be carried to the ambulance.
Match 1 for the ECW World Tag Team titles: Chris Candido and Lance Storm (champions) versus Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney
Immediately Storm nails Rotten with a chair then wallops Mahoney in the head with it. Shockingly Mahoney no-sells it! A second shot staggers him. A third shot puts him down. Storm adds a chair shot to the back of Rotten. After what seems like an eternity Candido comes in the ring and hits Mahoney with a chair removing him from the match. Subsequently Storm smashes Candido with the chair to the head!
Finally the bell rings. Rotten covers Candido but Storm saves. Remember that their jobs are on the line if they screw with each other. Seemingly Sunny took that literally. Off a reversed whip to the ropes Rotten elbows Storm. He then whips and elbows Candido. An attempted double-team on Rotten almost backfires as Storm just misses Candido. To no one’s surprise the champs argue then receive a double noggin-knocker from Rotten.
Rotten then delivers a pair of clotheslines to the champs followed by a slam on Candido. He tosses Storm out of the ring, follows him, and then nails him with a chair shot to the back. Next Rotten whips Storm into the steel guardrail. While Candido holds both belts overhead in the ring Rotten gives Storm another whip into the steel guardrail. Without question dissention is afoot here.  We take a break.
When we return Candido appears to have received a low blow as he writhes in pain. Rotten continues the 1-on-2 exchange by giving Candido a back body drop off the ropes. Storm comes in and gets elbowed. After throwing a couple of punches Rotten delivers a pair of bionic elbows to the champs. Showing his love for both Dusty and Dustin Rhodes he then delivers the SST (Severe Skull Trauma/Curtain Call) to Storm.
While Rotten attempts a pin Candido comes off the top rope for the save. Instead of headbutting Rotten he nails his partner! Rotten clears Candido out of the way with a punch, puts Storm in the corner, and cross-corner whips him. Storm jumps to the second turnbuckle and delivers the back elbow. Candido shoves his partner out of the ring in order to cover Rotten for the pin. *
Once again Candido steals the spotlight from his partner. After Candido retrieves the belts from the timekeeper Storm grabs his belt away from him. Candido then wallops Storm with a belt shot to the head then tosses him over the top rope.
Danny Doring then introduces himself and Roadkill as they make their way to the ring. Unfortunately for them Axl takes them both out with chair shots. Candido then whips Storm to the steel guardrail. Since that’s the third time Storm has eaten the guardrail I wonder if he got a discount or at least some ketchup!
Candido gets on the mic, claims he did all the heavy lifting, and challenges Storm to a singles match. As Storm tries to re-enter the ring Candido baseball-slides him. He then rams Storm’s head into the table. Rolling back in the ring Candido demands the bell to be rung to start the match.
Match 2: Chris Candido versus Lance Storm
Without hesitation Candido goes to work on Storm in the corner with punches and kicks. He then chops Storm. Lance comes back with four chops then grabs a headlock. However, Candido shoots him off. Storm gets the shoulderblock and hits a spinning heel kick off the ropes getting a 2-count. To follow up he whips Candido off the ropes but receives a swinging neckbreaker.
Candido gives Storm a delayed vertical suplex and gets another 2-count. If chopping is what you prefer these two provide plenty as they chop away. Heartily the crowd supplies plenty of “Woo!” with each chop. They are exchanging chops more than the Chicago Board of Trade here. Storm cross-corner whips him then clotheslines him in the corner.
Continuing his onslaught he follows up with an elbow and dropkick then paintbrushes him with slaps in the corner. After a whip he delivers his patented high-elevation dropkick. He heads to the apron and delivers a springboard clothesline for a 2-count. He tries to whip Candido but gets countered with a knee to the midsection. Candido then powerbombs him and falls face-first onto Storm getting another 2-count.
After receiving a cross-corner whip Storm jumps to the top turnbuckle but Candido crotches him. Upon celebrating with the Triple Threat hand gesture he mounts the top rope to deliver the Blond Bombshell. Nevertheless Storm escapes. Candido tries to missile dropkick Storm, but Lance catches him with a powerbomb for the pin. **1/2
In celebration Storm retrieves the belts from the timekeeper and holds them overhead. He drops one of the belts alongside Candido and gives him the “Forget You” gesture while leaving the ring. Joey gives them no shot to retain at the PPV.
We get more footage of Sandman being loaded into the ambulance. Lori Fullington is in the front of the ambulance while Joey mentions technical difficulties with both video and audio.
More “FAN CAM” footage is shown as Shane Douglas bursts out of the driver’s seat of a car wearing a sling on his right arm. As Douglas complains to BBB and Francine about having another surgery Chris Candido surges out the back door in disbelief. He lies about beating everyone up and lures the rest of the Triple Threat inside to lay some lumps. Francine yells at Douglas to wear his sling since he’s hurt.
Instead of having a match between John Kronus and Chris Chetti the Triple Threat hit the ring. BBB delivers the Greetings from Asbury Park to Kronus then tosses him out of the ring through a table! The crowd chants “ECW!” In a menacing tone Douglas addresses Chris Chetti.
Douglas states “when I was in this business for a year I was working for an asshole named Bill Watts, and I was being forced to drive 1000 miles a night to make $50….not being chauffeured around on MY back!” As Douglas continues to berate Chetti Taz hits the ring. I should point out that Douglas revealed Chetti as Taz’s cousin.
As Taz tries to rebut with Douglas Chetti interrupts him. Cousin or not, Chetti might be drinking his dinner for a while with that type of behavior around Taz. As soon as I type that he gets the taste slapped out of his mouth by Taz and then a Taz-plex. Douglas challenges Taz to a fight. Taz says if they put “their pretty belts on the line” he’ll accept. Paul Heyman is obviously shouting something at Douglas as Shane tells him that this is between him and Taz.
Douglas mentions Stan Hansen’s claim to fame as 20 years ago he broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck. In order to knock him out of his title match against Al Snow he offers the same proposal to Taz to break his arm. He begins to plead with Taz. Rather stupidly he pokes Taz in the face with the microphone as well as slaps him to provoke him. He even calls him a pussy.
Taz rebuts with his own expletive and takes Douglas down. He bars Shane’s arm while BBB and Candido try to get Taz off Douglas. While Candido protects Douglas BBB lowers the boom on Taz. Bigelow and Taz brawl at ringside then into the crowd.
Joey closes us out wondering if either the Sandman or Shane Douglas will be able to compete at Wrestlepalooza.
Overall, ECW was definitely trying to pull off a WCW Monday Nitro type of show where anything can happen. Their only real problem was that this was taped for syndication. How can the fans believe it was live and really happening when some viewers got this show at 2 in the morning? I can give props to them for trying to create a new way to view ECW. The little guy has to always try to improve to keep and grow its audience.
Let’s hope next week’s show answers some of the questions being asked here.

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