New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Eleven – 30/07/2019

Hello You!

We’re back with some more A Block Action!

This year’s G1 has featured some fantastic wrestling thus far but hasn’t produced a 5 Star Classic by my watch yet. I’d love it if we could get one before the tournament comes to a close, but in general I’d say the standard of this year’s G1 has been excellent and every night has had at least 1 or 2 matches that  I would consider “need to see”, with some nights even having more than that!

But anyway, less of me spinning some yarns, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling eh?

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Rev Pro: New York

Rev Pro: New York
Date: April 5, 2019
Location: New York Hilton Midtown, New York City, New York
Commentators: Andy Boy Simmonz, Kevin Kelly

I’ve seen these guys twice live and had a good time with each of the shows so this was a must for the list. I don’t really follow their stories all that closely but I know enough of the names to keep up. This show will have a mixture of British wrestling and New Japan so it’s going to be quite the combination. Let’s get to it.

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Revolution Pro Wrestling: New Orleans Live Report

One more indy show, just in case I haven’t had enough of them quite yet. Last year in Orlando I took a shot at the Revolution Pro Wrestling show despite not having known much about the promotion. The lineup looked good though and the show wound up being a lot of fun. It was enough to get me to go again this year and again, it wound up being a good afternoon of wrestling.

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WrestleCon 2018 (With Pictures)

Odds are you’ve heard of Axxess. It’s the big fan festival put on by WWE every year over Wrestlemania weekend where you can see memorabilia and meet wrestlers etc. However, there’s another version run independently from WWE called WrestleCon, which offers a bunch of wrestling shows but also a huge convention with hundreds of wrestlers and vendors selling autographs, merchandise and photo ops for pretty reasonable prices. You can also just walk up and talk to almost anyone you want (line permitting of course) and have a chat (some longer than others).

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