Hello Scott General consensus is that JBL had a horrible reign as Smackdown champion. I never blamed him much for that as the other options were an unmotivated Book and RVD or a lethargic Undertaker. I know Eddie Guerrero was cracking under the pressure of being champion so do you think it would have been better for HHH to go to Smackdown via the draft or let JBL actually beat some guys for a few months leading up to a Summerslam match where he takes the belt from Eddie? HHH leaving also would have given Benoit some other guys to work with on Raw.

I’ll squeeze this one in before RAW starts, although in reality I’m posting it two days earlier.  MIND BLOWN.  Interesting theory, but HHH didn’t want to work Tuesdays, so it wouldn’t have worked out.  I think letting JBL have the US title for a few months would have been ideal to build up the character, but poor Eddie was in such a bad state and they had to get that title off him right away.  Now why they couldn’t have gone with Kurt Angle as the guy, I don’t know.  Did they move him to RAW in the draft?  I forget.  Or maybe they could have done a wacky draft swap like in 2005 and switched Eddie to RAW and Benoit to Smackdown, which would let Benoit have a more extended reign while Eddie dropped it to HHH on the big show or transitioned it to Orton early.  Either way, the JBL deal was such a huge flop that literally anything would have been a better idea.