Heyman = greatness

Raw has been borderline unwatchable for a long time now as I speed watch on DVR in about an hour and twenty minutes.  But Paul Heyman is simply in the best groove on the stick I can remember.  I'm skipping full matches and watching twenty minute Heyman promos in full.   His promos with Cena have been classics as he's managed to do the impossible and get me thinking a Cena heel turn we all know isn't happening.  He is the emperor to Cena's Luke right now and it's just amazing to watch.  Has there ever been a non-wrestler to dominate a show like Paul E?   Vince had Austin there plus DX and Rock.  What does it say about WWE when the best thing going is a 49 year old bald man?

…that the product is really terrible at the moment?  

I don't know that Heyman is dominating the product as such, but he's certainly instrumental in getting Brock over without having him cut promos.  But then keep in mind what Heyman did for Axel, Ryback and Cesaro, which is to say fuck all.  So it's also a matter of the right people being matched together.  

Question for blog – P Heyman & ECW


  We all know about Paul Heyman’s difficulties with paying talent during ECW’s tenure.  Was that because :   (a)    Paul Heyman was doing quite well for himself, and stiffing performers to line his own pockets? (b)   Paul Heyman was a terrible businessman and couldn’t pay the performers because he didn’t have the money? (c)    A bit of answers (a) and (b) depending on where in ECW’s history we are landing?
Mr. Heyman has always been financially well off due to his parents being loaded, so I really doubt that any financial difficulties were a result of him skimming the meager profits that ECW made.  If anything he put too much of his own money into the promotion and nearly bankrupted himself in the process.  So definitely B in this case.  

Heyman DVD

hey scott, just finished watching the new Paul Heyman bluray, its a blast! tons of fun & good stories! will you rant on it soon? best wishes

​Dude, I have an entire NETWORK of stuff to catch up on.  I don't even buy wrestling DVDs anymore.  ​Plus the draw of the set is the Heyman doc, and I hate recapping those.  I might watch it when it comes to the Network or Netflix, but I doubt I'll be ranting on it.  

Paul Heyman: The Greatest Manager of All Time

The previous Masked Man article was completely no-sold by the Blog of Doom, most likely because there weren’t any Scott Keith references contained within.  But it is worth a read, as it explains in meticulous detail why Paul Heyman is the biggest pro wrestling star in the industry today.


Now I will go a step further and explain when Paul Heyman is, unequivocally, the greatest wrestling manager of all time.

There are generally two men that, based on the breadth of their careers, the large variety of stars they have associated with, and the extent to which they enhanced those stars, are considered in the conversation for being the greatest wrestling manager of all time: Bobby Heenan and Paul Heyman.  There is a third that belongs in the conversation that most people reading this post are too young to remember: The Grand Wizard.

All of these managerial geniuses reached their peaks in different eras, so it is difficult to compare and contrast the impact that they had in the traditional manager role.  Since they were the best of their eras, and since we have no real way to match them up against each other in a competitive manner, I like to simplify matters and say that they are all on equal footing.

However, in recent years, there are two factors that set Paul Heyman apart from his peers:

1.Both The Grand Wizard and Bobby Heenan were at their peak in eras where managers were the norm.  It was an established pro wrestling position to enhance talent, and while these men were the best at what they did, they weren’t really breaking new ground with what they did.

But by 2012, the wrestling manager was an anachronism, tucked away with the wishbone offense, long relievers, and underhand free throws as a relic from a bygone era, killed by the move from bookers to Creative that eliminated the need for a manager to speak for a wrestler because the wrestler’s every word was meticulously scripted and memorized.  This in turn made the product so bland that WWE was forced to spend millions of dollars on movie stars and UFC fighters to keep people’s interest.

But the movie star couldn’t stay, and the UFC fighter couldn’t talk.  He wouldn’t talk.  To save Brock Lesnar’s mystique, to save the last special attraction that WWE had left, everyone dragged Paul Heyman back, kicking and screaming, after being away for the better part of a decade, to bring back the lost art of being a pro wrestling manager.

The Grand Wizard and Bobby Heenan perfected the art of managing.  Paul Heyman rebuilt it from scratch and took it to a still higher level than either of them.  Because…

2. The Grand Wizard and Bobby Heenan were great at supporting the wrestlers.  Paul Heyman has become great at supporting the entire wrestling promotion.

Paul Heyman single-handedly returned Brock Lesnar to beast status.  Paul Heyman single-handedly cemented CM Punk’s heel turn, single-handed cemented CM Punk’s face turn, and single-handedly squelched the protest movement once CM Punk left.  Paul Heyman single-handedly squeezed value out of the ending of The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.  And finally, Paul Heyman single-handedly closed the flagship show with a ten minute monologue introducing the Summerslam main event.  The final RAW spotlight was on a fat Jew running his mouth off…and it was the best thing on TV in months.

In the foreword to Bobby Heenan’s first autobiography, Hulk Hogan said of Heenan “In the wrestling circles, he made sure that, in between the geeks, the freaks, the midgets, and the ladies, his spot didn’t overshadow anyone.  He could have – he was so talented.  He could have stolen your spotlight at any moment.”

But Bobby Heenan never had to give a 10 minute promo in front of a live audience to hard sell Wrestlemania.  Paul Heyman took the main event spot on RAW and used it not to get himself over, but to make John Cena and Brock Lesnar look the most compelling they’ve been in years.  More people cheer Cena than ever.  More people fear Lesnar than ever.  The desperate quagmire of only a couple of months prior has been replaced with mega-anticipation for August 17th.

All because of Paul Heyman.

No promotion has ever relied on a manager to the extent that WWE now relies on Paul Heyman.  And no manager has ever delivered to the extent that Paul Heyman does now.

For taking a dead art and elevating it to levels that have never been seen, and never will be seen again, Paul Heyman is the greatest wrestling manager that has ever lived.

Heyman – TNA

I was reading through the TNA LOL wiki page thing when I came across this:

  • Paul Heyman was in talks with TNA to join the company. However, he wanted full control of the company aspects, and wanted to get rid of all the veterans aside from one guy to stand out (if you're over 40 I'll rip your fucking head off) while building a younger, talented roster. Spike TV were fine with it, TNA was fine with it, but Dixie Carter was not due to her loyalty to these veterans as well as people who would be fired such as Vince Russo. The deal fell apart and TNA continued to go backwards instead of forwards.
    • Heyman later let slip that he would've tried to steal Daniel Bryan Danielson away from WWE after Tiegate happened and build him up as an unstoppable submission machine for an eventual match with Kurt Angle. Your inner mark is now weeping for what might've been."

Great read and I feel far less sympathetic to TNA in general now. http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=LOLTNA_History

White Thunder

​Careful, don't talk too much shit about TNA here or people might accuse me of being BIASED against them.  
I've heard the Heyman story before, and I feel like it wouldn't have helped by the time they were trying to bring him in.  Really, once they switched from Scott D'Amore to Vince Russo they were going down a bad road.  ​

The Heyman / Cornette beef

Hi Scott,

Long time, first time, etc… Is there a summary anywhere of the root cause of the Heyman and Cornette beef you mentioned in the Clash VI rant? My Google-fu is pointing to booking disputes focused on ECW's existence, which was obviously well after 1989, and doesn't explain the references to a banana that I've seen.

Thanks in advance,

Yeah, OK, the beef.  Essentially they didn't get along well in WCW but worked together, and the actual feud started when Paul poached the Gangstas away from SMW in the middle of a big push and all this bad blood came out between them.  Everything after that was basically stubborn refusal to bury the hatchet on both sides.  
The banana thing is old school RSPW urban legend supposedly regarding a videotape of Cornette doing stuff with a banana…weird stuff…butt stuff.  I believe Heyman picked at that thread in some shoot interviews as well to really give Cornette the gears.   I have not seen said tape and have no desire to do so.  

Heyman vs Lawler

Going back watching some 2001 "SPECIALS" on WWE network and hot dang is Heyman a GREAT change of pace from Lawler. I think Lawler was great in the late 90s during the attitude era with the puppies and everything but it's just been too long with him on color.
I know he has settled into this Uncle Jerry role but if they are serious about a new generation of stars don't you think they should get a new announce team to go along with it to help signify the change in talent?

I would vote for Renee Young and William Regal.   They could just ignore the match and flirt for three hours.  

WWF Livewire 96- Russo, McMahon, Cornette, Heyman etc – great video

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well!  I wanted to share this video with the blog o' doom.
I hadn't seen this since it aired live in the fall of 1996 but it's so fascinating watching all these personalities on one live show (WWF Livewire on USA).

You have Cornette and Russo shooting on each other, Sunny ripping Sable legit, McMahon talking dirt on Bischoff, Ross, Turner, and his thoughts on a WWF Network Channel (in 96), and even a call from Paul Heyman claiming his concepts are being stolen. Such a nice blend of shoot and fabrication in a very stale 96. It is awkward but compelling tv before they decided to finally strip things down and get edgy with Raw is War in 97.  

Oh man, the Paul Heyman audio run-in was EPIC.  Didn't he do a fake name once too, calling in as "Bruce P. from Hartford" or something like that?  Good times.

Paul Heyman article

Here is an excellent article describing the on-screen character of the manager, promoter, commentator, et al that we love to hate. Heyman/Dangerously portrays a misogynist to the Nth degree and improves the quality of programming in doing so. While some men shy away from his true distaste for women in prominent roles women despise the character to the core. That, to me, is what makes Paul Heyman a fascinating player on the wrestling stage. Enjoy! https://medium.com/p/311b4cd1d4f9

Paul Heyman Question

Hey Scott,

Why was Paul Heyman fired from WCW? I'm watching some WCW from 1991 and 1992, he's gold as always, as a manager and as a commentator. It couldn't have been finances, no way he was making more money to jump to ECW at that point. Was this just another picture of WCW letting go of talent?
He was fired because Bill Watts hated his guts and refused to pay whatever amount of money for a manager, and basically wanted to bust him down to commentator's salary again.  Heyman tells the whole story in one of the famous ECW fanfest shoot interviews that he does, I think the one from Cyberslam 96 if I'm not mistaken.  Bill's side of it from his shoot interview is that he liked Paul but just hated working with him so damn much.  

I don't think Watts actually fired him if we're being totally technical about the whole thing, I think that he just busted his balls and moved him down the card until Heyman quit, but the gist is the same.