I’ve got some Bad News. He’s going to be pushed…

Of of a cliff.

So you've seen burials, de-pushes, and anti-pushes over the years; does anything compare with the sheer alternate reality nature of Barrett's current state? Vince has humiliated guys in the past, but usually they are:

A) Black
B) Not a home made product or from NWA
C) fat and ugly
D) have heat backstage
E) Are getting over in the wrong way (as in, over but not like we planned)

So you have a specimen looking guy who keeps getting over with the gimmicks the company gives him, is a homegrown talent with little to no heat backstage…..and then this happens.

Is there logic to this? Is it cause he's foreign? I don't…whuh?

You could say he's BAD LUCK Barrett, I guess.  
I really don't get it either.  They gave him the Bad News gimmick and then took it away from him because it was getting over.  Not "despite" it getting over, mind you, BECAUSE it was getting over and they didn't want people chanting along with his catchphrase.  They've repackaged him a million times already and every time something catches traction, they repackage him again as something else.  I really don't get it either.  
Hope that helped!

QOTD 132: He’s got the whole world…in his hands…

What’s the craziest crowd interaction / reaction you’ve seen? 
Wrestlemania had TWO awesome moments, with the New Orleans crowd singing along with Wyatt, and then the streak ending in a most anticlimactic way. I’d even toss in all the “Whats” Stone Cold did, and all the Bryan stuff, do. What a great crowd. 
Beyond wrestling, I always like when bands do cool things with the crowd. At the Green Day American Idiot Tour they sang “Shout!” and had the entire crowd go down to their bellies before rising up again with “…a little bit louder now!”. 

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