Where does TNA go from here?

Okay, so by the beginning of October, TNA will no longer have TV in the U.S.

But they'll still have international distribution deals that they need to fulfill, right?

So will they keep taping and airing TV for international markets and show Impact online like they did after they got the boot from FSR?
Or, if TNA really does go out of business, can the international TV networks sue them for not delivering a promised product?


I think by that point getting sued for non-delivery would be the least of their worries.  Not being a legal type, however, I have no idea how their deals would work or how long that TNA would keep foolishly clinging to life.  I mean, I guess in theory they could keep making TV shows, but Destination America is footing most of the bill at this point so I don't even know if they have the cash to produce their own product.  

My Duties Here are a Car Wreck [No Raw Rant Possible]

So after double-checking with Cox, I got informed (in a call back I just made) that a car crash took out their wires and they have crews working on it right now.  But they think it won’t be ready until tomorrow morning.  Darn.

So… this is where you come in.  Your choice, do I:

* Do this rant when the re-air comes on Saturday night, or
* Do a retro rant to make up for it?

In the meantime, I’m going to send a nasty letter to the cable company.

Here Comes The Pain Mail…

Aaaaaaaaaand suddenly I have a bazillion new e-mails after cleaning out some stuff on Sunday.  Let’s focus on Brock for the moment.

Hi Scott I know you don’t 100% agree with what happened but there is no doubt that Brock Lesnar is now the hottest heel in wrestling. Just curious to how you/the blog would book him from here on in until next Wrestlemania? Here’s an idea I came up with: I could see him not wrestling and just gloating until Summerslam where he is brought in as Triple H’s “final solution” for taking the title off Daniel Bryan. He could then decimate Bryan in a match similar to the Punk match last year. From there he basically takes the title hostage doing his only matches at Survivor Series and Royal Rumble – getting decisive wins against say Cena and Batista – and taking the title in to Wrestlemania. If he is still as over as he is now, Bryan can then fall into self doubt and a tailspin before coming back strong and winning the Royal Rumble. Meanwhile Triple H begins to realise that he has created a monster and at Wrestlemania he takes out Paul Heyman allowing Bryan to become the ultimate underdog and dethrone Lesnar at the biggest show of them all. This would bring both the Bryan/HHH stories and Brock Lesnar story full circle in my eyes with Taker’s loss giving Bryan as well as Brock the boost to carry storylines for a full year. Obviously if Bryan isn’t as over then you can easily replace him with the next hot babyface (not Cena)

I think you’re absolutely on the right path with this one and that’s kind of what I expect to happen, in fact. 

I mentioned this in a thread earlier but wanted your opinion.  Is Paul Heyman going to manage babyface Cesaro and mega-heel Lesnar simultaneously with both of those guys in those roles?  I don’t recall a manager handling heels and faces at the same time in the past.  It certainly would be an interesting dynamic, and if it could be pulled off by anyone it’s Heyman.  In this “Reality” era, it makes sense that Heyman should be able to advocate for anyone in any role and simply be that, a mouthpiece with no real personal “feelings” about anything other than his clients’ interests.  Almost like the ultimate “spokesman-for-hire”, kind of like a lawyer I guess.

Well the thing with Heyman is that they don’t really need any more big babyfaces at the moment, whereas the heel side is really weak in the midcard, so now they have a hot cool heel like what Ziggler used to be who can carry things underneath the main event.  It’s not important to turn Cesaro as much as it’s important to ELEVATE him, and putting him with Heyman in that role absolutely does it. 

Scott, Heyman’s promo last night for Lesnar was great. What do you think the ideal path is for Lesnar from here? I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt in assuming that Lesnar won’t be losing to anybody anytime soon on account of him beating the streak. How would you book him? I still can’t believe they had him lose to Cena two years ago at Extreme Rules when they obviously had built him up as something special leading up to that pay-per-view, so I’m hoping they’re able to recapture some of that magic. You would think that Daniel Bryan and him will eventually meet down the road, because what else is out there for Brock?

Well he DID declare himself the #1 contender a while ago, remember…

Any chance Taker just lost his love of working when Bearer died? Like, I know Bearer wasn’t consistently part of the gimmick anymore, but he was his friend, and I could see some of the magic being gone with somebody who was such a big part of his career passing. I know Bearer passed before the Punk match, but this kinda stuff can take a while to process (or, maybe Taker still doesn’t like Punk and didn’t wanna give him the Streak)… anyways, I just think it’s interesting that Bearer died, and Taker (presumably) retired like 14 months after. 

Given how beaten up he looked last year, it’s far more likely he just realized that he couldn’t go any longer.  Taker wanted to give the streak to Brock because Brock is a “real fighter” and that’s Taker’s mindset.  Honestly, as much as everyone hates Cena, the redemption arc for him in 2012 should have been where he (should have) lost to Brock, had a shitty year until January, and then revived himself as a top level guy by breaking the streak.  Winning the title from Rock meant nothing because he’s already had the title a million times.  Breaking the streak would have meant SOMETHING at least.

No, I did not write it, and am not looking for a plug. Thought it raises some surprisingly valid points. Your thoughts?

Given that no one but UT and Vince knew, that’s giving them WAY too much credit on this one. 

QOTD 108: Gimmie one reason to stay here…

First, the song that helped Scott Hall go to WCW:

 Second, with the incredibly delicious existentialism of a bunch of real fans of a fake wrestling show taking real drastic action to affect the fake storyline making my day a delight, I figured I’d post a related question

Have you ever had a “I don’t know why, but that’s it!” moment? Either you finally gave someone their comeuppance after they’d been pompous for years, declared your love for a lady or fellah you’d been chasing and were never direct with? Maybe you simply could not take any more of a show, movie franchise, or band after their creative pungency completely dissapeared? 

Ever scream at a Comcast tech support person after they asked you to reboot your modem for the fifth time?

Did you ever end up having to eat your words? Or getting “one reason to stay there” and then staying?

Freshman year of college I was working at a Dunkin Donuts on a popular Massachusetts highway. Upon being hired I was told I would be getting about 11 dollars an hour, plus tips – namely because the last girl that worked there was killed  – So they wanted someone less…that-able.

I was pretty miserable at this gig – weird hours like working 4pm-12am then 5am – 1pm back-to-back, being told I could never exchange free coffee for free Subway (which was right next store) then immediately noticing my boss nabbing four coffees for her four kids.

Eventually we got a new manager who didn’t speak English and refused to give me time off, to the point where she called me while I was in Fall River, going up and down a giant fucking hill in my car, and I almost crashed because she simply couldn’t understand what I was saying and I wasn’t paying enough attention to the crazy inclines and declines.

But whatever – I was being paid fine, got all the free coffee and donuts and Lattes I could stuff in my chubby little cheeks, and I got to listen to a radio I brought in while working – I listened to a new Barenaked Ladies CD, re-discovered my love for Everclear, got my angst on with some Counting Crows, and generally speaking it was a shitty gig I could deal with.

Until I came in one day to find my radio had been gutted, and the manager said nothing or did nothing. Literally the radio / CD player’s shell was left in tact, but all the internal components were removed, so I was left with a shell of a CD Player – that was it. After two days of inaction, I simply called my manager and quit on her voice mail.

Only to be asked to work the next day across the way for my old boss who said I couldn’t give away coffee for subway. I said yes, gave coffee away for sandwhich favors, played Fire Pro Wrestling, didn’t clean up, took a 3XL “Hot, Steamy, Chocolate Creamy” sweater, and bounced on out of the world of food service for the last time.

And promptly ended up working at Michaels for a guy who had a bit part in The Mighty Ducks 2. 

Why is Vickie Guerrero still here?

Is the reason Vickie Guerrero is still employed and featured prominently on TV because she has dirt on Vince Mcmahon/the WWE that could cause more problems than it's worth to let her go? The girl can't act, she frequently fluffs her lines, she gets heat for all the wrong reasons, and she's generally awful to watch. I remember the BODers jumping to her defence a year back but c'mon guys, it's time to get real. Stephanie or whoever else could do her job and do it 100x better.

I want your honest opinion – Why is Vickie Guerrero still employed? 

As you may know, my wife patiently tolerates three hours of RAW every Monday night and she plays around on the laptop or whatever while I'm reviewing it.  She is a total non-fan who knows nothing about wrestling and doesn't particularly follow the storylines except to occasionally humor me, but she generally will have opinions on three things:
1)  She thinks Titus O'Neil is funny and attractive.
2)  She knows CM Punk and AJ Lee and usually enjoys hearing their promos.
3)  She fucking hates, with a white-hot passion, Vickie Guerrero.  Like whenever she's on TV she immediately gets annoyed and declares how much she wishes someone would shut her mouth for her.  
And that is why she's still employed and probably always will be.  

Do I have something here?

Hey, Scott

I generally abhor armchair booking, BUT I have been entertaining this idea, because I am kinda wondering if they may actually do this.

Punk vs. Ryback at HIAC. Match is going…whatever. Ryback looks as if he is going in for the kill. Suddenly, Lesnar comes out from under the ring. Maybe a stare down, a collision,  destruction. Lesnar costs Ryback the title. Punk retains, and keeps it until Rock. The natural stable between Heyman clients is formed. Heyman one ups Vince. Ryback has a monster to try and hunt down in  a big time feud that can be stretched out for a month or two maybe. 

I dunno…am I really, really wrong, or is this not a bad idea? I am a little murky on what they would do with Ryback after he would be done with Lesnar though. Seems unlikely that he would be dominated by OR dominate Lesnar. I suppose a returning HHH can cost Lesnar a win over Ryback in a couple of months to set the table for Trips/Lesnar II at Mania, but that seems…not right. And of course, I haven't really taken into account the whole limited number of Lesnar appearances thing, because I really don't know how many he has left. Anyway, do I have ANYTHING here?

I think that scenario leading up to Punk/Lesnar v. Ryback/Cena at Survivor Series is absolutely not the worst idea in the world.  I also think that using Lesnar to make Ryback is not the worst idea in the world, because at least that's using Lesnar to put over a NEW star.  However, I once again would like to stress that we haven't seen Ryback in a match that has run longer than about 2 minutes yet, and if he goes out there and completely craps the bed against Punk on PPV the push could end the night after.  So it's dangerous to lock yourself into that kind of longer-term booking with an unknown quantity like Ryback.  Honestly, this would be the time where I'd want to (say it with me) let it play out and see where it goes first.  If Ryback can have a good match and carries himself well, then roll the dice with him.  If not, there's no sense in wasting Brock's appearances on trying to get something out of him.  This show is going to TANK without Cena anyway so there's no point in panicking about it any further.  But I'm sure they will.  

Just Want To Clarify Something Here…

…now, the point of the Cena-Show cage match was that NO ONE COULD INTERFERE, right?  So I guess that stip held true, if you don't count Big Johnny, Vince McMahon, the multiple referees, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay.  That's practically no one, right?  

And Johnny will totally stay fired tomorrow night, I'm sure.  
Remember:  They're just telling stories.  But they don't have to make sense.