Hennig and Harts vs Demos

Was the plan for Hennig to always turn face in '92 and feud with Flair? If warrior hadn't left how would they have gotten to that point?

Explain this to me. The Harts win the tag title from demolition in a 2 out of 3 falls match where one fall they won by DQ. On an episode of Saturday nights main event the British bulldogs defeat the Harts in a 2 out of 3 falls match with one fall being one by dq yet they are not awarded the titles because titles can't change on a dq. So, like, what the hell happened?

​Man, Sundays.  Not even anything on TV now that I subscribe again.  But lucky for everyone else, I get ROH on some random ABC station at 2AM that I can DVR, as well as NJPW on AXS, so get ready for the HOT FIRE, as JTG puts it in his book.  
Anyway, no, the Hennig thing was as desperation last-minute as you can get.  There was no plans for him to turn or even come back to wrestling leading up to it, as far as I'm aware.
As for the second one, that's always bugged me as well, just like the rules of the cage matches in WWE seem to change depending on the needs of the storyline.  ​

Curt Hennig and No Back Injury

I finally got around to watch "The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect" and this is another what if. If Hennig doesn't suffer the back injury, do you think he, over Bret, gets the 1992 push for the World Title? It always irks me that he never got another World Title run. 

​No, because moreso than his back problems he had pretty major drug problems at a time when that was the last thing that the company needed from someone on top.  Plus he wasn't what you'd call particularly dependable.  Would he have been a good champion on top?  Probably.  Just don't see it happening.  ​

Curt Hennig question

Didn't Curt Hennig appear at least once as the masked man that attacked Hulk Hogan with a lead pipe in WCW? I know Arn Anderson did it a grip of times under the hood and it was later revealed to be Beefcake, but I could have sworn I saw Hennig's blond mane at least once.


It was certainly intended to be Hennig, but I don't think he was ever the physical person under the mask.