Aries vs. Hemme


Thought it would be cool if you could share your thoughts on the "incident" that happened between Austin Aries and Christy Hemme on Thursday since your rant didn't mention it.

Do you think Aries "crossed the line"?, heh get it…… TNA….cross the line……

Spike TV's Exec. just released a statement saying that Aries will be punished. What do you think will happen to Aries?


Hopefully they don't cut off his balls just because he was being a dick.  Was he a little too cocky?  Perhaps, but that's no reason to give him the shaft.  
OK, now that's out of my system.  He should at least be taken off TV for a bit and do some community service, because wrestling has a bad enough image with regards to abusing women and this is exactly the kind of thing that won't help.  Hemme made an honest mistake and didn't deserve to be face-raped on national TV as a result.  I'd sentence to him a shower with JBL; if that doesn't teach him a lesson, nothing will.