Mike Reviews: ECW Heatwave 2000 (16/07/2000)

Hello You!

ECW have done a decent 6 weeks or so of hype for this show so I’m actually looking forward to it. Hopefully the show delivers. There are certainly some matches here that have the potential for being good provided they get enough time and everyone’s performances are on point.

Let’s see whether ECW’s big event of the summer will be a sizzling success or a blasé burnout.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Heatwave 99 (18/07/1999)

Hello You!

So here we are, after months of absolute non-build we are at ECW’s big event of the summer in the form of Heatwave 99. Sadly the hype for this show has been poor to say the least, but now we’re here hopefully the ECW roster can enter a good performance and end the last Pay Per View before the TNN Era with a bang!

Heatwave 98 is possibly my favourite ECW show ever, so the 1999 version is going to have to go some way to match it. Still, with a main event of Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn taking on Justin Credible and Lance Storm, they should be able to end on a strong note if nothing else.

So without further ado, let’s adorn our favourite pair of swimming shorts, fill our inflatable crocodiles with air, put a big blotch of sun scream on the end of our noses and take things to The Extreme!!!

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Santino retires at WWE Live: SummerSlam Heatwave Tour

Hi Scott, 

I was at the Summerslam Heatwave Tour today at Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto when Santino retired.
-he admitted he's actually 40 years old, not the 35 he's billed as
-he was disappointed he couldn't wrestle in Toronto last tour because he was injured then too.
-he felt sad that he was never announced as from his real hometown of Mississauga/Toronto, Canada
-he hoped to stay on as a manager, general manager, or in some other role

Other notes:
-biggest pop and standing ovation: Chris Jericho answered The Miz's open challenge.  After the match, Jericho took the mic and said he was feeling pretty good in his first match in over a year.

-Cena beat Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight title match after an Attitude Adjustment through a table.

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