Triple Header question

Been watching some Network stuff from the fall of 1995 and got to thinking: What happens if Owen Hart makes it to In Your House 3 as scheduled and putting in Davey Boy as a replacement was never needed? Who walks away with titles and where do we go from there? If Shawn and Diesel win the belts like they did, then there's no excuse to strip them the next night – do they get beat by The Smokin' Gunns? (I'm highly doubting that one) or do they have a little run with the straps? Just curious….

​I'm confused, is this a kayfabe question or a serious one?  Because Owen was there the whole time and they just came up the Bulldog substitution as a way to get out of the title change guarantee.  
I mean, I imagine they could have just changed the titles and then had them vacate the next night, or just drop them back to Owen & Yoko in a rematch.  But whatever way they had gone would have still sucked.  ​