Hans Gruber not expecting McClane to talk?

Hey, Scott, long-time reader, first-time e-mailer. Something I’ve been
thinking of, might be worth sharing with the blog: Have you ever thought
of certain actors as right for certain movie franchises? I was
re-reading a review of “Die Hard” that talked about “Hans Gruber is the
best Bond villain not in a Bond movie” and realized Alan Rickman would
kill it as a Bond bad guy. I’ve always found it ironic that they cast
Christopher Walken as a Bond villain before he entered his batshit over
the top acting period and Bardem was great in “Skyfall” too.

I know sometimes offbeat is best (Look at how Marvel movies work
with Downey, Evans and Hemsworth) but ever thought of some guys who
should be used in certain franchises? Personally, I’m shocked the “Fast
& the Furious” guys haven’t found a way to get Samuel L. Jackson a
role, he’d be fantastic in those. And hoping “Expendables 3” realizes
Nicolas Cage would be a good fit there.

Any options to you?

Michael Weyer

First off, Mike, I know you sent this one to Scott, but I think he sent it to me because it’s more my area. So, apologies if you’re bummed that Homer As Krusty The Clown came to your birthday as opposed to the real Krusty. When I saw the subject line in my inbox, I thought Scott was sending me some kinda movie-audition press release. For a second I thought it was finally my chance to play Barry Burton from Resident Evil.

Honestly, I think the reason that people say Gruber would be a great Bond villain is because of his accent, and because of the fact he could talk about men’s suits and industrialization all day. Gruber wouldn’t fit in the Bond world, because all he wanted was money. He didn’t want to carve “Bond is Gay” into the face of the moon, or send a nuke to the center of the Earth in order resurrect a bunch of Nazi-Zombies, or turn a clean-energy device into a nuke bomb and pack it around in 3 different trucks while Batm—oh wait.

Jackson would work in the Fast series, because then he could wild out and be the Sam Jackson from the 90’s, and not have to bring the reigns in, per Star Wars & Marvel films. I’d like to see Scott Adkins [He was the guy who fought Statham in Ex 2, he’s also been in a slew of other pretty decent films] in the series as well. Playing up the completely insane, martial arts bad-ass.Action movies are always best when there’s a character like that. Matter of fact, team him up with Mel Gibson for Fast 10. That’d be an awesome combo. Really, I don’t get the clamoring for Nick Cage to be in EX3. Unless he’s going to play Cameron Poe, with the hair and all, I’m not all that interested. Now Seagal? I’ll create a kickstarter fund just to get his fee paid if it means he’ll be in the next one. I got to live out a dream by seeing Van Damme back on the big screen, being a bad-ass, and finally getting his due with EX2, now I’m hoping the same for Seagal. I’d also love to see Sho Kosugi, but that’s a long shot if there ever was one.