Future Hall of Famers

Hey Scott, I’ve been loving all the email answers lately so I thought I’d throw one out about future Hall of Fame inductees that I would like to see.  These are just personal choices but tell me what you think and talk about the likelihood of their inclusion.  I included possible inductors just for fun.

Randy Savage (besides Sammartino the most deserving non-Hall of Famer) inducted by Steamboat, DDP, or possibly Lawler?

Never gonna happen.  If it was going to go down, it would have been this year.

Midnight Express (a stretch because of politics with Cornette, but a man can dream!) inducted by JR or RnR Express?

Never say never I suppose, but they don’t have much behind them as far as political support.  Still, they’re on 24/7 and Vintage Collection a lot, so it’s not like they’re getting erased from history or anything, so if the Horsemen can go in, so could they. 

Rock n Roll Express inducted by Midnights or Shawn Michaels (wasn’t he a big fan?)?

See Midnight Express. 

Rick Rude inducted by Steamboat, Austin, or Piper?

I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t already.  He was on good terms with WWE when he died and was actually going to make a comeback there, and he had a lot of powerful friends like Bret Hart.  Probably too late now, but he could easily go in. 

Big Boss Man inducted by ??? (no ideas here)

Ditto.  Seems like he would be a natural to be inducted.  And I’d say either Slick or One Man Gang inducting him. 

Magnum T.A. inducted by Dusty Rhodes, Arn, Tully?

Nah, he wasn’t around long enough to mean anything to current fans. 

Nikita Koloff inducted by Magnum TA, Dusty, or Ivan maybe?


Mr. T to the celebrity wing inducted by Piper?

Awesome idea.  Another one where I’m shocked they haven’t thought of it already.  You’d think they’d also throw Chuck Norris in there, too. 

Kevin Sullivan inducted by Dusty or Rotunda?

Uh, no, Sullivan does not have the right people behind him and in fact was pretty hated by a lot of other people. 

Kyle’s News: Ric Flair has to mention TNA in his HOF speech?

According to sources, one thing TNA wanted when negotiating with WWE for Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame participation was that they wanted it to be said in some way during the show that Flair worked for TNA or was there due to TNA.

We’re not sure if WWE agreed to that particular stipulation, but it was one of the key things that was being discussed over the past few weeks.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter 

I appreciate TNA allowing Ric Flair to attend the Four Horsemen’s introduction into the Hall of Fame, even though if they said no, it might’ve caused a tirade. But, Flair should thank TNA for allowing him to attend this event on his own. TNA’s Upper Management shouldn’t be telling him he has to. 

TNA  is trying to get a cheap plug on a WWE show. Little does TNA know, president Obama could plug TNA on national TV and it wouldn’t help. Face the facts TNA: you’re more known now than 2006 and yet your shows gets almost the exact ratings it did then and  the buyrates have FALLEN a significant margin. Most people know what TNA is but decide not to watch it for a laundry list of reasons why and  I can’t blame them.  Flair saying I work for TNA isn’t going all of a sudden have a swarm of WWE fans google TNA and then become avid watchers of the product. Instead, try listening to your audience and see how that much helps than forcing 20 years out of their prime talent down their throats every second of air time you have, TNA. At the very least, you won’t have to can your TV shows anymore. 

The Hall of Fame thread

Just reading through the new WON about the major candidates for the Hall this year, and none of the ones profiled really jump out as someone who deserves to get in. I’d say that the Rock N Rolls and Midnights are long overdue, and Eddie Guerrero will probably make it, but others like the Assassins and Andersons are just filling out the ballot. Can anyone seriously make a case for Booker T, for instance?