Flair – tough guy?

Question for you Scott… the NWA historically had a champion that could take care of himself in case someone tried to shoot and take the belt.  Is there anytime that you can think of that Flair had to fight off a shooting opponent?

Only the guys that he stiffed on the bar tabs.  

Why The Guy?

With Roman Reigns' grand coronation just around the corner,and with everyone shitting all over it months in advance,it got me thinking…. 1. Why exactly is he THE guy? I get it that he's got the look,the heritage,the HHH factor…..is it that simple and shallow? There's no ratings,natural pops or great moments to back it up though. 2. Do you think they should have turned him in the Summer instead of Rollins? You can then have him as the Authority's henchman who ultimately rebels and wins grassroots support a la Batista in 2004/2005. You also avoid fan burnout that way. 3. Do you think the Reigns-Brock match will be a trainwreck?
​1.  It's just WWE circular logic.  They decided in advance that he's the guy, so he gets protection and the push to justify it. And yeah, sometimes it's that simple and shallow.
2.  Yeah, I think that's what most people were expecting, in fact.
3.  It'll be interesting, that's for sure.  ​