Blog Topic: No Guts, No Glory – Royal Rumble 2013

Hey Scott,

Love the blog and its Simpson-savvy commentariat. Just thought I'd shoot you a topic for the blog, given that the Rumble is this Sunday. 

It's what I call a "No Guts, No Glory" predictions thread, which is, specifically, for bold/daring/ballsy predictions.

The "No Guts, No Glory" thread is where you can make the predictions that you just have a certain hunch about, but aren't willing to predict at any official capacity, whether it's because people will think you're out of your mind, or because you feel the prediction is just wishful thinking on your part (or whatever reason, really). 

The catch is, you only get three predictions. 

They can be in any order, no need to rank based by likelihood of the prediction actually happening.

Of course, there's no real point to this beyond bragging rights, but at least bragging rights here on more rewarding than they were on the PPV of the same name (trophy notwithstanding).

My guesses:
1)  John Morrison returns, fails to win the Rumble, but comes up with a spot where Kofi Kingston walks on his hands to avoid elimination and then Morrison actually balances on Kofi's feet after getting thrown out of the ring.
2)  The New Age Outlaws both enter the Rumble, somehow win the tag titles halfway through the match and then we all get bored with them by the 40 minute mark, at which point they break up again and WWE tries another singles push for Billy Gunn that lasts until the 45 minute mark of the match, when Gunn fails three simultaneous drug tests and gets fired.
3)  Zack Ryder becomes the first person to draw a negative number in the Rumble.