Song about Chavo Guerrero

Hi Scott

You might have already been sent this but I thought it could potentially be of interest to you and / or your readers.

The Mountain Goats have announced a new album dedicated to professional wrestling. The album is called Beat The Champ and is out on April 7th in North America.

And the track The Legend of Chavo Guerrero is streaming at Soundcloud now:

I think this is the highest profile wrestling name-check in music since Johnny Grunge put New Jack through a table in El Scorcho by Weezer.

Keep up the great work.


October Classics: Rey Misterio, Jr vs. Eddy Guerrero – Halloween Havoc ’97

Halloween Havoc ’97 was main evented by Piper vs. Hogan in a cage match, but there were a couple of matches on the undercard that stood out. The first of which was this match for the Cruiserweight championship, with the stipulation that Rey would unmask if he lost. I’ll post the other match tomorrow.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero by PWF

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko – WCW Saturday Night 10/7/95

WCW Saturday Night was, for years, the flagship show for WCW. Then Nitro came along. The Saturday night show continued to be relevant for time after Nitro’s debut, but eventually became a showcase for the Power Plant talent and the luchadores. Here is an excellent match between Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko that many of us may not remember seeing.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko by Stinger1981

September Classics: Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero – Smackdown 9/26/02

I really wanted to find Bret Hart vs. Jean-Pierre LaFitte from IYH 3, but I could not find a copy of it on the Youtubes, etc. Then I wanted to find Hart vs. Austin from an African event called Sun City Showdown in ’96, no go there either. HBK vs. Mankind from IYH: Mind Games is a given, but it’s been done. So I’ve gone with this nugget from the Smackdown Six days of Smackdown, the No DQ match between Edge and Eddie Guerrero, which some people insist on remembering as a ladder match.

Vickie Guerrero

Now that Vickie Guerrero has ended her run with WWE, do you think that she is a hall of famer? I'd vote yes, as in my opinion she was the best heel non-wrestler since Vince McMahon. And when you think about where she started from that's pretty impressive. She started out as Eddie's widow who got a sympathy job (and who would want to boo Eddie's widow?), and was able to transform into a character who was so despised that more often than not you couldn't hear what she was saying due to the massive amounts of heel heat she was able to generate. 
WWE Hall of Fame?  Sure, why not?  For a real hall, not so much.  She was never in a position to draw and she was a terrible promo but happened to leverage that into nuclear heat.  She had a great career for the tools she was given, but let's not go crazy here.  

Eddie Guerrero Tribute

Hey Scott,

With his 8 year anniversary tomorrow,  I wrote a tribute to Eddie Guerrero's legacy. I hadn't watched wrestling when Pillman and Owen passed, so "Latino Heat" was my first active wrestler death.


Sadly, Eddie was far from my first active wrestler death and far from the last.  

Why is Vickie Guerrero still here?

Is the reason Vickie Guerrero is still employed and featured prominently on TV because she has dirt on Vince Mcmahon/the WWE that could cause more problems than it's worth to let her go? The girl can't act, she frequently fluffs her lines, she gets heat for all the wrong reasons, and she's generally awful to watch. I remember the BODers jumping to her defence a year back but c'mon guys, it's time to get real. Stephanie or whoever else could do her job and do it 100x better.

I want your honest opinion – Why is Vickie Guerrero still employed? 

As you may know, my wife patiently tolerates three hours of RAW every Monday night and she plays around on the laptop or whatever while I'm reviewing it.  She is a total non-fan who knows nothing about wrestling and doesn't particularly follow the storylines except to occasionally humor me, but she generally will have opinions on three things:
1)  She thinks Titus O'Neil is funny and attractive.
2)  She knows CM Punk and AJ Lee and usually enjoys hearing their promos.
3)  She fucking hates, with a white-hot passion, Vickie Guerrero.  Like whenever she's on TV she immediately gets annoyed and declares how much she wishes someone would shut her mouth for her.  
And that is why she's still employed and probably always will be.  

Eddie Guerrero

From what I've heard, Eddie Guerrero was booked to win the World Title on the Smackdown episode that happened two days before he sadly passed away. Do you know if this was planned long term or not? And what the plans for Eddie as champ were? I've heard it was supposed to culminate at Wrestlemania 22 against Shawn Michaels, which would have been an incredible match. Could you shed some light on this subject?

Untrue. It had been talked about and would have made sense, but Eddie was not booked to win the title back at any point, nor was he ever asked to.