It’s gotta be coming…

Hey Scott – I'm probably not the first to email you with speculation of this but doesn't it seem a lot like they're building towards WARGAMES in the very near future.  They kept hammering on the word WAR on Raw this week and they've got the teams basically set – Evolution Redux and Kane vs Bryan and the Shield.  Do you think they'll pull the trigger? Maybe even for their next Special Event:  Extreme Rules…


Unless Vince McMahon either dies or gets access to a time machine where he can go back and invent the idea himself, don't hold your breath.  

QOTD 131: You’ve gotta be Kitten Me!

It’s April Fool’s day everyone, so don’t believe a single thing you read on the internet. Which makes it absolutely no different from any other day, but for some reason people have their BS detectors a little more honed.

Thus: What are your favorite jokes, ribs, gags, pranks, and puns? Bonus points for links!

That above video is what I called a little joke from God to just me, as editing it required me watching myself watch some of the grossest shit on the internet because…reasons. I dunno. Anyway, the icing on the cake was that the entire video ended up corrupted, just like my soul, which avoided the videos in that video for years.

This is a good one, too, mostly because I’m certain 90 percent of the people are pranking me with their British accents.