15 Mug Shots of arrested WWE Superstars (this is what a google search can find Triple H…)


It's interesting looking through these mug shots, keeping in mind Triple H's concerns about WWE fans finding inappropriate results if they searched for Chyna….Apparantly being a porn star is worse than violence against woman, drink driving and murder

I'm just disappointed that they left the curveball hanging with the Big Show slide.  Arrested for indecent exposure but released due to "insufficient evidence"?  That punchline writes itself!  Bunch of amateurs.   

TNA google popularity

Here's something you might find interesting. I was typing a question into the text field of my Kindle Fire browser and I got as far as "who are the other" and noticed the fifth auto fill in choice was "who are the other members of aces and eights" right under "who are the others in Game of Thrones." 

How popular is this angle? Next week on Impact! thy should have their own Did You Know bumper. Aces & Eights:  The storyline so confusing that people have to Google it midway through the show to figure out who the members even are.  

Fwd: RSPWFAQ App on Google Play

Hi Scott,

I just published the RSPWFAQ app on Google Play.  This is my first app
published on Google Play so you should feel honored. 🙂

Obviously, it's free for Android users.  Your links to Amazon and such
should still function as they would. It will take a few days for it to
be approved.  I'll shoot you another email once it becomes available.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

I'm totally honored!  Awesome work!  


Someone brought up the subject of the Google ads, and I’ll be pretty honest here — one of the reasons that I wanted to move back to my own server from LJ was that I can make money here, where I couldn’t do that on LJ. I’ve had bad experiences with ad programs in my previous sites, but I trust Google and I know they’re not going to be doing anything intrusive or generating pop-ups or whatever. I don’t need the revenue to pay for the site or anything, it’s just something I wanted to do to make a few extra bucks.