So, Fast Lane’s gonna go well…


I'm not sure why I'm surprised but we're getting Reigns vs Bryan then?? Are WWE going to be as surprised with the reaction they get this time around when Reigns wins?

This is going to be an even bigger "f--- you" to Bryan fans than the rumble was?! This is Reigns directly throwing Bryan over the top rope himself…

Why are WWE continuously putting themselves in this position when they must know the reaction they'll get for it? Unless they're going to turn Reigns (which they're not) then they deserve what's coming to them…

Top stuff as always, Scott!!

​Yeah, but the thing is that Reigns SHOULD have thrown Bryan out at the Rumble.  Half-heartedly getting Bryan out of the match before Reigns is even in there just pissed off the fanbase.  If they had let Bryan stay in there until the end and Reigns throws him out, GREAT.  That's an actual issue between them, fans can focus their heat on Reigns, and he actually has a claim at doing something in the match to justify his push.  Much better than the authority figures being all "Uh, controversy or something, Reigns has to defend his title shot BECAUSE REASONS, FREE NETWORK FOR A MONTH!" as booking strategy.  I'm sure the match will be fine, but when all your major angles are damage control to salvage your previous b------- booking decisions, then you're not doing something right.  ​

QOTD 177: I’m gonna need a minute

So I saw Apocolypse Now for the first time…ever last night and I’m at a loss for words. No one in their right mind can say that movie was ‘enjoyable’, but it was certainly enthralling and insane and poignant and brilliant and mind-blowing.  After finishing it I was so blown away I just kinda sat dumbfounded for quite a long time and had no idea what to do next. What was the point, ya know?

Have you ever listened to a song, watched a movie, or witnessed an event that gave you pause to the point of being literally dumbfounded? Has a piece of art ever moved you emotionally to the point of shock? 

Seriously I cannot stop thinking about this god damn flick. It’s nuts!

Yeah I’m gonna need to see that cartoon now…

In the midst of recapping the PPV on the show this morning, Dave offhandedly described a certain cartoon going around the WWE offices, in typical cryptic Dave Meltzerese. The gist seems to be a spoof of AJ as a teenager crying because she wants to be "just like Lita". And then they leave it at that because I'm sure we can all fill in the blanks.

So yeah, if someone could get a copy of that for posterity…

What ya gonna do brother…

“What if time” mofos.  This is geared mostly for the old school heads and the wrestling historians we have here on the BoD.  I’ve read everything I can on this topic, but since I was 1 at the time, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance…

What if Hulk Hogan chooses to stay with the AWA in 1983?  

Things to consider:
– Is Vince still successful in going national without Hogan?

– Was WWF the dominant territory promotion at the time, and was expansion inevitable with or without Hogan?

– Most interesting to me, who does Vince choose to be the face of the expansion if Hogan is not around?

– Is the first WM as successful without Hogan?

Fun fact: Wikipedia claims Vince wanted Hogan to color his hair red upon his original WWF stint.

Like I said, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance so will digress to you guys.

QOTD 44: Record company gonna give me lotsa money…

Sell out! With me, oh yeah. Sorry, I’ll try to keep the Reel Big Fish content to a minimum this QOTD. Anyhoot, I’ve been pondering the concept of ‘selling out’ and what it means, and how it can make a fellah (or lady) hate a given artist.

What do you define as selling out? Have people like Kid Rock, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Bon Jovi ‘sold out’ because they changed their styles? Or are you okay with a musician adapting their style to reflect A) what they think is popular and B) the kind of music they want to make? 

Did The Rock sell out?

I believe Scott said something about Kid Rock going from a rapper / rocker to kind of a country-fried, Lynyrd Skynyrd sampling, GOP moolah taking, wuss face. And I can’t blame him. If you liked Kid Rock for one thing (or two things), and then saw him performing now, you may kind of cock your head sideways and wonder where his ‘edge’ went. Then again the concert I went too had 4 dollar beer and 20 dollar admission and he played all the hits I wanted to hear.

I saw so many Milf Boobies because of my “Ted” shirt. So many. Like 7 and a half boobies.

When Bowling For Soup got huge they definitely sapped up all that kid-friendly money, doing horrible covers of “I’ll Melt with You” (Where they changed “Making love with you was never second best” to “Being friends with you…” which caused me to puke in my mouth a bit), making a covers album, and I think they ended up recording both the Jimmy Neutron and Phinieas and Ferb songs. Barenaked Ladies’ Christmas and kids albums both felt…unnecessary.

I personally don’t have a problem with it, but that’s because I’m fans of these bands and want to see them succeed, so if BFS gets to record their next album in a better studio cause they did a couple of crappy kids songs, great. If Kid Rock has a country bone in his body he wants to diddle, go for it.

What I really hate is when bands get so big that suddenly a good concert ticket becomes nearly impossible to kid. My mom won tickets to the Rolling Stones, and were told our tickets would hypothetically be about 120 dollars, each, had we paid for them. My mouth dropped. Don’t get me wrong, I know folks are paying for the nostalgia of seeing a band they associate closely with my childhood, but there’s nothing quite as damning to rock and roll than a high concert ticket price, if you ask me.

What say you, Blotters?


Blog Otter Award: Jobber123 for making a point about Silver Linings Playbook’s depiction of mental illness that I think was important. I’ll shrink this down if don’t wanna read my thoughts.

If you ask me, often times relationships that are emotionally abusive find themselves
in a situation kind of similar to what Silver Linings Playbook
presented toward the end of the film. Bradley Cooper  is violent,
and crazy, and is ultimately saved, in a sense, by Jennifer Lawrence’s

 That whole “We’re both crazy, baby” kind of mentality is what
allows an insecure gal to stay with her boyfriend through his
semi-regular fits of anger that may very well land the family cat in the
E.R. – and if taken in the wrong light could reinforce a person’s
commitment to making a poisoned relationship work. I’m sure the issues are far more complicated than that, but I always found that aspect of the movie bugged me. 

Then again I know absolutely INSANE people (many of whom may be on this very blog, har har) who found a nice lady and got themselves all sorts of grounded in reality real freakin’ quick.

I now present to you a meme that completely devalues the message of the movie in favor of single girl, self empowering, pity-seeking.

1. One for certain sell-out moment I can think of is when they attempted to broadcast the World Series of Poker’s final table on PPV. Don’t get me wrong ESPN, I love what you did for ‘the sport’ of Poker, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

2. OH! Okay, so I know we have a TON of comic fans here, and let me say that if you ever wanted a casual game that’s packed full of awesome comic references, pick up Lego Marvel Superheroes, TODAY. It’s awesome. It’s an Iron Man, Hulk Smash, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and about 30 other superheroes, game, all in an open world with a pretty good plot, and tons of in-jokes to spare.

Even better it plays like a universe-wide sequel to The Avengers movie, but with Spidey, The X-men, and Fantastic Four along for the ride.

QOTD 29: Haters gonna…

So, I was piddling through my Youtube Channel yesterday, and noticed that my most popular video (in terms of discussion, not views) is one where I rail against the CGI-ification of the classic kids show “Shining Time Station”.

I…intended this as a joke. A qausi-serious diatribe on how things change, we hate them, and we become just like our parents. It…did not turn out that way. Through 43 comments on the video I found, well, people really f------ care about that show, and really f------ hate the people that took it over. But the comment I came across yesterday, sparked my interest.

A user named “TrainNation” said the following: “i just told off that little prick that did a commentary on this video.
you are completely right, CGI Thomas the tank engine has been ruined by
CGI. iv’e written multiple letters to HIT entertainment (A.K.A the root
of all evil.) you are my idol. Thank you man.”

The unsurprising fact that I am officially someone’s Idol not withstanding, I found this video by someone who may or may not be a baby Sheamus:

Commentary: CGI Ruined Thomas The Tank Engine…MOVIES SUCK NOW!

So, Blog Otters, Who hates you? And why?

Regarding the video directed toward my ‘commentary’ on Thomas The Tank Engine, well, I thought it was hilarious. I crave attention like the rest of you seem to crave sports betting, drugs, and alcohol, so in all honesty I thought it was kind of neat in a ‘hey, I affected someone enough to make them respond back in video’ sort of way.

The other ‘haters’ we seem to all have in common are the folks over at the NPP forums, who I actually get a kick out of. If they get their jollies commenting on folks, who comment on other people’s opinions of wrestling, have at it, I say. And in fact I have made the choice to keep calling you kind folks Blog Otters in honor of unity.

It seems both you, and the NPP folks, really do hate Blog Otters. And call me crazy, call me optimistic, call me a modern day Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Jesus rolled into one well-hung package, but I take pride in knowing my brilliant name for a wrestling community has fostered a solidarity that was not there before. I am a God among men.

Blog Otter Award: No One! Not a single one of you picked up my reference to the cult-classic “Starship Troopers” in yesterday’s QOTD title. I thought you guys were cool. Well as cool as a bunch of wrestling fans who let me prattle on about whatever I want on a daily basis, could be. <3

1. Serious question: Can you folks tell I’m being half-serious in my above video? I’ve had a long running quandary in my life where I think my sarcasm is so dry it comes off sincere.If this quandary turns out to be true, my whole life, up till this point, is a sham.

2. One thing you may not notice in that video, that I intended, and your ‘sub-conscious’ probably picked up on is the blue-gray color scheme. The poster in the background is blue, so I wore a blue collar. Anytime you video something, try to have one or two colors pop up more than once. It’s really the difference between something looking shitty amateur, and some-what shitty amateur.

3. I think it’s especially wild that I made my video in one take and talked off the top of my head, and that guy went back and meticulously responded to my points.

4. One more highlight from the ‘Thomas The Tank Wars’

‘YOU PRICK. Thomas the tank engine has been something iv’e loved since i
was born. and when something as lovable as Thomas gets tuned, more
people than you think will get pissed off. i admit, i had my doubts
about Thomas as i got older, but my love for him all my life has kept me
from leaving my childhood. Do you have any idea how many people that
were actually mortified at the CGI change. and by the way. who the hell
are you to make this video, GET A DAMN LIFE!!! you think Grown men
Thomas is sad!?! your like a five year old boy who has nothing better to
do but sit on the computer and rant about peoples personal opinions.
heres an idea, keep yours to yourself because guess what!?! NOBODY GIVE
A FLYING F---!! you are the saddest little troll iv’e ever seen in my
life. damn, your just like the new CGI in Thomas YOU MAKE ME F------

QOTD 15: Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!

Howdy Blog Otters, how is everyone’s manic Monday going? Mine’s pretttty swell, I’m typing this pre-‘sure thing’ date, and it got me to thinking about, well, how do you all going about seducing the fairer, or samer, sex?

Do you online date? Take to craigslist postings? tackle the icky-but-almost-assured-to-get-you-lucky world of fetlife? Consider this thread something along the lines of Free Masonry. A brotherhood of men helping other men, get women…or men


What’s your art of seduction, and what pointers can you give to the masses that you think most folks miss out on, and what are some definite red flags you’ve run into while attempting to get your proverbial rocks, off?

I have a couple of tried-and-true methods, mostly messaging ladies with the brightest smiles and being my typical dorky self, which tends to really kick-start the the engine of 30-something divorcee’s, single mothers, and this one lawyer lady I was certain was either going to be the sexiest person I ever got with, or would kill me and take my kidneys.

My worst adventure involved a girl who wanted to be erotically cut, she literally presented the cutting implements to me like they were a secret ingredient in Iron Chef.


Blog Otter Award: Jobber123 for his ability to drink veggie juice straight. You’re a stronger man than I, sir. You award can be found below:

1. How far are we all in GTAV? I’m going to make the spoiler post and run a Review for Friday.

2. In case you want an idea of a surprisingly successful online dating profile, give mine a gander. If you give “A_Fun_SofaB” a google with Okcupid, you’ll find me. 

Hulk’s Gonna Drop The Legal Legdrop, Brother

I'm not gonna link to the original Gawker page because a) Google has very strict policies regarding that sort of content and b) Zanadude would just say I should have watched Main Event anyway.  But regardless, I find it kind of funny and very Hogan-like that he originally claimed that he didn't know the woman in question and didn't know he was being filmed and yada yada, and now it comes out that in fact it's Bubba the Love Sponge's wife (at the time) and he obviously does know her and knows exactly what's going on.  I think Linda should take him back to court for this, just so she can get whatever money he was actually left with after the divorce.