BoD Daily Update

With New Japan sending Jushin Lyger to work the NXT show and Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, and Kushida to work the RoH Field of Honor show on SummerSlam weekend, there are move moves going on behind the scenes between RoH and NXT that do not involve New Japan that are likely to be evident in short order.


TNA and RoH Wednesday Night Viewership Numbers

RoH drew 80,000 viewers this week, down from the 128,000 they had last week. The replay drew 89,000, giving them 169,000 total. TNA drew 293,000 viewers, down from the 353,000 they had last week. The replay drew 72,000, giving them 365,000 total.


NXT Star Getting New Theme Music


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Giving it away in a different sense

> Hey Scott!
> Who would you say are/were the worst guys when it comes to not keeping face/letting their body language reveal that they are not winning a certain match? I seem to recall HBK and Jarrett being two examples, but perhaps there are others.
> And for fun let's reverse it: can't keep it in that they are winning.
> Keep on keeping on!
If there's anyone with a more blatant grumpy job-face than Randy Orton, I haven't seen him.

Giving Dusty the Book in ’89

Hey Scott,

When Dusty went to WWF in '89 was there any thought to having him book instead of wrestle? I know everyone thinks Vince had a unbelievable drive to humiliate Dusty but did he even consider it?


Nope, quite the opposite.  Vince specifically told him to go out and have fun because he wouldn't be in any kind of position of power while he was there.  

Giving Up On NXT

From the NXT thread…
"I think I'm giving up on NXT except for the live specials. The weekly show just is not doing it for me. I'd heard so much overwhelming praise for it that I started watching it a few months ago. However, I've been pretty underwhelmed and it seems like even the reviews of every episode I've watched have said something like "This show felt…..uneven." [Tommy Hall] or "Kind of a terrible show this week, really not up to the standards we’re used to." [Scott Keith]. Even in several months of watching, I'm yet to observe those standards.

I'm wondering, do people find NXT legitimately good on an absolute scale, or is it just that it's better than the current WWE product? How does it compare to TNA (I haven't bothered watching that in years)?


​I don't know about TNA, but it's certainly valid to say that NXT can be very up and down due to being a developmental system.  There's been lots of times my interest has ebbed and waned, like the "ANGRY ALEX RILEY SMASH GRRRR" storyline that was such a spectacular flop or the endless Baron Corbin v. Bull Dempsey feud.  I think they really felt like the Riley deal was going to carry them for a while.  Is it ALWAYS the best show on TV?  No.  But it's very consistent typically and even when it's bad it's only 45 minutes of your time and generally doesn't sink to the levels of RAW.  ​