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From: "Geoff Stiltz" <[email protected]>
Date: 2013-08-29 6:15 PM
Subject: VHS tape GIVEAWAY
To: "Scott Keith" <[email protected]>

Hey Scott,

I have some old wrestling/mma VHS tapes from my trading days, and I was trying to figure out a better way to get rid of them besides throwing them away.  Since I no longer have a working VHS machine, they're free to any of your readers (they just pay shipping).  My e-mail is [email protected].  It's all or nothing, so all five tapes come as a pack.  See listing below:

Super J Cup 1994 (commercial release)
Pride Shockwave 2004 (tape-delay PPV US feed)

Pride Bushido Vol. 6 (tape-delay PPV US feed)

All Japan Best Tag Match Ever – Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue 6.9.95

All Japan Pro Wrestling Classics Vol. 47, 48, & 49

    (includes Brody vs. Flair 2/3 falls, Funks vs. Brody/Hansen I & II, and much more)



Wrestling Anthology Giveaway on Kindle

Hi Scott,

Thanks for plugging our wares in the past. Any chance of plugging our wrestling/horror anthology, LUCHA GORE: SCARES FROM THE SQUARED CIRCLE?

It came out about ten months ago, and the Kindle version is currently free on Amazon for the next five days.

My readers do enjoy free things.