The King Gimmick

Hi Scott, Big fan, etc.

With the King gimmick doing less than nothing for Barrett It got me wondering what the best cases for the gimmick have been. Obviously Jerry Lawler is top but I was wondering where do you think the likes of Harley Race, Savage, Duggan, Haku, Owen Hart, Mabel, Booker, Regal, etc fit into the rankings of doing the most with the gimmick, the gimmick helping or hindering them, etc.?



I think clearly it extended Race’s career a few years past where it would have been otherwise, so it was great for him. Guys like Duggan, Haku and Mabel were a total waste because they were either over without it or it didn’t help them. Owen didn’t really live the gimmick or anything and it was more of a convenient way to give him another nickname. Savage was crazy enough to make it his own. Regal, I dunno because I wasn’t watching at the time, but I can’t see it not being awesome.

Who overcame the crappier gimmick

Watched the first episode that's up from the 96 Raws and saw Austin as the Ringmaster face Matt Hardy.

It got me thinking …

Who had the harder gimmick to overcome: Austin or Rock? Both in theory could/should have been career-killers, but both men went on to be two of the biggest stars in the business' history. Obviously neither made their original gimmick with the company work, but still very impressive they were able to not only wash the stink off of them, but thrived.


​Well Rocky had the easier go of it because the company was already behind him, plus he was still a fresh guy in the business and wasn't locked into one position on the card yet.  Austin, on the other hand, was someone who was typecast as the arrogant blond in WCW and who was thought of as an Arn Anderson-level TV title guy​, so he not only had to overcome that crappy gimmick, but WWF's own preconceived notions of where he fit in as well.  So I'd say it was definitely a bigger uphill climb for ol' Stone Cold.  

Could Doink Gimmick Work Now?

Hey Scott,
Long time fan, first time writer.
I always thought that Doink the Clown was great as a heel when he first came into WWF, Matt Borne played it so well and I thought it was a huge missed opportunity when he turned face.
My question is:
Could a heel Doink like gimmick work nowadays??

​Isn't that basically what Dean Ambrose was doing for a long time?  So yeah, it could definitely work.  ​

Gimmick Raws?

I'm not sure of your thoughts on gimmick raws like old school raw, raw country, raw roulette and stuff of that nature.  Do you think it would be to TNAish to do one gimmick raw a month?  They could use all the old ppv names the own and run a lineup like

Jan- Old School Raw

Feb- Superbrawl

Mar- Raw Roulette

Apr- Spring Stampede

May- Slamboree

June- King of the Ring

July- Great American Bash

Aug- Bash At The Beach

Sep- Fall Brawl

Oct- Halloween Havoc

Nov- Cyber Raw

Dec- Starrcade

i know this would drive people nuts by basically spitting on old wcw, but if they are going the route of trying to pop cheap ratings wouldnt this help?  and why wouldnt the try a KOTR gimmick raw.  8 men one night crown a king end of the show make it mean something.  They've got to kill 3 hours somehow

That's like the motto of the modern era.  "We've got to kill 3 hours somehow!"
King of the Ring is a great idea, and Old School RAW is always decent despite them trotting out the same tired legends every time.  Where's the Steiner Brothers, or Lex Luger, or Buff Bagwell, or the Rock N Roll Express, or any of the other million people from the Attitude / Rock N Wrestling eras who might need a payday and pop the fans as something different?  I love Ted Dibiase and Jim Duggan and Sgt Slaughter, but ENOUGH already with them.  

New Gimmick Matches

Random observation/question for the blog.  Do you think that we have seen the end of the development of new gimmick matches in WWE?  Everything is so homogenized and repetitive, it seems somewhat far-fetched that they would go out of their way to develop something like Hell in a Cell or the Elimination Chamber.  It’s been over a decade since one of these specialty matches debuted and they seem perfectly content rolling with Last Man Standing or I Quit or cage matches.  I’m sure that part of this has to do with the fact that many gimmick ideas involve increased violence and the need for bloodshed which is taboo at this point.  I guess my point is that the lack of innovative creative match types over the last several years is just another example of how WWE is totally on cruise-control for the long haul.

Well yeah.  Really if they can keep repackaging the same no DQ stips and calling them something else, they’re gonna do so.  Innovation equals risk and that’s not what they’re about.  Better for them to let indies or TNA come up with new ideas and then steal them once they’re proven.  I expect an “Ultimate X-treme” match any day now. 

DC ‘s dumb gimmick of the day

Holy god this sounds terrible.  Senses-shattering company-wide crossover?  Check.  Temporary renumberings?  Check.  Needless money grab tie-in mini-series?  Check.  3D LENTICULAR HOLOGRAPHIC DIECAST COVERS?  Yeah, that's a check.  They've spent two years hyping up Trinity War and now I'm not even sure it's going to be much more than a couple of months of storylines in Justice League, and they're not even pretending that Catwoman is actually dead despite being shown taking a bullet to the head in graphic detail.  
Man, I'm starting to sound like Jesse Baker here.  That's what they're doing to me.

Since they’re going to beat gimmick PPVs into the ground anyway…

Why not a tag-team tournament every year?  It puts the spotlight back on the tag titles and existing tag teams, and it also gives the writers lots of opportunities for wacky combinations where it actually has some consequence beyond a Raw or Smackdown match.  Plenty of possibilities there.  Maybe one guy in an established team decides to screw his partner and find a new one.  Maybe there's a superstar nobody wants to team up with because he's a jerk.  Maybe you do randomly selected teams to fill a couple of spots.  It just seems more interesting than another PPV full of rehashed stuff from the last three weeks of TV.

I would lose my shit if they ever brought back the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament, but I honestly don't think they'd have enough teams to fill out the field unless they used thrown-together singles guys.  But holy shit, could you imagine a tournament with this field with say the winner declared tag champions, thus forcing Hell No to defend three times potentially:

1.  Daniel Bryan & Kane v. Kassius Ohno & Antonio Cesaro (or Wade Barrett & Cesaro as the European Invasion)
2.  Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. The Primetime Players
3.  Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow v. The Usos
4.  John Cena & The Rock v. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston
5.  CM Punk & Brock Lesnar v. Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez
6.  Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose v. Sheamus & Ryback
7.  Randy Orton & HHH v. Primo & Epico
8.  Big Show & Mark Henry v. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth
Just for fun, let's see how we could do this:
Ohno & Cesaro v. Mysterio & Sin Cara (Kane and Bryan break up to give the Kings the match)
Rhodes Scholars v. Cena & The Rock (seems like the likeliest pairing)
Heyman Guys v. The Shield (Brock hitting an F5 on poor Ricardo to advance?  EPIC.  Ryback would walk out on Sheamus to put the Shield through)  
Evolution v. Show/Henry 
Ohno & Cesaro v. Cena & The Rock (again, seems like the likely pairing based on heel-face alignment and star power)
The Shield v. Evolution (I was torn here but I think they'd do an angle where Brock apparently opts out of the tournament after one match because his contract doesn't stipulate working more than once, leaving Punk to get beat 3-on-1.)
Finals:  Cena & The Rock v. The Shield  (Team Crock continues their steamroll into the finals, while Brock returns for a brawl with HHH, sending the Shield onwards)
Winners and tag champions:  The Shield  (This way they get a big rub from beating the biggest stars and don't have to get beaten yet.)  
But hey, as I always say, tournaments are awesome.