Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

Hey Scott, I was recently watching some old Memphis wrestling stuff and got into the feud between Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler. I was pretty amazed at how good Gilbert was, particularly on the mic, and I was wondering why he never went to the WWE? Was it because he was too small, or some other reason?

He was in WWE, for quite a while actually by his standards, but it’s before he became famous and he was basically an enhancement guy on house shows so it’s not typically publicized. After he became a big star, he developed a drug problem and to call him "hard to work with" would be a major understatement so I can’t see Vince wanting to take that on. Plus, yes, he was way too small anyway.

Doug Gilbert Shoot

Hi Scott,

Always enjoy reading the blog. I figured you could use a break from the nonstop Daniel Bryan/HHH/Big Show/Orton stuff. Anyway, I was wondering about the Doug Gilbert "shoot" on Jerry Lawler (where he talked about Lawler being a pedophile and Randy Hales doing crack). Has it been verified that it was a 100% honest-to-God shoot? The reason why I'm skeptical is because a) you'd think that Doug would have been cut off, either with his mic going dead or the show going immediately to commercial, b) Jerry Lawler is no stranger to worked shoots (Andy Kaufmann), and c) Gilbert and Lawler have worked together since the "shoot."

Any light you could shine on this would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Gilbert has a mental breakdown on live TV and accuses the booker of smoking crack and you think it's a WORK?!

Eddie Gilbert Being a Delightful Scumbucket

I admit to being an Eddie Gilbert mark if for no other reason than he would pull the same shit over and over and over and over again and people would always fall for it and it was always money.

So I just wanted to share some Eddie Gilbert goodness this evening.

Here he is making Bill Watts look like an idiot.

And one of my favorite bloodbath promos as he suckers in the ultimate sucker, Tommy Rich