Big Brother – Is Dan Gheesling playing for second place?

Hi Scott,
What a crazy last half this season of Big Brother has been.  I was really curious what your thoughts were regarding the latest back stab by Dan and his chances of winning.  Will a shell shocked Shane enter the jury house and only stir up the bitterness towards Dan?  I am a huge fan of Dan but I'm worried now that he cannot beat either Danielle or Ian.  Danielle looks to have Frank, Shane, and Jenn locked up as votes and that leaves Britney, Ashley, Ian, and Joe where she'd only need one of those.  Dan vs Ian it looks like Ian would have Britney (Coach loyalty?) Frank, Ashley, Shane and possibly a bitter Danielle — Could Danielle even vote for Dan after he lied to her 100 times and then got her voted out? With the up coming HOH, it almost feels like Dan has to lose on purpose so he won't have to cast the final vote and lose a jury vote. I think ultimately, Dan has no shot vs Ian, and can only barely beat Danielle depending on bitterness of the jury – Thoughts? Danielle's amazing jaw drop face =D

I think Dan would destroy Danielle in a jury vote, like not even close.  Everyone knows she's his puppet at this point.   I think Ian definitely beats Dan, though, although even if Dan only gets second he's still getting the $25000 from the online poll so he'll make out well either way.  And yeah, Danielle would still vote for Dan, because he's probably already used the DAN MIST on her and convinced her that voting out Shane was for her benefit.  Honestly I'm fine with any of the three winning it, they all deserve to be there and they all played a great social game.  Ian will be back for the inevitable All Stars 2 next year even if he doesn't win this, and I'm sure Frank will too if WWE doesn't sign him to a developmental deal.  
And not to spoil anything, but it doesn't appear like Dan's in the comp throwing mood now.  

Big Brother 14 Dan Gheesling

Hey Scott,
I remember a few years back on the blog you were praising Dan Gheesling for his performance on Big Brother 10.  Just curious if you're still watching the show, as he has returned to play in Big Brother 14…. and last night may have been one of the biggest strategic moves in the history of the show.  Everything about that move was pure genius and amazing.  Did you catch it and what were your thoughts?

Man, everything from the double elimination show last week has been AWESOME.  I'm still cheering for Frank to win it all this year, but if Dan wins it for a second time I won't be sad either.  Really, the guy in the best position right now is Joe, because either Frank or Dan is probably going to take him to the final two so they can win.  Ian's a dark horse but he's burning bridges now, whereas Dan is a pure social player (as evidenced by the FUNERAL FOR DAN last night).  Long as idiot Shane doesn't coast to the finale, we'll get a good winner this year.  But yeah, it's been like a slow building ***** match this season, especially once Boogie got booted.