George Steele on Randy Savage

Kind of fascinating look at one of the underrated programs of 1986, if you ask me.  Also a great look at how bonkers Randy Savage was.


Oh he was crazy all right.  Funny to read that excerpt and think of George Steele writing it.  Not the kind of guy you'd normally think of to be making literary allusions and sly pop culture references.  

Newsday interviews George South about training Reid Fliehr; interviews Mick Foley about Hall of Fame; WrestleMania week photos

* Newsday caught up by phone with George South, who trained Reid Fleihr for the last couple of years. South says there were no signs of trouble.

* Newsday walked through the gym of Ward Melville High School on Long Island with Mick Foley as he shared memories of his high school days and how that served as a foundation to his WWE Hall of Fame career.
* Newsday has a pair of new photo galleries leading up to WrestleMania week
* Mick Foley through the years, featuring career highlights and photos from his upbringing that Foley provided to Newsday.
* Long Island's pro wrestling connections
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