Fwd: WCW Desire video

Someone made a WCW version of the Desire montage video (the one that uses the Kid Rock song) that WWE made years ago and it's really good. 
​DAMN.  I thought it was going to be some wacky parody thing to highlight how dumb WCW was, but that one got me right in the feels.  That Sting montage was fantastic, as was the Horsemen/Dangerous Alliance/nWo thing.  Kudos to the guy who managed to edit it together like that.  Especially Hogan morphing from Hulkamania to Hollywood in mid-legdrop.  ​

Fwd: Jon Jones’ Bad Weekend

Read more @FOXSports- UFC champion Jon Jones in custody, bond set at $2,500-http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/jon-jones-in-custody-bond-set-at-2500-ufc-champion-arrested-042715


So, think the fight will still happen?

Enough is enough with this guy.  At the very least they should strip him of the title before he self-destructs completely.  I do think if nothing else they should delay the fight for a while and see how it shakes down for him from a legal standpoint.  Apparently his magical 24 hours in rehab didn't work after all.  

Fwd: Odd team

Hi Scott,

Here's a strange pairing. I was seeing if Vader ever fought Lex Luger for whatever reason and came across them teaming from what I think is late 1990:

This is actually kind of a cool superteam, but the image of Vader high fiving a face Luger at the end is tough to stomach.
I don't recall seeing Vader there around that time.  I remember he was in for the match with Hansen at Wrestlewar 91, so maybe this was transitioning from the Luger feud to the Vader one for Stan?  

Fwd: Luger


I am a huge Luger fan. Always felt he was a bit under appreciated. He was in TWO of my all time favorite tag matches (Luger/Windham vs Arn/Tully, Luger/Sting vs Steiners) was a GOD to me in 1989, and found his tweaner schtick with Jimmy Hart in late '95/early '96 to be just gold.

Anyhow I'm watching various Luger title wins on youtube (and why he never held every title at once is a crime) and it occurs to me

Does ANYONE in the history of pro wrestling do a title celebration quite like Luger? The guy seriously makes like every title win seems like the biggest deal ever. Even the U.S. title.

Little things like that just really seem to be missing from today's world of wrestling.

Abso-smurf-ly.  Bryan's title win had some awesome pomp and circumstance, but Orton and Cena win the things like they're dispensed from a claw machine.  "Hey I got a title belt, neat!"   And Dean Ambrose just had a YEAR LONG title reign ended!   This should be a big deal!   And yet Sheamus barely registers excitement and they go and beat Ambrose right away on Smackdown anyway.  Way to make stars, guys.  
They should all watch that Connor video and approach the art form with the kind of wonder and excitement that the kid did.  The product would be a million times better.  

Fwd: Question about WWE Network

Hi, Scott:

Long-time reader with a question for ya.  I followed your instructions to sign up for the Network and all has been working tickety-boo.  However, there's been a problem the last couple days….I have suddenly started getting the message "WWE Network video content is currently not available for viewing at this location".  I checked Unblock and it looks like everything is all good.  I figure that the helpdesk won't be much good once they find out that I'm not really from Montana.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Brian Benallick

No issues on my end.  Really, once you're signed up then Unblock should be able to prevent it from seeing your true location.  And I really can't see WWE caring THAT much about foreign intruders when they're desperate to increase sub numbers.  

Fwd: Wyatt Converts?

Do you think the failure of the Bryan heel turn has closed the door on any new Wyatt Family members? I kind of feel like Bray could use a few more followers to cement the Raven-meets-Waylon-Mercy aspect of his character, and it would be a good use for guys who aren't really doing anything: Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, etc.

Do you think that would be a good direction for the Wyatts, or do you think they're better off sticking to just the three guys? Also, if they did add new members, who would you consider the prime candidates? Would you bring up NXT guys and introduce them as new characters, or would you have known characters fall under Bray's spell?

I thought that Daniel Wyatt was great in THEORY, but it was just the wrong guy at the wrong time.   Do it with, say, Punk and it works 100 times better.  Or Cena, if he would let himself go that route with his character.  But people wanted to see a specific character arc for Bryan, and this was so not it.  

Fwd: A Favour

Hi there Scott, I'm Ross from Scotland and yes I know you don't care for Scottish people after dealing with your old friend the Scotsman. 

Anyway for two years now I have had my own blog page where I review old and current pay per views and DVDs. The blog has slowly been getting success as I am nearing 20,000 pageviews. I was wondering if you'd be able to give the site a plug, as I would love the extra pageviews. 

Why would people I don't care for Scottish people?  My dad was born in Scotland!  

Fwd: Network


> Hey Scott, to celebrate the launch of the WWE network next week, how about a quick list of the essential ppvs newer fans should view 1st.

> Also, would love for u to redo rants of WM 17 and GAB 89 to decide which is the greatest PPV of all time.

I personally will be watching the full version of Bash 89 as soon as I can, but WWE already put a pretty good list of essential PPVs up a little while ago. I suspect that with all the filler edited back into the Bash, WM X7 will win handily.

Fwd: Elimination Chamber unsplits the belts

Assuming the WWE is going to try and damage control shit best they can, for the backlash they are facing, why don't they just fucking unsplit the belts? 
Bryan wins at EC, even after Sheamus tries to backstab him for HHH and wins the belt. HHH then pulls some bullshit, tries to strip Bryan of the belts again but Vince FINALLY shows up and stops HHH and orders HHH/Bryan at WM for the belt and HHH's job is on the line if he loses (which he does).

Meanwhile, Bryan, in terms of mind games, decides to torment HHH by tossing HHH's infamous vanity belt (the Smackdown title) into the river and reminding the world how HHH is a spoiled brat who had everything handed to him, even the world title. HHH goes batshit insane with anger and rage and orders a new Smackdown title made and Orton/Batista end up fighting for that belt at WM, after Batista gets pissy that Vince has overruled him getting a title shot at WM in order to use Bryan to get rid of Hunter
Bryan wins against Hunter, retiring him, and give us twenty good minutes (after about five/ten minutes of the crowd chanting YES after Bryan's victory) being given the utter burial treatment in backstage skits (complete with hiring Jericho back for the night or at the very least, having Edge and Christian be the ones ringleadering HHH and Stephanie being put through torment and humilation as they are forced out of the arena and into a garbage truck, never to be seen again) during the middle of the show. And Batista then can win the Smackdown title in the main event, be exclusive to Smackdown, and they can use Batista isolated over there to cover up in post production how much people don't like him compared to Bryan.

Jesse Baker

I really don't think they're going to split the belts again, and I really don't think it's a good idea anyway.  Also I don't see HHH going along with that kind of humiliation.  Or anything else written ever happening.  But the rest was fine.  

Fwd: The Jerry Lawler Show

As a fellow afficienado (and I'm sure I'm not spelling that correctly) of Memphis Wrestling, I'm sure that you and those who read your blog will find this absolutely hilarious. It's from 1985 – the day Kareem Muhammad (aka Ray Candy) took over the Jerry Lawler Show, which aired on Memphis TV.


Kareem airing his views on Asian relations at 3:32 was so awful that it put this over the top to classic status.  I'm thinking this won't air on WWE TV any time soon.

Fwd: Extreme Rising vs. TNA

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Hey Scott,

Extreme Rising owner Steve O’Neill revealed the changes within the company over the past year, specifics on the TV deal, and how competitive he views TNA.


John Corrigan

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Fwd: Just missed feuds/matches.

Wondering what feuds and/or matches you think would’ve been really fun if circumstances were just slightly different.

Say Austin had one more year left, maybe we get that run vs Lesnar. Foley makes it to 2001 and perhaps some matches with anyone in the Radicalz or Kurt Angle.

Any fun ones jump out for you guys?

I feel like Austin v Goldberg might have done some business had Steve been around in 2003.  Just a hunch. 

Fwd: ROH video library

> With ROH possibly folding in the next couple of years, could u see Trips going after their library??

WWE will own everything available when all is said and done, so of course. The money from one DVD release that does reasonably well pays for the minimal cost of the entire library.

Speaking of DVDs, I was checking out the MSG listing, and what a huge disappointment that one is. Shawn v Razor AGAIN? Only 4 pre-Hogan matches? What nostalgic fans are buying this thing for The Hardy Boyz v The Dudley Boyz in 2000?

Fwd: Cena question

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Hey Scott,
Huge fan and I'm loving the eBook collections. Please keep them coming. I have a question for you about cena. Obviously he's not that popular amongst the iwc for a variety of reasons. However it seems silly for wrestling work rate fans to dislike him. He's had an unbelievable amount of 4 star plus matches with a extremely wide variety of opponents over the last 10 years. Where would you rank cena amongst the all time best workers in the business.
I've got no beef with Cena the wrestler or Cena the person.  He has great matches and he's one of the most positive role models in wrestling history.  It's 100% the dorky character that's the issue with him.  He almost always delivers in big matches and can be carried to greatness.  He doesn't even rate with the all time best WORKERS, though, because he doesn't work other styles very well and needs someone better than him to get past *** or so.  The Henry match was about his ceiling these days when he's with a lower level worker.  I'd put him on par with Batista or later era HHH…smart enough to work around their own limitations but not good enough to fake a ****+ match out of them.

Fwd: Awesome match for the blog: Savage/Warrior from Feb. 1989

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Never seen this one before. It's Savage/Warrior, Title vs. Title, from the Boston Garden in February 1989, about 1 week after Savage turned on Hogan. Fun match and the crowd, as you can imagine, is nuclear. Just the heat for Savage's entrance is worth clicking for.

We have indeed discussed this one before, but heel Savage was the greatest thing ever so I'm always happy to pimp it again.  Macho Man should have been champ until he died.