John Cena: Zero F***s Given?

After years of the same old boring storylines with the same old boring Cena character (makes Hogan's run look brief and fresh), it's obvious to most diehards that something needs to change.  However, most of those same diehards and other smarky style fans still give a strong live reaction whenever Cena appears, even if it is a "John Cena Sucks" sing-a-long or loud booing.  Problem with that behavior is that it communicates to Vince that, good or bad, it is still a strong reaction and Cena's consistent merch sales with that means more and more Super John.

If people really want true change, I propose a "meh" movement for Cena reactions where everyone fights the urge to boo and just sit down and "Don't give a F***" whenever he appears.  Silence is a much more powerful communication tool than booing in the carnival style wrestling world anyway.  (Then again, they may just overdub the crowd regardless to justify anything Cena related).

Just a Christmas wish from a bored fan who's best wrestling experience this month was watching CM Punk on Taking Dead.
​Yeah, but Cena's reactions are the least of his indicators.  He sells merchandise and is by far the biggest house show draw they have, so until either one of those changes you're out of luck.  In fact, your best bet is actually to cheer even harder for Roman Reigns when he comes back, because then that will instantly convince Vince that Reigns is the new top guy and Cena will get put out to pasture due to Vince's obsession with the newest and youngest.  ​