So I live in the DC Area where it’s been rainy and windy all day.  It’s currently 10 or so degrees outside.  I bring this up because at 5:30 PM or so, the power to my apartment went out.  It came on 10 minutes ago.

So all that angst over whether or not to see Raw?  The decision was made for me.  Let me check WWE dot com and see if I missed much.


…Not really.  Night MVP is Roman Reigns, and it looks like the Bryan depush has stuck so far.  These are the dead times between TLC and the Rumble because, with the entire roster (most of it) in the 30-man, no feuds really need to be set up to be finished on a major show.

Anyway, sorry y’all.  Let’s put some PostGame in here.  See you next week.

Shawn Michaels match I found

I found this match on youtube between Shawn Michaels and Rad Radford from the Action Zone. I didn't even know that Shawn and Louie had a match against each other that wasn't a two minute squash on Superstars. It's a pretty good match too. Thanks 


h, Rad Radford, WWE's comment on the grunge fad long after Cobain had already killed himself.  Truly they had their finger on the pulse of America's youth.